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Top Feeling Excited Quotes

Feeling Excited Quotes By Walter Wink

I think people get excited about their perspective on sexuality because it gives them the feeling that, their failures notwithstanding, if they take a hard stand on what they consider to be godly, maybe God will be more merciful to them. — Walter Wink

Feeling Excited Quotes By Lindsay Pearce

I like to go to the gym with my girls, practice yoga, try new recipes, bake, have slumber parties, go to the beach, have adventures, book hunt, shop for new records, or road trip somewhere ... anything that keeps me laughing and excited about the day, really. I like feeling free to do what I or my friends want to do on our days off. — Lindsay Pearce

Feeling Excited Quotes By Salman Rushdie

Gazing for the first time upon this amphibian terrain, this bog of nightmare, I should have felt excited; but the heat and recent events were weighing me down; my upper lip was still childishly wet with nose-goo, but I felt oppressed by a feeling of having moved directly from an overlong and dribbling childhood into a premature (though still leaky) old age. — Salman Rushdie

Feeling Excited Quotes By George Washington

My anxious recollections, my sympathetic feeling, and my best wishes are irresistibly excited whensoever, in any country, I see an oppressed nation unfurl the banners of freedom. — George Washington

Feeling Excited Quotes By Magic Johnson

I was around when my father finished the last payment of his house. I remember like it was yesterday. He had worked all those years to own that house and he cried. He was so excited and so happy and I want to see other people get that feeling, too. — Magic Johnson

Feeling Excited Quotes By Aaron Sorkin

I'm very physical. When I'm writing, I'm playing all the parts; I'm saying the lines out loud, and if I get excited about something - which doesn't happen very often when I'm writing, but it's the greatest feeling when it does - I'll be out of the chair and walking around, and if I'm at home, I'll find myself two blocks from my house. — Aaron Sorkin

Feeling Excited Quotes By Rhonda Byrne

Being healthy is feeling the same way as little children feel. Little children are bursting with energy every day. Their bodies feel light and flexible; moving is effortless. They're light on their feet. Their minds are clear; they're happy, and free of worry and stress. They sleep deeply and peacefully every night, and they wake up feeling completely refreshed, as if with a brand-new body. They feel passionate and excited about every new day. Look at little children and you will see what being healthy really means. It is the way you used to feel, and it is the way you should still feel. — Rhonda Byrne

Feeling Excited Quotes By Drew Brees

I have a feeling that when you're on the cover, they supe up all your abilities in the game to a pretty high level. I'm excited to see what that equates to, like if I can throw the ball 100 yards in the air or something. — Drew Brees

Feeling Excited Quotes By Michelle Trachtenberg

I am excited to be on set. I love what I do. As long as I have that feeling, then I'm gonna stick to it. As long as I'm lucky enough to get projects and keep working, I will always be grateful for it. — Michelle Trachtenberg

Feeling Excited Quotes By Monica Alexander

You love it, don't you? Admit it. I got you excited about football." He was gloating as he did a little victory dance.
You got me excited about something, that's for sure.
"I love it," I said, grinning back at him. I poked him in the stomach while he danced around like an idiot, feeling his taught stomach beneath my fingers. — Monica Alexander

Feeling Excited Quotes By Brooke Valentine

You never get another first time. I just remember being excited and that feeling of "Wow my dream is really coming true". — Brooke Valentine

Feeling Excited Quotes By Jennifer Aniston

I wanted to be a therapist if the acting didn't work. I also did a lot waitressing and odd jobs. I'd audition but couldn't get hired to save my life. I'd do Off-Broadway theatre and that was great and I was excited and thrilled, feeling like, 'Well, it's Off-Broadway, but there's still the Broadway in there.' — Jennifer Aniston

