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Breaking Point Quotes By Malcolm Muggeridge

Animistic savages prostrating themselves before a painted stone have always seemed to me to be nearer the truth than any Einstein or Bertrand Russell. As it might be pigs in a crowded sty, jostling and shoving to bury their snouts in the trough; until one of them momentarily lifts his snout upwards in the air, in so doing expressing the hope of all enlightenment to come; breaking off from his guzzling to point with his lifted snout to where the angels and archangels gather round God's throne. — Malcolm Muggeridge

Breaking Point Quotes By Megan Whalen Turner

You don't know what I mean. She is so strong, and you assume that strength has no end, no breaking point. You and Teleus are among the few she still trusts enough to love, and you say yes, she should have you tortured and killed. What were you thinking? — Megan Whalen Turner

Breaking Point Quotes By Jeri Ryan

It was really a pleasure to play someone who's literally pushed past her breaking point repeatedly. — Jeri Ryan

Breaking Point Quotes By Georg C. Lichtenberg

Pain warns us not to exert our limbs to the point of breaking them. How much knowledge would we not need to recognize this by the exercise of mere reason. — Georg C. Lichtenberg

Breaking Point Quotes By David Gemmell

Each man has a breaking point, no matter how strong his spirit. Somewhere, deep inside him, there is a flaw that only the fickle cruelty of fate can find. — David Gemmell

Breaking Point Quotes By Anonymous

Soul can't exist unless you have active, meaningful dialogue with stakeholders: employees, customers, the community, suppliers, and investors. When you launch a business, your job as the entrepreneur is to say, 'Here's a value proposition that I believe in. Here's where I'm coming from. This is my point of view.' At first, it's a monologue. Gradually it becomes a dialogue and then a real conversation. Like breaking in a baseball glove. You can't will a baseball glove to be broken in; you have to use it. Well, you have to use a new business, too. You have to break it in. If you move on to the next thing too quickly, it will never develop its soul. Look what happens when a new restaurant opens. Everyone rushes in to see it, and it's invariably awkward because it hasn't yet developed soul. That takes time to emerge, and you have to work at it constantly. — Anonymous

Breaking Point Quotes By George Packer

There's a great book about that, "The Breaking Point" by Stephen Koch . It won't improve your opinion of [Ernest] Hemingway. — George Packer

Breaking Point Quotes By Stephen E. Ambrose

How he led is no mystery. His techniques were time-honored. He knew his men. He saw to it that they had dry socks, enough food, sufficient clothing. He pushed them to but never beyond the breaking point. He got out of them more than they knew they had to give. His concern for them was that of a father for his son. He was the head of a family. He — Stephen E. Ambrose

Breaking Point Quotes By John Andreas Widtsoe

To make possible the subjection of eternal, spiritual organized intelligences to perishable, material structures, certain natural laws would naturally be brought into operation. From the point of view of the eternal spirit, it might mean the breaking of a law directed towards eternal life; yet to secure the desired contact with matter, the spirit was compelled to violate the law. Thus, in this earth life, a man who desires to acquire a first hand acquaintance with magnetism and electricity, may subject himself to all kinds of electric shocks, that, perhaps, will affect his body injuriously; yet, for the sake of securing the experience, he may be willing to do it. Adam, the first man, so used natural laws that his eternal, spiritual body became clothed upon with an earthly body, subject to death. Then in begetting children, he was able to produce earthly bodies for the waiting spirits. According — John Andreas Widtsoe

Breaking Point Quotes By Dennis Ritchie

A program designed for inputs from people is usually stressed beyond breaking point by computer-generated inputs. — Dennis Ritchie

Breaking Point Quotes By Don Winslow

And morally, maybe, if there's such a thing as moral exhaustion. There is such a thing, he decides. You start by being idealistic, morally strong if you will, but then the rock of your moral strength is eroded, bit by bit, until you're, well, exhausted, and you do things that you never thought you would. Or you do things that you always feared you would. Or something like that. You'd think that there would be a breaking point - a decisive moment - but there is no single moment or event that you can put your finger on. No, it's not that dramatic - it's the dull, monotonous process of erosion. Maybe — Don Winslow

