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Top Happy Upbeat Quotes

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Jennifer Belle

What's wrong with you? I asked myself. You are a happy person. You are an upbeat sort of person. Men smile at you on the subway, women ask you what shampoo you use. Cheer up for Christ's sake, I told myself, relax, you're fine, be happy, Girl. When I talk to myself I call myself Girl. — Jennifer Belle

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Beck

Originally, the lyrics to "Girl" were really upbeat, and then it didn't work for me somehow. You need the dichotomy. If you're doing something happy and light, you need the shadows. — Beck

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Ellen DeGeneres

For me, it's that I contributed, ... That I'm on this planet doing some good and making people happy. That's to me the most important thing, that my hour of television is positive and upbeat and an antidote for all the negative stuff going on in life. — Ellen DeGeneres

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Fritz Allhoff

Hirsch is for weddings and Lagavulin is for divorces. Hirsch is as upbeat and happy as Lagavulin is dark and brooding. — Fritz Allhoff

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Dolvett Quince

If you want to transform yourself into an upbeat, positive, energetic, and passionate human being, you can - by becoming what you say you are. Say that you're happy. Say that you're beautiful. Say that you can do whatever you need to do, whether it's losing weight or exercising more. Tell yourself you are what you want to become and you will become it. Then practice it. — Dolvett Quince

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Kim Dotcom

Always upbeat, always happy, always putting you in a good mood. That's what I want to achieve with my music. — Kim Dotcom

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Lamar Odom

My grandmother was always upbeat, a naturally happy person. I think I got that from her. — Lamar Odom

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Natalie Imbruglia

Happy songs are very difficult to write. How many truly great upbeat songs are there? — Natalie Imbruglia

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Shane Filan

Working on solo material is something I had always dreamed of doing, and I'm incredibly happy with the results. 'Everything To Me' is a very personal song to me lyrically; it is such an upbeat and optimistic record, perfect for the summer. I can't wait for people to hear it! — Shane Filan

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Jamie-Lynn Sigler

I like being upbeat, positive, happy, enjoying family. — Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Lauren Barnholdt

Hello?" I say, sounding upbeat, and like I'm happy to be on the phone. I decide to pretend it's my imaginary girlfriend. Fuck pretending to be nice.
"Yo, " B. J. Says.
"What's going on, honey?" I say, trying to glance at Courtney out of the corner of my eye without her noticing that that's what I'm doing. She's going through her bag, probably looking for more makeup, so she can make herself look good for Lloyd.
"Honey?" B. J. Asks. "Jordy, I had no idea you felt that way about me. I have to warn you, though, I happen to be in a very committed relationship. "
"Yeah, I miss you, too. — Lauren Barnholdt

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Jen Lancaster

You know why I love HGTV? It's not just that I get a peek into other people's lives. It's that everyone's always thrilled with the end result, whether they're redecorating an unfortunate room, selling a house, or cleaning up another contractor's mess. I love for a happy ending, and HGTV is perpetually upbeat and optimistic. The shows are all about problem solving, not drama creating. — Jen Lancaster

Happy Upbeat Quotes By Josh Homme

I'm a fairly upbeat and happy guy, you know? I don't like people that feel sorry for themselves, and I traditionally stay away from people like that. — Josh Homme