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Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Julia Cameron

Walk with me to the edge of the city, / Take off your shoes and feel the earth. / Remember who you are. You are a star. / A mountain, that fountain in the sun. / Your heart is the velvet cave / Where birds sing. — Julia Cameron

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Giorge Leedy


Take off your shoes-
You're on barefoot beach.
Relax in the sunshine-
Broken only by trees. — Giorge Leedy

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Jason Fitzgerald

Barefoot Running Yes, barefoot running is a workout! It's challenging and works all of the small muscles in your feet and lower legs that have atrophied through years of shod running. If you're new to running without shoes, start with 1-2 minutes on a soft surface like an artificial turf field, grass, or golf course. Keep the pace easy and take the next 2-3 days off from running barefoot. — Jason Fitzgerald

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Dana Reinhardt

But no matter what happens, the earth keeps turning. Monday always comes and eventually, sometimes excruciatingly slowly, that Monday is followed by a Friday. You take tests, hand in papers you wrote at two in the morning the day they were due, and your shoes get worn out, and the pollen in the air increases so that you go through an entire package of tissues during the SATs, and you wander through the crowds at parties looking for Natalie Banks because you came with her, and you watch her take off for the backyard with a senior who seems to be in the backyard with a different girl at every party, and you learn to play chess with your dad, and you eat too much ice cream, and your favorite television drama has its two-hour season finale, and then suddenly the school year ends and you pack your bags for Tennessee. — Dana Reinhardt

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Tom Hodgkinson

Meetings, clearly, can take place anywhere, and wouldn't it be nice to see your coworkers lounging on the grass with their shoes off? — Tom Hodgkinson

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Janisse Ray

The moral of the story, Son," Pun would say, "is Don't take more on your heart than you can shake off on your heels."
Of all lessons, that one I never learned and I hope I never do. My heart daily grows new foliage, always adding people, picking up new heartaches like a wool coat collects cockleburs and beggar's-lice seeds. It gets fuller and fuller as I walk slow as a sloth, carrying all the pain Pun and Frank and so many others tried to walk from. Especially the pain of the lost forest. Sometimes there is no leaving, no looking westward for another promised land. We have to nail our shoes to the kitchen floor and unload the burden of our heart. We have to set to the task of repairing the damage done by and to us. — Janisse Ray

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Edward Abbey

For chrissake folks what is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare? Take off your shoes for a while, unzip your fly, piss hearty, dig your toes in the hot sand, feel that raw and rugged earth, split a couple of big toenails, draw blood! Why not? — Edward Abbey

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Ron Hall

If the devil ain't messin with you, he's already got you. If you is waitin to clean up your own life before you get out and help somebody else, you may as well take off your shoes and crawl back in the bed 'cause it ain't never gon' happen. Jesus don't need no help from no perfect saints. If He did, He wouldn't a' gone up yonder and left us down here in charge. — Ron Hall

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Summer Sanders

The kids know what I'm doing when I exercise, and that's powerful. So don't just tell your kids to go play outside. Take a moment off your computer, put on your tennis shoes, hop outside and help them start their game and run off some energy. — Summer Sanders

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Denise Hunter

Take off your shoes," Jake said after the kids disappeared up the stairs. Meridith eyed her leather loafers. For some reason, she was reluctant to part with them. Not to mention she needed every inch of height. "You're still wearing yours." "I'm not planning on trampling your feet." She removed her shoes and set them by the wall, taking her time. "You want something to drink? I made coffee. Or there's always tea or soda if you prefer." He tucked the corner of his lip. "No, thanks. You want to come closer? I can't teach you from over there." She inched closer. "I'm really bad." "So you said." He gestured to the blue box. "We'll start with a basic box step. Ballroom dancing is counted off like this: one-two-three, one-two-three. Max said he knows how to lead, so I'll teach you to follow." "Good luck with that." "Stand — Denise Hunter

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Isaac Yeffet

Why we cannot build a system like El Al to be proactive. Why do we have only to react? The shoe bomber - reaction? Take off your shoes. The Nigerian - the body scanner is a result of the Nigerian guy. — Isaac Yeffet

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Patti Roberts

Whatever. I know that when a monster is chasing you. You take your high-heeled shoes off. I've learned that ... And you never, ever dangle your legs over the edge of the bed at night ... And clowns, well, you get rid of them right away; they are just way too freaky. If the monster doesn't get you, the clown sure will. — Patti Roberts