Breaking Point Quotes By Ayn Rand

The only hero she had known was a Viking whose story she had read as a child; a Viking whose eyes never looked farther than the point of his sword, but there was no boundary for the point of his sword; a Viking who walked through life, breaking barriers and reaping victories, who walked through ruins while the sun made a crown over his head, but he walked, light and straight, without noticing its weight; a Viking who laughed at kings, who laughed at priests, who looked at heaven only when he bent for a drink over a mountain brook and there, over-shadowing the sky, he saw his own picture; a Viking who lived but for the joy and the wonder and the glory of the god that was himself. — Ayn Rand

Breaking Point Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Alienation and loneliness became a cable that stretched hundreds of miles long, pulled to the breaking point by a gigantic winch. And through that taut line, day and night, he received indecipherable messages. — Haruki Murakami

Breaking Point Quotes By Glenn Beck

I know this might be breaking news to Nicholas Kristof, but guns being 'more lethal than anything else you have around' is sort of the whole point. The issue should not really be the lethality of the gun, but the but the psychology of the person holding it. — Glenn Beck

Breaking Point Quotes By Carlos Wallace

Everyone has a breaking point. — Carlos Wallace

Breaking Point Quotes By Jean Genet

Poetry is the break (or rather the meeting at the breaking point) between the visible and the invisible. — Jean Genet

Breaking Point Quotes By Dorothy McFalls

Everyone has a breaking point. Deny it, and you'll blind yourself to know when you've reached yours. — Dorothy McFalls

Breaking Point Quotes By Charles Stross

There's a long-standing (50 year old) flame war within the field over whether it's "sci-fi" or "SF".SF has traditionally been looked down on by the literary establishment because, to be honest, much early SF was execrably badly written - but these days the significance of the pigeon hole is fading; we have serious mainstream authors writing stuff that is I-can't-believe-it's-not-SF, and SF authors breaking into the mainstream. If you view them as tags that point to shelves in bricks-and-mortar bookshops, how long are these genre categories going to survive in the age of the internet? — Charles Stross

Breaking Point Quotes By Scaachi Koul

Fear always reaches a breaking point and turns into anxiety or rage, and I don't have enough storage space for more fear in my life. Namely when it involves people I've never even met. — Scaachi Koul

Breaking Point Quotes By Gail Collins

I write about how in Midland, the mayor instituted water conservation measures like restrictions on car washing. He made a point though that they were only "suggestions" and not government telling people what to do. But then his constituents got very ticked off at the sight of their neighbors breaking the rules and demanded that they be made into actual laws with penalties. — Gail Collins

Breaking Point Quotes By Linda Boone

There are times when your heart may be so full that it seems as though it is going to break. It may be sorrow, anguish, frustration, guilt, anger - any number of feelings can build up within until you reach your breaking point. At these times you have a couple choices to make: you can either try to handle it yourself or you can turn to God. And in turning to God, you can either do so superficially, or you can do so deeply, with total honesty. — Linda Boone

Breaking Point Quotes By Ryan Blair

There are degrees of discomfort, and everyone has a different breaking point. But if you want to be an entrepreneur, there is no choice. — Ryan Blair

Breaking Point Quotes By Nicole Sobon

Together. The fact that one single word could send my heart aflutter was utterly ridiculous. I didn't fall for boys I hardly knew. At least, I hadn't until I met Glate.
The night in the shack, things changed between us. The walls I'd built up once the Sectors were formed? Glate had torn them down, and I knew that Lex could see that by the daggers he kept shooting our way.
Was I in love with Glate? No, though I was sure Lex thought otherwise.
Glate was the stability I sought in a world of discord; being with him made things easier to handle. I wasn't weak, but even I had my breaking point, and when I was ready to break, he was there to pick up all of the pieces. He was there, something I could never say for Lex.
"Thank you," I said after a few moments of silence. "For everything."
"Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on," he said. "I'm more than willing to be that shoulder for you, Taylen. I'm willing to be whatever you need me to be. Just know that. — Nicole Sobon