Feeling Excited Quotes By John Updike

Standing amid the tan, excited post-Christmas crowd at the Southwest Florida Regional Airport, Rabbit Angstrom has a funny sudden feeling that what he has come to meet, what's floating in unseen about to land, is not his son Nelson and daughter-in-law Pru and their two children but something more ominous and intimately his: his own death, shaped vaguely like an airplane. — John Updike

Feeling Excited Quotes By Jeff Kinney

I'm very excited to see the wonderful 2-D characters in Poptropica come to life in the form of 3-D toys. When I first held the characters in my hands, it felt like magic. I'm excited for kids to have the same feeling! — Jeff Kinney

Feeling Excited Quotes By Kamala Harris

I remember when my mother, Shyamala Harris, bought our first home. I was thirteen. She was so proud, and my sister and I were so excited. Millions of Americans know that feeling of walking through the front door of their own home for the first time - the feeling of reaching for opportunity and finding it. — Kamala Harris

Feeling Excited Quotes By Gabe Jennings

It's an incredible feeling, 110,000 people energy at that level. What I realized from watching the first day of competition was that athletes that got excited and happy and got the fans into it and clapping, they did better. The athletes that took it too seriously, they didn't do as well as they'd hoped. — Gabe Jennings

Feeling Excited Quotes By Injap Sia

I was excited to do something, even if I didn't know what it was. I think you need that feeling - that excitement, that fire - to make your dreams a reality. (p.59) — Injap Sia

Feeling Excited Quotes By Ed Morales

When I speak of Spanglish I'make talking about a fertile terrain for negotiating a new identity. I'make feeling excited, as Gloria Anzldua did in her book Borderlands/LA Frontera,about "participating in the creation of another culture/in a state of perpetual transition/with a tolerance for ambiguity. — Ed Morales

Feeling Excited Quotes By Lilian Pizzichini

The only time she felt excited or happy was when she had had a drink because then anything might happen. That feeling of insecurity became exciting. — Lilian Pizzichini

Feeling Excited Quotes By J.D. Salinger

Keep me up till five because all your stars are out, and for no other reason ... Oh dare to do it Buddy! Trust your heart. You're a deserving craftsman. It would never betray you. Good night. I'm feeling very much over-excited now, and a little dramatic, but I think I'd give almost anything on earth to see you writing a something, an anything, a poem, a tree, that was really and truly after your own heart. — J.D. Salinger

Feeling Excited Quotes By Alexandra Kleeman

But there was a feeling building in me now that I hadn't felt since I'd shown up at this stupid party: I was excited. Something was going to happen. Either this would work, or it wouldn't. Either I would be spared, or I would die. Either death was something that could be fooled, outwitted, outplayed, or it was not. However things ended, I would learn something about the world in which, for the moment, I continued to live. — Alexandra Kleeman

Feeling Excited Quotes By Cecelia Ahern

She loved airports. She loved the smell, she loved the noise, and she loved the whole atmosphere as people walked around happily tugging their luggage, looking forward to going on their holidays or heading back home. She loved to see people arriving and being greeted with a big cheer by their families and she loved to watch them all giving each other emotional hugs. It was a perfect place for people-spotting. The airport always gave her a feeling of anticipation in the pit of her stomach as though she were about to do something special and amazing. Queuing at the boarding gate, she felt like she was waiting to go on a roller coaster ride at a theme park, like an excited little child. — Cecelia Ahern

Feeling Excited Quotes By Joyce Meyer

God can give us words of comfort or direction, and we can be very excited, filled with faith, feeling bold and able to conquer the enemy. — Joyce Meyer

Feeling Excited Quotes By Meg Meeker

If every mother in the United States could wrap her mind around her true value as a woman and mother, her life would never be the same. We would wake up every morning excited for the day rather feeling as though we'd been hit by a truck during the night. We would talk differently to our kids, fret less about our husbands' annoying habits, and speak with greater tenderness and clarity. We would find more contentment in our relationships, let means remarks roll off our backs, and leave work feeling confident in the job we performed. And best of all - we wouldn't obsess about our weight (can you imagine?), physical fitness, or what kind of home we live in. We would live a kinda of home we live in. We would live free from superficial needs because we would know deep in our hearts what we need and more importantly, what we don't need. Each of us would live a life of extraordinary freedom. — Meg Meeker

