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Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Blue Balliett

The greatest art belongs to the world. Do not be intimidated by the experts. Trust your instincts. Do not be afraid to go against what you were taught, or what you were told to see or believe. Every person, every set of eyes, has the right to the truth. — Blue Balliett

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Juliet Marillier

Death is final. The felling of trees is final. What we ask of you is simply the recognition of change, Jena. Yours is a world of constant change. You must learn to change, too. You spend a great deal of time worrying about others: trying to put their lives right, trying to shape your world as you believe it should be. You must learn to trust your instincts, or you are doomed to spend your life blinded by duty while beside you a wondrous tree sprouts and springs up and buds and blooms, and your heart takes no comfort from it, for you cannot raise your eyes to see it. — Juliet Marillier

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Gustave Flaubert

I can't believe that our body, composed as it is of mud and shit and equipped with instincts lower than those of the pig or the crab-louse, contains anything pure and immaterial — Gustave Flaubert

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Eve Ensler

Cherish your solitude. Take trains by yourself to places you have never been. Sleep out alone under the stars. Learn how to drive a stick shift. Go so far away that you stop being afraid of not coming back. Say no when you don't want to do something. Say yes if your instincts are strong, even if everyone around you disagrees. Decide whether you want to be liked or admired. Decide if fitting in is more important than finding out what you're doing here. Believe in kissing. — Eve Ensler

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Sebastiao Salgado

When I was just starting out, I met Cartier-Bresson. He wasn't young in age but, in his mind, he was the youngest person I'd ever met. He told me it was necessary to trust my instincts, be inside my work, and set aside my ego. In the end, my photography turned out very different to his, but I believe we were coming from the same place. — Sebastiao Salgado

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Augusten Burroughs

And human instinct is ancient and reliable, utterly mysterious and possibly capable of great genius. I believe that refined, fluent instincts are a person's most valuable asset. My own instincts have repeatedly guided me against the grain of logic and probability. When I have trusted and followed their direction, they have never been wrong. I don't know how or why. But I know that every significant experience-positive or negative-sharpens them and makes them more accurate. — Augusten Burroughs

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Barack Obama

My finely honed political instincts tell me that almost nobody believes that they should be paying higher taxes. — Barack Obama

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Adolf Hitler

Thousands of Americans, Englishmen and Frenchmen have visited Germany during the months after the national revolution and were able to testify as eye-witnesses that there is no country in the world where law and order are better maintained than in present-day Germany. That there is no country in the world where person and property are held in better respect than in our own, but that there is perhaps also no country in the word where a more rigorous fight is put up against those who believe that they are free to let loose their lower instincts to the detriment of their fellow-beings. — Adolf Hitler

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Leigh Ann Henion

I have come to believe that I am a lesser authority in my own life. I have learned to distrust less-than-rational, nontechnical experiences, my own phenomenal knowledge. Because, to trust the senses - the mortal body - is to risk sounding crazy, especially, it seems. if you're a woman.
She's seeing things.
She's hearing things.
She's so sensitive.
Read: She's irrational.
And this I have internalized. Who am I to trust my body, my senses, my instincts? Who am I to know how to raise my child without consulting parenting books and up-to-date rearing studies? Who am I to try to find God outside of an institutionally approved, fully vetted doctrine? Who am I to think I can pursue impractical dreams? Who am I to be taken seriously? Who am I to think I'm capable or worthy? Who am I to...who am I? — Leigh Ann Henion

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Dylan McDermott

I believe that Ryan Murphy is a genius. His instincts remind me of Andy Warhol. I recently went to the Warhol museum in Pittsburgh, and you can see a lot of echoes of Andy in Ryan's work. Like Andy, Ryan's finger is so on the pulse of culture that he's ahead of culture. Their aesthetic and their vision of the world are very similar. — Dylan McDermott

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By James Lee Burke

I would like to believe that there is a resolution in the human tragedy and that order can be reimposed upon the earth in the same way it occurs in the fifth act of the Elizabethan drama that supposedly mirrors our lives. My experience has been otherwise. History seldom corrects itself in its own sequence, and when we mete out justice, we often do it in a fashion that perpetuates the evil of the transgressors and breathes new life into the descendants of Cain. I would like to believe the instincts of the mob can be exorcised from the species or genetically bred out of it. But there is no culture in the history of the world that has not lauded its warriors over its mystics. Sometimes in an idle moment, I try to recall the names of five slaves out of the whole sorry history of human bondage whose lives we celebrate. I have never had much success. — James Lee Burke

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Witney Carson

My family especially has always taught me to be myself and not let other people's opinions change me. To always believe my instincts and follow my heart. — Witney Carson

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Mario Andretti

Love what you do. Believe in your instincts. And you'd better be able to pick yourself up and brush yourself off every day. — Mario Andretti

