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Top Bookworm Quotes

Bookworm Quotes By Aman Jassal

Everyone and Everything is conspiring to end up in a book. — Aman Jassal

Bookworm Quotes By Alaina Huffman

My normal life is I love to travel, and I travel as often as I can. I don't stay in one place too long. But I'm an avid reader, I guess you could say: I'm a bit of a bookworm. — Alaina Huffman

Bookworm Quotes By K.D Techster

If you're a bookworm and love to read popular fiction, and don't really care about who the author is, regardless if it is self-published or traditionally published, then Kindle Unlimited might be a good service for you. — K.D Techster

Bookworm Quotes By Mansi Tejpal

I love a book which never ends in my head, even though- a thousand times, it has been read! — Mansi Tejpal

Bookworm Quotes By Amy Engel

Often, when I am able to check out a book, I read it a dozen times before returning it, desperate to remain lost in the magic of someone else's story. — Amy Engel

Bookworm Quotes By Paul Acampora

But in the book," I say, "the mockingbird is supposed to be a symbol of innocence. That's why it's a sin to kill one."
"Who says it's a symbol of innocence?" asks Mort.
"Teachers," I tell him. "Book reviewers, critics --"
"Wikipedia," Elena calls from behind the window display. — Paul Acampora

Bookworm Quotes By Rhys Bowen

Pamela looked at his retreating back with admiration. He represented the backbone of Britain at this moment. A skinny, awkward bookworm, yet determined to keep going for as long as it took to defeat Hitler. — Rhys Bowen

Bookworm Quotes By Chelsea Cain

I was a library rat and a bookworm. I read all the time. I walked to school reading books. I read under my desk. — Chelsea Cain

Bookworm Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

It was a singular bedroom, with its high walls of brown volumes, but there could be no more agreeable furniture to a bookworm like myself, and there is no scent so pleasant to my nostrils as that faint, subtle reek which comes from an ancient book. I assured him that I could desire no more charming chamber, and no more congenial surroundings. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Bookworm Quotes By Anne Fadiman

-our father used to tell us stories about a bookworm named Wally. Wally, a squiggly little vermicule with a red baseball cap, didn't merely like books. He ate them. — Anne Fadiman

Bookworm Quotes By Munia Khan

Bookworms are the most precious worms in the world when they are humans, feeding upon the paper's body with their starving minds. — Munia Khan

Bookworm Quotes By Piero Scaruffi

The cure to eliminate fake news is that people stop reading 140-character tweets and start reading 600-page books. — Piero Scaruffi

Bookworm Quotes By Patton Oswalt

I'm such a bookworm, and I'm such a people-watcher. It took the Internet a while to catch on in Ireland, because the culture there is, you go to the pub and talk to people there, and that's how you get the news and all the gossip. You just do it face to face. And culturally, you just couldn't understand. — Patton Oswalt

Bookworm Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hence, instead of Man Thinking, we have the bookworm. Hence, the book-learned class, who value books, as such; not as related to nature and the human constitution, but as making a sort of Third Estate with the world and the soul. Hence, the restorers of readings, the emendators, the bibliomaniacs of all degrees. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bookworm Quotes By Liz Braswell

How could Belle, a lonely little bookworm of a country girl, ever come from someone so great that she meted out curses and blessings like candy and then took over an entire castle with her presence? — Liz Braswell

Bookworm Quotes By Kasie West

I don't care when people think I'm an antisocial, controlling bookworm because that's what I am. It's when they interpret me wrong that I have a problem. — Kasie West

Bookworm Quotes By Frank Grillo

A film that I love is 'Deliverance' from back in the day. You start out with these archetypal characters - the hero, the bookworm, the pacifist - and by the end, it's all turned upside down. I love that. — Frank Grillo

Bookworm Quotes By Colin Mochrie

I was a bookworm. Every week I'd go to the library and get seven books. Remember libraries? I wonder if people still go. And I learned about everything from the library. I came from a Scottish family. Old school. — Colin Mochrie

Bookworm Quotes By Rebecca Raisin

My to-be-read pile sadly would most likely outlive me - though I tried valiantly to catch up with it, I'd never get there. The allure of new books, new writers, characters who beckoned to me would never wane. — Rebecca Raisin

