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Lend Quotes By Ian McEwan

It is photography itself that creates the illusion of innocence. Its ironies of frozen narrative lend to its subjects an apparent unawareness that they will change or die. It is the future they are innocent of. Fifty years on we look at them with the godly knowledge of how they turne dout after all - who they married, the date of their death - with no thought for who will one day be holding photographs of us. — Ian McEwan

Lend Quotes By Laurel Ulen Curtis

I wanted someone to open doors and lend a helping hand, not because it was expected but because they wanted to. Because they liked me that much. — Laurel Ulen Curtis

Lend Quotes By Seneca The Younger

I do not sacrifice, but lend myself to business. — Seneca The Younger

Lend Quotes By Seneca The Younger

Whatever we give to the wretched, we lend to fortune. — Seneca The Younger

Lend Quotes By A.E. Housman

When I examine my mind and try to discern clearly in the matter, I cannot satisfy myself that there are any such things as poetical ideas. No truth, it seems to me, is too precious, no observation too profound, and no sentiment too exalted to be expressed in prose. The utmost I could admit is that some ideas do, while others do not, lend themselves kindly to poetical expression; and that those receive from poetry an enhancement which glorifies and almost transfigures them, and which is not perceived to be a separate thing except by analysis. — A.E. Housman

Lend Quotes By Mark Twain

People are much more willing to lend you books than bookcases. — Mark Twain

Lend Quotes By Mark Coker

Although erotica authors are being targeted, this is an issue that should concern all indie authors. It affects indies disproportionately because indies are the ones pushing the boundaries of fiction. Indies are the ones out there publishing without the (fading) protective patina of a "traditional publisher" to lend them legitimacy. We indies only have each other. — Mark Coker

Lend Quotes By R.S. Belcher

And the good, good people of the small town of Golgotha, many of them, when they saw the Stained, saw what they did to those they caught up to; they forgot to love their neighbor, forgot to lend a helping hand, forgot to do unto others as they would have them do unto themselves. They ran, ran like animals frightened by the storm. Pushing, shoving, the weak, the innocent, the frail, all falling under their feet. Many of the souls Golgotha called, called to across the desert, across the plains and the oceans and the night sky, many of them were not good people. — R.S. Belcher

Lend Quotes By PJ Harvey

Some things lend themselves well to songs, some things don't, and I'm learning that a lot at the moment. It's still a relatively new way of writing. It's only really the last five to 10 years that I've taken my writing seriously in this way, as something I can keep working toward. I think I feel myself much more before as simply a songwriter. — PJ Harvey

Lend Quotes By Charley Pride

A lot of celebrities relish politics and are eager to lend their names to candidates and causes. I never wanted to be a spokesman for anybody. — Charley Pride

Lend Quotes By Jacques Barzun

Schools are not intended to moralize a wicked world, but to impart knowledge and develop intelligence, with only two social aims in mind: prepare to take on one's share in the world's work, and perhaps in addition, lend a hand in improving society, after schooling is done. — Jacques Barzun

Lend Quotes By Francois Rabelais

Believe me, 'tis a godlike thing to lend; to owe is a heroic virtue. — Francois Rabelais

Lend Quotes By Donald J. Trump

In a lot of ways it is easier to do things on a large scale. It is easier to build a skyscraper in Manhattan than it is to buy a bungalow in the Bronx. For one thing, it takes just as much time to close a big deal as it does to close a small deal. You will endure as much stress and aggravation; you will have all the same headaches and problems. It is easier to finance a big deal. Bankers would much rather lend money for a big project than for a small one. They are more comfortable investing money in a big prestigious building than they are a rundown house in a bad section of town. If you succeed with the big project, you stand to gain a lot more money. — Donald J. Trump

Lend Quotes By Jesse H. Jones

One of the greatest disservices you can do a man is to lend him money that he can't pay back. — Jesse H. Jones

Lend Quotes By Marcel Proust

Swann could at once detect in this story one of those fragments of literal truth which liars, when taken by surprise, console themselves by introducing into the composition of the falsehood which they have to invent, thinking that it can be safely incorporated, and will lend the whole story an air of verisimilitude. — Marcel Proust

Lend Quotes By Tracy Lane

Mat, on the other hand, seemed to have unlimited faith in me. Maybe he'd lend me some if I asked nicely. — Tracy Lane