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Philipp Meyer

You have to believe in yourself and only trust your own vision and instincts. If I'd listened to what other people thought about my work in the first 10 years that I was a writer, I never would have made it to begin with. — Philipp Meyer

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Georg Brandes

[Nietzsche inveighs] against every sort of historical optimism; but he energetically repudiates the ordinary pessimism, which is the result of degenerate or enfeebled instincts of decadence. He preaches with youthful enthusiasm the triumph of a tragic culture, introduced by an intrepid rising generation, in which the spirit of ancient Greece might be born again. He rejects the pessimism of Schopenhauer, for he already abhors all renunciation; but he seeks a pessimism of healthiness, one derived from strength, from exuberant power, and he believes he has found it in the Greeks. — Georg Brandes

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Martin O'Malley

Donald Trump is an unstable charlatan who is appealing to the worst instincts in people, and I believe ultimately the American people are going to reject that. — Martin O'Malley

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Margaret Fuller

What I mean by the Muse is that unimpeded clearness of the intuitive powers, which a perfectly truthful adherence to every admonition of the higher instincts would bring to a finely organized human being. It may appear as prophesy or as poesy ... should these faculties have free play, I believe they will open up new, deeper and purer sources of joyous inspiration than have as yet refreshed the earth. — Margaret Fuller

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Leah Hager Cohen

That our intuition could lead us astray is troubling in direct proportion to the degree of trust we place in it. The solution would seem to be: Don't be overly trusting. Mix in a healthy dose of skepticism. But suppose we don't have a say in the matter? Suppose we're hardwired to trust - to believe in - our instincts, regardless of whether they're right? Suddenly the problem of not knowing becomes a lot more complicated. — Leah Hager Cohen

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By E.B. White

During which time I have experienced the satisfactions of working the land, building the soil, and making brown into green, I am beginning to believe that our new world that will open up after the war should be constructed round a repopulated rural America, so that a reasonably large proportion of the population shall participate in the culture of the earth. The trend is often in the opposite direction, even in peace. As things are now in America, country living is possible only for those who have either the talents and instincts of a true farmer or the means to live wherever they choose. — E.B. White

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Richard Branson

You must have the courage to trust your instincts and be ready to question what other people don't. If you do that, you can seize opportunities that others would miss. Believe in yourself, and use everything you can - including the obstacles - to propel you along the road to success. Who knows what you might achieve? — Richard Branson

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Sarah Hackley

No one knows our bodies or our subjective experiences like we do. This means we can rest secure in our knowledge of ourselves and what we're going through, even when the medical profession doesn't understand or believe us. Migraine is a weird and changing disease. It affects all of us differently, and every attack is a little different than the one before. This means that no one can understand your life, symptoms, or illness like you can. This can be incredibly empowering: you are the expert. But, it also carries great responsibility: to live as happily and as fully as possible, you must listen to your body and trust your instincts. — Sarah Hackley

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Will Schwalbe

Trust is all about instinct. If you had all the facts, you wouldn't need trust. Trust is what is required in the absence of proof. But I believe you can strengthen your instincts by testing them; every time you prove yourself right or wrong, they grow stronger. — Will Schwalbe

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Dominic Cooper

You must believe in your own instincts and your own instincts at any particular time and believe that they were the right ones for any given situation. So, there's no point ever of kind of regretting something because you can't properly remember the exact circumstances in which you were playing out this particular scene. You have to believe in your intuition and your instinct at that moment. — Dominic Cooper

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By T.D. Jakes

Once you have confidence in your instincts, you must never allow other people's refusal to believe, or their data to refute, what you instinctively know is true. — T.D. Jakes

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Chet Williamson

This is an age when men hide their deepest fears and instincts behind a mask of rationality. Mankind has become a herd of sheep which does not believe in the existence of wolves. — Chet Williamson

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Jeff Sessions

[Donald] Trump has made this a big issue. He's leading in Ohio. He's leading, right up there in Pennsylvania, 1-point difference, and people are responding because the people's instincts are correct. This is what I believe. — Jeff Sessions

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Lesley Ann Warren

Trust your own instincts, go inside, follow your heart. Right from the start. go ahead and stand up for what you believe in. As I've learned, that's the path to happiness. — Lesley Ann Warren

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Christine Todd Whitman

As I look back I know that most of the mistakes I have made have come when I didn't listen to myself, when I didn't trust my instincts ... I believe you need to listen, carefully, to hear your inner voice. And then, you have to do what it says. — Christine Todd Whitman