Bookworm Quotes By Terry Pratchett

All libraries, everywhere, are connected by the bookworm holes in space created by the strong space-time distortions found around any large collections of books. Only a very few librarians learn the secret, and there are inflexible rules about making use of the fact. Because it amounts to time travel, and time travel causes big problems. — Terry Pratchett

Bookworm Quotes By Lew Wallace

I know what I should love to do - to build a study; to write, and to think of nothing else. I want to bury myself in a den of books. I want to saturate myself with the elements of which they are made, and breathe their atmosphere until I am of it. Not a bookworm, being which is to give off no utterances; but a man in the world of writing - one with a pen that shall stop men to listen to it, whether they wish to or not. — Lew Wallace

Bookworm Quotes By Joyce Rachelle

Non-fiction is to theory as fiction is to experience. — Joyce Rachelle

Bookworm Quotes By Shakira

The thing is, my dad's always been more of a bookworm; he was interested in more intellectual pursuits, but nobody can escape the passion that football stirs. — Shakira

Bookworm Quotes By Joyce Rachelle

When a bookworm finally decides to leave the house, perhaps to explore some literary destination in one of her novels, she will be surprised to know that there is a volatile, often antagonistic force in the real world known as the weather. — Joyce Rachelle

Bookworm Quotes By Robert D. Richardson

[Emerson] was interested not in the bookworm, not even in the thinker, only in Man Thinking. — Robert D. Richardson

Bookworm Quotes By Theodor Fontane

Ah, how lucky are the lieutenants, the six-foot Junkers, and all the rest of the Don Juan clan! ... The bookworm, be he ever so decent and clever, is really only pleasing to himself and a small handful of others. The world passes him by and beckons to life and beauty ... to gay and handsome creatures to whom the hearts of their fellow men continue to turn. — Theodor Fontane

Bookworm Quotes By Olga Goa

Although I think the word "pleasure" is unknown to you. More precisely, its practical meaning". #MilanoVeneziani. #ItalianPassion — Olga Goa

Bookworm Quotes By John Green

I walked to his bedside table next. Infinite Mayhem. the ninth sequel to The Prince of Dawn, lay atop the table next to his reading lamp, the corner of page 138 turned down. He'd never made it to the end of the book. 'Spoiler alert: Mayhem survives,' I said out loud to him, just in case he could hear me. — John Green

Bookworm Quotes By Tammara Webber

I'd basically described myself: a quiet, studious bookworm who would go to bed at a decent hour. A non-partier who wouldn't bring a parade of boys through our room, or make it the floor headquarters for beer pong. — Tammara Webber

Bookworm Quotes By Erica Jong

When I was a ten-year old bookworm and used to kiss the dust jacket pictures of authors as if they were icons, it used to amaze me that these remote people could provoke me to love. — Erica Jong

Bookworm Quotes By Joe Queenan

A friend once told me that the real message Bram Stoker sought to convey in 'Dracula' is that a human being needs to live hundreds and hundreds of years to get all his reading done; that Count Dracula, basically nothing more than a misunderstood bookworm, was draining blood from the necks of 10,000 hapless virgins not because he was the apotheosis of pure evil but because it was the only way he could live long enough to polish off his extensive reading list. But I have no way of knowing if this is true, as I have not yet found time to read 'Dracula. — Joe Queenan

Bookworm Quotes By S.L. Jennings

In my mind, I am this awesome, adventurous bad ass. But in reality, I am just a bookworm that really likes wine. — S.L. Jennings

Bookworm Quotes By Joyce Rachelle

The sad thing about reading the book and then watching the movie is that they have to die all over again. — Joyce Rachelle

Bookworm Quotes By Caroline Leavitt

I was a bookworm who aced every test - until third grade, when my teacher handed out a pop quiz about Jesus and the Apostles. — Caroline Leavitt

Bookworm Quotes By Stephen Greenblatt

The bookworm - "one of the teeth of time," as Hooke put it - is no longer familiar to ordinary readers, but the ancients knew it very well. — Stephen Greenblatt

Bookworm Quotes By Belle Aurora

I know it's highly unusual for people to get this excited over books. But if you're a reader, you get me . I don't need movies. I don't need TV. But books I can't live without books. To
me, a book is better than any movie. All I need is a good book, my imagination, and I am set free. I'm in literature heaven. And thank God, this may be the only thing that keeps me sane while we're here. — Belle Aurora