Breaking Point Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Your breaking point is often your blessing point. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Breaking Point Quotes By Pamela Clare

He held up the AK-47, the muscles in his arm bunching against the weight. "This is an assault rifle." Then held up the handgun. "This is a semi-automatic pistol."
Then he gave a little thrust of his hips and looked down at his penis. "That is my gun. As you've discovered, it's pumpaction like a shotgun , but it doesn't fire bullets. — Pamela Clare

Breaking Point Quotes By Jimmy Wales

The Internet is allowing for us to really experience people in some of the most distant places in the world - as other people just like us. So get to know people, seek out bloggers from a country you're kind of curious about. It's about building empathy and breaking through to the point of recognizing people as people. — Jimmy Wales

Breaking Point Quotes By Adriane Leigh

Hopes were high. But just like a balloon pushed past its breaking point, hope is fragile. One lungful of air too many and the balloon bursts leaving ugly, shriveled fragments behind, impossible to piece back together. — Adriane Leigh

Breaking Point Quotes By Martin Suarez

~Remember this always:
Your body and mind can be broken, but your Spirit, is unbreakable, and unchangeable~

When we talk about people or circumstances breaking our spirit, what we mean is that a person has been affected emotionally to the point of feeling broken; however, NOTHING in this world has the capacity to break or change our Spirit!
Our Spirit is what gives us the ability to overcome the misery and suffering experienced by our body and mind.

Our spirit is what drives prisoners of war come out unbroken; our spirit is what drives the victims of rape and abuse to overcome the emotional burdens of their mind.
Believe this! NOTHING can break or change your Spirit, because your spirit is above all things! — Martin Suarez

Breaking Point Quotes By Brian Ferneyhough

There would seem to be a limit, even for an art preoccupied with boundaries and transgressions, beyond which a work reaches its breaking point and becomes an actual failure, a mere experimentation. — Brian Ferneyhough

Breaking Point Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Taoism means streching your being, becoming both a man and a woman and joining within yourself, to be the heavens themselves, to stretch your awareness beyond the breaking point until all opposites are reconciled within yourself. — Frederick Lenz

Breaking Point Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Combat doesn't have to be with swords ... Emotions can be deadly weapons, and knowing your enemy's breaking point can be key to winning a battle. — Julie Kagawa

Breaking Point Quotes By Abigail George

If I trace its breaking point I come across the eternity of the primitive impulse. The sea river is a cold impasse. Will I find secrets there? In my dream I am standing on a frozen lake, the second sex and I can hear female voices all around me. — Abigail George

Breaking Point Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

His life had been tied to the past. He'd seen himself a point on a moving wavefront, propagating through sterile history - a known past, a projectable future. But she was the breaking of the wave. Suddenly there was a beach, the unpredictable ... new life. Past and future stopped at the beach: that was how he'd set it out. But he wanted to believe it too, the same way he loved her, past all words - believe that no matter how bad the time, nothing was fixed, everything could be changed and she could always deny the dark sea at his back, love it away. And (selfishly) that from a somber youth, squarely founded on Death - along for Death's ride - he might, with her, find his way to life and to joy. — Thomas Pynchon

Breaking Point Quotes By Shauna Niequist

My Mom and Dad and brother have grown through the years into my closest friends, the people who tell me the most searing truth, who give me soft places to rest and present to me a bright future when the only one I can see from my vantage point is dim and breaking before my eyes. — Shauna Niequist

Breaking Point Quotes By John Steinbeck

In our time mass or collective production has entered our economics, our politics, even our religion, so that some nations have substituted the idea collective for the idea God. This in my time is the danger. There is great tension in the world, tension toward a breaking point, and men are unhappy and confused. At such a time it seems natural and good to me to ask myself these questions. What do I believe in? What must I fight for and what must I fight against? — John Steinbeck

Breaking Point Quotes By Jill Stein

I was previously involved in local and state politics, but not national, because grassroots democracy starts at the bottom. This was the breaking point for me, though - and it made the case that in order to fight locally, we have to fight nationally; we can't afford to neglect any area of life in this democracy. — Jill Stein

