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Eyesight Quotes By Elif Shafak

By and large over time, pain turns to grief, grief turns to silence, and silence turns to lonesomeness, as vast and bottomless as the dark oceans ... You think you cannot live anymore. You think that the light of your soul has been put out and that you will stay in the dark forever. But when you are engulfed by such solid darkness, when you have both eyes closed to the world, a third eye opens in your heart. And only then do you come to realize that eyesight conflicts with inner knowledge. No eye sees so clear and sharp as the eye of love. After grief comes another season, another valley, another you. And the lover who is nowhere to be found, you start to see everywhere. — Elif Shafak

Eyesight Quotes By Oliver Sacks

Chemical exploration, chemical discovery, was all the more romantic for its dangers. I felt a certain boyish glee in playing with these dangerous substances, and I was struck, in my reading, by the range of accidents that had befallen the pioneers. Few naturalists had been devoured by wild animals or stung to death by noxious plants or insects; few physicists had lost their eyesight gazing at the heavens, or broken a leg on an inclined plane; but many chemists had lost their eyes, limbs, and even their lives, usually through producing inadvertent explosions or toxins. — Oliver Sacks

Eyesight Quotes By Luke Taylor

His eyesight was possessed by the colours of trauma, cracking and bubbling like an old Super Eight film to remind him of his near-death drowning some two months ago in that very moment when he needed to act. — Luke Taylor

Eyesight Quotes By Ruskin Bond

Well, it often happens that people with good eyesight fail to see what is right in front of them. — Ruskin Bond

Eyesight Quotes By Terry Richardson

I like using snapshot cameras because they're idiot-proof. I have bad eyesight, and I'm no good at focusing big cameras. — Terry Richardson

Eyesight Quotes By Frankie Boyle

If Harry Potter's so magical, why cant he cure his own eyesight and get laid. A teenage lad shouldnt need a broomstick to cling onto. — Frankie Boyle

Eyesight Quotes By Loretta Sanchez

I am most grateful for having bad eyesight, which prevented me from becoming a commercial pilot and instead, led me to having the best job in the world - representing the people of California's 47th Congressional District. — Loretta Sanchez

Eyesight Quotes By Bebe Moore Campbell

His eyesight wasn't as keen as it had been, but he knew a changing mind when he saw it. — Bebe Moore Campbell

Eyesight Quotes By Vincent Canby

When Uncle Bob (or Ted or Ray) promised to send a shooting star over the house to mark a young listener's birthday, the young listener, who had hung out the window for an hour without seeing the star, questioned not Uncle Bob (or Ted or Ray), but his own eyesight. — Vincent Canby

Eyesight Quotes By Hanna Rosin

Every new medium has, within a short time of its introduction, been condemned as a threat to young people. Pulp novels would destroy their morals, TV would wreck their eyesight, video games would make them violent. — Hanna Rosin

Eyesight Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

She paused as she realized he was looking at her. 'Am I doing something wrong?' 'No. I was just thinking how incredibly beautiful you are.' That didn't seem to please her as her gaze danced around in obvious discomfort. 'You're still drunk, aren't you?' He laughed. 'No. The hangover is starting to kick in. Head hammering like a mother.' 'Ah, that explains it.' 'What does?' 'Your eyesight's screwed up. I could probably take you into a retirement home and you'd be trying to score with Grandma right now.'
- Shahara & Syn — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Eyesight Quotes By Mary Oliver

I Worried
I worried a lot. Will the garden grow, will the rivers
flow in the right direction, will the earth turn
as it was taught, and if not how shall
I correct it?
Was I right, was I wrong, will I be forgiven,
can I do better?
Will I ever be able to sing, even the sparrows
can do it and I am, well,
Is my eyesight fading or am I just imagining it,
am I going to get rheumatism,
lockjaw, dementia?
Finally I saw that worrying had come to nothing.
And gave it up. And took my old body
and went out into the morning,
and sang. — Mary Oliver

Eyesight Quotes By J.K. Rowling

The real Harry thought that this might just be the most bizarre thing he had ever seen, and he had seen some extremely odd things. He watched as his six doppelgangers rummaged in the sacks, pulling out sets of clothes, putting on glasses, stuffing their own things away. He felt like asking them to show a little more respect for his privacy as they all began stripping off with impunity, clearly much more at ease with displaying his body than they would have been with their own. "I knew Ginny was lying about that tattoo," said Ron, looking down at his bare chest. "Harry, your eyesight really is awful," said Hermione, as she put on glasses. — J.K. Rowling