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

Normal? What's that?"
"How you really look."
"Can you take off all your clothes?"
Okay weirdest thing ever-I just asked myself to take off all my clothes. It doesn't get much creepier. "Why on earth would I do that?"
"You asked me to be naked; I thought it was only fair. — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By Richard K. Morgan

We're all bound for the Sky Road, sooner or later. How we walk it depends on how we walked in the world beneath. So you don't sit on your arse whining and waiting for your death to come find you. You go looking for it. Track the fucker down, force the issue. You walk, Archidi, you find the strength to walk, and you keep walking till you drop. Now some men don't have that strength, so you have to lend it to them. — Richard K. Morgan

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

Wait-you mean the Mall, as in a bunch of museums in DC that we would wander around and I'd pretend like I understood modern art while really thinking, holy crap, a gremlin could have painted that and for all we know did, or the mall, as in picking out a new pair of shoes, eating food that's terrible for us, and making up life stories for all the people that pass us?"
'I can see now that I must have meant the second.'
"What a smart boy. — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By Marie Brennan

(where the more distant phrasing can lend a veneer of respectability to the otherwise prurient-seeming habit of a naturalist spying on other creatures' intimate lives). — Marie Brennan

Lend Quotes By Sergei Lukyanenko

at home the very walls lend you strength, — Sergei Lukyanenko

Lend Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

I lend all of you who need it my full-on black-clad asshole super-strength — Maggie Stiefvater

Lend Quotes By Arthur Golden

I have never read anything quite like Mark Haddon's funny and agonizingly honest book, or encountered a narrator more vivid and memorable. I advise you to buy two copies; you won't want to lend yours out. — Arthur Golden

Lend Quotes By Bill Dedman

Nine of 10 whites in Chicago borrow from top-drawer banks and mortgage companies, which the industry calls prime lenders. They lend to people with A credit ratings, making loans at competitive rates. — Bill Dedman

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

Evie-you-GAH! Lend shouted, and I looked up at him, surprised. — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By Michael Chabon

Hyperbolic myths of origin have from the earliest times served to lend a paradoxical plausibility to the biographies of heroes. — Michael Chabon

Lend Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Don't look for the ninety percent of the darkness in a person's soul. Look for the ten percent of light they have left, then lend them yours because light was meant to be shared. — Shannon L. Alder

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

So, we've got a problem," I said.
"What?" Lend yelled.
"We've got a problem!" I shouted.
"No, I heard that. I mean, what's the problem now? — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By Oscar Wilde

What are the unreal things, but the passions that once burned one like fire? What are the incredible things, but the things that one has faithfully believed? What are the improbable things? The things that one has done oneself. No, Ernest; life cheats us with shadows, like a puppet- master. We ask it for pleasure. It gives it to us, with bitterness and disappointment in its train. We come across some noble grief that we think will lend the purple dignity of tragedy to our days, but it passes away from us, and things less noble take its place, and on some grey windy dawn, or odorous eve of silence and of silver, we find ourselves looking with callous wonder, or dull heart of stone, at the tress of gold-flecked hair that we had once so wildly worshipped and so madly kissed. — Oscar Wilde

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

Jack, who apparently always had to be moving in some way, had made up for the missing knife by grabbing a half loaf of French bread and methodically ripping it into tiny pieces.
"What," I said, narrowing my eyes. "Why don't faeries like bread?"
"Hmm?" Jack looked up, then shrugged. "I dunno."
Lend picked up a piece, crumbling it. "My dad said he thought it was because it was the staff of life for people."
"Nasty stuff tastes like mold," Jack said. "I tried a piece once a while ago when I was still trying to force myself to eat normal food so I could stay here. It was like a shock to my whole system." He shuddered at the memory. — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By Mie Hansson

I ain't scared to lend a hand
I ain't scared to clench it either — Mie Hansson

Lend Quotes By Benny Bellamacina

Lend me your ears and you can borrow my mind — Benny Bellamacina

Lend Quotes By Hannah Murray

I never, never lend any of my own clothes for parts any more because you lose your clothes; they become the characters' clothes, and you can never wear them again. — Hannah Murray

Lend Quotes By Philibert Joseph Roux

As long as we love, we lend to the beloved object qualities of mind and heart which we deprive him of when the day of misunderstanding arrives. — Philibert Joseph Roux

Lend Quotes By Paloma Faith

I lend people money, but I'd never lend something that would jeopardise a friendship if I didn't get it back. — Paloma Faith

