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Cranky Quotes By Jonathan Lethem

Mrs. Neverbody's Recipe for Making Crocodile Tears To a slice of hanky-panky Add some artificial cranky. Moisten well with canned boo-hoo. Flavor with a spoof or two. Drip this slowly - as it falls Roll it into little bawls. If you're careful, while they're cooling You can spread on only-fooling. (This recipe is not worthwhile Unless you are a crocodile.) — Jonathan Lethem

Cranky Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

"I'm going to tell myself that you're just cranky because Chloe's at the mall with Tori, and you weren't allowed to go. I could point out that if you did go, you'd be even crankier, and you'd make everyone miserable. Especially me."
"You wouldn't have to go."
"Sure I would. I'd need to run interference when Tori asked how a new shirt looked and you told her the truth."
"I'm honest. Honest is good."
"Not when it comes to girls and clothes. You need to gauge their reaction first. If they aren't happy with it, you suggest they try something else, even if it looked fine. If they love it and it looks like hell, you say it's not bad and hope they try something else." — Kelley Armstrong

Cranky Quotes By Julie Ann Walker

In the span of a few minuted, he'd gone from his usual Mr. Cranky-Pants to Sir Kissy Smiles-A-Lot. — Julie Ann Walker

Cranky Quotes By Richard Corliss

In the movies, every crazy old fart needs a cool old car. Jack Nicholson drove a spiffy yellow 1970 Dodge Challenger two-door in 'The Bucket List.' In 'Gran Torino,' the cranky pensioner played by Clint Eastwood not only owned a 1972 GT Sport, he also used to build cars like that at the Ford plant. — Richard Corliss

Cranky Quotes By Jamie McGuire

He lifted my luggage off the floor. "You're not sleeping on the couch or the recliner. You're sleeping in my bed."
"Which is more unsanitary than the couch, I'm sure."
"There's never been anyone in my bed but me."
I rolled my eyes. "Give me a break!"
"I'm absolutely serious. I bag 'em on the couch. I don't let them in my room."
"Then why am I allowed in your bed?"
One corner of his mouth pulled up into an impish grin. "Are you planning on having sex with me tonight?"
"That's why. Now get your cranky ass up, take your hot shower, and then we can study some Bio. — Jamie McGuire

Cranky Quotes By Anne Enright

He's fine. He's fine,' he kept saying as the baby became ever more cranky and bewildered; screaming in terror if she tried to put him down.
'Why should he be unhappy?' she wanted to say. 'He has had so few days in this world. Why should the unhappiness start here? — Anne Enright

Cranky Quotes By Carlos Santana

Your wrinkles either show that you're nasty, cranky, and senile, or that you're always smiling. — Carlos Santana

Cranky Quotes By Anonymous

When choosing the names of the seven dwarfs for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney's first full-length cartoon, over 50 names were considered. Before he settled on Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy and Happy, it is possible they might have been any from a list which included: Awful, Blabby, Burpy, Chesty, Cranky, Dippy, Dirty, Flabby, Gabby, Gloomy, Hotsy, Puffy, Sniffy, Scrappy, Shifty, Sleazy, Tipsy, Weepy, Wistful, and Woeful. ========== — Anonymous

Cranky Quotes By Rick Riordan

Seeing their cranky old camp director immortalized in stone, wearing a diaper and spewing water from his mouth, made her feel a little better. — Rick Riordan

Cranky Quotes By James Patterson

I'm a girl of extremes. When I love something, I'm like a puppy dog (without all the licking). When I'm cranky, I'm a wasp (like a whole hive of 'em). And when I'm angry, I'm a Mother Bear with a predator after her cubs: Dangerous. — James Patterson

Cranky Quotes By Abigail Roux

Zane heard Ty whuff from within the bathroom, and by the time he looked back, Ty had shoved Julian's face against the shower wall and was holding him there by the back of his head.
"Watch the elbows."
"Watch your fingers," Julian snapped.
"Welcome to TSA training, bitch."
"Want the other set of cuffs?" Zane asked, hoping to appease his cranky partner. "You could spread his arms out."
"Will someone please tell me the safe word?" Julian asked. — Abigail Roux

Cranky Quotes By Laura Buzo

I sit in my room glowering at the ceiling. I know what this is about, I think. I'm cranky 'cause I'm uncomfortably thirsty for Chris all the bloody time. The heart-twinging excitement of yestermonth is gone. Now it just grates. There is no relief. There is nothing to be done. There is no sign of a parachute. — Laura Buzo

