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Top Campaign Finance Reform Quotes

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Gail Collins

I admired the way McCain worked on campaign finance reform. I admired the way Nancy Pelosi stiffened the Democrats' spine during the health care debate. I admire the way Barack Obama has raised a dog in the White House without ever putting it on the roof of the car for a vacation drive. — Gail Collins

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Mark Shields

From 1976, Judy to 1996, we had six presidential elections. And it was run under the Campaign Finance Reform Act of 1974. In all six of them, every candidate agreed to limits of what he could collect in contributions and what he could spend in seeking a nomination. And they all abided by it. — Mark Shields

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Tom Daschle

We need real campaign finance reform to loosen the grip of special interests on politics. — Tom Daschle

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Bradley A. Smith

Every major federal campaign-finance-reform effort since 1943 has attempted to treat corporations and unions equally. If a limit applied to corporations, it applied to unions; if unions could form PACs, corporations could too; and so on. DISCLOSE is the first major campaign-finance bill that has not taken this approach. — Bradley A. Smith

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Jay Alan Sekulow

Actually criminal sanctions that are given could be up to five years for violating the rules and regulations under the campaign finance reform. This is like the Alien and Sedition Act of years and years ago, decades ago. — Jay Alan Sekulow

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Andrew Card

Well, paycheck protection is an important ingredient for a successful campaign finance reform measure. — Andrew Card

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Bernie Sanders

Most Republicans are not prepared to stand up to the fossil fuel industry because they get a lot of their campaign funds from the Koch brothers and other people in the fossil fuel industry. That tells me why we have to reform our campaign finance system. — Bernie Sanders

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Anthony Gregory

For years, liberals have demonstrated a near religious devotion to the cause of 'cleaning up elections' with campaign finance reform, the wondrous panacea that would finally rescue our great country from corruption in politics ... How anyone could believe that corrupt politicians could or would legislate away their own corruption is completely beyond me. — Anthony Gregory

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Robert McChesney

But having said that, what's happening with campaign finance reform and our political culture is devastating. — Robert McChesney

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Ben Nelson

I certainly want campaign finance reform. I just wish this would do it in a way that would stand up to a constitutional challenge. — Ben Nelson

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Russ Feingold

I find that students are very strong on my issues, stronger than anyone: anti-death penalty, anti-racial profiling, campaign finance reform, questioning the anti-terrorism bill. — Russ Feingold

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Matt Welch

Maybe when they no longer receive Sierra magazine in their mailboxes, journalists will understand how campaign finance reform abridges free speech. — Matt Welch

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Morgan Fairchild

I have a lot of stands on a lot of political issues. I'm very big on campaign finance reform. I still think most Americans aren't aware of how the dumping of big corporate dollars and private donor dollars has totally corrupted the political system and taken it away from them. — Morgan Fairchild

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Dick Morris

Legislative action will never bring genuine campaign-finance reform. Consultants will prove endlessly inventive in gaming whatever system the reformers can devise so as to give their candidate an edge and allow the power of massive money to be felt. But reform laws will become irrelevant and redundant as the Internet replaces the special-interest fat cats as the best way to raise money and takes the place of TV as the most effective way to get votes. — Dick Morris

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Hillary Clinton

One of the reasons this election is so important is because the Supreme Court hangs in the balance. We need to overturn that terrible Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, and then reform our whole campaign finance system. — Hillary Clinton

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By William J. Clinton

We are very frustrated because we have a Supreme Court that seems determined to say that the wealthier have more right to free speech than the rest of us. For example, they say you couldn't stop me from spending all the money I've saved over the last five years on Hillary's campaign if I wanted to, even though it would clearly violate the spirit of campaign finance reform. — William J. Clinton

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Walter E. Williams

The bottom line is that if politicians weren't in the business of granting favors and exacting tribute, every single issue surrounding campaign finance reform would be irrelevant. After all, why would anyone spend money for influence, access, favors and tribute if the only thing that politicians do is to live up to their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution? — Walter E. Williams

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Robert Torricelli

Scaling back the campaign finance reform bill may get more Republicans aboard, but it leaves many of us who have been involved in the reform movement for years in believing that we are doing something and accomplishing nothing. — Robert Torricelli

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Zack Space

It starts with campaign finance reform. — Zack Space

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Cal Thomas

Democrats' desperate attempt to focus on campaign finance reform instead of laws that may have been broken by the Clinton-Gore campaign is like Mike Tyson demanding a reform in boxing regulations after biting off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear. — Cal Thomas

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Robert McChesney

The number one lobby that opposes campaign finance reform in the United States is the National Association of Broadcasters. — Robert McChesney

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Cameron Russell

One of the biggest issues for me is campaign finance reform. — Cameron Russell

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Thomas Kean Jr.

Campaign finance and ethics reform only works if it curtails all special interest groups equally and does not carve out any exceptions to benefit one party or another. 'Pay to play' reform was passed to limit the influence of big spending contractors over the public officials from whom they are trying to obtain work. — Thomas Kean Jr.

Campaign Finance Reform Quotes By Andrew Tobias

Nobody wants campaign finance reform more than me. It would save me a fortune. — Andrew Tobias