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Equity Shares Quotes & Sayings

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Equity Shares Quotes By Richard Ferri

People who buy equity ETF shares in taxable accounts, such as a joint account or trust account, will find their tax bill may be slightly lower at the end of the year than if they had purchased the same amount in a comparable open-end index fund. — Richard Ferri

Equity Shares Quotes By Amah Lambert

We can't all be bakers or chefs. Many of us have modest ambitions. But we can all buy a piece of the pie. — Amah Lambert

Equity Shares Quotes By Peter Thiel

However, for equity to create commitment rather than conflict, you must allocate it very carefully. Giving everyone equal shares is usually a mistake: every individual has different talents and responsibilities as well as different opportunity costs, so equal amounts will seem arbitrary and unfair from the start. On the other hand, granting different amounts up front is just as sure to seem unfair. Resentment at this stage can kill a company, but there's no ownership formula to perfectly avoid it. — Peter Thiel

Equity Shares Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes

Roque ... lined his men up and had them produce all the clothing, jewels, money, and other objects that they had stolen since the last time they had divided the spoils. Having made a hasty appraisal and reduced to terms of money those items that could not be divided, he split the whole into shares with such equity and exactitude that in not a single instance did he go beyond or fall short of a strict distributive justice. They were all well satisfied with the payment received, indeed they were quite well pleased; and Roque then turned to Don Quixote. — Miguel De Cervantes