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Determine Success Quotes By Farshad Asl

It is crucial to understand the difference between knowledge, which are facts and data, wisdom, which is your ability to judge and determine which aspects of your knowledge are applicable and useful to your life, and insight, which is the deepest level of knowing based on experience, and the most meaningful to your life and success. — Farshad Asl

Determine Success Quotes By Jon Gordon

Your optimism today will determine your level of success tomorrow. — Jon Gordon

Determine Success Quotes By Derek Rydall

43. Don't let past failures determine what your future success will be. Walt Disney went bankrupt - twice - before finally gaining lasting momentum. The Beatles were rejected from numerous record labels, as was Tom Petty. Thomas Edison failed at creating the light bulb ten thousand times before getting it right! If he used failure as an indicator of his true path, you might be reading this by candlelight. — Derek Rydall

Determine Success Quotes By Zig Ziglar

The depth of your spirit will determine the height of your success. — Zig Ziglar

Determine Success Quotes By David J. Greer

Your personal growth, how you show up, and the ways you lead ultimately determine the success of your business and your life. — David J. Greer

Determine Success Quotes By Brian Tracy

Determine a single measure that you can use to grade your progress and success in each area of your life. Refer to it daily. — Brian Tracy

Determine Success Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

Change is the only constant in life. Ones ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life. — Benjamin Franklin

Determine Success Quotes By Brian Tracy

Your ability to get along well with others will determine your happiness and success as much as any other factor. — Brian Tracy

Determine Success Quotes By Barbara Taylor Bradford

Elizabeth was counting on Marco to keep cousin Mary occupied until after the board meeting was over. A piece of cheese might catch a mouse, but an afternoon alone with a muscular masseur would ensnare her cousin far more effectively. And afterwards, while Mary lay sated and sleeping upon a massage table, wiser heads could determine the company's future. There were times, Elizabeth thought, when success in business demanded utter ruthlessness. — Barbara Taylor Bradford

Determine Success Quotes By Rick Warren

Failure is a part of everyone's journey. But it is your attitude toward failure that will determine your ultimate success. — Rick Warren

Determine Success Quotes By Jon Gordon

When you believe, the impossible becomes possible. What you believe will become what is true. Your optimism today will determine your level of success tomorrow. Don't look at your challenges; look up and look out into the future. Don't focus on your circumstances. Focus on the right beliefs that will help you build your success. — Jon Gordon

Determine Success Quotes By Melody Beattie

You can clear the land, plow the field, spread the fertilizer, and plant the corn. But you cannot make it rain. You cannot prevent an early frost. You cannot determine exactly what will happen in your life. The rain may or may not fall, but one thing is certain: you will get a harvest only if you planted something in the field. It's important to do everything in our power to ensure our success, but we also need to let the universe take its course. — Melody Beattie

Determine Success Quotes By Bill McDermott

In the long run, our customers are going to determine whether we have a job or whether we do not. Their attitude toward us is going to be the factor determining our success. — Bill McDermott

Determine Success Quotes By Bob Riley

The success of our economy shouldn't determine the success of our schools. — Bob Riley

Determine Success Quotes By Vishwas Chavan

We alays blame the outer world for our failures, unhappiness and frustration. It is time to realise that it is health, harmony and wealth of our inner world that determine the degree of our success, joy, peace and bliss. — Vishwas Chavan

Determine Success Quotes By Charles Wheelan

Recognize that your own motivation, ambition, and talents will determine your success more than the college name on your diploma."8 — Charles Wheelan

Determine Success Quotes By Joan Bennett Kennedy

Thought is the source of all wealth, all success, all achievement. Our dominant thoughts determine our individuality, our career, our daily life. — Joan Bennett Kennedy

Determine Success Quotes By John C. Maxwell

Your leadership skills determine the level of your success, and the success of those who work around you. — John C. Maxwell

Determine Success Quotes By Grenville Kleiser

New habits make new horizons. Silently and imperceptibly you are forming habits which will ultimately determine the degree of your happiness and success. Closely guard the quality of your thoughts, that they may lead to right habits and thence to right living. Recognize and use such supreme qualities as courage, faith, humility, loyalty, temperance, and integrity. — Grenville Kleiser

