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Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Douglas Booth

I looked pretty crazy but at the time, you don't think anything of it. You think, "I've got an amazing job. I'm working and this is cool." I remember I was being fit to go to a premiere for something at Burberry and Christopher Bailey, who designs the clothes there, saw a picture of me and I looked weird. I had short black hair, hardly any eyebrows, I looked very very thin and he went, "We need to put Douglas in a campaign." So four days later, I was shooting a Burberry campaign because he had seen me looking crazy from the show so that was kind of funny. — Douglas Booth

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By James Dickey

The New York Quarterly is an amazing, intelligent, crazy, creative, strange, and indispensable magazine. — James Dickey

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Nikita Gill

They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be. But honestly? Forget that. Don't be beautiful. Be angry, be intelligent, be witty, be klutzy, be interesting, be funny, be adventurous, be crazy, be talented - there are an eternity of other things to be other than beautiful. And what is beautiful anyway but a set of letters strung together to make a word? Be your own definition of amazing, always. That is so much more important than anything beautiful, ever. — Nikita Gill

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Austin Mahone

It's been amazing getting to go from city to city and perform for thousands of people. It's an amazing feeling, and the energy is crazy. — Austin Mahone

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Jennie Finch

You're not going to get off the couch and be at some amazing fast pace or burn crazy amounts of calories, but you have to start somewhere ... Eventually, you'll get there. — Jennie Finch

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Jorma Taccone

It's still amazing to me to walk down the halls of 'SNL.' You see pictures of the greatest comedians we grew up worshiping, basically. It's crazy to be able to still work there. — Jorma Taccone

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Kourtney Kardashian

Motherhood has most definitely changed me and my life. It's so crazy how drastic even the small details change - in such an amazing way. Even silly things, like the fact that all of my pictures on my cell phone used to be of me at photo shoots - conceited, I know! - but now every single picture on my phone is of Mason. — Kourtney Kardashian

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Milla Jovovich

It has to start from the inside. I've been juicing like crazy, vegetable juice all day long - instead of drinking coffee. I love green juice, and it's amazing how much more energy I have, my skin looks better. Cleansing and moisturizing every morning and night is also really important, but you can't just depend on your creams. I have to do more for the inside so it shows on the outside. — Milla Jovovich

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Gabriel Mann

We've been talking about Lorde like crazy! She's amazing! — Gabriel Mann

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Sharon Lawrence

Florence Nightingale was an amazing figure. She created the American Red Cross. She saw the suffering from bad health conditions on the battlefield and in the military hospitals, and she fought like crazy to change the conditions; to make sure that the doctors washed their hands and practiced sanitary measures. She put herself at great risks. — Sharon Lawrence

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Eric Close

It's amazing to me how people throw stuff on the ground right next to a trash can. That drives me crazy. — Eric Close

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By John Benjamin Hickey

There's an amazing documentary, 'The Day After Trinity,' which is crazy good. — John Benjamin Hickey

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Jessica Raine

I grew up just outside Hay-on-Wye, on the borders of Wales, on a farm. It was an amazing childhood, but I got a bit stir crazy when I hit my teens. There was the feeling of having to get out, you know, but it was definitely idyllic. — Jessica Raine

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Fernando Pessoa

I'm not impressed should someone tell me that a certain man I consider crazy or stupid surpasses a common man in many achievements and particulars of life. Epileptics have amazing strength when they go into seizure; paranoiacs have an ability to reason that few normal men can match; religious maniacs bring multitudes of believers together as few (if any) demagogues can, and with a force of conviction that the latter can't inspire in their followers. And all that this proves is that craziness is craziness. I prefer a defeat that knows the beauty of flowers to a victory in the desert, full of blindness in the soul, alone with its isolated nothingness. — Fernando Pessoa

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Denis O'Hare

It's pretty crazy. I was thinking about that today, how 'True Blood' has penetrated so much of the cultural zeitgeist. It's truly amazing; it's incredible! The cover of 'Rolling Stone' is major. What's next, the cover of 'Vanity Fair?' When I'm in a 'New Yorker' cartoon, then I will feel like I have made it. — Denis O'Hare