Cranky Quotes By Derek Landy

And I have lifetimes inside me, I'm the girl you see standing here,and I'm a cranky old professor, and I'm a peace-loving man, and I'm a killer and a maid and a king and a peasant. I am a dozen more. You think you're old? You got nothing on me. — Derek Landy

Cranky Quotes By Ros Baxter

She frowned, and the effect was so pretty he wondered if he was going mad. Why did he find this cranky, kooky woman so damned appealing? He knew for a fact he could go out tonight and drag home some hot, willing chick who would stroke his ego and never argue with him about anything. He closed his eyes and remembered just how good that felt. Willing women; god bless them. — Ros Baxter

Cranky Quotes By Sarah Erdman

I have five flashlights and each performs its own trick. I have a raincoat with zippers and net material so I never get too hot in a downpour. I have a shelf crammed with books and a shortwave that speaks Arabic, Japanese, Dutch and Russian. They have mud huts with maybe a few chairs and faded pages of old magazines fastened to the wall. I ride my twenty-one speed Peace Corps-issue bike to Ferke not to save a dollar on transport but for the luxury of exercise. They ride in from their settlements on cranky old mopeds or bikes with a single cog because it's the only option. And they give me charity. I just stare at it - near tears. To refuse their offer would be pure insult. So I do the rounds again shaking hands with all the men in boubous saying over and over "An y che " Thank you. — Sarah Erdman

Cranky Quotes By Lara Spencer

If I don't eat something after I work out, I get shaky and cranky - not a good combination when you're a television host. — Lara Spencer

Cranky Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

I see you, Yi-yi."
She smiled. Everything she knew about love she'd learned from this pudgy, cranky, manic-depressive, binge-eating beast that had been her companion through hell and back, too many times to count. He alone had protected her, loved her, fought for her, taught her to believe that life was worth living, even if there was no one there to see you living it.
"I see you, too, Shazam. — Karen Marie Moning

Cranky Quotes By Deborah Fletcher Mello

the woman he would grow old and cranky with. — Deborah Fletcher Mello

Cranky Quotes By Brandon Mull

Excruciating agony makes me cranky. — Brandon Mull

Cranky Quotes By Paul Samuelson

Kelsoism is not accepted by modern scientific economics as a valid and fruitful analysis of the distribution of income but rather it is regarded as an amateurish and cranky fad. — Paul Samuelson

Cranky Quotes By Katherine McIntyre

Right now Captain Cranky and Commander Hard-Ass weren't tops on his list of people he wanted to be around... — Katherine McIntyre

Cranky Quotes By Lucy A. Snyder

I know I'm immature in some ways, but inside me there's a cranky old lady yelling at the damn kids to get off her lawn. She's been there awhile. I've decided to call her Mabel. — Lucy A. Snyder

Cranky Quotes By Whoopi Goldberg

I should not ever live with anyone, because I just don't have the patience for it. I'm very cranky around other people. — Whoopi Goldberg

Cranky Quotes By Neal Stephenson

I didn't think you talked to people in the Metaverse."
"I do if I want to get through to someone in a hurry," she says. "And I'll
always talk to you."
"Why me?"
"You know. Because of us. Remember? Because of our relationship -- when I was
writing this thing -- you and I are the only two people who can ever have an
honest conversation in the Metaverse."
"You're just the same mystical crank you always were," he says, smiling so as to
make this a charming statement.
"You can't imagine how mystical and cranky l am now, Hiro."
"How mystical and cranky are you? — Neal Stephenson

Cranky Quotes By Sarah Addison Allen

What Claire could do with the edible flowers that grew around the cranky apple tree in the backyard was the stuff of legend. Everyone knew that if you got Claire to cater your anniversary party, she would make aioli sauce with nasturtiums and tulip cups filled with orange salad, and everyone would leave the party feeling both jealous and aroused. And if you got her to cater your child's birthday party, she would serve tiny strawberry cupcakes and candied violets and the children would all be well behaved and would take long afternoon naps. Claire had a true magic to her cooking when she used her flowers. — Sarah Addison Allen

Cranky Quotes By Yelle Hughes

Stop! Ok, seriously, how old are you two? You're acting like teenagers instead of old ass immortal men!"

