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Cheaters Get Caught Quotes By Ha-Joon Chang

If the world were full of the self-seeking individuals found in economics textbooks, it would grind to a halt because we would be spending most of our time cheating, trying to catch the cheaters, and punishing the caught. The world works as it does only because people are not the totally self seeking agents that free-market economics believes them to be. We need to design an economic system that, while acknowledging that people are often selfish, exploits other human motives to the full and gets the best out of people. The likelihood is that, if we assume the worst about people, we will get the worst out of them. — Ha-Joon Chang

Cheaters Get Caught Quotes By Aman Jassal

If you are stupid enough to cheat, then definitely dumb enough to get caught. — Aman Jassal

Cheaters Get Caught Quotes By Cathy Burnham Martin

It's amazing how many cheaters and liars believe they won't be caught. News Flash: In today's age of technology, there won't just be a paper trail. There will be multiple electronic and digital trails, as well. — Cathy Burnham Martin