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Quotes & Sayings About Disaster Management

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Disaster Management Quotes By Peter Drucker

A management decision is irresponsible if it risks disaster this year for the sake of a grandiose future. — Peter Drucker

Disaster Management Quotes By Narendra Modi

Gujarat is all about Trade with Tradition, Commerce with Culture, Enterprise with Entertainment and Development with Disaster management. — Narendra Modi

Disaster Management Quotes By A. Ashley Straker

The military operation swiftly became one of disaster management and damage control, search and rescue. — A. Ashley Straker

Disaster Management Quotes By Timothy Snyder

Modern tyranny is terror management. When the terrorist attack comes, remember that authoritarians exploit such events in order to consolidate power. The sudden disaster that requires the end of checks and balances, the dissolution of opposition parties, the suspension of freedom of expression, the right to a fair trial, and so on, is the oldest trick in the Hitlerian book. Do not fall for it. — Timothy Snyder

Disaster Management Quotes By Thad Cochran

This legislation provides Medicaid eligibility to evacuees and residents in (Federal Emergency Management Agency) designated disaster counties, .. It also helps pay private health insurance premiums for those at risk for losing their coverage. — Thad Cochran

Disaster Management Quotes By Pandora Poikilos

Procrastination is the foundation of all disasters. — Pandora Poikilos

Disaster Management Quotes By Gwynne Shotwell

From my perspective, it's really risk management to ensure that humans have the ability to go somewhere else in case there were to be some huge disaster on Earth. — Gwynne Shotwell

Disaster Management Quotes By Alcee Hastings

Disaster management should be coordinated by the federal government, .. It is our exact responsibility. — Alcee Hastings

Disaster Management Quotes By Norman Ralph Augustine

If a sufficient number of management layers are superimposed on top of each other, it can be assured that disaster is not left to chance. — Norman Ralph Augustine

Disaster Management Quotes By W. Edwards Deming

To copy is to invite disaster. — W. Edwards Deming