"Well, yea we are kind of old, but we've been around so long, we don't have anything better to do. Living a long time can really turn you into a cranky bitch. Just wait 'till you meet my father. We do all we can to enjoy ourselves. But I'm serious when I need to be."~ Ariadne Phillips and Taznikos Abyssos — Yelle Hughes

Cranky Quotes By Sarah Masters

Don't even go there," he snapped, pushing his foot down on the accelerator. "Too much thought makes Oliver a cranky bastard. Being followed by a possible killer makes Oliver a frightened bastard."
"You talking to me, the victim, or yourself?" Langham asked.
"Myself. Nothing unusual. Nothing to fret about."
"Right. Give me an update. — Sarah Masters

Cranky Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Simi, why did Acheron send you here? (Astrid)
To protect you from Thanatos so that your sisters don't get all freaky and destroy the world. Or something like that. I don't know why all of you fear the end of the world. It's not so bad, really. At least then akri's mama be free. Then she wouldn't be so cranky at the Simi all the time. (Simi)
Ash's mother is still alive? (Zarek)
Oh, akri get mad whenever I tell that. Bad Simi. I not talk anymore. I need food. (Simi) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Cranky Quotes By Abigail Roux

God, I love it when you're cranky like this. Promise to still be pissed when I get home, okay?" (Ty)
"I don't think that's going to be a problem" (Zane) — Abigail Roux

Cranky Quotes By Yitzhak Rabin

One of my theories about why we've been cranky is Australians have been forced to focus on politics or party politics a little bit more than they normally would. — Yitzhak Rabin

Cranky Quotes By John D. Voelker

The truth is that trout fishermen scheme and lie and toss in their sleep. They dream of great dripping trout, shapely and elusive as mermaids, and arise cranky and haggard from their fantasies. They are moody and neglectful and all of them a little daft. Moreover they are inclined to drink too much. — John D. Voelker

Cranky Quotes By Thomas King

And cranky old Jacques Derrida notwithstanding, we do love our dichotomies. — Thomas King

Cranky Quotes By Richard Corliss

Texting has reduced the number of waste words, but it has also exposed a black hole of ignorance about traditional - what a cranky guy would call correct - grammar. — Richard Corliss

Cranky Quotes By Nathan Myhrvold

People get cranky when you burst their bubble. Over time, advances in astronomy have relentlessly reinforced the utter insignificance of Earth on a celestial scale. Fortunately, political and religious leaders stopped barbecuing astronomers for saying so, turning their spits with human-rights activists instead. — Nathan Myhrvold

Cranky Quotes By Dave Eggers

Everyone in the life before was cranky, I think, because they just wanted to know.
After I Was Thrown in the River and Before I Drowned — Dave Eggers

Cranky Quotes By Donna Tartt

Simple obviously being in her mind a key word in dealing with overwhelmed and cranky grooms. "Really really simple and neutral." It seemed to be registry protocol that the groom should be allowed to select the casual china (I guess for all those Super Bowl parties I would be hosting with the guys, ha ha) while the "formal ware" should be left to the experts: the ladies. "It's fine," I said, more curtly than I'd meant to, when I realized they were waiting for me to say something. Plain, white, modern earthenware wasn't something I could work up a lot of enthusiasm for, particularly when it went for four hundred dollars a plate. It made me think of the nice old Marimekko-clad ladies I sometimes went to see in the Ritz Tower: gravel-voiced, turban-wearing, panther-braceleted widows looking to move to Miami, — Donna Tartt

Cranky Quotes By Robin McKinley

I get a little cranky with the whole business about kids not having attention spans. This reminds me of the usual business of thinking that the next generation is hopeless. Every generation has said that about every younger generation. — Robin McKinley

Cranky Quotes By Elizabeth M. Thompson

Having our old Gran in the car was like having a cranky 'Tassie Tiger' sitting in the back. You never knew when she might jump forward and bite you on the back of your neck. — Elizabeth M. Thompson

Cranky Quotes By Fisher Stevens

But I like being nasty. I like being cranky. Especially if it's a cold day in Chicago, it's nice to just take it out on Kyle, because he's so easy to scream at, you know? — Fisher Stevens

Cranky Quotes By Seanan McGuire

Better cranky and alive than cheerful and dead. — Seanan McGuire

Cranky Quotes By Adam Reese

This would be my first time wanting to slaughter a reader, but then again, I can pretend she's one of those cranky ass reviewers that think they are literary gods. — Adam Reese