Feeling Excited Quotes By Robyn Carr

I have a feeling I might need some child-care assistance at the house," he said. "If Paige needs Mel during the night, can you and Mike come out to my place, stay with the kids, so I can stay here with Christopher? When Mel's working at Doc's, I like to be close by." "Sure. How's Paige doing?" "Early labor. She's been trying to rest to save her strength, but I think Preacher's driving her crazy," Jack said. "Aw, he's excited." "Excited doesn't touch it." Jack — Robyn Carr

Feeling Excited Quotes By Colin Powell

For all the hardship, I was still excited to be on the trail, testing my endurance, feeling especially alive as strength and fatigue flowed alternately through my limbs. — Colin Powell

Feeling Excited Quotes By Abdulazeez Henry Musa

One of the worst things you can ever think of is not feeling excited about the future". — Abdulazeez Henry Musa

Feeling Excited Quotes By Adrian Tomine

Any kind of art that seems to be just about normal people, it's judged less by how good of a work of art it is, and more by how much the critic thinks that that is true to life. Which, you know, I think might be why something like Boyhood was so hugely praised, whereas something like Margaret was a little unfairly marginalized. There were people who said, "OK, well, I don't relate to these characters," or, "I think the way they speak is off from real-life" as opposed to saying, "Is what's being expressed in it - is the emotional content true to life?" You can just look on Youtube and see clips into people's real life very easily, so I'm actually more excited by that feeling of, I'm being immersed completely in this one guy's view of the world. But, obviously, I get more excited talking about other people's work than my own. — Adrian Tomine

Feeling Excited Quotes By Elijah Wood

I'm always intrigued by new challenges and things that I've never done before and new experiences. It sounds so simple, but the primary interest is just something that's good and instills within me some kind of gut feeling that feels like something that I'm passionate and excited about, and there can be multiple variables that can instill that. It can be simply a filmmaker, it can just be a character, it can just be the script, or a combination of all those things. But, I'm always just looking to do things that I've never done before, primarily. — Elijah Wood

Feeling Excited Quotes By James Gleick

I am a physicist, not a biologist. ... But I am very much excited by your article in May 30th Nature, and think that brings Biology over into the group of "exact" sciences. ... If your point of view is correct each organism will be characterized by a long number written in quadrucal (?) system with figures 1, 2, 3, 4 standing for different bases. ... This would open a very exciting possibility of theoretical research based on combinatorix and the theory of numbers! ... I have a feeling this can be done. What do you think? — James Gleick

Feeling Excited Quotes By Jerry Falwell

Revival is not just a feeling of excitement of the Lord. We get excited about many things, but excitement is not a revival if God is not the thing that gets us excited. — Jerry Falwell

Feeling Excited Quotes By Dane Reynolds

I like the responsive, quick feeling I get out of the Proton, and I am excited to have this board as my model. — Dane Reynolds

Feeling Excited Quotes By The Miz

I felt myself getting teary eyed. And I was like, 'Wait a second. You can't do that. You're the WWE Champion.' Then I went out of the ring, Alex Riley was there and we both celebrated together. Feeling his excitement made me feel even more excited. — The Miz

Feeling Excited Quotes By S.R. Crawford

Being the people we are, and feeling the way that we do, getting excited about going somewhere new can be terrifying. Of course it is, I get it! But if you don't travel, you'll regret it. Your soul will forever be empty. — S.R. Crawford