Lend Quotes By Paulo Freire

We must be forewarned that only rarely does a text easily lend itself to the reader's curiosity ... the reading of a text is a transaction between the reader and the text, which mediates the encounter between the reader and writer. It is a composition between the reader and the writer in which the reader "rewrites" the text making a determined effort not to betray the author's spirit. — Paulo Freire

Lend Quotes By Ezra Pound

The Lake Isle
O God, O Venus, O Mercury, patron of thieves,
Give me in due time, I beseech you, a little tobacco-shop,
With the little bright boxes
piled up neatly upon the shelves
And the loose fragrant cavendish
and the shag,
And the bright Virginia
loose under the bright glass cases,
And a pair of scales not too greasy,
And the whores dropping in for a word or two in passing,
For a flip word, and to tidy their hair a bit.
O God, O Venus, O Mercury, patron of thieves,
Lend me a little tobacco-shop,
or install me in any profession
Save this damn'd profession of writing,
where one needs one's brains all the time. — Ezra Pound

Lend Quotes By Peter Dickinson

The ketch belonged to an angry millionaire, who hadn't been willing to lend it until he received a personal telephone call from the President of France. (His wife had put on her tiara to listen to the call on an extension.) — Peter Dickinson

Lend Quotes By Georges Cuvier

It is in this mutual dependence of the functions and the aid which they reciprocally lend one another that are founded the laws which determine the relations of their organs and which possess a necessity equal to that of metaphysical or mathematical laws, since it is evident that the seemly harmony between organs which interact is a necessary condition of existence of the creature to which they belong and that if one of these functions were modified in a manner incompatible with the modifications of the others the creature could no longer continue to exist. — Georges Cuvier

Lend Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

But I believe I rather like superstitious people. They lend color to life. Wouldn't it be a rather drab world if everybody was wise and sensible ... and good? What would we find to talk about? — L.M. Montgomery

Lend Quotes By Roger Bacon

All sciences are connected; they lend each other material aid as parts of one great whole, each doing its own work, not for itself alone, but for the other parts; as the eye guides the body and the foot sustains it and leads it from place to place. — Roger Bacon

Lend Quotes By Donna Lynn Hope

Do you keep silent to keep a friendship or do you try to lend your support unconditionally, even if what they are doing goes against everything you believe in? Will it be principles over friendship, morality over love? — Donna Lynn Hope

Lend Quotes By Charles Webster Leadbeater

We are called upon to obey and follow our Lord the Christ, but it is not because of any fear of Him or of the consequences if we did not follow; it is the love of Christ which constraineth us, as we are told in the Epistle for the first Sunday of Lend. It is because of our love and gratitude to Him that we must follow Him, that we must strain every nerve to make ourselves like Him. That is our reason
not fear but love. — Charles Webster Leadbeater

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

How?" I had seen it with my own eyes, but I still didn't believe it. Then something struck me. "Take off your shirt!"
"I'm not that kind of guy!" He frowned thoughtfully. "On second thought, why not?"
I blushed angrily and looked at Raquel. "What is he? I don't see anything!"
"He's not 'anything'.Just a talented boy."
"Then how did he make a door? How did he get through the Paths?"
"Wait,so am I allowed to put my shirt back on? Or did you want me to remove my pants,too?"
Lend and I joined forces in a dark glare. "Only if you want me to vomit," I snapped. — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By T.L. Stowe

him Mirandize the shooter. Rick also knew that his partner had backed him up. He didn't have to ask; he knew. Besides, just the fact that the man had been in the process of robbing the store and had trained his weapon on a police officer, it wouldn't lend much credence to his testimony in front of a jury. And the guy had a record for armed robbery. Rick had found that out when he'd pulled his jacket during booking. Add those all together and he was fairly certain he'd pull through the charges. — T.L. Stowe

Lend Quotes By M.F.K. Fisher

Good wine, well drunk, can lend majesty to the human spirit. — M.F.K. Fisher

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

I added watching Lend walk to the things I missed most about him. — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By Tom McDonough

We could already try to lend a hand, to intervene if only by simply moving objects around. This would be better, on the whole, than waiting for the thick wall encircling life to brutally make the first move. (As happens during wartime.) — Tom McDonough

Lend Quotes By Keith Carradine

When you get all this stuff on and you put on the guns and the hair, it has an effect on the actor. It tends to lend a certain something to the way you feel as you're just walking around looking that way. — Keith Carradine

Lend Quotes By Benjamin Graham

The quantitative factors lend themselves far better to thoroughgoing analysis than do the qualitative factors. The former are fewer in number, more easily obtainable, and much better suited to the forming of definite and dependable conclusions. — Benjamin Graham