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By D.J. MacHale

When I'm on tour, I get to meet hundreds of enthusiastic readers. There is truly nothing better for an author than having someone come up to them and say, "I loved your book." For that, I'll take off my shoes at airport x-rays and sit cramped in an airline seat for hours with nothing to eat but a tiny bag of peanuts. It's totally worth it. Writing — D.J. MacHale

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By John Goode

I mean honestly, who just sits around in a house with a bunch of short guys waiting for their prince to come? So your mom is a bitch and wants to kill you because her mirror told her to? Cry me a river why don't you? Your big plan is sitting around cleaning house waiting for the other shoe to drop? And speaking of shoes, everyone has been picked on by mean girls. You do not wait for some old lady to pop in and transmogrify some innocent rodents just so you can sneak in to a dance under false pretenses. And let's say you do sneak in. For the love of all that is holy take your mask off and look the guy in the face and say. "Hi, I'm Cindy from down the street, I have this thing at midnight. Can we do coffee later?" This nonsense with a shoe and searching the entire village for one girl, it's crap. — John Goode

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Bill James

There comes a moment during a job interview when you're still talking, but you might as well take off your shoes. — Bill James

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Phil Schwarzmann

PPROBLEM: You "forget" to take off your shoes in the house.

SOLUTION: There's no solution to this. She'll divorce you if you don't take off your shoes. — Phil Schwarzmann

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Patrick Rothfuss

The truth is that the world is full of dragons, and none of us are as powerful or cool as we'd like to be. And that sucks. But when you're confronted with that fact, you can either crawl into a hole and quit, or you can get out there, take off your shoes, and Bilbo it up. — Patrick Rothfuss

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By John Mica

Everything TSA does is reactionary - first they ban the box cutters, then of course you have to take your shoes off, then you have to take the liquids out, now we have to be patted down in our private areas because of the diaper bomber. — John Mica

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Audrey Niffenegger

Hy should free will be limited to right and wrong? I mean, you just decided, of your own free will, to take off your shoes. It doesn't matter, nobody cares if you wear shoes or not, and it's not sinful, or virtuous, and it doesn't affect the future, but you've exercised your free will. — Audrey Niffenegger

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Nachman Of Breslov

If you never want to see the face of hell, when you come home from work every night, dance with your kitchen towel and, if you're worried about waking up your family, take off your shoes. — Nachman Of Breslov

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Gina Wings

It was an instant-fix afternoon quickie, and the Architect was a master of the kind. After I locked my front door after him, still radiant from recent orgasmic thrill, I had it all figured out: love yourself. Take care of yourself. Nurture yourself. Have your needs met; and everything will fit in its space. Eventually, if not earlier.
Yet, there was one thing I was unable to grasp:
How come men can do the nasty with their shoes on (how do they take their pants off?), yet they never fail to take off their handwatches? — Gina Wings

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Carlos Santana

Angels cry because they want to experience what you and I feel: the moment. They live in eternity. They dont know what it is like to read a newspaper and get ink on your fingers. They dont know what it is like to take your shoes off and wiggle your toes under the dinner table. — Carlos Santana

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Frederick Buechner

The love of God. The mercy of God. The judgment of God. You take the shoes off your feet and stand as you would before a mountain or at the edge of the sea. But the friendship of God? It is not something God does. It is something Abraham and God, or Moses and God, do together. Not even God can be a friend all by himself apparently. You see Abraham, say, not standing at all but sitting down, loosening his prayer shawl, trimming the end off his cigar. He is not being Creature for the moment, and God is not being Creator. There is no agenda. They are simply being together, the two of them, and being themselves. — Frederick Buechner

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Carlos Santana

And as for what I've learned: be an instrument of peace. Be a gentleman at all costs. Enjoy yourself - have fun with your existence. Learn to listen to your inner voice and don't overdose on yourself. Keep your darkness in check. Let music be a healing force. Be a real musician: once you start counting money before notes, you're a full-time wannabe. Put your guitar down and go outside and take a long drink of light with your eyes. Go walk in the park and take off your shoes and socks and feel the grass under your feet and mud between your toes. Go see a baby smiling, go see a wino crawling, go see life. Feel life - all of it, as much as possible. Find a human melody, then write a song about it. Make it all come through your music. — Carlos Santana

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Alfie Kohn

If I offered you a thousand dollars to take off your shoes, you'd very likely accept
and then I could triumphantly announce that 'rewards work.' But as with punishments, they can never help someone develop a *commitment* to a task or action, a reason to keep doing it when there's no longer a payoff. — Alfie Kohn

