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Famous Quotes By Allen Eskens

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Tufts of hair stuck out of my head in all directions, like I'd been cow-licked by a drunken heifer. — Allen Eskens

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I had never seen her smile before. At least, not beyond the cursory upturn at the edges of her lips as we passed each other in the hallway. But now, her smile transformed her, as if she'd grown taller, or changed her hair color, or something. Her cheeks popped with dimples, her lips seemed redder and softer against the backdrop of her white teeth. Damn. She was cute. — Allen Eskens

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she lived her life with her fingers in her ears, as though the truth would not exist if she never heard the words spoken aloud. — Allen Eskens

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Add to that cauldron an ever increasing measure of cheap vodka--a form of self-medication that quelled the inner scream but amplified the outer crazy--and you get a picture of the mother I left behind. — Allen Eskens

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What if I was wrong? What if there was no other side. What if, in all the eons of eternity, this was the one and only time that I would be alive. How would I live my life if that were the case? — Allen Eskens

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do you know what a dying declaration is?" I didn't, although I gave it a shot. "It's a declaration made by someone who is dying?" "It is a term of law," he said. "If a man whispers the name of his killer and then dies, it's considered good evidence because there's a belief - an understanding - that a person who is dying would not want to die with a lie upon his lips. No sin could be greater than a sin that cannot be rectified, the sin you never get to confess. — Allen Eskens

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That you understand how wrong it is to judge someone before you know their whole story. — Allen Eskens

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no one can change the sound of an echo. — Allen Eskens

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He was a quiet man who could command attention with a simple glance or nod, a man who possessed equal part strength and gentleness and wore them, not in layers, but blended like fine leather. — Allen Eskens