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Feeling Sick And Tired Quotes By J.T. Geissinger

It's like a feeling. Like that feeling you get when you've been away from home for far too long, and you're tired and hungry, and just fucking spent, and your car is low on gas and it's getting dark, and you're sick of cheap hotels and cheap diners and every song on the radio and every thought in your head, and all you want to do is crawl into your own bed and fall into a dead sleep . . . and then you turn the last corner, and there it is. Home. All your troubles melt away with one big sigh, and you hit the gas hard, because you just can't stay away one second longer. — J.T. Geissinger

Feeling Sick And Tired Quotes By Amy Reed

And I am sick and tired of feeling pathetic. — Amy Reed

Feeling Sick And Tired Quotes By Shakti Gawain

If you are feeling tired or ill, rest. Your body will always want rest and ease if it's sick. When you become quiet, ask your body what you need to do in order to heal yourself. Your body may tell you to change certain habits, eat more wholesome food, express some feelings, quit your job, see a doctor, or it may have some other message for you, but there is always an answer available to you. The key is to ask and then listen honestly for a response. — Shakti Gawain

Feeling Sick And Tired Quotes By Steven Adler

I just got tired of being sick and tired and feeling down. Unfortunately, you don't realize this until you're getting sober but the reason why you're depressed all the time is it's the drugs that are depressing you. — Steven Adler

Feeling Sick And Tired Quotes By Jean M. Auel

Once I got over feeling sick in the morning, I've been feeling good," Levela said. "Vigorous and strong. Although, lately, I get tired easily. I want to sleep late and take naps in the day, and sometimes if I stand for a long time, my back hurts." "Sounds about right, wouldn't you say," Velima said, smiling at her daughter. "Just the way you are supposed to feel. — Jean M. Auel

Feeling Sick And Tired Quotes By Sarah Thebarge

...in addition to feeling sick and tired and feverish and nauseated, I also felt forgotten. And there was no easy cure for that. — Sarah Thebarge

Feeling Sick And Tired Quotes By Brene Brown

After doing this work or the past twelve years and watching scarcity ride roughshod over our families, organizations, and communities, I'd say the one thing we have in common is that we're sick of feeling afraid. we want to dare greatly. We're tired of the national conversation centering on "What should we fear" and "Who should we blame?" We all want to be brave. — Brene Brown