Determine Success Quotes By Timothy Keller

People "at the top" are eager to attribute their position to their own intellect, savvy, and hard work. The reality is much more complicated. Personal connections, family environment, and what appears to be plain luck determine how successful a person is. We are the product of three things- genetics, environment, and our personal choices- but two of these three factors we have no power over. We are not nearly as responsible for our success as our popular views of God and reality lead us to think. — Timothy Keller

Determine Success Quotes By Aleister Crowley

Each being is, exactly as you are, the sole centre of a Universe in no wise identical with, or even assimilable to, your own. The impersonal Universe of Nature is only an abstraction, approximately true, of the factors which it is convenient to regard as common to all. The Universe of another is therefore necessarily unknown to, and unknowable by, you; but it induces currents of energy in yours by determining in part your reactions. Use men and women, therefore, with the absolute respect due to inviolable standards of measurement; verify your own observations by comparison with similar judgements made by them; and, studying the methods which determine their failure or success, acquire for yourself the wit and skill required to cope with your own problems. — Aleister Crowley

Determine Success Quotes By Charlotte Gordon

But the paradox of their success is that most modern readers are unaware of the overwhelming obstacles both women had to overcome. Without knowing the history of the era, the difficulties Wollstonecraft and Shelley faced are largely invisible, their bravery incomprehensible. Both women were what Wollstonecraft termed "outlaws." Not only did they write world-changing books, they broke from the strictures that governed women's conduct, not once but time and again, profoundly challenging the moral code of the day. Their refusal to bow down, to subside and surrender, to be quiet and subservient, to apologize and hide, makes their lives as memorable as the words they left behind. They asserted their right to determine their own destinies, starting a revolution that has yet to end. — Charlotte Gordon

Determine Success Quotes By Jon Gordon

Every problem has a gift for you in its hands as my man Richard Bach says. You can choose to see the curse or the gift. And this one choice will determine if your life is a success story or one big soap opera. — Jon Gordon

Determine Success Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Power is something that is not really visible. Some people have the power to rise above circumstance. Sociological factors and DNA are not all that determine success. It is power. — Frederick Lenz

Determine Success Quotes By Peyton Manning

The attitude with which we approach the situation can determine our success or failure. — Peyton Manning

Determine Success Quotes By David Brier

Customers have a first moment when they discover your brand. If you were to look at it today with a fresh pair of eyes, in fact only through a pair of fresh customer eyes and witness your brand for the very first time, what would you see? What impression would make? Or fail to make? Would your brand blend in? Would it stand out? Would it be memorable, or the leading cause of amnesia amongst shoppers everywhere? Facing the truth of this and fixing it as needed will determine whether your brand thrives or merely stumbles along. — David Brier

Determine Success Quotes By Napoleon Bonaparte

When you determine to risk a battle, reserve to yourself every possible chance of success, more particularly if you have to deal with an adversary of superior talent, for if you are beaten, even in the midst of your magazines and your communications, woe to the vanquished! — Napoleon Bonaparte

Determine Success Quotes By Nas

But whats it all worth, cant take it when you under this earth
Rich men died and tried, but none of it worked
They just rob your grave, Id rather be alive and paid
Before my numbers called, historys made
Somell fall, but I rise, thug or die
Makin choices, that determine my future under the sky
To rob steal or kill, Im wondering why
Its a dirty game, is any man worthy of fame?
Much to success to ya, even if you wish me the opposite
Sooner or later we'll all see who the prophet is. — Nas

Determine Success Quotes By Steve Knox

Burnout, beat-up and broken down we may limp away from a failed relationship, job or environment, but we will be better equipped to follow our hearts...thoughtfully. Our ability to see the potential in ourselves and others will determine our success. — Steve Knox

Determine Success Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

The level of our submission to God will determine our success and prosperity. — Sunday Adelaja

