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Top Death Gladiator Quotes

Death Gladiator Quotes By Roberto Bolano

Posthumous: It sounds like the name of a Roman gladiator, an unconquered gladiator. At least that's what poor Posthumous would like to believe. It gives him courage. — Roberto Bolano

Death Gladiator Quotes By Dani Harper

The Tylwyth Teg were immortal beings, but the burden of living for endless millennia was often tedium. It was one reason that the Fair Ones tended to play terrible pranks upon mortals. Like bored children, they sprang upon the unwary, seeking diversion. So it had been when a weary Celtic warrior turned reluctant gladiator had fought his way to freedom at last. Wounded and near death, pursued by his former captors, he'd blundered straight into the territory of the Tylwyth Teg in the steep hills northwest of Isca Silurum ... . — Dani Harper

Death Gladiator Quotes By Chuck Wendig

This isn't some kind of inspirational story. Some scrappy, ragtag underdog tale, some pugilistic match where we're the goodhearted gladiator who brings down the oppressive regime that put him in the arena. They get to have that narrative. We are the ones who enslaved whole worlds full of alien inhabitants. We are the ones who built something called a Death Star under the leadership of a decrepit old goblin who believed in the 'dark side' of some ancient, insane religion. — Chuck Wendig

Death Gladiator Quotes By Rosario Dawson

When you look at the gladiator times or at any of the things in human history, people are and have always been attracted to violence to the point where they're in stadiums still to this day watching people getting stoned to death. — Rosario Dawson

Death Gladiator Quotes By George Gordon Byron

I see before me the Gladiator lie: / He leans upon his hand - his manly brow / Consents to death, but conquers agony. — George Gordon Byron