Bookworm Quotes By Rebecca Eaton

I think the part I enjoy most is reading the scripts and screening films because I'm a bookworm and a movie buff. — Rebecca Eaton

Bookworm Quotes By Anika Redhed

The world is a thick book
and I am a big bookworm. — Anika Redhed

Bookworm Quotes By David Sedaris

If a person who constantly reads is labeled a bookworm, then I was quickly becoming what might be called a tapeworm. — David Sedaris

Bookworm Quotes By Marty Rubin

Hamlet: the agony of the bookworm forced to be a man of action. — Marty Rubin

Bookworm Quotes By Haidji

Life is paradoxical, but I believe that I could also be the same person I am today, if life would have cut me with happiness instead of pain. — Haidji

Bookworm Quotes By Tara Bray Smith

Certain bookworms eat books. Eat them, swear in them, spill things on them. — Tara Bray Smith

Bookworm Quotes By Kate Atkinson

Viola was a good reader, a bookworm - a phrase she hated. "How can a worm be a nice thing to be?" Viola said. I would be a worm, Nancy thought, if that was the only existence on offer, and then laughed at herself for having reached such a pass. "Without worms we wouldn't be able to grow food and everyone would starve," Nancy said reasonably. — Kate Atkinson

Bookworm Quotes By Nicole Gale Anderson

I was a huge bookworm, total nerd, so I was a victim in middle school. I was in three academic clubs, so I was an easy target. — Nicole Gale Anderson

Bookworm Quotes By Jen Wilde

Books are where the true magic happens. — Jen Wilde

Bookworm Quotes By Phyllis McGinley

A bookworm in bed with a new novel and a good reading lamp is as much prepared for pleasure as a pretty girl at a college dance. — Phyllis McGinley

Bookworm Quotes By Cornelia Funke

She is a real bookworm. I think she lives on print. Her whole house is full of books - looks as if she likes them better than human company. — Cornelia Funke

Bookworm Quotes By Olga Goa

You've got something that I don't have. Innocence. Ur eyes express it, & I can read everything in them". #MilanoVeneziani. #ItalianPassion — Olga Goa

Bookworm Quotes By Kim Harrison

Build: Bookworm, but tough — Kim Harrison

Bookworm Quotes By Louisa Klein

Never underestimate a bookwormLouisa Klein

Bookworm Quotes By George MacDonald

I was a bookworm then, but when I came to know it, I woke among the butterflies. — George MacDonald

Bookworm Quotes By Candace Knoebel

You're such a bookworm," Fenn said, shaking his head as he counted the books in my hand. "No," I corrected "I just want to be prepared. — Candace Knoebel

Bookworm Quotes By Fanny Fern

I want a human sermon. I don't care what Melchisedek, or Zerubbabel, or Kerenhappuk did, ages ago; I want to know what I am to do, and I want somebody besides a theological bookworm to tell me; somebody who is sometimes tempted and tried, and is not too dignified to own it; somebody like me, who is always sinning and repenting; somebody who is glad and sorry, and cries and laughs, and eats and drinks, and wants to fight when they are trodden on, and don't! — Fanny Fern

Bookworm Quotes By Ben Oliveira

[...] She knew it a book it was not just a book. Everything had a meaning. There was an invisible web that connected the words. It was like magic — Ben Oliveira

Bookworm Quotes By Aman Jassal

Books are to the mind as the whetstone for the knives. — Aman Jassal

Bookworm Quotes By Tushar Upreti

Every book has it's destiny, Like a human life , Sometime when an Author is dead the destiny of the book begins" The days of Childhood !!!!! — Tushar Upreti

Bookworm Quotes By Penny McCall

[Trip] "You're a pain in the ass. A wordy pain in the ass."
"Here are two more words for you. Interfering jerk."
"Stubborn idiot."
"Government patsy."
"Bookworm," Trip shot back, and then he had her up against her car, his mouth on hers, his hands on her body, taking as much of her as he could get. She came right back at him, curling her hands into his shirt, trying to drag him closer, which was impossible since the only thing between them was a couple of thin layers of clothing and enough heat to cause spontaneous combustion. — Penny McCall

Bookworm Quotes By John Green

Paper Towns for a Paper Girl, who wants to think and read clearly — John Green

Bookworm Quotes By George Eliot

He has got no good red blood in his body," said Sir James.
"No. Somebody put a drop under a magnifying-glass and it was all semicolons and parentheses," said Mrs. Cadwallader. — George Eliot