Breaking Point Quotes By Stefan Kieszling

That morning each of us found a breaking point. Not only a physical barrier, but a point where determination, stamina and duty clashed and were overcome not so much by pain but by absurdity. — Stefan Kieszling

Breaking Point Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

Getting from point A to point Z can be daunting unless you remember that you don't have to get from A to Z. You just have to get from A to B. Breaking big dreams into small steps is the way to move forward. — Sheryl Sandberg

Breaking Point Quotes By Tom Stoppard

A man breaking his journey between one place and another at a third place of no name, character, population or significance, sees a unicorn cross his path and disappear. That in itself is startling, but there are precedents for mystical encounters of various kinds, or to be less extreme, a choice of persuasions to put it down to fancy; until
"My God," says a second man, "I must be dreaming, I thought I saw a unicorn." At which point, a dimension is added that makes the experience as alarming as it will ever be. A third witness, you understand, adds no further dimension but only spreads it thinner, and a fourth thinner still, and the more witnesses there are the thinner it gets and the more reasonable it becomes until it is as thin as reality, the name we give to the common experience ... "Look, look!" recites the crowd. "A horse with an arrow in its forehead! It must have been mistaken for a deer. — Tom Stoppard

Breaking Point Quotes By Johnny Depp

I experimented with drugs and I experimented with everything that little boys do - vandalism, throwing eggs at cars, breaking and entering schools and destroying a room. But I finally got to a point where I looked around and said, "This is not getting me anywhere. I'm stagnating with these guys." They were getting drunk and high every weekend. I got out. — Johnny Depp

Breaking Point Quotes By David Wong

This is the breaking point in a human life, right here. This is waking up on an operating table to find aliens peering down at you, this is hearing the audible voice of God telling you the date the world will end. This is seeing a family of bigfoots in the forest and being without a camera.
Welcome to freakdom, Dave. It'll be time to start a website soon. — David Wong

Breaking Point Quotes By Albert Camus

I was at ease in everything, to be sure, but at the same time satisfied with nothing. Each joy made me desire another. I went from festivity to festivity. On occasion I danced for nights on end, ever madder about people and life. At times, late on those nights when the dancing, the slight intoxication, my wild enthusiasm, everyone's violent unrestraint would fill me with a tired and overwhelmed rapture, it would seem to me - at the breaking point of fatigue and for a second's flash - that at last I understood the secret; I would rush forth anew. I ran on like that, always heaped with favors, never satiated, without knowing where to stop, until the day - until the evening rather when the music stopped and the lights went out. — Albert Camus

Breaking Point Quotes By Jeremy Lin

I'm going to make mistakes, I just have to be able to learn from them as quickly as possible. To learn faster, I watch film of myself and other good point guards, and then breaking down my mistakes and really analyzing them and seeing where I could have made better decisions. — Jeremy Lin

Breaking Point Quotes By Mark Forsyth

The true paradox is arresting because it breaks all laws, but calming because it breaks all laws, but calming because that is so easy in language. it is easy to write that black is white, that up is down and that good is evil. It's as easy as typing, and as difficult. I can't do it, and I just did. But by breaking the laws of the universe, the true paradox lifts us out of it. The true paradox is, necessarily, a mystical moment, despite the fact that from a writer's point of view it's immensely easy. — Mark Forsyth

Breaking Point Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

For the only courage worth calling courage must necessarily mean that the soul passes a breaking point and does not break. — G.K. Chesterton

Breaking Point Quotes By Sarah Blake

She imagined she could pull Time like taffy, stretching it longer and longer between her hands until the finest point had been reached, the point just before breaking, and she could live there. A point at the center of time with no going forward, no going back. Clasped in this way, without speaking, walking into no discernible ending, she could almost believe they tread on time. — Sarah Blake

Breaking Point Quotes By Pamela Clare

If you die, angel, it means I'm already dead. — Pamela Clare

Breaking Point Quotes By Andy Daly

I love to play characters who are stuffy and nerdy who either then have a dark side or are pushed to a breaking point. — Andy Daly

