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Top Fixed Asset Quotes

Fixed Asset Quotes By Reid Hoffman

This formal philosophy of learning treats knowledge like a fixed asset: learn, then you have it forever! But as a modern professional, you can't acquire knowledge this way, because the knowledge you need isn't static - it's always changing. Stockpiling facts won't get you anywhere. What will get you somewhere is being able to access the information you need, when you need it. — Reid Hoffman

Fixed Asset Quotes By Suzanne Collins

Finally, Peeta turns to Pollux. "Well, then you just became our most valuable asset." Castor laughs and Pollux manages a smile.
We're halfway down the first tunnel when I realize what was so remarkable about that exchange. Peeta sounded like his old self, the one who could always think of the right thing to say when nobody else could ... I glance back at him as he trudges along under his guards, Gale and Jackson, his eyes fixed on the ground, his shoulders hunched forward. So dispirited. But for a moment, he was really here. — Suzanne Collins

Fixed Asset Quotes By Barry Ritholtz

Owning a variety of asset classes means that some part of your portfolio will be doing well when the cyclical turmoil arises. A broadly diversified portfolio includes large capitalization stocks, small cap, emerging markets, fixed income, real estate and commodities. — Barry Ritholtz