Bookworm Quotes By Anonymous

A Bookworm
A moth ate a word. To me that seemed
A curious happening when I heard of that wonder,
That a worm should swallow the word of a man,
A thief in the dark eat a thoughtful discourse
And the strong base it stood on. He stole, but he was not
A whit the wiser when the word had been swallowed. — Anonymous

Bookworm Quotes By Idris Elba

I wasn't bad at school, but I was never a bookworm. — Idris Elba

Bookworm Quotes By Lauren Leto

The most important thing about reading is not the level of sophistication of the books on your shelf. There is no prerequisite reading regimen for being a bookworm. — Lauren Leto

Bookworm Quotes By Louisa May Alcott

I agree not to expect anything from Mother or you, but I do want to buy Undine and Sintran for myself. I've wanted it so long, said Jo, who was a bookworm. — Louisa May Alcott

Bookworm Quotes By Lara Avery

I picked up a book called Anagrams and started to read. I felt someone's eyes on me and looked up. Stuart. I held up the book like someone would hold up a glass. Cheers. Parties, right? Ha-ha. It's that I don't know what to do or say it's just that I've been to so many parties that I'm tired of them and would rather read this book ha-ha so don't worry about me I'll just be here. — Lara Avery

Bookworm Quotes By Cookie O'Gorman

With every other girl vying for his attention, why the heck would he notice a bookworm like me?" And — Cookie O'Gorman

Bookworm Quotes By Steve Brody

A common misconception among youngsters attending school is that their teachers were child prodigies. Who else but a bookworm, prowling libraries and disdaining the normal youngster's propensity for play rather than study, would grow up to be a teacher anyway? — Steve Brody

Bookworm Quotes By Komal Kant

I'm a total bookworm, too. I figure, why do I need a guy in my bed when I can just fall asleep with my Kindle? — Komal Kant

Bookworm Quotes By Olga Goa

I cannot perceive that you're still a girl. Ur kisses don't seem so innocent. They just drive me crazy!" #MilanoVeneziani. #ItalianPassion — Olga Goa

Bookworm Quotes By CLAMP

Oh this? It's a 'bookworm.'
They live in books, and they love to eat important or valuable words. — CLAMP

Bookworm Quotes By Jennifer Irwin

Away I turned, from the ghosts that brought me to this place. From an insatiable desperation to be wanted and my urge to fill the emptiness inside. — Jennifer Irwin

Bookworm Quotes By Fran Lebowitz

To lose yourself in a book is the desire of the bookworm. I mean to be taken. That is my desire. — Fran Lebowitz

Bookworm Quotes By Carla H. Krueger

Books are like rivers, meandering this way and that, but taking us on a steady, flowing course to somewhere different. — Carla H. Krueger

Bookworm Quotes By The Bookworm

People of good will, whether on the Left or the Right, share the same concern: they don't want innocent people to die unnecessarily. The problem Leftist gun grabbers have is that, when it comes to guns, they are myopically focused on so-called "individual mass murders" and garden variety murderers. This means that they ignore entirely the most prolific killer in the world: Government. — The Bookworm

Bookworm Quotes By Marina Warner

When I was young, I did actually model and was much photographed by famous photographers. But I was always a bookworm. — Marina Warner

Bookworm Quotes By Lemony Snicket

You don't spend your life hanging around books without learning a thing or two. — Lemony Snicket

Bookworm Quotes By Jennifer Loren

No, but I do read a lot. I love to read. I could read for days and never stop. I use to be such a bookworm. I would barely look up to notice much of anything. — Jennifer Loren

Bookworm Quotes By Robert Littell

I am a bookworm. For play, I bury myself in the corners of libraries and read. — Robert Littell

Bookworm Quotes By Julianne Moore

I was a bookworm, and very skinny with big, thick glasses. I never went on dates and guys were afraid of me because I was smart. So I got contact lenses, started to dress a little better and tried not to talk about Plato with boys. It worked! — Julianne Moore

Bookworm Quotes By M.J. Rose

The library at home when she was child had been her refuge. She gravitated to it. When she was anxious, just taking a book of a shelf calmed her. Opening the cover, feeling the paper's smoothness, smelling the sheets, the leather, even sometimes the ink, centered her. — M.J. Rose