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Sarah Ockler

Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I've been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting. — Sarah Ockler

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Bucky Sinister

Addicts have incredible energy, it's just all directed toward one goal. But what incredible luck and grace addicts have. You hear about it all the time, getting into some kind of crazy situation in order to get drugs or to get money for drugs, pulling off something where they fall from a building and land on a truck full of pillows. It's incredible will, and if you learn to focus that will on getting better instead of getting worse it's amazing what you can do with that. You can use that strength and resourcefulness for something real instead of scoring dope in a desert. — Bucky Sinister

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

People may do crazy things for love, but they will also do amazing things for money. — M.F. Moonzajer

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Amy Ray

The best days I have are usually days where I'm out in the woods and something happens, like I see an amazing animal like a fox, or I get a glimpse of a wild pig or something that I never see. Or crazy things happen. — Amy Ray

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Jenny Colgan

The look you get when you're reading in your van, and your feet are up and you sit so still, and your face is alight, and I don't know where you are; you could be anywhere, so far away, off in a part of your mind I'll never get to . . . It drives me crazy. The way you just came here, just got up, changed your entire life . . . I mean, my family's been here for four generations. It would never have occurred to me to do what you did, just to start over and do something different. Amazing. — Jenny Colgan

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Lenore Look

A therapist is a very smart person who wears glasses and can help you with your problems by asking a lot of questions instead of giving you shots, which is really amazing. But a psycho, as everyone knows, is a crazy person in the movies that you never want to run into in real life. So a psychotherapist is a very smart crazy person that you should stay away from for your own good. — Lenore Look

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Natalie Babbitt

He wasn't crazy. How could he be? He was just
amazing. But she was struck dumb. All she could do was stare at him. — Natalie Babbitt

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Evan Rachel Wood

All of the action, and the Wild West West fun, crazy, HBO stuff is in there and it's all amazing, but what separates the show [ Westworld] is that it's an existential drama. It's an intellectual nightmare. It is all very much based in reality. A lot of the technologies that we're exploring is stuff that we're working at, right now. All of this is not that far away. It's taking a look at humanity and the state that we're in now and what would happen, if we kept on going the way that we're going and we created this artificial intelligence. — Evan Rachel Wood

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Rachel Caine

Claire started to follow, but Shane's grip on her arm had tightened, and he was holding her back.
"What?" she asked, and turned to face him. God, he looked amazing. He needed to let Eve dress him all the time.
"Before we go in," he said, and bent and kissed her. Claire distantly heard the whistles and catcalls of the shot drinkers -- distantly, because the kiss was sweet and hot and wild, and there was something crazy in it that made her just quiver inside.
He pulled away way too soon. "Stay with me," he said, with his lips near her ear, and she nodded. Like I'd let you out of my sight. — Rachel Caine

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Kit Harington

You have to look at your blessings, don't you? With Thrones, I have to realize that, whatever happens, and for all the stress and the pressure that goes with it, it's been an extraordinary journey and I know I'll look back later in my life and think, 'That was crazy, that was amazing.' It's something that very, very few people experience, and I love that. — Kit Harington

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Ernessa T. Carter

I just finished reading Pearl Cleage 'What looks like Crazy on an ordinary day' and Ernessa T. Carter '32 Candles'; they were both fantastic. I had almost giving up hope of finding anything I'd like to read. They contained relatable topics and wrote in vernacular that made me feel at ease with the whole process. I think I'm rediscovering my love of books from these two amazing authors. — Ernessa T. Carter

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Candice Swanepoel

It's been amazing how this crazy career has been created. I feel that it's been given to me. I wouldn't be anywhere without Victoria's Secret. — Candice Swanepoel

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Sarah Dessen

But it's strange, when you've always been told something is true, like the moon will come back. You need proof. And while you wait, you feel the entire balance of your world just tipping. It's crazy. But when it's over, and it does come back, that's the best, because it's all you want, everything narrows to just that. It's this great rush, like for that one second everything's okay with the world again. It's amazing. — Sarah Dessen

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Jennifer Lopez

There's no way in the world that just because women turn the number 40, they're anything less than amazing. That's crazy. If anything, you're even more amazing! — Jennifer Lopez