Eyesight Quotes By Zhuangzi

You have only to rest in inaction and things will transform themselves. Smash your form and body, spit out hearing and eyesight, forget you are a thing among other things, and you may join in great unity with the deep and boundless. — Zhuangzi

Eyesight Quotes By Kahlil Gibran

When thou ascendest to thy Heaven I descend to my Hell - even then thou callest to me across the unbridgeable gulf, "My companion, my comrade," and I call back to thee, "My comrade, my companion" - for I would not have thee see my Hell. The flame would burn thy eyesight and the smoke would crowd thy nostrils. And I love my Hell too well to have thee visit it. I would be in Hell alone. — Kahlil Gibran

Eyesight Quotes By Frank Lloyd Wright

Philosophy is to the mind of the architect as eyesight to his steps. The Term 'genius' when applied to him simply means a man who understands what others only know about. A poet, artist or architect, necessarily 'understands' in this sense and is likely, if not careful, to have the term 'genius' applied to him; in which case he will no longer be thought human, trustworthy or companionable.
Whatever may be his medium of expression he utters truth with manifest beauty of thought. If he is an architect, his building is natural. In him, philosophy and genius live by each other, but the combination is subject to popular suspicion and appellation 'genius' likely to settle him
so far as the public is concerned. — Frank Lloyd Wright

Eyesight Quotes By Stephen King

I don't know if a little tickle of psychic ability means we are divine; there are plenty of people who can accept the miracle of eyesight without believing that eyesight proves the existence of God ... — Stephen King

Eyesight Quotes By Julie Garwood

They're allies, Jamie."
She immediately let go of him, straightened her back, and refolded her hands in her lap. "I guessed as much," she whispered.
It was a lie, made blacker still when she added, "Even from this distance I can see them smiling."
"An eagle couldn't see their faces from this distance," he answered dryly.
"We English have perfect eyesight. — Julie Garwood

Eyesight Quotes By Aleksandra Ninkovic

Love is blind. Especially in the morning, because I can't see a damn thing before having coffee. — Aleksandra Ninkovic

Eyesight Quotes By Edward Hirsch

Beginning my studies the first step pleas'd me so much, The mere fact consciousness, these forms, the power of motion, The least insect or animal, the senses, eyesight, love, The first step I say awed me and pleas'd me so much, I have hardly gone and hardly wish'd to go any farther, But stop and loiter all the time to sing it in ecstatic songs. — Edward Hirsch

Eyesight Quotes By L. Ron Hubbard

One of the reasons they [the Japanese] have bad eyesight is probably these microscopic characters [furigana] which have many lines and strokes to them.& We wonder why they went mad and bombed Pearl Harbor when they knew they couldn't win. That [the Japanese language] would be a reason. — L. Ron Hubbard

Eyesight Quotes By Bobby Clarke

I was 13 when I developed the classic symptoms of a person who gets diabetes: a lot of weight loss, a tremendous thirst, and blurry eyesight. My mom took me to the hospital, and the doctors took some blood tests. My blood sugar was so high that they knew right away. — Bobby Clarke

Eyesight Quotes By Rodney Dangerfield

I went to see my doctor ... Doctor Vidi-boom-ba. Yeah ... I told him once, "Doctor, every morning when I get up and look in the mirror I feel like throwing up. What's wrong with me?" He said, "I don't know, but your eyesight is perfect." — Rodney Dangerfield

Eyesight Quotes By Reinhold Messner

In my state of spiritual abstraction, I no longer belong to myself and to my eyesight. I am nothing more than a single narrow gasping lung, floating over the mists and summits. — Reinhold Messner

Eyesight Quotes By Dr. Seuss

And I saw on this hill, since my eyesight's so keen, the two biggest fools that have ever been seen! And the fools that I saw were none other than you, who seem to have nothing else better to do than sit here and argue who's better than who! — Dr. Seuss