Determine Success Quotes By Michelle Rhee

I think for what success looks like for me, it is a world in which you can look at the achievement scores, the academic scores, of any school anywhere in this country [the USA], and you wouldn't be able to look at the score and determine what the racial makeup or the socioeconomic makeup of that school is simply because of the academic achievement levels. — Michelle Rhee

Determine Success Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Critics do not determine how high an eagle flies. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Determine Success Quotes By John Wooden

What you do in practice is going to determine your level of success. I used to tell my players, 'You have to give 100 percent every day. Whatever you don't give, you can't make up for tomorrow. If you give only 75 percent today, you can't give 125 percent tomorrow to make up for it.' — John Wooden

Determine Success Quotes By Vince Lombardi

One's desire, not ability, determines success. — Vince Lombardi

Determine Success Quotes By Jolene Church

The world is your oyster...YOU determine the value of the pearl! — Jolene Church

Determine Success Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

God had already determined your success even before you were born — Sunday Adelaja

Determine Success Quotes By Robin Sharma

The thoughts you think today determine the results you'll see tomorrow. — Robin Sharma

Determine Success Quotes By Zig Ziglar

You do not determine your success by comparing yourself to others, rather you determine your success by comparing your accomplishments to your capabilities. — Zig Ziglar

Determine Success Quotes By Vint Cerf

Allowing a handful of broadband carriers to determine what people see and do online would fundamentally undermine the features that have made the Internet such a success, and could permanently compromise the Internet as a platform for the free exchange of information, commerce, and ideas. — Vint Cerf

Determine Success Quotes By John Rampton

You can say anything to anyone, but how you say it will determine how they will react. — John Rampton

Determine Success Quotes By Frank Sonnenberg

Shared beliefs and values form the heart of every successful relationship and ultimately determine its success. — Frank Sonnenberg

Determine Success Quotes By Santonu Kumar Dhar

Success come only through high ambition, good guidance, strong will, determining and effort. — Santonu Kumar Dhar

Determine Success Quotes By Kevin Rollins

Well, you would have to say what is the criteria to determine the success of any merger? It would have to be that the companies are stronger financially, that they took market share, and they are on a very steady footing in terms of their performance. — Kevin Rollins

Determine Success Quotes By Harvey MacKay

It isn't the quality of the ideas you have that will determine whether you make a success of them, it's the qualities you bring to those ideas. — Harvey MacKay

Determine Success Quotes By Michael Levy

We all shuffle our own deck in life ... The deck is our brain, the cards are our thoughts, the results we get will determine if we are giving ourselves a fair deal. Do you have an authentic dealer? — Michael Levy

Determine Success Quotes By Ryan Lilly

Success in life is about project management. Determine deliverables, make milestones, and always pursue the critical path. — Ryan Lilly

Determine Success Quotes By Shari Arison

Sustainability is the key to our survival on this planet and will also determine success on all levels. — Shari Arison

Determine Success Quotes By LaVell Edwards

The ability we have to handle this adversity will determine the degree of success that we will have in life. To me, this is where the gospel can be the greatest of help to us. The power of the Holy Ghost is the greatest source of strength and comfort we can have in our lives. The Holy Ghost will not only help us in times of need, but will help us to gain a firm testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, thereby preparing us for life. — LaVell Edwards

Determine Success Quotes By LaVell Edwards

When we have adversity we oftentimes tend to look around and think that we're the Lone Ranger. We tend to believe that we're the only one who has problems. And we always look around and see others who are more talented, taller, smarter, handsomer, or faster. I can assure you, everyone has problems-even football coaches. The ability we have to handle this adversity will determine the degree of success that we will have in life. — LaVell Edwards

Determine Success Quotes By James Harvey Robinson

Mere lack of success does not discredit a method, for there are many things that determine and perpetuate our sanctified ways of doing things besides their success in reaching their proposed ends. — James Harvey Robinson

Determine Success Quotes By Napoleon Hill

Those who approach their jobs and careers with enthusiasm always find plenty of opportunities, while those who complain about no one ever giving them a chance are merely observers of life. When you are determined that you will not allow others to determine your future for you, when you refuse to allow temporary setbacks to defeat you, you are destined for great success. The opportunities will always be there for you. — Napoleon Hill