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Emily Watts

Our Company was participating in a management seminar in which we were taught a strategy that goes by the unlovely name of 'reverse your buts.' I did not make this up! It works like this:
Maybe you're thinking, 'I love you, but you're driving me crazy.' Instead, try thinking, 'You're driving me crazy, but I love you. Isn't it amazing how different that feels? — Emily Watts

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Christie Brinkley

I love musicians. I think artists are the most amazing people because they're constantly creating beauty for the world. With all the crazy stuff going on in the world, then there's artists reminding us of our humanity and reminding us of our heart and soul and what really matters. — Christie Brinkley

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Jaime Murray

The Americans think British T.V. shows are amazing, and everybody references 'Downton Abbey', and, in my genre, 'Doctor Who', which everyone is crazy for. People are always asking me and are always disappointed that I haven't been in it. — Jaime Murray

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Harry Styles

You get moments all the time that kind of make you pinch yourself, some of them make you quite emotional. Winning a BRIT was a big moment because we were just so excited to be at the awards in the first place. Selling out Madison Square Garden was pretty amazing too. Then we woke to the news that our UK tour was sold out. It was crazy. — Harry Styles

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Shane Filan

Every year, we couldn't believe it, and even when I look back on it now, to sell 14 million singles, 50 million albums and sell out arenas and stadiums, what Westlife achieved was crazy. It's like One Direction probably don't realise how big they are. They'll look back one day and think, 'Holy God, that was pretty amazing.' — Shane Filan

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Victoria Schwab

You are crazy," he says. "You are a crazy, amazing girl. And you scare the hell out of me." I smile. — Victoria Schwab

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Karen Kingsbury

Helping me. It's a full-time job, and I am grateful for your concern for my reader friends. Of course, thanks to my daughter and sons, who pull together - bringing me iced green tea and understanding my sometimes crazy schedule. I love that you know you're still first, before any deadline. Thank you to my mom, Anne Kingsbury, and to my sisters, Tricia and Sue. Mom, you are amazing as my assistant - working day and night sorting through the mail from my readers. I appreciate you more than you'll ever know. Traveling together these past years for Extraordinary Women and Women of Joy events has given us times that we will always treasure. Now we will be at Women — Karen Kingsbury

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Charlotte Le Bon

Food from Quebec is not known to be amazing. Actually, even though you can eat really, really well in Montreal, it's crazy. It's one of the best cities I eat in, but typical Quebec food is like food from people that work in the woods. It's potatoes, meat and sauce. — Charlotte Le Bon

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Peta Wilson

I'm crazy about my father, he's an amazing man, a real adventurer. He took us with him to travel all over the world. We were in places that were so remote, that white people hardly ever reach them. — Peta Wilson

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Yasmin Paige

There are loads of amazing actors in the UK and only 2% of them are in work, which is crazy. — Yasmin Paige

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Marisa Miller

The women on that list are amazing, so to be on it for the first time and have this position is crazy. I'm not one to walk around and strut like Miss Thing, so I'm pretty humbled. — Marisa Miller

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Pierce Brown

Anyone who writes books is at least mostly an introvert. It's amazing to be able to share that internalized part of myself, that little world that no one really knows about. I just wrote down it down on a piece of paper just to be crazy, and people loving that is so strange. — Pierce Brown

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Noah Munck

Haiti is an amazing country. Even though the people there have so little, their attitudes resonate a crazy amount of love and joy. It is truly inspiring to see that. My love for the country starts with them. — Noah Munck

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Casey Nicholaw

Sometimes you feel like people go, 'Oh, he just does funny dances,' or 'That's cute.' It drives me a little crazy when someone does a dance number where all they do is kick to their head for five minutes, and everyone's like, 'That choreography is amazing.' It takes a lot to choreograph a number that also gets laughs in it. — Casey Nicholaw

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Katie Lowes

I went to NYU Tisch for undergrad, and it was amazing. My life then was extremely experimental with acting. I did crazy theater where we would be rolling around on the floor. I would be playing grandmothers, and clowns, and all this crazy stuff. Then I would be doing Shakespeare eight hours a day. — Katie Lowes