Eyesight Quotes By Zhuangzi

When I talk about having good hearing, I don't mean just listening, but listening to yourself. When I talk about good eyesight, I don't mean just looking, but looking at yourself. — Zhuangzi

Eyesight Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

As utterly irrational as it might seem, the greed within me has the most limited vision I can possibly imagine as it has eyes only for the few things it doesn't have, and it is completely blind to all the many remarkable things that it does. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Eyesight Quotes By Thomas Carlyle

The beginning of all wisdom is to look fixedly on clothes, or even with armed eyesight, till they become transparent. — Thomas Carlyle

Eyesight Quotes By Terry Pratchett

Looking out the window, Moist saw a small swarm of goblins leave the train and at first he thought, ha! Trust the buggers to run away, and then he mentally corrected himself: that was storybook thinking and with clearer eyesight and a bit of understanding he realized that the goblins were scrambling up to the delvers on the rocks and beating the shit out of them by diving into the multiple layers of dwarf clothing. The delvers discovered all too rapidly that trying to fight while a busy goblin was in your underwear was very bad for the concentration. — Terry Pratchett

Eyesight Quotes By Allan McNish

To be a racing driver it's essential you have very good eyesight, and that's especially relevant at night. Your senses are heightened, you're travelling over 200mph, you need to focus on that 110-metre braking point and you have to have absolute faith and commitment in your driving. — Allan McNish

Eyesight Quotes By John Green

She said she couldn't handle it," he told me. "I'm about to lose my eyesight and she can't handle it."
I was thinking about the word "handle," and all the unholdable things that get handled. "I'm sorry," I said.
"Well, to be fair," I said, "I mean she probably can't handle it. Neither can you, but she doesn't have to handle it. And you do. — John Green

Eyesight Quotes By Tessa Dare

You let him go? What the devil for?"
"Something's wrong with his eyesight." Any man who mistook Miss Turner for a dockside whore had to be losing his vision. — Tessa Dare

Eyesight Quotes By Danielle Esplin

It's like I'm on a roller-coaster ride, but I'm not allowed to get off. I'm strapped to the seat, and within eyesight the unfinished twirl of the track swirls into the air. — Danielle Esplin

Eyesight Quotes By Joss Whedon

I've got a theory, it could be bunnies ... I've got a theor- Bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes They've got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses. And what's with all the carrots-? What do they need such good eyesight for anyway? Bunnies, bunnies it must be bunnies! ... or maybe midgets ... — Joss Whedon

Eyesight Quotes By John Singer Sargent

A person with normal eyesight would have nothing to know in the way of 'Impressionism' unless he were in a blinding light or in the dusk or dark. — John Singer Sargent

Eyesight Quotes By Daniel Gilbert

The mistakes we make when we try to imagine our personal futures are also lawful, regular, and systematic. They, too, have a pattern that tells us about the powers and limits of foresight in much the same way that optical illusions tell us about the powers and limits of eyesight. — Daniel Gilbert

Eyesight Quotes By John Fante

Careful, Arturo Bandini: don't strain your eyesight, remember what happened to Tarkington, remember what happened to James Joyce. — John Fante

Eyesight Quotes By John Gould

I don't read anything anymore. I don't have the eyesight. I read my own copy, that's all. I think I've read everything that's worth reading. — John Gould

Eyesight Quotes By Kresley Cole

With her back to him, she maneuvered the towel, endeavoring to dress without revealing anything.
"Though I could watch this all night, you should no' bother with it. I've seen every inch of you by now."
She glanced over her shoulder, not knowing if she was pleased or disappointed that he'd slung on his jeans. "How's that?"
"I'm tall enough that when I was behind you, I could see straight over you. And my eyesight's strong enough to easily see through the water."
She wasn't modest, and this hiding her body like a blushing virgin wasn't her front anyway. "In that case . . ." she said, dropping the towel.
He hissed in a breath. As she set about dressing as usual, he grated, "Not a bashful one, then?"
Bashful? She and her friends made Girls Gone Wild look like a quilting circle. "Just being charitable to aging werewolves. — Kresley Cole