Determine Success Quotes By Mac Anderson

It's not the things we get but the hearts we touch that will determine our success in life. — Mac Anderson

Determine Success Quotes By Kim Russo

Studies have shown that empathy is a vital life skill that helps determine our success even more than a high IQ does. — Kim Russo

Determine Success Quotes By Atul Gawande

It is unsettling to find how little it takes to defeat success in medicine. You come as a professional equipped with expertise and technology. You do not imagine that a mere matter of etiquette could foil you. But the social dimension turns out to be as essential as the scientific
matters of how casual you should be, how formal, how reticent, how forthright. Also: how apologetic, how self-confident, how money-minded. In this work against sickness, we begin not with genetic or cellular interactions, but with human ones. They are what make medicine so complex and fascinating. How each interaction is negotiated can determine whether a doctor is trusted, whether a patient is heard, whether the right diagnosis is made, the right treatment given. But in this realm there are no perfect formulas. — Atul Gawande

Determine Success Quotes By Bob Wise

Zip codes might be great for sorting mail, but they should not determine the quality of a child s education or success in the future workforce," said Bob Wise, president of the Alliance for Excellent Education and former governor of West Virginia. "With common standards and assessments, students, parents, and teachers will have a clear, consistent understanding of the skills necessary for students to succeed after high school and compete with peers across the state line and across the ocean. — Bob Wise

Determine Success Quotes By Jordan Petersen

Consciousness is a mystery that faces the mystery of potential and transforms it into actuality. We do that with every choice we make. Our choices determine the destiny of the world. By making a choice, you alter the structure of reality — Jordan Petersen

Determine Success Quotes By John C. Maxwell

If you have great people around you, they will take you higher than your dream will. Leaders are never self-made. Those closest to you determine your level of success, so choosing the right companions as partners in pursuit of your vision is an important decision. My advice is to surround yourself with talented people who will challenge you, help you grow and inspire you to maximize your potential. — John C. Maxwell

Determine Success Quotes By Charles Darwin

Who can explain why one species ranges widely and is very numerous, and why another allied species has a narrow range and is rare? Yet these relations are of the highest importance, for they determine the present welfare, and, as I believe, the future success and modification of every inhabitant of this world. — Charles Darwin

Determine Success Quotes By R. Kelly

Well, I believe that the depth of your struggle can determine the height of your success. I was inspired to come out of everything I've been through and end up in a place where I never thought that I would be. — R. Kelly

Determine Success Quotes By Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr.

Price and Cost. Sometimes we pay more. Sometimes we pay less. You've got to determine what you are willing to pay for success. — Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr.

Determine Success Quotes By Talib Kweli

A true artist does not depend on radio for success. A true fan does not let radio determine what they support — Talib Kweli

Determine Success Quotes By John Patrick Hickey

Our attitude will determine what we will strive for, whom we will be, and how our life will turn out. — John Patrick Hickey

Determine Success Quotes By Mark LaMoure

Excellence in life, is like a play. For your real life play, the quality of the actors you bring on your life's stage, determine your success. Always choose the best, most excellent actors. — Mark LaMoure

Determine Success Quotes By Darren Hardy

Determine the quality of life you want to have, and then surround yourself with the people who represent and support that vision. — Darren Hardy

Determine Success Quotes By Napoleon Hill

It is the personalities back of a business which determine the measure of success the business will enjoy. Modify those personalities so they are more pleasing and more attractive to the patrons of the business and the business will thrive. In any of the great cities of the United States one may purchase merchandise of similar nature and price in scores of stores, yet you will find there is always one outstanding store which does more business than any of the others, and the reason for this is that back of that store is a man, or men, who has attended to the personalities of those who come in contact with the public. People buy personalities as much as merchandise, and it is a question if they are not influenced more by the personalities with which they come in contact than they are by the merchandise. Life — Napoleon Hill

Determine Success Quotes By Pat Heim

I strongly urge you to consciously consider what success means to you. Instead of allowing others or society to determine when you win, you determine it. — Pat Heim