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By John Van Hengel

It's amazing how many people are being fed because of this crazy little thing we started. We're feeding millions and it is not costing anyone anything. — John Van Hengel

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By J.C. Ryle

Surely none are so crazy as those who are content to live unprepared to die. Surely the unbelief of men is the most amazing thing in the world. — J.C. Ryle

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Reginald Arvizu

I talk to people who go to rehab, and they get this AA book that they've got to read everyday - really thick book. They go through all these 12 steps and do all this and that. It's crazy how everybody can sit and talk about rehab but if I come to say Christ was my rehab, it's not cool to say that ... For me that's my rehab. That's what happened with me and it's an amazing and powerful thing. — Reginald Arvizu

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Orson Scott Card

I didn't know how you'd get us out of that last one. But you did. You were good. — Orson Scott Card

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Ryan North

This was a really amazing part of your adventure, Hamlet. You're sure that, should you ever one day write a book about this story or perhaps a stage production, you'd DEFINITELY include this scene. Why, you'd have to be literally crazy to write a story where you journey to England, get attacked by pirates - actual pirates! - but then just sum up that whole adventure in a single sentence. Hah! That'd be the worst. Who puts a pirate-attack scene in their story and doesn't show it to the audience? Hopefully nobody, that's who! Even from a purely structural viewpoint, you've got to give the audience something awesome to make up for all the introspection you've been doing; that just seems pretty obvious is all. — Ryan North

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Rachel Sharp

Possibly this is some demonstration of how amazing the human brain is, adjusting and readjusting reality, plugging up potential crazy with a handy coping mechanism. As for myself, I think it demonstrates that the human brain is made of recycled monkey bits and pure, unadulterated stupid. — Rachel Sharp

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Jessica Mauboy

I've always been a big fan of Mariah Carey. I think it's her personality. As much as she has an amazing voice, she has a crazy personality and I love the fact that she's not afraid to hide that. — Jessica Mauboy

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Brandon Routh

But as far as, for I think it will be amazing you know where I find myself years from now because of this film. It's just amazing, I think everybody's going to kind of know this film and because of it, me. So I you know it's crazy. — Brandon Routh

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Jennifer Yuh Nelson

As quiet as I am I find it amazing I can stand in front of hundreds of people now and make a speech because i've had to do it so much. I've so much support from the people around me that I can achieve something like that, crazy introvert that I am, I never would have thought that would happen. — Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Rick Riordan

Hapi?" I asked.
"Why, yes, I am happy!" Hapi beamed. "I'm always happy because I'm Hapi! Are you happy?"
Zia frowned up at the giant. "Does he have to be so big?"
The god laughed. Immediately he shrank down to human size, though the crazy cheerful look on his face was still pretty unnerving.
"Oh, Setne!" Hapi chuckled and pushed the ghost playfully. "I hate this guy. Absolutely despise him!"
Hapi's smile became painfully wide. "I'd love to rip off your arms and legs, Setne. That would be amazing!"
Setne ... drifted a little farther away from the smiling god.
"Oh!" Hapi clapped excitedly. "The world is going to end tomorrow. I forgot!"
"You'd never get to Memphis without my help. You'd get torn into a million pieces!"
He seemed genuinely pleased to share that news. — Rick Riordan

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Hannah Harrington

You're nothing like your sister," he tells me. "She meant a lot to me, okay? It's true. But the things I like about you have nothing to do with her. You - you are so strong and stubborn it drives me crazy. You're the one going through all this and you still put Laney first every time, instead of throwing yourself the pity party we both know you deserve. You call me out on my shit, and I like that, because sometimes I need someone to call me out on my shit. And you get Johnny Cash, and you take these incredible photos, and everything about you makes me hurt, in a good way, and it blows my mind that someone can be so amazing and not even see it. — Hannah Harrington

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Orson Scott Card

I'll go from world to world until I find a time and place where you can come awake in safety. And I'll tell your story to my people, so that perhaps in time the can forgive you, too. The way that you've forgiven me. — Orson Scott Card