Eyesight Quotes By Bernard Malamud

At thirty-three the Whammer still enjoyed exceptional eyesight. He saw the ball spin off Roy's fingertips and it reminded him of a white pigeon he had kept as a boy, that he would send into flight by flipping it into the air. The ball flew at him and he was conscious of its bird-form and white flapping wings, until it suddenly disappeared from view. He heard a noise like the bang of a firecracker at his feet and Sam had the ball in his mitt. Unable to believe his ears he heard Mercy intone a reluctant strike. — Bernard Malamud

Eyesight Quotes By Billy Graham

I often wonder if God, in His sovereignty, allows the eyesight of the aged to cast a dim view of the here and now so that we may focus our spiritual eyes on the ever after. — Billy Graham

Eyesight Quotes By Loretta Chase

With the world securely in order, Dain was able to devote the leisurely bath time to editing his mental dictionary. He removed his wife from the general category labeled "Females" and gave her a section of her own. He made a note that she didn't find him revolting, and proposed several explanations: (a) bad eyesight and faulty hearing, (b)a defect in a portion of her otherwise sound intellect, (c) an inherited Trent eccentricity, or (d) an act of God. Since the Almighty had not done him a single act of kindness in at least twenty-five years, Dain thought it was about bloody time, but he thanked his Heavenly Father all the same, and promised to be as good as he was capable of being. — Loretta Chase

Eyesight Quotes By Christiane Northrup

As a doctor, let me tell you what self-love does: It improves your hearing, your eyesight, lowers your blood pressure, increases pulmonary function, cardiac output, and helps wiring the musculature. So, if we had a rampant epidemic of self-love then our healthcare costs would go down dramatically. So, this isn't just some little frou-frou new age notion, oh love yourself honey. This is hardcore science. — Christiane Northrup

Eyesight Quotes By Dejan Stojanovic

Faith is a question of eyesight; even the blind can see that. — Dejan Stojanovic

Eyesight Quotes By Walt Whitman

All space, all time, The stars, the terrible perturbations of the suns, Swelling, collapsing, ending, serving their longer, shorter use, Fill'd with eidolons only. The noiseless myriads, The infinite oceans where the rivers empty, The separate countless free identities, like eyesight, The true realities, eidolons. Not this the world, Nor these the universes, they the universes, Purport and end, ever the permanent life of life, Eidolons, eidolons ... — Walt Whitman

Eyesight Quotes By Charles Dickens

This was all I heard that night before my sister clutched me, as a slumberous offence to the company's eyesight, and assisted me up to bed with such a strong hand that I seemed to have fifty boots on, and to be dangling them all against the edges of the stairs. My state of mind, as I have described it, began before I was up in the morning, and lasted long after the subject had died out, and had ceased to be mentioned saving on exceptional occasions. — Charles Dickens

Eyesight Quotes By Zhuangzi

When I speak of good hearing, I do not mean listening to others; I mean simply listening to yourself. When I speak of good eyesight, I do not mean looking at others; I mean simply looking at yourself. He who does not look at himself but looks at others, who does not get hold of himself but gets hold of others, is getting what other men have got and failing to get what he himself has got. He finds joy in what brings joy to other men, but finds no joy in what would bring joy to himself. — Zhuangzi

Eyesight Quotes By Ellen Hollman

I have very poor eyesight, and I can't imagine a world without my glasses or contacts. — Ellen Hollman

Eyesight Quotes By Kurt Cobain

196. "Look on the bright side, suicide
Lost eyesight I'm on your side
Angel left wing, right wing, broken wing
Lack of iron and/or sleeping
Protector of the kennel
Ecto-plasma, Ecto-skeletal
Obituary birthday
Your scent is still here in my place of recovery!" ~ — Kurt Cobain

Eyesight Quotes By Jimmy Doolittle

To become an ace a fighter must have extraordinary eyesight, strength, and agility, a huntsman's eye, coolness in a pinch, calculated recklessness, a full measure of courage and occasional luck! — Jimmy Doolittle

Eyesight Quotes By Ron Rash

The woman doesn't look up. It's as if she's deaf. Maybe she is. Maybe she's like the Cambodian women I've read about, the ones who witnessed so many atrocities that they have willed themselves blind. Maybe that's what you have to do sometimes to survive. You kill off part of yourself, your hearing or eyesight, your capacity for hope. — Ron Rash

Eyesight Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Let us be the hope for those who are suffering.
Let us be the eyesight for those who are blind.
Let us show the way, nonjudgmental and kind. — Debasish Mridha