Cranky Quotes By Marilynne Robinson

There's a patter in these Commandments of setting things apart so that their holiness will be perceived. Every day is holy, but the Sabbath is set apart so that the holiness of time can be experienced. Every human being is worthy of honor, but the conscious discipline of honor is learned from this setting apart of the mother and father, who usually labor and are heavy laden, and may be cranky or stingy or ignorant or overbearing. Believe me, I know this can be a hard Commandment to keep. But I believe also that the rewards of obedience are great, because at the root of real honor is always the sense of the sacredness of the person who is its object. — Marilynne Robinson

Cranky Quotes By Matt Welch

From my admittedly cranky perspective, Bush/Cheney are lousy on the Bill of Rights, Clinton/Gore were lousy on the Bill of Rights, and everyone within bribing distance of the 2008 election (Hillary, McCain, Giuliani) are lousy on the Bill of Rights, too. — Matt Welch

Cranky Quotes By Nadia Bolz-Weber

When these kinds of things happen in my life, things that are so clearly filled with more beauty or redemption or reconciliation than my cranky personality and stony heart could ever manufacture on their own, I just have no other explanation than this: God. Nadia Bolz-Weber — Nadia Bolz-Weber

Cranky Quotes By Dolly Parton

I'm old enough and cranky enough now that if someone tried to tell me what to do, I'd tell them where to put it. — Dolly Parton

Cranky Quotes By Miguel Ruiz

If we are selfish and we feel cranky, then we believe that nobody has the right to be happy around us. — Miguel Ruiz

Cranky Quotes By Robert M. Sapolsky

Fossey, Fossey, you cranky difficult strong-arming self-destructive misanthrope, mediocre scientist, deceiver of earnest college students, probable cause of more deaths of the gorillas than if you had never set foot in Rwanda, Fossey, you pain-in-the-ass saint, I do not believe in prayers or souls, but I will pray for your soul, I will remember you for all of my days, in gratitude for that moment by the graves when all I felt was the pure, cleansing sadness of returning home and finding nothing but ghosts. — Robert M. Sapolsky

Cranky Quotes By Lauren Layne

Stephanie, huh?" I ask, when she doesn't respond. "You go by Steph?" "No. Not Steph." she says as we cross the street to the familiar green and white Starbucks logo. "My ex-boyfriend called me that so I'm kind of over it." God, someone actually dated this cranky little midget? Then my eyes skimmed the perky cleavage beneath the tiny tank top. Right. There was that. — Lauren Layne

Cranky Quotes By Libba Bray

I'm one of those people who has to write. If I don't write, I feel itchy and depressed and cranky. So everybody's glad when I write and stop complaining already. — Libba Bray

Cranky Quotes By James S.A. Corey

You're cranky because you're tired," Amos said. "You got that I-have-to-save-everyone hangup, so I make it that you haven't slept in about two days. But listening to people bitch? Yeah, that's sorta your job. It's why you make the big money." "We make the same money." "Then I guess you're doing it for the fame and glory." "I hate you," Holden said. — James S.A. Corey

Cranky Quotes By Erin Hunter

You know Yellowfang, don't you? she was cranky, stubborn, impatient-and the most loyal cat you will ever meet. — Erin Hunter

Cranky Quotes By Amy Andrews

You should really go inside now," he said.

Her glazed, unfocused stare was starting to clear, and the cranky look he was used to being levelled at him started to take shape. "And if I don't?"

"You want to fuck me on your doorstep?" he asked, his voice low and gravelly. "Call me tomorrow when you're sober. I'll be right over."

She jutted her chin defiantly - clearly pissed at him for trying to be the responsible one. "I won't need you after I've spent all night with a couple of multi-speed toyfriends and a box of batteries."

Linc shoved his hands on his hips, pushing back unhelpful images of her naked and pleasuring herself with a hot pink cock. "Go inside," he growled.

Before he did something crazy like offering to watch. — Amy Andrews

Cranky Quotes By James Wolcott

In 2008, Barack Obama did get Democrats hyperventilating, whipped up to a creamy froth, while John McCain creaked ahead like a cranky granddad whom Republicans let move to the front of the buffet line, deferring to seniority, as they had in 1996, when Bob Dole turtled to the top of the ticket. — James Wolcott

Cranky Quotes By Kimberly Stuart

Why do you paint, Nona?"...