Feeling Excited Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

It happens when I get really excited. The more excited I get, the more I vibrate."
"Now there's a thought," Lor says.
"If you mean what I think you mean, you want to shut the fuck up and never think it again," Ryodan says.
"Just saying, boss," Lor says. "You can't tell me you didn't think it, too."
I never understand half of what these dudes are talking about and don't care. "You can touch me if you want to," I say to Lor magnanimously. I'm so pumped on adrenaline and excitement that I'm feeling downright sociable. I poke one of my shoulders toward him. "Check me out. It feels really cool."
All heads swivel my way, then they look back at Ryodan.
"He doesn't own my fecking shoulder. Why you looking at him? — Karen Marie Moning

Feeling Excited Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

Go through the moral demands ... one by one and you will find that man could not live up to them; the intention is not that he should become more moral, but that he should feel as sinful as possible. If man had failed to find this feeling pleasant - why should he have engendered such an idea and adhered to it for so long? ... Man was by every means to be made sinful and thereby become excited, animated, enlivened in general. To excite, animate, enliven at any price ... — Friedrich Nietzsche

Feeling Excited Quotes By Edgar Allan Poe

He knew that Hop-Frog was not fond of wine; for it excited the poor cripple almost to madness; and madness is no comfortable feeling. — Edgar Allan Poe

Feeling Excited Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

People are really excited about robotic exploration. I understand the feeling there because, in fact, robots can do things humans can't. They can survive harsh conditions, they can explore places we would never go, plus you never actually have to bring them back. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Feeling Excited Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

One step across the dividing line, so like the one between the living and the dead and you enter an unknown world of suffering and death. What will you find there? Who will be there? There, just just beyond the field, that tree, that sunlit roof? No one knows, and yet you want to know. You dread crossing that line, and yet you want to cross it. You know sooner or later you will have to go across and find out what is there beyond it, just as you must inevitably found out what lies beyond death. Yet here you are, fit and strong, carefree and excited, with men all around you just the same- strong, excited and full of life.' This is what all men think when they get sight of the enemy, or they feel it if they do not think it, and it is this feeling that gives a special lustre and a delicious edge to the awareness of everything that is now happening. — Leo Tolstoy

Feeling Excited Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

With the unknown, one is confronted with danger, discomfort, and care; the first instinct is to abolish these painful states. First principle: any explanation is better than none ... The causal instinct is thus conditional upon, and excited by, the feeling of fear. The "why?" shall, if at all possible, not give the cause for its own sake so much as for a particular kind of cause
a cause that is comforting, liberating, and relieving. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Feeling Excited Quotes By Jeff Olson

You may get inspired by that uplifting story or inspirational pep talk, but you can't freeze that feeling or glue the emotions of the moment into place. Emotions change like the wind, and you can't stop them. No one can. They keep moving; that's why they're called emotions and not e-standingstills. You can't dictate how you feel. No matter how much you may tell yourself to feel positive about this how-to step or that how-to step, what if you just don't? Today, you're excited about getting fit. You feel like doing your twenty minutes on the treadmill. Great! But what if tomorrow you just don't feel like doing it? To find the path to success, you have to back up one more step. It's the understanding behind the attitudes that are behind the actions. — Jeff Olson

Feeling Excited Quotes By Maria Bello

I just have a gut feeling about something, if I really want to do it, if I'm excited about it, if I want to explore it. And that goes across all different sorts of genres. — Maria Bello

Feeling Excited Quotes By Craig Silvey

I feel as though I should say something profound, or enact some rite, or trade something to make it official. I want to transfer some trinket which would allow me to say that she's my girl, some kind of currency that proves to people that she likes me back. Something that would permit me to think about her all the time without feeling guilty or helpless or hopelessly far away. I guess I'm just so excited, I want to cage this thing like a tiny red bird so if can't fly away, so it stays the same, so it's still there the next time. For keeps, like a coin in your pocket. Like a peach pit from Mad Jack Lionel's tree. Like scribbled words in a locked suitcase. A bright balloon to tie to your bedpost. And you want to hug it close, hold it, but not so tight it bursts. — Craig Silvey