Eyesight Quotes By Max Lucado

You can climb too high for your own good. Linger too long at high altitudes and your hearing dulls and your eyesight dims. — Max Lucado

Eyesight Quotes By William Feather

Life begins at 40 - but so do fallen arches, rheumatism, faulty eyesight, and the tendency to tell a story to the same person, three or four times. — William Feather

Eyesight Quotes By Chris Hadfield

Other anatomical changes associated with long-duration space flight are definitely negative: the immune system weakens, the heart shrinks because it doesn't have to strain against gravity, eyesight tends to degrade, sometimes markedly (no one's exactly sure why yet). The spine lengthens as the little sacs of fluid between the vertebrae expand, and bone mass decreases as the body sheds calcium. Without gravity, we don't need muscle and bone mass to support our own weight, which is what makes life in space so much fun but also so inherently bad for the human body, long-term. — Chris Hadfield

Eyesight Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

They say the first thing to go when you're old is your legs or your eyesight. It isn't true. The first thing to go is parallel parking. — Kurt Vonnegut

Eyesight Quotes By Jennifer Donnelly

Things are NEVER what they seem, Pa, I thought. I used to think they were, but I was wrong or stupid or blind or something. Old folks are forever complaining about their failing eyesight, but I think your vision gets better as you get older. Mine surely was. — Jennifer Donnelly

Eyesight Quotes By Gabrielle Giffords

Many may look at me and see mostly what I have lost. I struggle to speak, my eyesight's not great, my right arm and leg are paralyzed, and I left a job I loved representing southern Arizona in Congress. — Gabrielle Giffords

Eyesight Quotes By Kate Smith

My singing is part of me, like my stoutness, or my light hair, or my poor eyesight. — Kate Smith

Eyesight Quotes By John Bailey

A paradox is something which tests your spiritual eyesight. — John Bailey

Eyesight Quotes By Elif Shafak

You think you cannot live anymore. You think that the light of your soul has been put out and that you will stay in the dark forever. But when you are engulfed by such solid darkness, when you have both eyes closed to the world, a third eye opens in your heart. And only then do you come to realize that eyesight conflicts with inner knowledge. No eye sees so clear and sharp as the eye of love. After grief comes another season, another valley, another you. And the lover who is nowhere to be found, you start to see everywhere.
You see him in the drop of water that falls into the ocean, in the high tide that follows the waxing of the moon, or in the morning wind that spreads its fresh smell; you see him in the geomancy symbols in the sand, in the tiny particles of rock glittering under the sun, in the smile of a newborn baby, or in your throbbing vein. How can you say Shams is gone when he is everywhere and in everything? — Elif Shafak

Eyesight Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

I have really good eyesight, I said, wondering if everyone who came in to see me today was going to be profoundly annoying. — Jeff Lindsay

Eyesight Quotes By Julie Garwood

We English have perfect eyesight."
Alec finally turned to look at her. "Are you jesting with me, wife?"
"You decide, husband."
"Aye, you are," Alec answered. "I've already learned all about the English sense of humor."
"And what have you learned?"
"You don't have any. — Julie Garwood

Eyesight Quotes By Leo Durocher

I've never questioned the integrity of an umpire. Their eyesight, yes. — Leo Durocher

Eyesight Quotes By Terry Pratchett

Few things are hidden from a quiet child with good eyesight. — Terry Pratchett

Eyesight Quotes By Barbara Johnson

It never hurts your eyesight to look on the bright side of things. — Barbara Johnson

Eyesight Quotes By Robert Galbraith

Good though his eyesight was, however, he would have been unlikely to spot the Stanley knife being turned rhythmically between long, fine fingers. — Robert Galbraith

Eyesight Quotes By Stephen King

The things of the world fell by the wayside, you lost your speed and your eyesight and your fucking Electric Boogaloo, but literature was eternal, — Stephen King

Eyesight Quotes By Phyllis Diller

Whatever you may look like, marry a man your own age - as your beauty fades, so will his eyesight. — Phyllis Diller

Eyesight Quotes By Rhonda Byrne

You did when you were a child, then give your cells those commands: "I feel amazing today." "I have so much energy." "I have perfect eyesight. — Rhonda Byrne

