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Top Poor Boyfriend Quotes

Poor Boyfriend Quotes By Shannon Hale

She knew it! Charlotte just knew it! And now her daughter was boyfriend-less! Yes! Wait-no! Oh no, poor Lu. — Shannon Hale

Poor Boyfriend Quotes By Gillian Flynn

I know women whose entire personas are woven from a benign mediocrity. Their lives are a list of shortcomings: the unappreciative boyfriend, the extra ten pounds, the dismissive boss, the conniving sister, the straying husband. I've always hovered above their stories, nodding in sympathy and thinking how foolish they are, these women, to let these things happen, how undisciplined. And now to be one of them! One of the women with the endless stories that make people nod sympathetically and think: Poor dumb bitch. I could hear the tale, how everyone would love — Gillian Flynn

Poor Boyfriend Quotes By Dwayne Johnson

The challenges that I face today are the same challenges we all face. Trying to balance your life between work, family, loved ones, your husband, your wife - boyfriend or girlfriend. If you have kids - balancing that, balancing your work with the time you spend with your kids. The idea of wanting to be a good parent and then the motivation to be a great parent. Whether you're black, white, any color. Rich, poor, regardless of religion, cousins of culture, we go through those. We have the same challenges. — Dwayne Johnson

Poor Boyfriend Quotes By John R. Rice

The Christian who drinks cannot win his drinking companions to Christ. The girl who dances will never win her dancing boyfriend! You may think to gain favor and influence with the unsaved by joining with them in the lodge, or attending with them the movies, or by smoking or drinking or playing bridge with them, but you cannot! Worldliness means powerlessness! And that means that every Christian who sells out is guilty of the murder of the poor lost souls that go to Hell because he lost his influence. — John R. Rice

Poor Boyfriend Quotes By M. Leighton

And this bad-boy boyfriend?"
"Bad boy?"
"Yeah. The type you apparently avoid now."
Oh, right." I laugh. It's one single bark of bitterness. "Ummm, he fell into a wood chipper?"
"Poor guy. And the one before that?"
"Eaten by a shark?"
"And before that?"
"Kidnapped by a travelling circus?"
He chuckles. "Wow. Your life's like a cautionary tale."
"Future suitors be warned."
"I'm willing to take my chances," he says with a wink. — M. Leighton

Poor Boyfriend Quotes By Kevin Sampson

Where's my life gone? Where's it going? Looking across the grassy marshland to Flint and up the coast to Point Of Air, I start to wonder what all those poor fuckers in Wales are doing with their lives. Screwing? Sleeping in? Debating whether to take breakfast in bed to their broken fathers? Unlikely. They're probably doing what the gilded folk of Hollywood are doing, or Kowloon or Port Elizabeth. Worrying. Worrying about getting old, or about work, or about money, or about their boyfriend, mistress, lover, house, health, future. Life is shit. There is no fucking point to any of it. Not now that we've evolved past the survival stage. Maybe we used to live to hunt to kill to eat to live another day. Now we just kill time in as many sophisticated ways as possible. Pointless jobs. Pointless lives. Work. Television. Football. — Kevin Sampson

Poor Boyfriend Quotes By Raquel Welch

I don't feel like, unless I have a boyfriend or somebody to march down the aisle with for the fifth time, that I'm 'Oh, poor me.' I'm not going to go running out desperately looking, making myself crazy and thinking that, without that, I'm nothing. — Raquel Welch