Lend Quotes By Lupita Nyong'o

It's so funny, you go to acting school thinking you're going to learn how to be other people, but really it taught me how to be myself. Because it's in understanding yourself deeply that you can lend yourself to another person's circumstances and another person's experience. — Lupita Nyong'o

Lend Quotes By Michael Hudson

People tend to think that paying a debt is like going out and buying a car, buying more food or buying more clothes. But it really isn't. When you pay a debt to the bank, the banks use this money to lend out to somebody else or to yourself. The interest charges to carry this debt go up and up as debt grows. — Michael Hudson

Lend Quotes By William Shakespeare

Holy, fair, and wise is she;
The heaven such grace did lend her,
That she might admired be. — William Shakespeare

Lend Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

It will suit Caroline; but you must give me a brace of pistols: I know you have pistols." "I have two pairs; one pair I can place at your disposal. You will find them suspended over the mantelpiece of my study in cloth cases." "Loaded?" "Yes, but not on the cock. Cock them before you go to bed. It is paying you a great compliment, captain, to lend you these: were you one of the awkward squad* you should not have them. — Charlotte Bronte

Lend Quotes By Michelle Alexander

Black success stories lend credence to the notion that anyone, no matter how poor or how black you may be, can make it to the top, if only you try hard enough. These stories "prove" that race is no longer relevant. Whereas black success stories undermined the logic of Jim Crow, they actually reinforce the system of mass incarceration. Mass incarceration depends for its legitimacy on the widespread belief that all those who appear trapped at the bottom actually chose their fate. — Michelle Alexander

Lend Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

My yacht. I don't mind going for a coupla hours' cruise. I'll even lend you that book so you'll have something to read on the revenue — F Scott Fitzgerald

Lend Quotes By Jonathan Lethem

The lowliest European functionary - a border inspector, say - dressed immaculately, and furnished even a cubicle to lend an impression of respectability. A truly wealthy man, like Stolarsky, pronounced his status in paneling, burnished wood, fountain pens, leather volumes. Bruno banished the despondent thought; this baleful room was Europe's nullification. "What's the matter, I trample on your delicate sensibilities? — Jonathan Lethem

Lend Quotes By Thomas Hood

How bless'd the heart that has a friend. A sympathizing ear to lend. — Thomas Hood

Lend Quotes By George Crabbe

From powerful causes spring the empiric's gains, Man's love of life, his weakness, and his pains; These first induce him the vile trash to try, Then lend his name, that other men may buy. — George Crabbe

Lend Quotes By T.R. Ragan

you're the only person who can fix whatever it is that's broken inside you. I'm here for you, though. I can lend an ear. I can hold you during the night and tell you everything will be all right, but only you and you alone can fight the demons within. — T.R. Ragan

Lend Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

The enthusiast always finds the master, the masters, whom he seeks. Always genius seeks genius, desires nothing so much as to be a pupil and to find those who can lend it aid to perfect itself. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lend Quotes By Marty Natalegawa

We are trying to solve the problem of haze in the spirit of good neighbourliness with Malaysia but are also hoping that other ASEAN member countries are taking notice and willing to lend a helping hand. — Marty Natalegawa

Lend Quotes By Jaume Collet-Serra

Anamorphic doesn't really lend itself to the big shots. — Jaume Collet-Serra

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

High school's actually kind of boring. It's a little bit like living in the Center. Everyone thinks they know everything about everyone else, but really there's a lot more under the surface. — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By Matthew Modine

For example, Michael Mann's film Collateral - there is certain kinds of stories that lend themselves to digital photography. Some things are very raw stories that digital photography kind of lends itself to. — Matthew Modine

Lend Quotes By Kurt Loder

Some of the most important stories don't lend themselves to television treatment. — Kurt Loder

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

There was a lot to think about. The strange liquid sensation that kept drifting over me, for one. The way the breeze seemed to follow me like a little lost puppy. The English test I was going to be way, way to tired for in the morning. What I was going to say to Lend to make everything better. How I was going to find a ride home with no communicator. How hard I was going to hit Jack for abandoning me.
The last one warmed me up a bit. — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By Michel De Montaigne

Plenty and indigence depend upon the opinion every one has of them; and riches, like glory of health, have no more beauty or pleasure than their possessor is pleaded to lend them. — Michel De Montaigne