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By John Green

We live in this irreparably broken world, and I don't wish to deny reality, but the amazing thing to me is not that we refuse to relinquish hope as a species. The amazing thing is that we're right to hold on to hope. The world may be broken, but hope is not crazy ... Obviously not all stories end happily. We don't always have good fortune, but hope gives us, as a species and as individuals, what we otherwise wouldn't have: A chance. — John Green

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Foxy Brown

I've never stabbed, hurt, killed, stolen, anything, but I went to jail for a year. What is that? My pastor said to me the fact that I'm not living under a bridge as a crazy woman, talking to myself, is amazing. — Foxy Brown

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Jake Johnson

My dream career would be to be in things that have real heart and are telling real stories but while doing that, you're getting really big laughs. I don't necessarily love the straight crazy comedies. 'Caddyshack' is amazing, but there's not a lot of new 'Caddyshack's. — Jake Johnson

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Allie Everhart

In the past year I've learned that love can make you do crazy, silly, stupid, ridiculous things. And the fact that one person can make you feel this way and do those things is amazing to me. — Allie Everhart

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Carlos Salinas

This may sound crazy, but to love someone so much that their happiness comes before yours; to find someone who wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them is a wonderfully amazing thing. The catch? It's a two-way street, a balancing act. Both must feel the same way or it falls apart. Once found, however, well, my friend, I believe you just found Heaven on Earth. — Carlos Salinas

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Catherine Mary Stewart

I began dancing when I was 7 years old. I was told that I had the perfect ballet dancer's body and had these crazy high arches in my feet that resulted in an amazing point. Ballet was very disciplined and, frankly, a little boring, so I eventually transitioned to gymnastics. I loved that, although I never reached a competitive level. — Catherine Mary Stewart

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Shonda Rhimes

Standing around like Wonder Woman in the morning can make people think you are more amazing at lunchtime. Crazy. But true. How awesome is that? — Shonda Rhimes

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Franz Drameh

Some of the stuff I get the scripts for, I read it and I'm like, "Wow." We're doing some crazy stuff on this show [Legends of Tommorow]. it's going to be amazing. — Franz Drameh

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Amy Smart

I read the script and I really liked it. It was high energy, crazy and it goes to any level to get people nuts and I thought Eve was an interesting character. At first I didn't get her, so it made me want to do the role because I wanted to dive in and see what she was about. On top of that I also wanted to work with Jason Statham because he's an amazing actor. — Amy Smart

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Rachel Caine

Myrnin froze, staring at her. He really was amazing, she thought; when he had that light in his eyes, it was possible to see past the crazy behavior and clothing chaos and recognize him as just ... beautiful. The longing in his face was breathtaking. — Rachel Caine

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Dakota Fanning

I've been able to go so many places. I had the opportunity to go to Hong Kong when I was thirteen years old which is crazy. I lived there for three months. It was amazing. I couldn't ask for a more enriched life so far. — Dakota Fanning

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Anne Lamott

Left to my own devices, would I trade this for firm thighs, fewer wrinkles, a better memory? On some days. That's why it's such a blessing I'm not left to my own devices. Because the truth is I have amazing friends and a deep faith in God, to whom I can turn. I have a cool kid, a sweet boyfriend, darling pets. I've learned to pay attention to life, and to listen. I'd give up all this for a flatter belly? Are you crazy? — Anne Lamott

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By James Patterson

I wasn't kidding about the flying-kids part. Or the talking-dog part.
Anyone who's up to speed on the Adventures of Amazing Max and Her Flying, Fun-Loving Cohorts, you can skip this next page or so. Those of you who picked up this book cold, even thought it's clearly part three of the series, well, get with the program, people! I can't take two days to get you caught up on everything! Here's the abbreviated version (which is pretty, I might add):
A bunch of mad scientists (mad crazy not mad angry- though a lot of them seem to have anger-management issues, especially around me) have been playing around with recombinant life-forms, where they graft different species' DNA together. — James Patterson

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Evan Peters

Lady Gaga not a diva, and she's not crazy. She's just an incredibly nice, down-to-earth person who really cares about art and creativity. It's pretty amazing to be able to work with her. I'm pretty grateful for that. — Evan Peters