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By A.E. Via

Judge leaned back in the passenger seat of Michaels' truck, content as could be. They'd stayed at the cabin an entire week, after Judge fully convinced Michaels' Lieutenants that they needed the time together. They learned more of each other, physically, but especially emotionally. They were compatible on so many levels. Both men as simple as the days. Relationships were scary and took work, but Judge believed theirs would come easily. Why he'd had such negative thoughts in the beginning was a mystery to him. He knew Michaels loved him, really loved him. Nothing was guaranteed, life didn't promise tomorrow. Michaels was a cop, he had a dangerous job, so Judge would have to learn to trust in his partner's instincts and believe in him. Believe he knew what he was doing and he'd come home to him every night. They — A.E. Via

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Robert Crais

So when it comes to Elvis and Joe, I have to trust my instincts, because they've gotten me here. And I have to write what I believe in, what I find moving. — Robert Crais

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Stephanie Lahart

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don't be afraid to stand firm on the decisions that you make. Trust yourself. Believe in your instincts. Do what works best for YOU. Stay true to yourself and be good to yourself. Allow every decision that you make to empower, enrich, and add value to your life! — Stephanie Lahart

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Arlene Hunt

Landing on his feet was nothing new to Caleb. He did not believe in luck, he believed in the law of nature. Animals did not rely on luck. They lived and died by their instincts. — Arlene Hunt

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Ori Hofmekler

I believe that nature is wise, and that we all have deep instincts within us that can provide the wisdom to know when to eat, what to eat, and when to stop eating. Everyone has and needs these primal instincts. The Warrior Diet allows you to make changes, to binge on carbohydrates or fatty foods like nuts, and still be fine. Other diets don't allow this freedom. I believe that feeling free should be a part of your life. By introducing you to the Warrior Diet, I hope to relay how this sense of freedom will enrich your life in many ways. — Ori Hofmekler

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Jane Clayson

There are seasons in life. Don't ever let anyone try to deny you the joy of one season because they believe you should stay in another season ... Listen to yourself. Trust your instincts. Keep your perspective. — Jane Clayson

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Jacqueline Simon Gunn

You know this has really affected my ability to trust myself. No matter what happened in my life, I was always able to trust myself. My instincts. Two men in a row carrying on indiscretions makes me feel like I made up some story. Almost like a fiction, I
wrote in my mind that had a beginning, middle and end. It feels like I manufactured some ideal life that was a made-up invention that I needed to believe was the truth. — Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Marla Gibbs

I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we're all teachers - if we're willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door. — Marla Gibbs

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Jessica Hawkins

I'm not a religious or spiritual man. I am guided solely by my instincts, my gut. And they have led me to you. Without you, I have nothing to believe in. — Jessica Hawkins

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Bertrand Russell

If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way. — Bertrand Russell

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Eliezer Yudkowsky

You will find ambiguity a great ally on your road to power. Give a sign of Slytherin on one day, and contradict it with a sign of Gryffindor the next; and the Slytherins will be enabled to believe what they wish, while the Gryffindors argue themselves into supporting you as well. So long as there is uncertainty, people can believe whatever seems to be to their own advantage. And so long as you appear strong, so long as you appear to be winning, their instincts will tell them that their advantage lies with you. Walk always in the shadow, and light and darkness both will follow. — Eliezer Yudkowsky

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Mario Balotelli

Is instinct in the head or in the heart? Off the field, I follow my good instincts which steer me in the right direction. Sometimes on the field my head leads me astray. That's what I believe. — Mario Balotelli

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By B.C. Forbes

With all thy getting, get understanding, is the banner under which these Forbes editorials have appeared since the first issue of the publication. We have no illusions about what great wealth can do and what it cannot do. We believe in the worthwhileness of striving by all worthy means to attain success and to attain wealth. Simply because we are convinced that no amount of money is worth the sacrifice of one's better instincts, of one's self-respect-of one's soul, if you wish-simply because we are convinced that riches not gained legitimately and decently are not worth having ... — B.C. Forbes

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Timothy Keller

Prayer is the way that all the things we believe in and that Christ has won for us actually become our strength. Prayer is the way that truth is worked into your heart to create new instincts, reflexes, and dispositions. — Timothy Keller

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Catherine Crowe

The ignorant frighten children with ghosts, and the better educated assure them there is no such thing. Our understanding may believe the latter, but our instincts believe the former; so that, out of this education, we retain the terror, and just believe enough to make it very troublesome whenever we are placed in circumstances that awaken it. — Catherine Crowe

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Ori Hofmekler

Food and sex have been bound together for a long time. I guess this is due to the intimate connection between the two most powerful instincts that predominate in life: the instinct to survive and the instinct to multiply. Nourishment and sex give us a great sense of pleasure. Having the wisdom to satisfy both desires - for food and sex - is the art of living well. I truly believe that this wisdom lies within us all. — Ori Hofmekler

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Bobby Slayton

A lot of these kids have no fathers, and they want to be gangsters. They don't believe in God and have no faith in anything but their own instincts. Boxing provides a way for them to express themselves in a positive way, and I'm happy to be able to help them. — Bobby Slayton