Feeling Excited Quotes By Kirsten Dunst

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you're excited for the day? That's one of my main goals in life. — Kirsten Dunst

Feeling Excited Quotes By Howard Jacobson

But the shouts and smell of smoke had a powerful effect on me. I don't say they excited me, but they gave a sort of universality to what I was feeling. I am who I am because I am not them - well, I was not alone in feeling that. We were all who we were because we were not them. So why did that translate into hate? I don't know, but when everyone's feeling the same thing it can appear to be reasonableness. — Howard Jacobson

Feeling Excited Quotes By Anton Chekhov

I felt this beauty rather strangely. It was not desire, nor ecstacy, nor enjoyment that Masha
excited in me, but a painful though pleasant sadness. It was a sadness vague and undefined
as a dream. For some reason I felt sorry for myself, for my grandfather and for the
Armenian, even for the girl herself, and I had a feeling as though we all four had lost
something important and essential to life which we should never find again. — Anton Chekhov

Feeling Excited Quotes By Olivia Thirlby

I still audition a lot and work really hard to get work. So I don't really walk around feeling like I've made it. My short term goals are really just to be creatively stimulated and to be excited about material I might be working on. — Olivia Thirlby

Feeling Excited Quotes By Richard Bach

Never stop feeling and seeing and being excited with great things like air and engines and sounds of sunlight within you. — Richard Bach

Feeling Excited Quotes By J.J. Abrams

Honestly I'm excited about the possibilities of what comes next, and the funny thing is, that is sort of what "Star Wars" is kind of about. I mean, I remember being 10 years old and seeing that movie and leaving the theater and feeling like, oh, my God, anything is possible. And I feel like anything is possible right now. I don't know what's next, but I look forward to it. — J.J. Abrams

Feeling Excited Quotes By Justin Bieber

I wrote the song 'Down to Earth' a few years ago, and i was really excited to record it for My World album. It's a huge fan favourite. So many people feel where i'm coming from. It doesn't need any spectacular stage effects in the touring show; the best thing i can do is just sing it straight from my heart. I'm not afraid to show my emotions; if you love someone, you should tell them. If you think a girl is beautiful, you should say that. Usher says some songs work best when there's a sob in the singer's voice. You gotta let that deep feeling come through. And that's how i felt about this song. Sometimes the emotion of it is enough to bring tears to my eyes. — Justin Bieber

Feeling Excited Quotes By David Warkentin

We kill on Halloween," the girl adds, excited to share this with you. "Why?" you ask, feeling helpless. "Tell them why we kill, Poppy. — David Warkentin

Feeling Excited Quotes By Victoria Legrand

For me, it's really day to day. I don't really plan ahead and I like to be excited about what I'm wearing. Being on the road all the time, it's various articles of clothing that keep me inspired and feeling good. A fun or beautiful thing to wear can change your day. I think spontaneity and not adhering to any narrow styles keep me happy. — Victoria Legrand

Feeling Excited Quotes By Jeannette Walls

I could see why Archimedes got all excited. There was nothing finer than the feeling that came rushing through you when it clicked and you suddenly understood something that had puzzled you. It made you think it just might be possible to get a handle on this old world after all. — Jeannette Walls

Feeling Excited Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

To take the simplest example: one man laughs, and another, who hears, becomes merry; or a man weeps, and another, who hears, feels sorrow. A man is excited or irritated, and another man, seeing him, comes to a similar state of mind. By his movements, or by the sounds of his voice, a man expresses courage and determination, or sadness and calmness, and this state of mind passes on to others. A man suffers, expressing his sufferings by groans and spasms, and this suffering transmits itself to other people; a man expresses his feeling of admiration, devotion, fear, respect, or love to certain objects, persons, or phenomena, and others are infected by the same feelings of admiration, devotion, fear, respect, or love to the same objects, persons, and phenomena. — Leo Tolstoy