Breaking Point Quotes By Peter Wohlleben

In the case of Switzerland, a whole country is concerned with the species-appropriate treatment of all things green. The constitution reads, in part, that "account [is] to be taken of the dignity of creation when handling animals, plants and other organisms." So it's probably not a good idea to decapitate flowers along the highway in Switzerland without good reason. Although this point of view has elicited a lot of head shaking in the international community, I, for one, welcome breaking down the moral barriers between animals and plants. When the capabilities of vegetative beings become known, and their emotional lives and needs are recognized, then the way we treat plants will gradually change, as well. Forests are not first and foremost lumber factories and warehouses for raw material, and only secondarily complex habitats for thousands of species, which is the way modern forestry currently treats them. Completely the opposite, in fact. — Peter Wohlleben

Breaking Point Quotes By Terry Caffey

When the pain and sadness brought me to a breaking point, I would cry, and although my tears didn't change the circumstances, they lightened the burden and enabled me to get up and go on again. — Terry Caffey

Breaking Point Quotes By Jon S. Lewis

It doesn't sound very safe." - Colt
"We're breaking into a company owned by aliens who want to wipe humans off the map. It's not supposed to be safe." - Oz
"I guess you have a point." - Colt — Jon S. Lewis

Breaking Point Quotes By Jaeda DeWalt

It can be difficult to leave a long-term relationship, even when our inner-wisdom tells us it's time to let go. At this point, we can choose let go and endure the intense pain of leaving behind the familiar to make way for a new chapter in our life. Or we can stay and suffer a low-grade pain that slowly eats away at our heart and soul, like an emotional cancer. Until we wake up, one day and realize, we are buried so deep in the dysfunction of the relationship that we scarcely remember who we were and what we wanted and needed to be. — Jaeda DeWalt

Breaking Point Quotes By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Looking back, I could not point to one special time and say, There! That's what is amazing. We can change completely and not recognize it. We think terrible events have made us into stone. But love slips in like a chisel - and suddenly it is an ax, breaking us into pieces from the inside. — Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Breaking Point Quotes By Francois Hollande

To resolve the climate crisis, good will, statements of intent are not enough. We are at breaking point. — Francois Hollande

Breaking Point Quotes By Ken Hollings

Reported sightings of UFOs are tailing off. With public interest declining and subscriptions dwindling, NICAP and APRO start to compete with each other over membership. The open-minded middle ground is stretched to breaking point, caught between the hardware of scientific detail and the extreme fantasies of contact. — Ken Hollings

Breaking Point Quotes By Jim Kokoris

Over the years, numerous times, too many times to count, just as I was about to reach my breaking point, just when I thought I couldn't take another minute, another second, out of nowhere-at the grocery store, at the park, at restaurants-angel, Ethan's angels, would appear and safe us: strangers in stores would stop to talk to Ethan; neighbors took him for a walk... — Jim Kokoris

Breaking Point Quotes By Lynn R. Davis

The breaking point isn't the time to give up, it's the time to dig in. Pressure is being put on your seed. It's breaking forth and working to take root. Its creating an environment that will sustain it long term because the breaking point means harvest time is near and victory is imminent. Nevertheless, the pressure is real. This is the stage where many of us breakdown instead of breaking out. — Lynn R. Davis

Breaking Point Quotes By Tana French

Our entire society's based on discontent: people wanting more and more and more, being constantly dissatisfied with their homes, their bodies, their decor, their clothes, everything. Taking it for granted that that's the whole point of life, never to be satisfied. If you're perfectly happy with what you've got - specially if what you've got isn't even all that spectacular - then you're dangerous. You're breaking all the rules, you're undermining the sacred economy, you're challenging every assumption that society's built on. That's why Rafe's dad throws a mickey fit whenever Rafe says he's happy where he is. The way he sees it, we're all subversives. We're traitors. — Tana French

Breaking Point Quotes By Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

He had held out shakily, like a tree that had been hacked down to its breaking point. But that kiss was the last swing, the final impact, and he gave in finally, felled. — Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