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By George Carlin

I credit that eight years of grammar school with nourishing me in a direction where I could trust myself and trust my instincts. They gave me the tools to reject my faith. They taught me to question and think for myself and to believe in my instincts to such an extent that I just said, This is a wonderful fairy tale they have going here, but it's not for me. — George Carlin

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Biz Stone

Trust your instincts, know what you want, and believe in your ability to achieve it. — Biz Stone

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Nina Lane

Trust your instincts, follow your bliss, make plans, work hard, learn to let things go. Don't be late. Remember that fortune favors the brave. Live. If you need to run, try and run toward
something. Study for tests. Laugh at silly cartoons. Be organized. If you fall seven times,
get up eight. Always carry an extra pen. Believe you can do everything. Find your key. — Nina Lane

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Jerry Falwell

I believe that all of us are born heterosexual, physically created with a plumbing that's heterosexual, and created with the instincts and desires that are basically, fundamentally, heterosexual. — Jerry Falwell

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Wayne Dyer

No-limit people are so in charge that they can trust their instincts, be childlike, be creative, do anything that makes sense to them and make their lives into what they really believe they want for themselves. — Wayne Dyer

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Anonymous

Believe that your dreams are possible! The most difficult phase of life is not when no-one understands you, but when you don't understand yourself. Believe in YOU. Trust your instincts and listen to your soul. When you do what you are afraid of and capable of, your strengths will reveal themselves. So follow your vision. Anything IS possible and yes, you CAN! — Anonymous

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Piper Perabo

I believe in following your instincts with the people that you like and who you like to be with. — Piper Perabo

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Brad Faxon

Believe it or not, I'm not really thinking about anything when I putt ... It's hard to teach. I let my instincts take over. I like to see which way the break is going and use it. When I'm putting well, I feel like I can make everything. — Brad Faxon

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Jim Butcher

Courage is about learning how to function despite the fear, to put aside your instincts to run or give in completely to the anger born from fear. Courage is about using your brain and your heart when every cell of your body is screaming at your to fight or flee - and then following through on what you believe is the right thing to do. — Jim Butcher

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Anna Wintour

In the end I do respond to my own instincts. Sometimes they're successful, and obviously sometimes they're not. But you have to, I think, remain true to what you believe in. — Anna Wintour

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Sigmund Freud

We believe that civilization has been created under the pressure of the exigencies of life at the cost of satisfaction of the instincts. — Sigmund Freud

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Charles Darwin

Nothing at first can appear more difficult to believe than that the more complex organs and instincts should have been perfected, not by means superior to, though analogous with, human reason, but by the accumulation of innumerable slight variations, each good for the individual possessor. Nevertheless, this difficulty, though appearing to our imagination insuperably great, cannot be considered real if we admit the following propositions, namely, - that gradations in the perfection of any organ or instinct, which we may consider, either do now exist or could have existed, each good of its kind, - that all organs and instincts are, in ever so slight a degree, variable, - and, lastly, that there is a struggle for existence leading to the preservation of each profitable deviation of structure or instinct. The truth of these propositions cannot, I think, be disputed. — Charles Darwin

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Nuhu Ribadu

When corruption is king, there is no accountability of leadership and no trust in authority. Society devolves to the basic units of family and self, to the basic instincts of getting what you can when you can, because you don't believe anything better will ever come along. And when the only horizon is tomorrow, how can you care about the kind of nation you are building for your children and your grandchildren? How can you call on your government to address what ails society and build stronger institutions? — Nuhu Ribadu

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Richard Branson

I can honestly say that I have never gone into any business purely to make money. If that is the sole motive then I believe you are better off not doing it. A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. — Richard Branson

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Aarti Sequeira

It was improv that really helped me start coming up with recipes and just believe in my instincts. That's why the first recipe I made up was 'I Ain't Chicken Chicken' because I finally felt bold and fearless in the kitchen, which was an entirely new feeling for me. — Aarti Sequeira

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By George Adamson

I felt confident that his inherited knowledge and instincts would soon assert themselves, given the chance, and in spite of his [lion] breeding. I must admit that I did not feel the same confidence about his two owners, when I heard they would accompany Christian [lion] and stay a few weeks at my camp. I was lead to believe they were very 'mod' with long hair and exotic clothing. — George Adamson

Believe Your Instincts Quotes By Aletha J. Solter

Many educators believe that, with students of five or six years of age, they have to begin doing something different, called "schooling". Children's natural instincts and motivation to learn are no longer trusted in most schools after the age of six. Instead, it is generally believed that children of this age must be told what, how, where and when to learn. This is considered to be "real learning", as opposed to the play that would occur spontaneously. — Aletha J. Solter