'I paint first to honor God who paints the sunsets and oceans and human hearts. And second, I paint so I don't get cranky like so many of the old people in this world. — Kimberly Stuart

Cranky Quotes By Karisma Kapoor

I don't believe in the no-carb diet ... I have a theory. I think if you give up carbs, you get cranky. You must include them in your daily diet. — Karisma Kapoor

Cranky Quotes By Orson Scott Card

You grow a whole lot more as a writer by getting old stories out of the house and letting new ones come in and live with you until they grow up and are ready to go. Don't let the old ones stay there and grow fat and cranky and eat all the food out of the refrigerator. You have dozens of generations of stories inside you, but the only way to make room for the new ones is to write the old ones and mail them off. — Orson Scott Card

Cranky Quotes By Heather Sellers

I treat my writing life like a fabulous, enchanting lover, because that is what it is to me. Something that is terribly time consuming, delicious and time-stopping. I have missed important meetings for love, and I will continue to put my writing life in the same position. My writing life is the lover at the center, not the neglected cranky demanding millstone, my ball and chain.
When you are love, truly and passionately, you don't have to write down in your daily schedule "Spend quality time with Lover today. You can't not. — Heather Sellers

Cranky Quotes By Scarlett Dawn

I want to fall asleep next to you every night even when you're cranky. I want to wake up next to you every morning even when I'm grumpy. I love the fact that when you snore it sounds a little like your wolf. I love that your mind is just as scheming as mine. I love the tiny smile you show only me after we've made love. I love the compassion you show to your subjects when other Rulers wouldn't, but at the same time your intelligence and determination when you know you can't. I love how loyal you are to those you love. And when it's time to have children, you're the one I want to have them with. — Scarlett Dawn

Cranky Quotes By Robert Lansing

I wanted to be that cranky old guy that stands on his porch and yells at the neighborhood kids. — Robert Lansing

Cranky Quotes By Ann Brashares

Grandma kept turning around in the front seat of their old Fiat saying, "Look at you girls! On, Lena, you are a beauty!"
Lena seriously wished she would stop saying that, because it was irritating, and besides, how was cranky Effie supposed to feel? — Ann Brashares

Cranky Quotes By Tom Shales

"More fun than a barrel of monkeys." Has anyone ever stopped to think how cranky, if not downright vicious, a barrelful of monkeys would be, especially once released from the barrel? — Tom Shales

Cranky Quotes By Steven Rowley

A Complete List of Lily's Nicknames
Bunny Rebbit
Tiny Mouse
Silly Goose
Sweet Pea
Walnut Brian
Copper Bottom
Old Lady
Cranky Pants
Squeaky Frome
Mushy Face
Dog — Steven Rowley

Cranky Quotes By Dani Harper

I can honestly, genuinely say that I just don't get bored. Life fascinates me The world fascinates me. Words fascinate me. People fascinate me. Even in extreme circumstances (like being in line at the DMV ... ), I have so much going on in my mind that I'm never, ever bored. Tired, cranky, occasionally wanting to kill something, but never bored. — Dani Harper

Cranky Quotes By Seanan McGuire

'Seanan McGuire' is my real name; if I'm being silly and third-person about it, she's a frequently cranky, foul-mouthed Disney Princess on vacation in the real world, where she studies diseases, cuddles reptiles, watches lots of horror movies, and goes to as many corn fields as possible. — Seanan McGuire

Cranky Quotes By Sara Gruen

And then I laugh, because it's so ridiculous and so gorgeous and it's all I an do to not melt into a fit of giggles. So what if I'm ninety-three? So what if I'm ancient and cranky and my body's a wreck? If they're willing to accept me and my guilty conscience, why the hell shouldn't I run away with the circus?
It's like Charlie told the cop. For this old man, this IS home. — Sara Gruen

Cranky Quotes By Bryan Lee O'Malley

When I was in the middle of the 'Scott Pilgrim' series, and it was slowly becoming more popular, though still not financially solvent, I had this real bratty instinct to turn around and do something super arty and dark. I felt dismissed by comics culture, stuck in between the artcomix world and the nerdcomix world, and I was cranky about it. — Bryan Lee O'Malley

Cranky Quotes By S.J.D. Peterson

If you don't get in them and rev them up every now and then, they turn in to cranky old bitches who refuse to do a damn thing for you.
Connerism from Quinn's Need — S.J.D. Peterson

