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Top Top Performers Quotes

Top Performers Quotes By Tom DeMarco

The top quartile, those who did the exercise most rapidly and effectively, work in space that is substantially different from that of the bottom quartile. The top performers' space is quieter, more private, better protected from interruption, and there is more of it. What — Tom DeMarco

Top Performers Quotes By Colson Whitehead

One of my dinner companions invited me on a strip-club excursion. I demurred, spoiled by the erotic revues of Anhedonia, where the performers remain fully clothed but get emotionally naked, delivering monologues about their top-shelf disappointments, and times when they were almost happy. Hard to enjoy American-style strip clubs after that. Once you go bleak, you never go back. — Colson Whitehead

Top Performers Quotes By Timothy Ferriss

It is possible to become world-class, enter the top 5% of performers in the world, in almost any subject within 6-12 months, or even 6-12 weeks. — Timothy Ferriss

Top Performers Quotes By C. Terry Warner

Except in a very few matches, usually with world-class performers, there is a point in every match (and in some cases it's right at the beginning) when the loser decides he's going to lose. And after that, everything he does will be aimed at providing an explanation of why he will have lost. He may throw himself at the ball (so he will be able to say he's done his best against a superior opponent). He may dispute calls (so he will be able to say he's been robbed). He may swear at himself and throw his racket (so he can say it was apparent all along he wasn't in top form). His energies go not into winning but into producing an explanation, an excuse, a justification for losing. — C. Terry Warner

Top Performers Quotes By Milo Ventimiglia

TV is such a success nowadays because it gives back in a way that features can't. If you go to a film, you only get two hours of great storytellers and performers, and you pay top dollar for that. If you're subscribing to premium channels and you're getting all of these amazing TV shows, and you're watching them as you want, where you want, when you want, on what you want, I think that is the "the golden era of TV" in what television shows are offering to audiences. We're giving them a lot more. It's quality. — Milo Ventimiglia

Top Performers Quotes By Brian Tracy

The difference between the top performers and the average or mediocre performers is not a great, massive difference. It is just a tiny difference because the top performers do things just a tiny bit. — Brian Tracy

Top Performers Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Strive hard to be among the top performers. To do this, create a standard. Go higher than this standard. Set another higher standard; surpass it and repeat the process. — Israelmore Ayivor

Top Performers Quotes By John Eliot

To be a top performer you have to be passionately committed to what you're doing and insanely confident about your ability to pull it off. — John Eliot

Top Performers Quotes By Jack Kirby

Any kind of music can be written badly and it can be written wonderfully. I admire a top performer in any field. — Jack Kirby

Top Performers Quotes By David J. Cichelli

Sample Target Total Cash Compensation Policy: Set the TTCC for each job at the 60th percentile of market practices as presented in the annual industry survey. Payouts for poor performers will be equal to the 25th percentile of pay; top performers will earn payouts equal to or greater than the 90th percentile of labor market rates. — David J. Cichelli

Top Performers Quotes By Tina Brown

When you truly study top performers in any field, what sets them apart is not their physical skill; it is how they control their minds. — Tina Brown

Top Performers Quotes By John Eliot

The top players in every field think differently when all the marbles are on the line. Great performers focus on what they are doing, and nothing else ... They let it happen, let it go. They couldn't care less about the results. — John Eliot

Top Performers Quotes By Adam M. Grant

The worst performers and the best performers are givers; takers and matchers are more likely to land in the middle. This pattern holds up across the board. The Belgian medical students with the lowest grades have unusually high giver scores, but so do the students with the highest grades. Over the course of medical school, being a giver accounts for 11 percent higher grades. Even in sales, I found that the least productive salespeople had 25 percent higher giver scores than average performers - but so did the most productive salespeople. The top performers were givers, and they averaged 50 percent more annual revenue than the takers and matchers. Givers dominate the bottom and the top of the success ladder. Across occupations, if you examine the link between reciprocity styles and success, the givers are more likely to become champs - not only chumps. — Adam M. Grant

Top Performers Quotes By Patrick Lencioni

Well, strategy. The competitive landscape. Morale. The dynamics of the executive team. Top performers. Bottom performers. Customer satisfaction. Pretty much everything that has a long-term impact on the success of the company. Stuff you just can't cover in weekly or monthly meetings. — Patrick Lencioni

Top Performers Quotes By Daniel Coyle

If you were to visit a dozen talent hotbeds tomorrow, you would be struck by how much time the learners spend observing top performers. — Daniel Coyle

Top Performers Quotes By Coolio

I don't think we should really be judging on Chris Brown like that until we know what Rihanna did. We all got reasons for what we do. Look at me. I'm one of the top 10 performers of all-time. I had to beat this one mermaid ass in a seafood restaurant over some shrimps. No lie. You just never know. — Coolio

Top Performers Quotes By David Brooks

The key factor separating geniuses from the merely accomplished is not a divine spark. It's not I.Q., a generally bad predictor of success, even in realms like chess. Instead, it's deliberate practice. Top performers spend more hours (many more hours) rigorously practicing their craft. — David Brooks

Top Performers Quotes By Eugene Fama

After costs, only the top 3% of managers produce a return that indicates they have sufficient skill to just cover their costs, which means that going forward, and despite extraordinary past returns, even the top performers are expected to be only as good as a low-cost passive index fund. The other 97% can be expected to do worse. — Eugene Fama

Top Performers Quotes By Tony Jeary

Top performers take action now, they move, they execute. — Tony Jeary

Top Performers Quotes By Geoff Colvin

Avoiding automaticity through continual practice is another way of saying that great performers are always getting better. This is why the most devoted can stay at the top of their field for far longer than most people would think possible. — Geoff Colvin

Top Performers Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Getting to the top should be a priority, but being aware of the reason for getting there should be the focus! — Israelmore Ayivor

Top Performers Quotes By Brendan Rodgers

If you look at the world-class performers at the top of the game, their numbers are just exceptional and that is the level he is at. — Brendan Rodgers

Top Performers Quotes By Geoff Colvin

Top performers understand their field at a higher level than average performers do, and thus have a superior structure for remembering information about it. — Geoff Colvin