Eyesight Quotes By Dave Barry

Almost half of the people over 40 believe they look younger than they are. This says something important about older Americans. We have terrible eyesight. — Dave Barry

Eyesight Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

We do not tell old friends beneath our roof-tree that they are an offence to the eyesight. — P.G. Wodehouse

Eyesight Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

Marilla is eighty-five," said Anne with a sigh. "Her hair is snow-white. But, strange to say, her eyesight is better than it was when she was sixty. — L.M. Montgomery

Eyesight Quotes By Ron Sims

God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference. — Ron Sims

Eyesight Quotes By Eleanor Perenyi

Gertrude Jekyll, like Monet, was a painter with poor eyesight, and their gardens - his at Giverny in the Seine valley, hers in Surrey - had resemblance's that may have sprung from this condition. Both loved plants that foamed and frothed over walls and pergolas, spread in tides beneath trees; both saw flowers in islands of colored light - an image the normal eye captures only by squinting. — Eleanor Perenyi

Eyesight Quotes By Will Rogers

There is nothing as easy as denouncing. It don't take much to see that something is wrong, but it does take some eyesight to see what will put it right again — Will Rogers

Eyesight Quotes By John Wooden

My eyesight is not nearly as good. My hearing is probably going away. My memory is slipping too. But I'm still around. — John Wooden

Eyesight Quotes By William Shakespeare

A blind man can't forget the eyesight he lost, show me any beautiful girl. How can her beauty not remind me of the one whose beauty surpasses hers? — William Shakespeare

Eyesight Quotes By Lisa Lutz

You should keep dental floss on you at all times; when your eyesight goes, quit driving; don't keep too many secrets, eventually they'll eat away at you. But the most valuable lesson he taught me was this: Every day we get older, and some of us get wiser, but there's no end to our evolution. We are all a mess of contradictions; some of our traits work for us, some against us. And this is what I figured out on my own: Over the course of a lifetime, people change, but not as much as you'd think. Nobody really grows up. — Lisa Lutz

Eyesight Quotes By Eloisa James

One didn't want to marry a man who dragged ladies off into the shrubbery for a kiss. Or worse.
The fact that she would push Ravensthorpe into the shrubbery herself, if she had the nerve, was not the point ... Lucy took a deep breath, patted her hair into place, and snapped open her fan. She had a pirate side - or so she told herself; she was certainly tall enough to be one. If nothing else, she could launch herself at Ravensthorpe and knock him to the ground when she knew Olivia and Mrs. Lytton were within eyesight.
The idea was so appalling that it had merit. — Eloisa James

Eyesight Quotes By William Shakespeare

Why, all delights are vain, but that most vain Which, with pain purchased, doth inherit pain: As, painfully to pore upon a book, To seek the light of truth, which truth the while Doth falsely blind the eyesight of his look. — William Shakespeare

Eyesight Quotes By Tony Gwynn

I had no idea that all the things in my career were going to happen. I sure didn't see it. I just know the good Lord blessed me with ability, blessed me with good eyesight and a good pair of hands, and then I worked at the rest. — Tony Gwynn

Eyesight Quotes By Erin Hunter

I think your hearing has become as poor as your eyesight! snapped Smallear impatiently. — Erin Hunter

Eyesight Quotes By Mary Roach

Medical journals from 1905 to 1915 are rife with articles on "vibratory massage" and the many things it cures. Weakened hearts and floating kidneys. Hysterical cramp of the esophagus and catarrh of the inner ear. Deafness, cancer, bad eyesight. And lots and lots of prostate problems. A Dr. Courtney W. Shropshire, writing in 1912, was impressed to note that by means of "a special prostatic applicator, well lubricated, attached to the vibrator, introduced to the rectum" he was "able to empty the seminal vesicles of their secretions." Indeedy. Shropshire's patients returned every other day for treatment, no doubt also developing a relationship with the vibration machine. — Mary Roach