Cranky Quotes By Jean Ferris

I'm starting to believe that happily ever after includes people doing things that upset each other. We all get cranky, or impatient, or worried, or careless enough to do or say things that hurt someone else. Like it or not, that's normal. We can't blame it all on Olympia's bad energy. The important part is that we feel sorry about what we've done and make up for it. That's something Olympia never did. — Jean Ferris

Cranky Quotes By Ivan Doig

NOW CAME OUR INTRODUCTION to Smiley, former rodeo clown, whose name outside the costume might as well have been Cranky as Hell. — Ivan Doig

Cranky Quotes By Rachael Wade

B-b-but who will I have cleaning marathons with?"
"Casey. I'll be there in spirit."
"She's not neurotic and cranky like you."
"You'll miss that, ay?"
"Hell yes, I'll miss that! When you're obsessive and pissy, you tell those floors who's boss. They won't shine like that when Casey scrubs them. And don't get me started on our Covenant Series discussions. The girl thinks Alex should pick Seth. Seth, Em. How can I clean with someone who isn't Team Aiden? It's like ... madness. Madness on Earth. The fucking apocalypse - "
"Whitney," I chuckled, squeezing her tighter, "I assure you, you'll survive. The second she starts running her mouth about Aiden, just spray her with bleach. That'll teach her a lesson."
-Emma and Whitney — Rachael Wade

Cranky Quotes By Sarah Vowell

I probably am a cranky writer, but I am actually a fairly nice, normal person. Since I'm a grouchy writer, of course I have friends whose books are doing way better than mine. — Sarah Vowell

Cranky Quotes By Matthieu Ricard

One may be an excellent pianist, mathematician, gardener, or scientist and still be cranky and jealous, but in the West one can be considered a great moralist and yet not live by one's moral principles. We must simply recall here the Buddhist requirement that a person and his or her teachings be compatible. Ethics is not like any ordinary science. It must arise from the deepest understanding of human qualities, and such understanding comes only when one undertakes the journey of discovery personally. An ethic that is built exclusively on intellectual ideas and that is not buttressed at every point by virtue, genuine wisdom, and compassion has no solid foundation. — Matthieu Ricard

Cranky Quotes By Jasinda Wilder

I'm thoroughly addicted to you, Becca. If I don't get a regular fix of your body, I might go into withdrawal."
"That's a very serious condition. Maybe we should wean you off that addiction."
"Oh, no. I'm happily addicted. I don't have many vices, you know. I don't really drink, don't smoke, I'm not into partying or anything like that. But you? I'm very much into you. I wouldn't give you up for anything."
"Well, in that case, we'd better make sure you get your fix, Mr. Dorsey. I wouldn't want you to go into withdrawal."
"No, we wouldn't want that. it'd be bad."
"What are the symptoms of withdrawal, just so I know what to look for?"
"Well, I tend to get cranky, that's the firs thing. I get really horny, and it's hard for me to concentrate."
"I see. And what's the best method of giving you a fix?"
"I'm not particular."
"So if you touched me, right here in this parking lot, that would help you? — Jasinda Wilder

Cranky Quotes By Simon R. Green

No more shooting from anyone. Or I am going to get seriously cranky with everyone. Suddenly, and violently and all over the place. — Simon R. Green

Cranky Quotes By Robyn Carr

Uh-huh. I think she was flattered. It'll help fill her bucket." "Huh?" "You know - the bucket ... " "What are you talking about?" "Well, the elementary school teachers talk about the bucket a lot. Everyone has one. When people say nice things to you, do nice things, make you feel better about yourself, they're filling your bucket. When people are mean or insulting or hurtful in any way, they're emptying your bucket and you don't want to go around with an empty bucket. It makes you sad and cranky. And you don't want to be emptying other peoples' buckets - that also makes you unhappy. The best way is to fill all the buckets you can and keep yours nice and full by looking for positive people and experiences." She smiled. Troy leaned his elbow on the bar and rested his head in his hand. "What do I have to do to get a job with you?" "Master's degree in counseling." She took a sip. "Easy peasy. You'd be great. — Robyn Carr

Cranky Quotes By J.R. Ward

Entering yet another code, she took the passageway to Rehv's office, and when she came through his door, the three males around the desk all looked at her warily.
She took up res against the black wall across from them. "What."
Rehv leaned back in his chair, crossing his fur-clad arms over his chest. "Are you getting ready to go into your needing."
As he spoke, Trez and iAm both made the Shadow hand motion for warding off disaster.
"God, no. Why do you ask?"
"Because, no offense, you're cranky as fuck."
"I am not."
As the males looked at one another, she barked, "Stop that."
Oh, great, now they all just pointedly didn't look at each other.