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Anne Frasier

With all of those events, I didn't realize I was seeing something amazing for the first and last time. And I'm saying that those things, those random, crazy surprises that have nothing to do with life decisions or your past or your future, might be worth sticking around for. — Anne Frasier

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Ashlee Vance

Watson continued: Elon is brilliant. He's involved in just about everything. He understands everything. If he asks you a question, you learn very quickly not to go give him a gut reaction. He wants answers that get down to the fundamental laws of physics. One thing he understands really well is the physics of the rockets. He understands that like nobody else. The stuff I have seen him do in his head is crazy. He can get in discussions about flying a satellite and whether we can make the right orbit and deliver Dragon at the same time and solve all these equations in real time. It's amazing to watch the amount of knowledge he has accumulated over the years. I don't want to be the person who ever has to compete with Elon. You might as well leave the business and find something else fun to do. He will outmaneuver you, outthink you, and out-execute you. — Ashlee Vance

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Jennifer Crusie

I adored you," North said. "I just didn't tell you. You were the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me. Nothing else like you in my world before or since. I was crazy about you. I still am. Ten years later you walk into my office and I see you and it's like the first time, I can't think, I can't talk, I just need you with me. It makes me crazy, but now that I've got you back ... You're everything, Andie. I should have told you that before. — Jennifer Crusie

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Anna Davis

His lips inches away and it was driving me crazy. He was so close. I begged him to move just an inch more and our lips would touch in what would be the most amazing kiss I could image. Instead, Oliver ruined the moment.
"I thought it was against the rules to kiss your teacher," he said turning up the edge of his perfect lips into that devilish smirk I hated so. I pulled away scolding myself for almost kissing him.
"You right it is," I replied promptly. — Anna Davis

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Kina Grannis

I get to travel around the world and meet all of these amazing people, and they're singing my songs! And to me, that's crazy. — Kina Grannis

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Don DeLillo

It was amazing how often kind-looking people turned out to be crazy. He wondered gravely whether things had reached such bad state that only crazy people attempted commonplace acts of kindness, that the crazy and the kind were one and the same. — Don DeLillo

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Kenya Wright

Ever since I drank your blood, my head has been crazy ... I won't lie. The connection gives me a lot of power over you. I could read your thoughts and speak to you wherever I am, even several miles away. — Kenya Wright

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

People die because they want who they want. They do all kinds of crazy, stupid, sweet, tender, amazing, self-destructive things. You aren't going to make anyone "see the light and realize that what they're doing is wrong." You just aren't. — Cheryl Strayed

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Matt Prokop

I always see people tweeting about these crazy amazing things their boyfriend or girlfriend did for them. You shouldn't have to constantly be trying to prove your love when you're in a relationship. — Matt Prokop

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Katherine Paterson

I was quite sure I was crazy, and it was amazing that as soon as I admitted it, I became quite calm. There was nothing I could do about it. I seemed relatively harmless. After — Katherine Paterson

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Orson Scott Card

Let's fly away and live forever — Orson Scott Card

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Nicole Polizzi

I'll always be this crazy, fun person, but when it's time to get married, I'm going to be an amazing wife. — Nicole Polizzi

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Joe Simpson

Life can deal you an amazing hand. Do you play it steady, bluff like crazy or go all in? — Joe Simpson

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By P.C. Cast

I was crazy about Heath. And his blood. Erik was an amazing guy who I really, really liked. Loren was completely delicious. Jeesh, I sucked. - Zoey Redbird (Ch 20) — P.C. Cast

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Hailee Steinfeld

I don't know if it has set in or not. Honestly, it's crazy. It's such an amazing honor. I remember thinking back to being in my room waiting for the call to see if I got the part. It's like winning the lottery. I'm proud to be a member of such an amazing cast - that's the best award of all. — Hailee Steinfeld

Crazy But Amazing Quotes By Eva Mendes

I'm actually taking advantage of my time off. You know, I had a film that was pushed, so I'm home spending time with my family, going to the gym and actually enjoying taking care of myself ... This year has been great for me because I've learned how to relax. The last three years have been amazing but kind of crazy. So I don't know, I feel grounded. I feel really good. — Eva Mendes