Determine Success Quotes By John Wooden

Success is mine when I work my hardest to become my best, and I alone determine whether I do so. — John Wooden

Determine Success Quotes By Steve Ballmer

It's how tenacious you are that will determine your success. — Steve Ballmer

Determine Success Quotes By Jeffrey Gitomer

The love of what you do, combined with your belief in what you do, will not determine your success. It will determine how hard you will work and how dedicated you will be to achieving it. Success just shows up from there. — Jeffrey Gitomer

Determine Success Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

People are different and it is this uniqueness that also makes it imperative for the definition or meaning of success be left to each individual to determine. — Archibald Marwizi

Determine Success Quotes By Mother Teresa

The success of love is in the loving - it is not in the result of loving. Of course it is natural in love to want the best for the other person, but whether it turns out that way or not does not determine the value of what we have done. — Mother Teresa

Determine Success Quotes By Anuranjita Kumar

The climb is different even though the destination is same. Ultimately it all depends on 'What I Want' which determine success.
And 'I' is gender neutral! — Anuranjita Kumar

Determine Success Quotes By Angela Khristin Brown

Hard work, determination, discipline and dedication will determine your level of success. — Angela Khristin Brown

Determine Success Quotes By Lucas Remmerswaal

Good habits are the basic tools that will determine whether you are a tortoise
or hare in life! — Lucas Remmerswaal

Determine Success Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

Larry implored us to exert more control over our careers. He said McKinsey would never stop making demands on our time, so it was up to us to decide what we were willing to do. It was our responsibility to draw the line. We needed to determine how many hours we were willing to work in a day and how many nights we were willing to travel. If later on, the job did not work out, we would know that we had tried on our own terms. Counterintuitively, long-term success at work often depends on not trying to meet every demand placed on us. The best way to make room for both life and career is to make choices deliberately - to set limits and stick to them. — Sheryl Sandberg

Determine Success Quotes By Sterling W. Sill

When in our minds we pre-live our marriage, we help to determine the kind of person that we would like to be when that event arrives. As we pre-live our success, we develop the abilities necessary to bring it about. And with the information and direction given us in the Holy Scriptures we can even pre-live that important period that lies beyond the boundaries of this life. — Sterling W. Sill

Determine Success Quotes By Jim Harrick

Your ability to communicate to your young people will determine your success. — Jim Harrick

Determine Success Quotes By Robin Sacredfire

Since any effort always translates into more learning about a particular subject, we logically believe that we can determine our success in a linear fashion, but this doesn't happen because our self-image always filters our perception of reality. — Robin Sacredfire

Determine Success Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

To build a better world we need to replace the patchwork of lucky breaks and arbitrary advantages today that determine success
the fortunate birth dates and the happy accidents of history
with a society that provides opportunities for all. — Malcolm Gladwell

Determine Success Quotes By H. L. Hunt

There are only three requirements for success. First, decide exactly what it is you want in life. Second, determine the price that you are going to have to pay to get the things you want. And third, and this is most important, resolve to pay that price. — H. L. Hunt

Determine Success Quotes By Steve Ballmer

You get some success. You run into some walls ... it's how tenacious you are, how irrepressible, how ultimately optimistic and tenacious you are about it that will determine your success. — Steve Ballmer

Determine Success Quotes By Charles Caleb Colton

Let those who would affect singularity with success first determine to be very virtuous, and they will be sure to be very singular. — Charles Caleb Colton

Determine Success Quotes By Bill Drayton

The one single factor that determines society's success is the percentage of change-makers within it. — Bill Drayton

Determine Success Quotes By Bernard Kelvin Clive

The depth of your challenges will determine the heights of your success in life — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Determine Success Quotes By John C. Maxwell

Those closest to me will determine the level of my success. — John C. Maxwell

Determine Success Quotes By Lou Holtz

The answers to these questions will determine your success or failure. 1) Can people trust me to do what's right? 2) Am I committed to doing my best? 3) Do I care about other people and show it? If the answers to these questions are yes, there is no way you can fail. — Lou Holtz