-Xhex, Rehv, Trez & iAm — J.R. Ward

Cranky Quotes By Kate Morton

The house, she'd explained to them many times, had spoken to her; she'd listened, and it turned out they'd understood one another very well indeed. Greenacres was an imperious old lady, a little worn, to be sure, cranky in her own way-but who wouldn't be? — Kate Morton

Cranky Quotes By Cassandra Clare

One of the Silent Brothers is here to see you. Hodge sent me to wake you up. Actually he offered to wake you himself, but since it's 5 a.m., I figured you'd be less cranky if you had something nice to look at."
"Meaning you?"
"What else? — Cassandra Clare

Cranky Quotes By Russell Gold

We are fossil fuel addicts. What happens when drug addicts detox? They can be rash, cranky, even psychotic and dangerous. It would be good for the environment if the entire economy abruptly quit fossil fuels, but that's not realistic. I wouldn't want to be around if it ever happened. Perhaps it's best to think of natural gas like methadone. It's a way for an energy addicted society to get off dirtier fuels and smooth out the detox bumps. — Russell Gold

Cranky Quotes By Lisa Scottoline

And when I look at my mother, I reflect on her strength and endurance. She's cranky sometimes, but she is lovable and loving. I'd be happy to be there at 86. — Lisa Scottoline

Cranky Quotes By Dave Eggers

The one big surprise is that as it turns out, God is the sun. It makes sense, if you think about it. Why we didn't see it sooner I cannot say. Every day the sun was right there burning, our and other planets hovering around it, always apologizing and we didn't think it was God. Why would there be a God and also a sun? Of course God is the sun.
Everyone in the life before was cranky, I think, because they just wanted to know. — Dave Eggers

Cranky Quotes By Shilpi Somaya Gowda

Survival rates for breast cancer are relatively good, but Krishnan has been around illness enough to know there is usually a cruel injustice about the way it strikes. Cranky patients defy the odds, while the kind ones, the ones who bake him cookies or bring him tomatoes from their garden, always seem to die early. Mortality rates utilize the law of averages without consideration for who is most deserving. — Shilpi Somaya Gowda

Cranky Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Akri done left his Simi on his arm for far too long. She done got tired and cranky. (Simi) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Cranky Quotes By Lois Greiman

I've been a little cranky since that house fell on my sister. — Lois Greiman

Cranky Quotes By Peter Jennings

There will be good days and bad, which means that some days I may be cranky and some days really cranky! — Peter Jennings

Cranky Quotes By Alfred Nobel

I am a misanthrope, but exceedingly benevolent; I am very cranky, and am a super-idealist ... I can digest philosophy better than food. — Alfred Nobel

Cranky Quotes By Bonnie Langford

I go to the gym regularly, not just for the way I look but because it makes me less cranky, too. — Bonnie Langford

Cranky Quotes By Betty Fussell

For me, I took the exact right path. The cranky, independent one. And I've never looked back on it with anything but joy. — Betty Fussell

Cranky Quotes By Joss Whedon

Nowadays I'm really cranky about comics. Because most of them are just really, really poorly written soft-core. And I miss good old storytelling. And you know what else I miss? Super powers. Why is it now that everybody's like "I can reverse the polarity of your ions!" Like in one big flash everybody's Doctor Strange. I like the guys that can stick to walls and change into sand and stuff. I don't understand anything anymore. And all the girls are wearing nothing, and they all look like they have implants. Well, I sound like a very old man, and a cranky one, but it's true. — Joss Whedon

Cranky Quotes By Amanda E. Alvarez

Chase is playing escort this morning. He gets cranky if we keep him waiting too long."