Eyesight Quotes By Paul Kater

There was a rupture in the fabric of space inside the truck, and a rift developed that connected worlds and dimensions. William Connoley, travelling book-salesman and keeper of the portal between the worlds, saw shimmers of a room with a large, dark, wooden table laden with mysterious utensils, a chair, glass-like shards on the floor, vials, small windows, shelves with jars, and many other things he had never seen before. The vision, strange as it was, only lasted seconds, but it burnt itself into his memory. Then a bright flash of light took away his eyesight momentarily, while an invisible roller-coaster-like sensation filled his stomach with the most unwelcome and sickening feeling. There was a roaring sound, and suddenly smoke filled the cabin, chasing William into the street as he coughed and gasped for air. His eyes burnt from the grey fumes. — Paul Kater

Eyesight Quotes By Alan Lightman

One day [Rabbi Spear] talked about his theory of happiness. He proposed that human feelings respond only to contrast and change, not to constancy, just as eyesight responds to contrasts of light and dark and to movement. The rabbi speculated that if emotions are similar to eyesight and other senses, then perhaps emotions were developed by nature as a survival mechanism. — Alan Lightman

Eyesight Quotes By Leonard Peltier

They [Federal Goverment] don't care if I am guilty or innocent. I serve their purpose in here. Other than what I have mentioned, what fear could they possibly have from a old man with dimming eyesight, arthritis, diabetes, and other health issues that render me hardly a threat to anyone. — Leonard Peltier

Eyesight Quotes By Michelle Chamuel

You can't just mess with somebody's prescription, and I really like wearing glasses. It's my eyesight and I don't want to mess with that. — Michelle Chamuel

Eyesight Quotes By Wendell Berry

... it charms
mere eyesight to believe
The nearest thing not trees
Is the sky, into which
The trees reach, opening
their luminous new leaves ...
and thought finds rest
beneath a brightened tree
In which, unseen, a warbler
feeds and sings. His song's
Small shapely melody
Comes down irregularly,
as all light's givings come.
Sabbaths 1999 III — Wendell Berry

Eyesight Quotes By Michael Chabon

He has the memory of a convict, the balls of a fireman, and the eyesight of a housebreaker. When there is crime to fight, Landsman tears around Sitka like a man with his pant leg caught on a rocket. It's like there's a film score playing behind him, heavy on the castanets. The problem comes in the hours when he isn't working, when his thoughts start blowing out the open window of his brain like pages from the blotter. Sometimes it takes a heavy paperweight to pin them down. — Michael Chabon

Eyesight Quotes By Thomas A. Edison

X-rays ... I am afraid of them. I stopped experimenting with them two years ago, when I came near to losing my eyesight and Dally, my assistant practically lost the use of both of his arms. — Thomas A. Edison

Eyesight Quotes By Friedrich Schiller

The mind is the eyesight of the soul. — Friedrich Schiller

Eyesight Quotes By Pliny The Elder

The ancients had little doubt about the true shape of the earth: "It's [the world's] shape has the rounded appearance of a perfect sphere. This is shown first of all by the name of 'orb' which is bestowed upon it by the general consent of mankind ... Our eyesight also confirms this belief, because the firmament presents the aspect of a concave hemisphere equidistant in every direction, which would be impossible in the case of any other figure." — Pliny The Elder

Eyesight Quotes By Robert Galbraith

Strike had not been able to guard against warm feelings for Robin, who had stuck by him when he was at his lowest ebb and helped him turn his fortunes around; nor, having normal eyesight, could he escape the fact that she was a very good-looking woman. — Robert Galbraith

Eyesight Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

Eastward the dawn rose, ridge behind ridge into the morning, and vanished out of eyesight into guess; it was no more than a glimmer blending with the hem of the sky, but it spoke to them, out of the memory and old tales, of the high and distant mountains. — J.R.R. Tolkien

Eyesight Quotes By David Hewson

Why do we use flash at all? Because photography is not the same as eyesight. We can see in low-light situations where cameras, dependent upon a physical process to record visual information, are half blind. — David Hewson

Eyesight Quotes By Spike Milligan

In India a farmhand was caught in the act with his cow. He said he had bad eyesight and thought it was his wife. — Spike Milligan

Eyesight Quotes By Jan-Philipp Sendker

It's true I lost my eyesight many years ago. But that doesn't mean I'm blind. — Jan-Philipp Sendker

Eyesight Quotes By Zig Ziglar

No person ever ended his eyesight by looking on the bright side. — Zig Ziglar

Eyesight Quotes By Ela Crain

Bad eyesight is a very good thing when in love — Ela Crain