Lend Quotes By Bill Mollison

A great many film stars perched on unstable ravine edges in the canyon systems of Los Angeles will, like the cemeteries there, eventually slide down to join their unfortunate fellows in the canyon floors, with mud, cars, and embalmed or living film stars in one glorious muddy mass. We should not lend our talents to creating such spectacular catastrophes ... — Bill Mollison

Lend Quotes By Prince

If you lend your consciousness to someone else, you're a robot. — Prince

Lend Quotes By Wassily Kandinsky

... lend your ears to music, open your eyes to painting, and ... stop thinking! Just ask yourself whether the work has enabled you to "walk about" into a hitherto unknown world. If the answer is yes, what more do you want? — Wassily Kandinsky

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

I don't want to be like her, like Vivian. I don't want to hurt anyone. Am I going to hurt people?"
"No one can make you do that, child. You are caught between two worlds, much like my own Lend. You will want the fire, you will want to be filled. It is your nature. I hope you do not fall, but she is much stronger than you are."
She smiled at me, reaching out as though she would wipe away my tears. "Cling to what is good in your life. Be good to my son. — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By Thorstein Veblen

She lives with man on terms of equality, knows nothing of that relation of status which is the ancient basis of all distinctions of worth, honor, and repute, and she does not lend herself with facility to an invidious comparison between her owner and his neighbors. — Thorstein Veblen

Lend Quotes By Robin Sharma

The deeper your relationship with others, the more effective will be your leadership. People will not follow you if they do not trust you, and before someone will lend you a hand, you must first touch their heart. — Robin Sharma

Lend Quotes By Steve Erickson

A street is a story in asphalt - so it's a paradox that the streets are the one place where the movies play fast and loose with continuity, something to which L.A. streets lend themselves as naturally as does the city's psyche. — Steve Erickson

Lend Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

To be loved for what one is, that is the greatest exception. The great majority love in others only what they lend him; their own selves, their version of him. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Lend Quotes By Nathan Reese Maher

Cry no tears for us, my friend." I pry at her fingers, panicking to be released in fear that she may drag me into death with her. She croaks again, "Lend no aches to the dreams of yesterday."
From the corpse of Warren, his greyish gums smack from whatever goo has settled in his mouth, "Allow the tide sweep free the bay."
Then together they sing in zombie choir, "And home the ships sailing send. — Nathan Reese Maher

Lend Quotes By Lewis Carroll

Dear Cook, please lend a frying-pan To me as quickly as you can." "And wherefore should I lend it you?" "The reason, Cook, is plain to view. I wish to make an Irish stew." "What meat is in that stew to go?" "My sister'll be the contents!" "Oh!" "You'll lend the pan to me, Cook?" "No!" Moral: Never stew your sister. — Lewis Carroll

Lend Quotes By Greg Fitzsimmons

The compulsion to do the opposite of what you are told does not lend itself to many occupations outside the entertainment industry. Within the industry, it is unlikely that you will be very successful without it. — Greg Fitzsimmons

Lend Quotes By Addison Moore

They say the only way you can truly kill a Celestra is by fire. I would gladly lend myself to the flames to peer down eternally over this sinful disgrace of a planet that houses cowards such as these. — Addison Moore

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

"Lend?" Raquel asked.
"Yes, as in, lend me your self." He shimmered into Raquel again.
"Why not Borrow?" I asked. "Better yet, Steal? — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By James Reece

There are certain clues at a crime scene which by their very nature do not lend themselves to being collected or examined. How's one collect love, rage, hatred, fear...? These are things that we're trained to look for. — James Reece

Lend Quotes By Elie Wiesel

There is much to be done, there is much that can be done ... one person of integrity can make a difference, a difference of life and death. As long as one dissident is in prison, our freedom will not be true. As long as one child is hungry, our lives will be filled with anguish and shame. What all these victims need above all is to know that they are not alone; that we are not forgetting them, that when their voices are stifled we shall lend them ours, that while their freedom depends on ours, the quality of our freedom depends on theirs. — Elie Wiesel

Lend Quotes By Craig Schaber

Had A Dollar Had a dollar tried to spend it could not spend it. It was ripped I had to mend it. After I mend it I still could not spend it because to you I lend it. I lend more money then I spend so I better defend the money I lend. So I will get it back in the end. Then I will have it to relendCraig Schaber

Lend Quotes By Koushun Takami

If you could see for yourself then there'd be no need to lend an ear to what others said. — Koushun Takami

Lend Quotes By Gary Chapman

Good comes to those who lend money generously and conduct their business fairly. - Psalm 112:5 — Gary Chapman

