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Top Copying Someone Style Quotes

Copying Someone Style Quotes By Donatella Versace

We shouldn't be copying what we see. We should try to find our own sense of style, to believe in ourselves. — Donatella Versace

Copying Someone Style Quotes By John James Audubon

I looked long and carefully at the picture of a stag painted by Landseer - the style was good, and the brush was handled with fine effect; but he fails in copying Nature, without which the best work will be a failure. — John James Audubon

Copying Someone Style Quotes By Austin Kleon

Nobody is born with a style or a voice. We don't out of the womb knowing who we are. In the beginning, we learn by pretending to be our heroes. We learn by copying. — Austin Kleon

Copying Someone Style Quotes By Michael Ballack

But at [soccer] tournaments you tend to see novel, unanticipated trends coming through, with everyone watching each other like hawks and immediately copying anything new. What is really important for every team is to be aware of its own capabilities and find a style which plays to one's own strengths. — Michael Ballack

Copying Someone Style Quotes By Rainn Wilson

I used to play a lot of chess and competitive chess and study chess and as you get to the grandmasters and learn their styles when you start copying their games like the way they express themselves through ... The way Kasparov or Bobby Fischer expresses themselves through a game of chess is it's astonishing. You can show a chess master one of their games and they'll say "Yeah, that is done by that player." — Rainn Wilson

Copying Someone Style Quotes By Natalie Goldberg

We always worry that we are copying someone else, that we don't have our own style. Don't worry. Writing is a communal act. Contrary to popular belief, a writer is not Prometheus alone on a hill full of fire. We are very arrogant to think we alone have a totally original mind. We are carried on the backs of all the writers who came before us. We live in the present with all the history, ideas, and soda pop of this time. It all gets mixed up in our writing. — Natalie Goldberg

Copying Someone Style Quotes By Arnold Arre

It's important for an artist to realize his own style. Copying or letting yourself be influenced by another's work is good for a start, just don't let yourself get stuck with it. Try to evolve and develop your own. Broadening your knowledge in other mediums is important in acquiring inspiration. — Arnold Arre

Copying Someone Style Quotes By James Hetfield

When people start copying your style, you know that something must be happening. — James Hetfield

Copying Someone Style Quotes By Steven Tyler

A lot of bands have managed to borrow parts of our style for their music. That's fine with me, because we've borrowed from people like the Stones. But we don't want to sound like we're copying anyone, including ourselves, so we're moving on. — Steven Tyler