Breaking Point Quotes By Stephen Amell

I would love to be nominated for an award at some point or do something that at least engenders the type of cultural conversation that a role like Giancarlo Esposito on 'Breaking Bad,' or actually any of the people on 'Breaking Bad.' I would love to have a role in a feature film that was a cultural talking point. — Stephen Amell

Breaking Point Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

Heydrich, Eichmann, and company therefore invoke the usual trick of argument for breaking a true continuum that lacks a compelling point for separation: choose an arbitrary dividing line and then treat it as a self-evident law of nature. — Stephen Jay Gould

Breaking Point Quotes By Boi-1da

I felt like I was at that breaking point. I just prayed and took my mind off of dreams - I went to church. I felt like a lot of things came together. I'm not perfect but I strive to be. — Boi-1da

Breaking Point Quotes By Anthony Liccione

A mind is only as sharp as the knife, that strives to cut through thoughts
too tough for the blade, before it breaks or goes dull. — Anthony Liccione

Breaking Point Quotes By G.L. Breedon

That's crazy," Gabriel said. "We must be seventy million years in the past."
"Nearly a hundred and twenty-five million," Ohin said. "It seems far, but time is really interrelational. Every moment is just as far from every other.
"Right," Gabriel said. "Of course. That makes perfect sense." Sema was right. He was at a breaking point. And he broke right past it. His eyes rolled up in his head and he passed out, falling back into the mattress of the bed. — G.L. Breedon

Breaking Point Quotes By Jean Meslier

How I suffered when I had to preach to you those pious lies that I detest in my heart. What remorse your credulity caused me! A thousand times I was on the point of breaking out publicly and opening your eyes, but a fear stronger than myself held me back, and forced me to keep silence until my death. — Jean Meslier

Breaking Point Quotes By Swami Satchidananda

God knows your breaking point. You simply don't know your own strength. — Swami Satchidananda

Breaking Point Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

The thing was, Ronan knew what a face looked like, just before it was about to break. He'd seen it in the mirror often enough. Adam had fracture lines all over him. — Maggie Stiefvater

Breaking Point Quotes By Amy Lunderman

When I was little, I loved running in the rain. There was something almost freeing about it. The exhilaration of your blood pumping, the quick shallow breaths, and the way the wind brushes past your body. Want to know my most favorite part? That unstoppable feeling from pushing myself to the breaking point gets me every time. Now though? Well ... it's complicated. — Amy Lunderman

Breaking Point Quotes By Henry Rollins

It is amazing to hear grown-up people rationalize homophobia and discrimination. The lengths they go to trying to prove their points take reason to its breaking point. — Henry Rollins

Breaking Point Quotes By Jim Butcher

I don't know about your true form, but the weight of your ego sure is pushing the crust of the earth toward the breaking point. — Jim Butcher

Breaking Point Quotes By Jessica Lahey

Unfortunately, parents who put a priority on saving kids from frustration and teachers who put a priority on challenging their students often butt heads, and consequently, the parent-teacher partnership has reached a breaking point. Teaching has become a push and pull between opposing forces in which parents want teachers to educate their children with increasing rigor, but reject those rigorous lessons as "too hard" or "too frustrating" for their children to endure. Parents rightly feel protective of their children's self-esteem, but teachers too often bear the brunt of parental ire. — Jessica Lahey

Breaking Point Quotes By Arjun Rampal

I've been lucky to get some path-breaking films, which proved to be the turning point in my career. Be it 'Rock on!' 'The Last Lear' or 'Raajneeti,' directors started working in a different way. — Arjun Rampal

Breaking Point Quotes By Russell Baker

Ireland really is my problem; the breaking point of the huge suppuration which all British and all European society now is — Russell Baker

Breaking Point Quotes By Tera Lynn Childs

Admit it," He insists. "I was right."
"No." I sniff. "You were wrong." sniff. "I'm just crying"-sniff- "cause i'm so happy." My tear take that lie as their cue and start streaming down my cheeks.
"Come on, Princess," he says, "You don't need to cry over that loser."
This only makes me cry harder. We both know who the loser is in this scenario.
With a muttered curse, Quince wraps his arms around me and squeezes. It feels remarkably like a hug.
"Don't cry," he whispers in my ear. "Please."
I don't know if it's his soft words or the fact that my face is now hidden by his broad chest, but i just let go. Three years of longing and loving from a distance have built to the breaking point, and i let it out all over his west coast choppers T-shirt.
"shhh," He soothes. "He's not worth it. — Tera Lynn Childs