"We wouldn't want the man with the Taser to get cranky. — Amanda E. Alvarez

Cranky Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

They [leftists] are outraged when people are not cranky and not miserable. They want everybody to be, if they are. It isn't fair that some people should be enjoying life when other people don't. — Rush Limbaugh

Cranky Quotes By Diane Duane

Kit raised his eyebrows. 'You mean we should tell [Carmela] that being hot on Ronan is actually being hot on both a cranky Celto-Goth hottie and a senior Power-That-Is who spent most of the last ten years on earth wearing a macaw costume?'
Nita looked at him.
'Nah,' Kit said at last. 'Let's not say anything. Let's just let it play out.' And then Kit broke up laughing.
Nita's look grew annoyed. 'You're enjoying the idea,' she said.
'Oh yeah!' Kit managed to say. It took a while to get control of his laughter. — Diane Duane

Cranky Quotes By Siri Hustvedt

When I don't get enough sleep, I am cranky, vulnerable to headaches, and my concentration is poor. — Siri Hustvedt

Cranky Quotes By Kim Harrison

My pulse slowed, and as Jenks charmed the ladies behind the counter into flustered goo, I tried to look cool and professional among the plastic toys and paper hats. It wasn't going to happen, so I tried for dangerous. I think I managed cranky ... — Kim Harrison

Cranky Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

So what did Jes say?' I asked again, when my brain felt a bit less scrambled.
'He said I should take good care of you.'
'That's all?'
Mal cleared his throat. 'And ... he said he would pray to the God of Work to heal your affliction.'
'My what?'
'I many have told him that you have a goiter.'
I stumbled. 'I beg your pardon?'
'Well, I had to explain why you were always clinging to that scarf.'
I dropped my hand. I'd been doing it again without even realizing.
'So you told him I had a goiter?' I whispered incredulously.
'I had to say something. And it makes you quite a tragic figure. Pretty girl, giant growth, you know.'
I punched him hard in the arm.
'Ow! Hey, in some countries, goiters are considered very fashionable.'
'Do they like eunuchs, too? Because I can arrange that.'
'So bloodthirsty!'
'My goiter makes me cranky. — Leigh Bardugo

Cranky Quotes By Willem Dafoe

As you get older, you suffer fools less easily. That's why there's all those cranky character actors. I'm an exception. I'm a sweetheart. — Willem Dafoe

Cranky Quotes By Daniel H. Pink

Lawyers often face intense demands but have relatively little "decision latitude." Behavioral scientists use this term to describe the choices, and perceived choices, a person has. In a sense, it's another way of describing autonomy - and lawyers are glum and cranky because they don't have much of it. — Daniel H. Pink

Cranky Quotes By Tony Leuzzi

You have a poem called "Bad Theology." What would you call a bad theology?
I guess any theology that presumes to have God in its pocket. Can I explain this without sinning further? We'll find out. The community in which I was raised did what they would call theology, but it was always a kind of cranky, brutal reduction of lush and beautiful complexities into the lowest common denominator, the dullest version. But when I went away to school and started reading more, I became increasingly dissatisfied with any theology that replaces the enormous, immeasurable real with very measurable and very calculated replacements. I'm not saying this very eloquently, but I guess bad theology articulates as definitive and conclusive that which is unknowable and without end. — Tony Leuzzi

Cranky Quotes By Anne Tyler

Abby had a little trick that she used any time Red acted like a cranky old codger. She reminded herself of the day she had fallen in love with him. "It was a beautiful, breezy, yellow-and-green afternoon," she'd begin, and it would all come back to her - the newness of it, the whole new world magically opening before her at the moment when she first realized that this person that she'd barely noticed all these years was, in fact, a treasure. He was perfect, was how she'd put it to herself. And then that clear-eyed, calm-faced boy would shine forth from Red's sags and wrinkles, from his crumpled eyelids and hollowed cheeks and the two deep crevices bracketing his mouth and just his general obtuseness, his stubbornness, his infuriating belief that simple cold logic could solve all of life's problems, and she would feel unspeakably lucky to have ended up with him. — Anne Tyler

Cranky Quotes By Mary Pipher

Many strong girls have similar stories: They were socially isolated and lonely in adolescence. Smart girls are often the girls most rejected by peers. Their strength is a threat and they are punished for being different. Girls who are unattractive or who don't worry about their appearance are scorned. This isolation is often a blessing because it allows girls to develop a strong sense of self. Girls who are isolated emerge from adolescence more independent and self-sufficient than girls who have been accepted by others.
Strong girls may protect themselves by being quiet and guarded so that their rebellion is known by only a few trusted others. They may be cranky and irascible and keep critics at a distance so that only people who love them know what they are up to. They may have the knack of shrugging off the opinions of others or they may use humor to deflect the hostility that comes their way. — Mary Pipher