Feeling Excited Quotes By Iben Dissing Sandahl

When your kids get excited, let them have that feeling and share the excitement with them. Sharing makes it bigger. — Iben Dissing Sandahl

Feeling Excited Quotes By George Saunders

There's also a way that you have of being precise but also allusive, that works well for me - it's something about the open-hearted way you frame your queries. Instead of feeling daunted or discouraged, I feel excited to give whatever it is a try. This takes a lot of editorial wisdom and confidence - to know just how to get the writer to take that extra chance. — George Saunders

Feeling Excited Quotes By Daphne Zuniga

I get really excited when I have moments where my head - my mind - disappears, and I get this moment where I start to tingle, and maybe sweat a little bit, when I'm in that space of feeling real connected with everything, every living thing. I first started feeling this probably as a child, but again when I started meditating. — Daphne Zuniga

Feeling Excited Quotes By Black Francis

I'm really inspired by the interplay of visual art and music, a total artistic environment where there's sound and visuals. When I think about that I get stimulated and excited. It's a feeling that you can't label with words. — Black Francis

Feeling Excited Quotes By E.L. Doctorow

I began to ask two questions while I was reading a book that excited me: not only what was going to happen next, but how is this done? How is it that these words on the page make me feel the way I'm feeling? This is the line of inquiry that I think happens in a child's mind, without him even knowing he has aspirations as a writer. — E.L. Doctorow

Feeling Excited Quotes By Michelle Forbes

There's a feeling of immortality you have in youth. You just don't see the dangers around you, or, if you do, maybe you're even excited by them. — Michelle Forbes

Feeling Excited Quotes By Jeannie Davide-Rivera

Beyond being normal, our obsessions are positive, empowering and absolutely necessary.
What some may view as obsessive, odd, weird, abnormal and troublesome is a necessary part of our happiness. Our interests allow us to decompress, calm down, focus our energy, and gives us a reason to be excited about life - a purpose. An absence of obsessive interest leaves me feeling alone in the darkness. — Jeannie Davide-Rivera

Feeling Excited Quotes By Chris Wedge

I remember feeling that technology was like trying to draw with your foot. In a ski boot. It was the most indirect way to work imaginable, but the potential had us all excited. I started in stop motion. — Chris Wedge

Feeling Excited Quotes By Grete Waitz

Everyone wins the marathon. We all have the same feeling at the start-nervous, anxious, excited. It is a broader, richer, and even with twenty-seven thousand people-more intimate experience than I found when racing in track. New York is the marathon that all the biggest stars want to win, but has also been the stage for an array of human stories more vast than any other sporting event. — Grete Waitz

Feeling Excited Quotes By Daniel Petrie

I had a feeling about directing Cocoon II: The Return. At first I wasn't too interested because it was a sequel. Then I read the script and was excited by the relationships and its mystic quality. — Daniel Petrie

Feeling Excited Quotes By Henry Ward Beecher

Unfruitful emotion is to be suspected. Feeling acts as an impulse, as a spur, as a spring, and when feelings are excited, and they put nothing forward, they are sometimes even dangerous to a man. — Henry Ward Beecher

Feeling Excited Quotes By Ayad Akhtar

I started to understand that for me, art was no longer about self-expression but about creative engagement with the world. I started to respond in an excited way to making work inside an industry and not feeling the constraints of audience expectation as some kind of thing that I should avoid. — Ayad Akhtar

Feeling Excited Quotes By Richard Bach

Never stop being a kid, Richard. Never stop feeling and seeing and being excited with great things like air and engines and sounds of sunlight within you. Wear your little mask if you must to protect you from the world but if you let that kid disappear you are grown up and you are dead. — Richard Bach

Feeling Excited Quotes By Jon Crosby

We're making this huge changeover from underground to more mainstream audiences. I don't know if we could ever repeat this type of feeling. We're really excited. — Jon Crosby