Breaking Point Quotes By D. Nichole King

Being strong means allowing yourself to cry over the things you can't change; laugh when things are funny; smile when you're happy. It means understanding where your breaking point is, and yet, going further and still remaining whole. Strong people push themselves to the limits of pain and joy. They fall to their knees in agony, then they lift up their faces to find the beautiful morning rays shining down on them, and they rise to their feet. Being strong means never giving up, no matter how crushed you are, and finding happiness in the smallest parts of life. — D. Nichole King

Breaking Point Quotes By Jonathan Franzen

He and his wife loved each other and brought each other daily pain. Everything else he was doing in his life, even his longing for Lalitha, amounted to little more than flight from circumstance. He and Patty couldn't live together and couldn't imagine living apart. Each time he thought they'd reached the unbearable breaking point, it turned out that there was still further they could go without breaking. — Jonathan Franzen

Breaking Point Quotes By Rebecca Twigg

In order to be the best, you have to know your breaking point-go to the edge of it, but never go beyond. — Rebecca Twigg

Breaking Point Quotes By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

And those who, like you and me, dear reader, go there to die, must get there solely and compulsorily via arrest.
Arrest! Need it be said that it is a breaking point in your life, a bolt of lightning which has scored a direct hit on you? That it is an unassimilable spiritual earthquake not every person can cope with, as a result of which people often slip into insanity?
The Universe has as many different centers as there are living beings in it. Each of us is a center of the Universe, and that Universe is shattered when they hiss at you: "You are under arrest"
If you are arrested, can anything else remain unshattered by this cataclysm? — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Breaking Point Quotes By Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Do you really think you're the only human being alive who is unforgivably flawed? Who's been hurt almost to the point of breaking? — Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Breaking Point Quotes By Kedar Joshi

God is the true realistic point where human reason mostly, if not completely, breaks down. — Kedar Joshi

Breaking Point Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

My characters tend to be more dynamic because they're reaching that point in their lives where their old way of being is breaking down. They're conflicted by the idea that they don't know what's next. You could call it Kierkegaard's leap of faith, when you get tired of sort of reinventing yourself on a very superficial level. — Chuck Palahniuk

Breaking Point Quotes By Jane Porter

God forgive her, but underneath the smiles and the good job and the great family, she was tired. Desperately tired. Tired to the point of breaking. In the last few years the exhaustion had grown, rising up like a specter to knock on her door. No one knew, she hadn't told even Kit, but in the past year she'd begun to question her entire existence. Why was she even here? What was life? Was she even necessary?
Maybe all women had these thoughts. Maybe all women felt tired. But the thoughts confused her. Good women weren't supposed to have doubts. Good women were supposed to be strong and selfless. Instead Meg felt needy and afraid. What if there was no reward for all the hard work? What if life was just one sacrifice after another? — Jane Porter

Breaking Point Quotes By Scott Jurek

To run 100 miles and more is to bring the body to the point of breaking, to bring the mind to the point of destruction, to arrive at that place where you can alter your consciousness. — Scott Jurek

Breaking Point Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

She realized that Rowan saw each of those thoughts and more as he reached into his tunic and pulled out a dagger. Her dagger. He extended it to her, it's long blade gleaming as if he'd been secretly polishing and caring for it these months.
And when she grasped the dagger, it's weight lighter than she remembered, Rowan looked into her eyes, into her very core of her, and said, 'Fireheart'. — Sarah J. Maas

Breaking Point Quotes By Jana Oliver

Everyone has a breaking point, Riley. He hit his long time ago.
But you didn't.
He smiled and sqeezed her hand.'Because of you.'
Weaving his arm around her waist, they walked up the stairs in tandem.
- Riley Blackthorne and Paul Blackthorne — Jana Oliver