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Dianne Harman

Don't wanna ever take your shoes off in coconut land. Never know when you're gonna have to run. — Dianne Harman

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Rumi

If you put on shoes that are too tight and walk out across an empty plain, you will not feel the freedom of the place unless you take off your shoes. Your shoe-constriction has you confined. At night before sleeping you take off the tight shoes, and your soul releases into a place it knows. Dreams glide deeper. — Rumi

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Natsuki Takaya

Shigure: Well, yes, now that you mention it, I do
Kyo: Man, your persuasion skills SUCK!
Tohru: Um, welcome home. Dinner's-
Shigure: KYO! DON'T TAKE THIS OUT ON TOHRU! And come back to the entrance hall this instant and take those shoes off!
Yuki: He's right, Shigure. You really do suck at persuasion. — Natsuki Takaya

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Mark Strand

You want to get a good look at yourself. You stand before a mirror, you take off your jacket, unbutton your shirt, open your belt, unzip your fly. The outer clothing falls from you. You take off your shoes and socks, baring your feet. You remove your underwear. At a loss, you examine the mirror. There you are. You are not there. — Mark Strand

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Clifford Riley

I'm throwing out this bottle rocket."
"No, wait!" Dan said, reaching for it. "It hasn't been set off yet. Don't waste it, Amy. And we don't have company coming - we have Ian Kabra coming. And I know you want to totally impress him and take him to the movies and stare dreamily into his eyes - "
"I do not," Amy said, too quickly.
"Oh, Ian," Dan said, pressing his lightsaber to his chest and batting his eyes. "Tell me again about your shiny, shiny shoes. — Clifford Riley

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Barack Obama

Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes,' he said, his voice rising as applause and cheers mounted. 'Shake it off. Stop complainin'. Stop grumblin'. Stop cryin'. We are going to press on. We have work to do. — Barack Obama

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Richard Keith Frazine

The sensations she was asking about were very pleasant; some of them were nothing short of delicious; but to know them one simply had to go barefoot. I could sense a mixture of envy and fearful reserve. It was time to tell her what another barefoot hiker had once told me, when I had stood, still shod, on the edge of wanting to go barefoot: Take off your shoes. — Richard Keith Frazine

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Scott Lynch

You'd have to take your shoes and breeches off to count to twenty-one! — Scott Lynch

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Franz Kafka

Before setting foot in the Holy of the Holies you must take off your shoes, yet not only your shoes, but everything; you must take off your traveling-garment and lay down your luggage; and under that you must shed your nakedness and everything that is under the nakedness and everything that hides beneath that, and then the core and the core of the core, then the remainder and then the residue and then even the Holy of the Holies and let yourself be absorbed by it; neither can resist the other. — Franz Kafka

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By John D. Rhodes

Never dance in a puddle when there's a hole in your shoe (it's always best to take your shoes off first). — John D. Rhodes

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Daniel Day-Lewis

Shoes are strange things. If you take your shoes off in a situation in which you're vulnerable, you'll feel 10 times more vulnerable. — Daniel Day-Lewis

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Celia Rivenbark

[Home Economics Textbook from 1950]: "Make [your husband] comfortable. Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in low, soft, soothing tones, allowing him to relax and unwind."
Mama Celia: "Place a pillow over his head and hold it there until he promises to do at least one household chore a month. — Celia Rivenbark

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Lil' Wayne

Take dem shoes off your teeth and stop running your mouth. — Lil' Wayne

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By The Script

They're kicking us out saying it's time to close
We're leaning on each other try'na beat the cold
Carry your shoes and I give you my coat Walking these streets like they're paved gold
Anymore excuses is not to go
Neither one of us want to take that taxi home
Singing our hearts, standing on chairs
Spending the time like we were millionaires
Laughing our heads off, the two of us stared
Spending the time like we were millionaires
Lost my heart and I hope to die
Seeing that sunlight hit your eyes
Been up all night but you still look amazing to me
Half the time of the night you only dream
About if God came down he could take me now
Cause in my mind, yeah we will always be — The Script

Take Off Your Shoes Quotes By Tarryn Fisher

You can't run away to find yourself. Yourself is there no matter where you go. The difference is- if your running you'll be too busy to pick up the sword and face your emotions. Sometimes your enemy will be you, sometimes it will be those who have the power to hurt you. Take off your shoes and stop running. Live barefoot and fucking fight. — Tarryn Fisher