Bookworm Quotes By Gillian Flynn

But I wasn't a well-read bookworm; I was just a dumb whore in the right library. — Gillian Flynn

Bookworm Quotes By Cornelia Funke

Never develop a passion you can't afford. It'll eat your heart away like a bookworm. — Cornelia Funke

Bookworm Quotes By L.J. DeVet

The pages of a book are given life only as they are opened — L.J. DeVet

Bookworm Quotes By Amor Towles

Katey's the hottest bookworm you'll ever meet. If you took all the books that she's read and piled them in a stack, you could climb to the Milky Way. — Amor Towles

Bookworm Quotes By Louisa May Alcott

The moment Aunt March took her nap, or was busy with company, Jo hurried to this quiet place, and curling herself up in the easy chair, devoured poetry, romance, history, travels, and pictures like a regular bookworm. — Louisa May Alcott

Bookworm Quotes By Nicholaa Spencer

Only a true reader will understand how lovely it is to read a book on rainy days. — Nicholaa Spencer

Bookworm Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

I'll be a straitjacketed bookworm burrowed into the binding of an insane, homicidal book, staring helplessly out from the pages of my own life, as they're writ by someone else, and I'd commit atrocities that would damn a saint's soul. — Karen Marie Moning

Bookworm Quotes By Ben Oliveira

We want books that make our hearts beat harder... that relieve us of the agonizing burden of everyday life — Ben Oliveira

Bookworm Quotes By Anurag Shourie

For me, every book is an individual with its own identity and has to be nurtured and taken care
of, so that it may survive for a longer period. — Anurag Shourie

Bookworm Quotes By G.A. Henty

I do believe you would be perfectly happy shut up in your study with your rolls of manuscript all your life, without seeing another human being save a servant to bring you in bread and fruit and water twice a day. — G.A. Henty

Bookworm Quotes By Nathaniel Hawthorne

The bookworm of great libraries. — Nathaniel Hawthorne

Bookworm Quotes By Nathaniel Hawthorne

A bookworm-one of those men who are born to gnaw dead thoughts. His clothes, you see, are covered with the dust of libraries. He has no inward fountain of ideas ... " - "Earth's Holocaust", Hawthorne — Nathaniel Hawthorne

Bookworm Quotes By Jay Kristoff

You've got the look of a girl who's no stranger to the page. I can tell. You've got words in your soul. — Jay Kristoff

Bookworm Quotes By Marlene Simonette

You're a fangirl; you'd sneak off to meet your favorite Characters if it meant having to wade through a crowd of zombies. — Marlene Simonette

Bookworm Quotes By Laura Bush

When I was in my 20s, I was a bookworm - spent 12 hours of the day in the library. How I met George, I'll never know. — Laura Bush

Bookworm Quotes By Teresa Of Avila

I believe, unless I had a new book, I was never happy. — Teresa Of Avila

Bookworm Quotes By Jennifer E. Smith

They were just so different, and she kept wondering if he'd realize this was a mistake at some point; if, once she stopped being the novelty, the random American, he would recognize who she really was -- a nerdy bookworm, a happy loner -- and move on. — Jennifer E. Smith

Bookworm Quotes By Rebecca Raisin

My books have taken me around the world, but it's time I stepped from the pages, so I can see it for myself — Rebecca Raisin

Bookworm Quotes By Sophia Bush

I was really lucky. I had a really great opportunity. I went to an all girls, very small private school from seventh grade all the way to graduating. It was so wonderful because the focus was school at school ... and during the week I could be that nerdy bookworm of a girl, and do six hours of homework at night. — Sophia Bush

Bookworm Quotes By Ikechukwu Joseph

To harness your potentials,look inward,upward to God,then outward your environment — Ikechukwu Joseph

Bookworm Quotes By Muhammad Iqbal

Ilm Ne Mujh Se Kaha Ishq Hai Diwana-Pan
Ishq Ne Mujh Se Kaha Ilm Hai Takhmeen-o-Zan

Knowledge said to me, Love is madness;
Love said to me, Knowledge is calculation

Band-e-Takhmeen-o-Zan! Kirm-e-Kitabi Na Ban
Ishq Sarapa Huzoor, Ilm Sarapa Hijab

O slave of calculation, do not be a bookworm!
Love is Presence entire, Knowledge nothing but a Veil. — Muhammad Iqbal