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Unity And Music Quotes By Gregory Bateson

We have been trained to think of patterns, with the exception of those of music, as fixed affairs. It is easier and lazier that way but, of course, all nonsense. In truth, the right way to begin to think about the pattern which connects is to think of it as primarily (whatever that means) a dance of interacting parts and only secondarily pegged down by various sorts of physical limits and by those limits which organisms characteristically impose. — Gregory Bateson

Unity And Music Quotes By Hafez Nazeri

I'm Iranian and no matter what I do, I'm dealing with politics because especially my music, that it's a music that talks about peace, love, unity. — Hafez Nazeri

Unity And Music Quotes By Ricky Martin

I've performed in China, France, New Delhi, and Indianapolis, and everybody just allows themselves to go at it and have a good time. I think that's what I'm doing through music. It's not about 'I'm from here and you're from there.' It's about unity. — Ricky Martin

Unity And Music Quotes By George Pattison

There are kinds of unity other than those of the explicit and systematic unity that Poole is attacking. There are kinds of movement - in music or athletics, for example - that present themselves as having a certain unity about them. In some sphere we might talk about 'style'. — George Pattison

Unity And Music Quotes By Allen Ginsberg

The Rolling Stones were an inkling towards an appreciation of the unity of music, dance and words. Any of the black R&B people who had a stage show that involved dancing, music and words did the same thing, except that I thought Jagger's words were good, his music was good and his dancing was good. I spoke to him about Blake and tried to get him to sing [William] Blake's The Grey Monk, to use his words as lyrics. He didn't do it. In the end, I did it myself. — Allen Ginsberg

Unity And Music Quotes By Awen Finn

Music connects us to beautiful feelings of love, fullness, wholeness and unity — Awen Finn

Unity And Music Quotes By Jim Coleman

For electronica music, David Linton has been doing this series called Unity Gain, which is pretty cool. — Jim Coleman

Unity And Music Quotes By Sanchita Pandey

Music with all its subtlety has immense power to unite people, spread love and bring peace in the world! — Sanchita Pandey

Unity And Music Quotes By Mary Doria Russell

There are times ... when we are in the midst of life-moments of confrontation with birth or death, or moments of beauty when nature or love is fully revealed, or moments of terrible loneliness-times when a holy and awesome awareness comes upon us. It may come as deep inner stillness or as a rush of overflowing emotion. It may seem to come from beyond us, without any provocation, or from within us, evoked by music or by a sleeping child. If we open our hearts at such moments, creation reveals itself to us in all it's unity and fullness. And when we return from such a moment of awareness, our hearts long to find some way to capture it in words forever, so that we can remain faithful to it's higher truth.
... When my people search for a name to give to the truth we feel at those moments, we call it God, and when we capture that understanding in timeless poetry, we call it praying. — Mary Doria Russell

Unity And Music Quotes By Drake Bell

I'm all about unity and loving your neighbor ... If somebody told me when I was growing up that the music I was listening to was stupid, and I listened to them, I wouldn't be where I am today. — Drake Bell

Unity And Music Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

The squeaking of the pump sounds as necessary as the music of the spheres. — Henry David Thoreau

Unity And Music Quotes By Amit Ray

There is a music of the universes in every heart. — Amit Ray

Unity And Music Quotes By Paul Brunton

The mysterious manner in which this growing sense of unity commingles with a sense of utter goodness is worth noting. It arises by no effort of mine; rather does it come to me out of I know not where. Harmony appears gradually and flows through my whole being like music. An infinite tenderness takes possession of me, smoothing away the harsh cynicism which a reiterated experience of human ingratitude and human treachery has driven deeply into my temperament. I feel the fundamental benignity of Nature despite the apparent manifestation of ferocity. Like the sounds of every instrument in an orchestra that is in tune, all things and all people seem to drop into the sweet relationship that subsists within the Great Mother's own heart. — Paul Brunton

Unity And Music Quotes By Bryant McGill

We must rebuild organic communities, where people can come together and have analogue conversations and share stories, art, music and emotions. — Bryant McGill

Unity And Music Quotes By George Szell

Music is indivisible. The dualism of feeling and thinking must be resolved to a state of unity in which one thinks with the heart and feels with the brain. — George Szell

Unity And Music Quotes By Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

And what unity is to be had, at a time when orchestras are dying out, and when opera houses are about to close their doors; what's going to come next - when nothing new in music, for the orchestra, is truly lasting: pieces are performed once, and then they're thrown away. — Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Unity And Music Quotes By Laidback Luke

House music has always been about peace, love and unity - and I'm bringing the 2012 version of it. — Laidback Luke

Unity And Music Quotes By John Piper

(3) Singing can help us use words to demonstrate and express our unity, which means singing songs that unite us instead of divide us, recognizing that musical creativity in the church has functional limits and that it is ultimately the gospel, not music, that unites us in Christ. — John Piper

