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Top Bruised Pride Quotes

Bruised Pride Quotes By Richard Sibbes

Nay, [2] after conversion we need bruising, that (1) reeds may know themselves to be reeds, and not oaks; even reeds need bruising, by reason of the remainder of pride in our nature, and to let us see that we live by mercy. And (2) that weaker Christians may not be too much discouraged when they see the stronger shaken and bruised. — Richard Sibbes

Bruised Pride Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

He got himself dressed at last, and then, slowly, for he was
sorely bruised and could not go fast, he proceeded to the stable,
followed by all who were present, and going up to Dapple embraced
him and gave him a loving kiss on the forehead, and said to him, not
without tears in his eyes, "Come along, comrade and friend and partner
of my toils and sorrows; when I was with you and had no cares to
trouble me except mending your harness and feeding your little
carcass, happy were my hours, my days, and my years; but since I
left you, and mounted the towers of ambition and pride, a thousand
miseries, a thousand troubles, and four thousand anxieties have
entered into my soul; — Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Bruised Pride Quotes By Jen Turano

Squaring her shoulders after Permilia disappeared into the crowd, Wilhelmina began skating in Edgar's direction. Coming to a stop a few feet away from him, she smiled when he looked up. That smile, unfortunately, turned to a wince a mere second later, when he tried to get to his feet and immediately took to flailing about. Before she could do more than blink, he was sprawled facedown on the ice. Skating up next to him, she bent over. "Are you all right?" "I'm fine - well, except for my bruised pride," he said, rolling over before he struggled to a sitting position. "One would think that since I'm testing skates with two blades, I'd have an easier time of staying upright. But . . . I'm afraid that has not been the case." He caught her eye again and smiled. — Jen Turano

Bruised Pride Quotes By Nora Roberts

And all he'd really bruised was her pride. — Nora Roberts

Bruised Pride Quotes By Andrew Lloyd Webber

You feel ugly, you feel used, you feel broken you feel bruised. Ahh but me, I can see all the beauty underneath. You've been robbed of love and pride. Been ignored and cast aside. Even so, I still know there is beauty underneath. Diamonds never sparkled bright, if they are they are set just right. Beauty sometimes goes unseen.

-Phantom — Andrew Lloyd Webber

Bruised Pride Quotes By C.L. Wilson

Battered and bruised but still fighting for dominance his was not the selfish petty pride that made bullies of lesser men but rather the quiet
determined dignity that turned men into heroes and made heroes crawl back to their feet from the bitter dust of defeat and stand tall once more. — C.L. Wilson

Bruised Pride Quotes By Robert McCammon

My lip healed. So did my head. My pride stayed bruised, though, and my confidence was fractured. Those injuries, the ones that didn't show, I would have to live with. — Robert McCammon