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Top Friendly Teacher Quotes

Friendly Teacher Quotes By William Glasser

Every single major push in education has made it worse and right now it's really bad because everything we've done is de-humanizing education. It's destroying the possibility of the teacher and the student having a warm, friendly, intellectual relationship. — William Glasser

Friendly Teacher Quotes By William Glasser

Prior to being allowed to enter the profession, prospective teachers should be asked to talk with a group of friendly students for at least half an hour and be able to engage them in an interesting conversation about any subject the prospective teacher wants to talk about. — William Glasser

Friendly Teacher Quotes By Dawna Markova

The practice of kindness is the daily, friendly, homely caring form of love. It is both humble-a schoolboy bringing his teacher a bouquet of dandelions-and exalted-a fireman giving his life to save someone else's. Kindness is love with hands and hearts and minds. It is both whimsical-causing our faces to crack into a smile-and deeply touching-causing our eyes to shimmer with tears. And its miraculous nature is such that the more acts of kindness we offer, the more of them we have to give, for acts of kindness are always drawn from the endless well of love. — Dawna Markova

Friendly Teacher Quotes By Fred W. Friendly

TV is bigger than any story it reports. It's the greatest teaching tool since the printing press. — Fred W. Friendly

Friendly Teacher Quotes By Danica McKellar

Students never think it can be the teacher's fault and so I thought I was stupid. I was frustrated and would come home and cry because I couldn't do it. Then we got a new teacher who made math accessible. That made all the difference and I learned that it's how you present it that makes it scary or friendly. — Danica McKellar

Friendly Teacher Quotes By William Glasser

We can teach a lot of things, but if the teacher can't relate by talking to a group of friendly students, he'll never be a competent teacher. — William Glasser

Friendly Teacher Quotes By Rachel Hawkins

Okay,so Mom had been freaked out by Dad being a warlock.Fair enough.But why couldn't she at least have let me talk to the guy? It would have been nice to get a little heads up about the Vandy. You know,just a friendly "Oh,and by the way, your gym teacher hates me a lot, and so, by extension, hates you! Best o' luck! — Rachel Hawkins