Breaking Point Quotes By Ransom Riggs

She had tried to make herself like stone, but now the facade was falling away. — Ransom Riggs

Breaking Point Quotes By Oswald Chambers

Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?" Matthew 8:26 When we are afraid, the least we can do is pray to God. But our Lord has a right to expect that those who name His name have an underlying confidence in Him. God expects His children to be so confident in Him that in any crisis they are the ones who are reliable. Yet our trust is only in God up to a certain point, then we turn back to the elementary panic-stricken prayers of those people who do not even know God. We come to our wits' end, showing that we don't have even the slightest amount of confidence in Him or in His sovereign control of the world. To us He seems to be asleep, and we can see nothing but giant, breaking waves on the sea ahead of us. — Oswald Chambers

Breaking Point Quotes By Albert Camus

Liberty coincides with heroism. It is the asceticism of the great man, the bow bent to the breaking-point. — Albert Camus

Breaking Point Quotes By Valenciya Lyons

She had been bullied and tormented by Leena for a long time and she wasn't going to take it anymore. She was tired of being pushed around. She wanted to be strong for herself and be the type of person who her daughter would've wanted to have as a mother. — Valenciya Lyons

Breaking Point Quotes By Ben Horowitz

Most companies that go through layoffs are never the same. They don't recover because trust is broken. And if you're not honest at the point where you're breaking trust anyway, you will never recover. — Ben Horowitz

Breaking Point Quotes By Jeannine Allison

Strong things had a breaking point, too.
Strong girls got hurt, too.
They cried.
They yelled.
They broke. — Jeannine Allison

Breaking Point Quotes By Porscha Sterling

Every woman had a breaking point and Maliah's was incredibly high when it came to Danny. Granted, — Porscha Sterling

Breaking Point Quotes By Lia Davis

It's not going to be easy. I'll push you to your breaking point to prepare you. — Lia Davis

Breaking Point Quotes By Ibrahim Ibrahim

Contrary to John Anthony West's assertion (in his book, Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt) that there are no other possible interpretations of the mummy figure looking at the stars on the depiction in the tomb of Tutankhamen beyond being a matter of consciousness, many proofs point to ancient Egypt's aspiration to be among the stars and it is an essential part of its theology. It is after all evident that [the Pyramid Texts describe early conceptions of an afterlife in terms of eternal travelling with the sun god amongst the stars]. Staying loyal to the Upper Heavens' authority or breaking away from it, made ancient Egypt yearn to such a high position beyond Earth's physical realm where the Sun's shadow (i.e., snake) of the Lower Heavens' authority cannot fly. — Ibrahim Ibrahim

Breaking Point Quotes By Rupert Sheldrake

Matter is merely mind deadened by the development of habit to the point where the breaking up of these habits is very difficult. — Rupert Sheldrake

Breaking Point Quotes By Dennis Kimbro

Make your breaking point your turning point. — Dennis Kimbro

Breaking Point Quotes By Suzanne Brockmann

Recovering from a gunshot wound is not a vacation. You need to, like, write that on your hand or something. — Suzanne Brockmann

Breaking Point Quotes By Rafael Amadeus Hines

For me, there's nothing better than when I become the funnel, and have that out of body experience where I'm not the one writing anymore. At that point, it's all about bladder control. Sitting back and watching scenes, characters, and dialogue appear out of nowhere, and fear of breaking the spell makes you hold in your pee for six or eight hours is the best thing about being a writer. — Rafael Amadeus Hines

Breaking Point Quotes By Nicole Castle

Luckily for me, he knew my limits better than I did. If I looked like I needed it, he'd forget to wake me when I conked out, or he'd purposefully incapacitate me during our hand to hand combat, so I'd have no choice but to take the night off. We didn't have a safety word. I trusted him to know my breaking point, and never pass it. — Nicole Castle

Breaking Point Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

Change is more often a rapid transition between two stable states than a continuous transformation at slow and steady rates ... Change occurs in large leaps following a slow accumulation of stress that a system resists until it reaches the breaking point. Heat water, and it eventually boils. Oppress the workers more and more and bring on the revolution. — Stephen Jay Gould