Lend Quotes By Charlie Munger

Economists get very uncomfortable when you talk about virtue and vice. It doesn't lend itself to a lot of columns with numbers. But I would argue that there are big virtue effects in economics. I would say that the spreading of double-entry bookkeeping by the Monk, Fra Luce de Pacioli, was a big virtue effect in economics. It made business more controllable, and it made it more honest. — Charlie Munger

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

Yes, I have a driver's license."
I leaned back against the wall, sighing. "Man, that must be so cool."
"It ranks right up there with lockers. In fact, sometimes I put my license inside my locker, and it's so cool I worry that the whole thing might explode with the sheer coolness of it all. — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By Edgard Varese

I dream of instruments obedient to my thought and which with their contribution of a whole new world of unsuspected sounds, will lend themselves to the exigencies of my inner rhythm. — Edgard Varese

Lend Quotes By Robert C. Murphy

To be listened to is, generally speaking, a nearly unique experience for most people. It is enormously stimulating. It is small wonder that people who have been demanding all their lives to be heard so often fall speechless when confronted with one who gravely agrees to lend an ear. Man clamors for the freedom to express himself and for knowing that he counts. But once offered these conditions, he becomes frightened. — Robert C. Murphy

Lend Quotes By Sakura Tsukuba

But, y'know, today I got a lot of help myself. There're tons of things we can't do ourselves, right? And that's why we're helped out. If someone, or something, can lend you a helping hand, great, I say! After all, we're all in this together! — Sakura Tsukuba

Lend Quotes By Agatha Christie

Her account is that she tried to get out of having to read it, but it was no use."
"And that's fair enough," sighed Craddock. "If anyone is really determined to lend you a book, you never can get out of it! — Agatha Christie

Lend Quotes By Kiersten White

The doorknob twisted. "I'm coming with you."
I ran over and held it shut. "No, you are so not. We can't carry your unconscious body around the Center. Besides, I need you here. If something goes wrong, I can't handle you getting hurt."
"Wait, so it's okay if I get hurt?" Jack asked.
"Yes," I snapped at the same time as Lend and Arianna.
"As long as you're sure, then," Jack muttered. — Kiersten White

Lend Quotes By William Shakespeare

Mark it, nuncle.
Have more than thou showest,
Speak less than thou knowest,
Lend less than thou owest,
Ride more than thou goest,
Learn more than thou trowest,
Set less than thou throwest,
Leave thy drink and thy whore
And keep in-a-door,
And thou shalt have more
Than two tens to a score. — William Shakespeare

Lend Quotes By Herman Melville

Did all the lets and bars appear
To every just or larger end,
Whence should come the trust and cheer?
Youth must its ignorant impulse lend
Age finds place in the rear.
All wars are boyish, and are fought by boys,
The champions and enthusiasts of the state — Herman Melville

Lend Quotes By Jonathan Swift

Atlas, we read in ancient song, Was so exceeding tall and strong, He bore the skies upon his back, Just as the pedler does his pack; But, as the pedler overpress'd Unloads upon a stall to rest, Or, when he can no longer stand, Desires a friend to lend a hand, So Atlas, lest the ponderous spheres Should sink, and fall about his ears, Got Hercules to bear the pile, That he might sit and rest awhile. — Jonathan Swift

Lend Quotes By Lysander Spooner

The Rothschilds, and that class of money-lenders of whom they are the representatives and agents - men who never think of lending a shilling to their next-door neighbors, for purposes of honest industry, unless upon the most ample security, and at the highest rate of interest - stand ready, at all times, to lend money in unlimited amounts to those robbers and murderers, who call themselves governments, to be expended in shooting down those who do not submit quietly to being robbed and enslaved. — Lysander Spooner

Lend Quotes By Nick Cannon

Hunger is a deep concern of mine, and I feel that no one should go without food in this world as long as there are caring people to lend a hand. I've had to struggle in my past and I know what it's like to go without, so I try to do as much as I can to help bring awareness to an issue that hits very close to home for me. — Nick Cannon

Lend Quotes By John Templeton

The commitment of giving your best at all times, in all circumstances and under all conditions, can enable you to find value in, and lend value to, every experience. — John Templeton

Lend Quotes By George Combe

And if these be unprincipled agents who scruple at nothing, he will be a bold man who will deny that there are always to be found men at the bar who lend their services most cordially to back and support these agents in their most desperate cases. — George Combe