Unity And Music Quotes By Albert Camus

The artist reconstructs the world to his plan. The symphonies of
nature know no rests. The world is never quiet; even its silence eternally resounds with the same notes, in
vibrations that escape our ears. As for those that we perceive, they carry sounds to us, occasionally a
chord, never a melody. Music exists, however, in which symphonies are completed, where melody gives
its form to sounds that by themselves have none, and where, finally, a particular arrangement of notes
extracts from natural disorder a unity that is satisfying to the mind and the heart. — Albert Camus

Unity And Music Quotes By Alicia Keys

So we come together before you on this day, March 30th, 2015, with one voice in unity in the hopes that today will be another one of those moments in time, a moment that will forever change the course of music history. For today we announce of Tidal, the first ever artist-owned, global music and entertainment platform. — Alicia Keys

Unity And Music Quotes By Missy Elliott

I want kids of this generation to see that everything is cool, that there's some kind of unity in hip-hop. We all found something that's really important to us, and music is all we've really got. — Missy Elliott

Unity And Music Quotes By Glenn T. Seaborg

There is a beauty in discovery. There is mathematics in music, a kinship of science and poetry in the description of nature, and exquisite form in a molecule. Attempts to place different disciplines in different camps are revealed as artificial in the face of the unity of knowledge. All literate men are sustained by the philosopher, the historian, the political analyst, the economist, the scientist, the poet, the artisan and the musician. — Glenn T. Seaborg

Unity And Music Quotes By William Irwin Thompson

What is at the higher levels of meaning consciousness is like a hyperspace in which each point is equidistant from the other and where 'the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere'? The mythologies of the occult seem like baroque music: there is an overall similar quality of sound and movement, but, upon examination, each piece of music is unique; Vivaldi and Scarlatti are similar and different. — William Irwin Thompson

Unity And Music Quotes By John O'Donohue

When you listen with your soul, you come into rhythm and unity with the music of the universe. — John O'Donohue

Unity And Music Quotes By Zeena Schreck

Many secular observers and spiritual practitioners alike mistake mystical chanting as a kind of anthropological curiosity or interesting musical diversion from secular mainstream entertainment, sometimes labeling it 'world' or 'folk' music. But uttering or chanting spells, mantras or prayers shouldn't be regarded as a romantic excursion to a distant past, or faraway place, or as an escape from our everyday stresses, for relaxation or entertainment. These sounds are meant to be experienced as the timeless unity of energy currents. The chanting of ancient esoteric sounds enables us to realize we are never separate from the one continuously existing omnipresent vibration of the cosmos. — Zeena Schreck

Unity And Music Quotes By Albert Einstein

In music I do not look for logic. I am quite intuitive on the whole and know no theories. I never like a work if I cannot intuitively grasp its inner unity (architecture). — Albert Einstein

Unity And Music Quotes By Michael Jackson

A song is a mantra, something you repeat over and over. We need peace, we need giving, we need love, we need unity. I want the whole world to sing this song. — Michael Jackson

Unity And Music Quotes By Gerard Van Der Leeuw

The dance is the most universal of the arts, since, as Goethe justly said, it could destroy all the fine arts. It is an expression of all the emotions of the spirit, from the lowest to the highest. It accompanies and stimulates all the processes of life, from hunting and farming to war and fertility, from love to death. It enables, in turn other arts to come into being: music, song, drama. Despite all their riches, the dance is no formless complex, but a simple unity. — Gerard Van Der Leeuw

Unity And Music Quotes By Theodore Sturgeon

A billion and a half human souls, who had been given the techniques of music and the graphic arts, and the theory of technology, now had the others: philosophy and logic and love; sympathy, empathy, forbearance, unity, in the idea of their species rather than in their obedience; membership in harmony with all life everywhere.
A people with such feelings and their derived skills cannot be slaves. As the light burst upon them, there was only one concentration possible to each of them - to be free, and the accomplished feeling of being free. As each found it, he was an expert in freedom, and expert succeeded expert, transcended expert, until (in a moment) a billion and a half human souls had no greater skill than the talent of freedom. — Theodore Sturgeon

Unity And Music Quotes By Afrika Bambaataa


Unity And Music Quotes By Kamand Kojouri

Do not be frightened, friend. Let us dance our way to God. — Kamand Kojouri

Unity And Music Quotes By Stephen Marley

Music is a talent given to me by God. A medium and a platform and a way to spread a message of righteousness ... a message of love, a message of unity. — Stephen Marley

Unity And Music Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

Language can never adequately render the cosmic symbolism of music, because music stands in symbolic relation to the primordial contradiction and primordial pain in the heart of the primal unity, and therefore symbolizes a sphere which is beyond and prior to all phenomena. Rather, all phenomena, compared with it, are merely symbols: hence language, as the organ and symbol of phenomena, can never by any means disclose the innermost heart of music; language, in its attempt to imitate it, can only be in superficial contact with music; while all the eloquence of lyric poetry cannot bring the deepest significance of the latter one step nearer to us. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Unity And Music Quotes By Don Piper

I didn't just hear music. It seemed as if I were part of the music. — Don Piper