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Booksellers Quotes By Julia Glass

The best booksellers are like trustworthy pushers: Whatever they're dealing, you take it. — Julia Glass

Booksellers Quotes By Mary Ann Shaffer

I love seeing the bookshops and meeting the booksellers
booksellers really are a special breed. No one in their right mind would take up clerking in a bookstore for the salary, and no one in his right mind would want to own one
the margin of profit is too small. So, it has to be a love of readers and reading that makes them do it
along with first dibs on the new books. — Mary Ann Shaffer

Booksellers Quotes By Travis McDade

A remarkable number of the memoirs of booksellers are basically anecdote delivery devices. — Travis McDade

Booksellers Quotes By Graeme Simsion

There's definitely a role for online booksellers, but they can't host events, bring people together, and form a personal relationship in the way a bricks-and-mortar store and its staff can. — Graeme Simsion

Booksellers Quotes By Christopher Morley

A gathering of booksellers is a pleasant sanhedrim to attend. The members of this ancient craft bear mannerisms and earmarks just as definitely recognizable as those of the cloak and suit business or any other trade. They are likely to be a little - shall we say - worn at the bindings, as becomes men who have forsaken worldly profit to pursue a noble calling ill rewarded in cash. They are possibly a trifle embittered, which is an excellent demeanour for mankind in the face of inscrutable heaven. Long experience with publishers' salesmen makes them suspicious of books praised between the courses of a heavy meal. — Christopher Morley

Booksellers Quotes By Jen Campbell

These days, we've got booksellers in cities, in deserts, and in the middle of a rain forest; we've got travelling bookshops, and bookshops underground. We've got bookshops in barns, in caravans and in converted Victorian railway stations. We've even got booksellers selling books in the middle of a war.
Are bookshops still relevant? They certainly are.
All bookshops are full of stories, and stories want to be heard. — Jen Campbell

Booksellers Quotes By Michael A. Stackpole

Higher ebook prices don't benefit me, booksellers or readers, and that means something is really wrong. — Michael A. Stackpole

Booksellers Quotes By Lev Grossman

Being a writer can be isolating. It's good to be among readers and booksellers. — Lev Grossman

Booksellers Quotes By Julia Glass

I read reviews and consider myself pretty 'plugged in' to the literary cosmos, yet one of the things I love best about book-touring is the opportunity to compare notes with favorite booksellers around the country. I always come home with books by authors I'd never heard of - or books I've read about but didn't realize I might love. — Julia Glass

Booksellers Quotes By Graeme Murdock

The common Calvinist experience of life as a refugee, or of being part of a host community that received refugees, led to lasting international connections between individuals and communities...As churches became established in Switzerland, the Palatinate, Scotland, England and Bearn, and the churches in the Netherlands, France, Hungary and Poland battled for legal recognition and survival, princely courts, noble houses, universities and colleges also became locations for interactions between many Calvinists. Theologians, clergy, students, booksellers, merchants, diplomats, courtiers and military officers became involved in networks of personal contacts, correspondence, teaching and negotiation. — Graeme Murdock

Booksellers Quotes By Ruby Wax

I always ask the booksellers to look at me and recommend a book; 9 out of 10, they get it right; it's usually a book about someone dysfunctional. To me bookstores are like brothels of imagination, each book is luring me over going, 'Read me, read me'. — Ruby Wax

Booksellers Quotes By Christopher Smart

For I bless God in the libraries of the learned and for all the booksellers in the world. — Christopher Smart

Booksellers Quotes By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

These days, it seems like you can't throw a fish in a bookstore without hitting a high-stakes love triangle
not that I recommend the throwing of fish in bookstores, mind you, as it certainly annoys the booksellers, not to mention the fish ... — Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Booksellers Quotes By Christopher Morley

We have all sorts of conditions of booksellers: one is fanatic on the subject of libraries. He thinks that every public library should be dynamited. Another thinks that moving pictures will destroy the book trade. What rot! Surely everything that arouses people's minds, that makes them alert and questing, increases their appetite for books. - Roger Mifflin — Christopher Morley

Booksellers Quotes By James Boswell

The connection between authors, printers, and booksellers must be kept up. — James Boswell

Booksellers Quotes By John Dunton

Booksellers in the gross are taken for little better than a pack of knaves and atheists. — John Dunton

Booksellers Quotes By George Augustus Henry Sala

Millions of people are provided with their thoughts as with their clothes; authors, printers, booksellers, and newsmen stand, in relation to their minds, simply as shoemakers and tailors stand to their bodies. — George Augustus Henry Sala

Booksellers Quotes By Douglas Hulick

Secondhand booksellers and binder's shops ran in uneven rows on either side of me, jumbled and jostled together like an ill-kept bookshelf. — Douglas Hulick

Booksellers Quotes By Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Welcome to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, Daniel. I could make out about a dozen human figures scattered among the library's corridors and platforms. Some of them turned to greet me from afar, and I recognized the faces of various colleagues of my father's, fellows of the secondhand-booksellers' guild. To my ten-year-old eyes, they looked like a brotherhood of alchemists in furtive study. My father knelt next to me and, with his eyes fixed on mine, addressed me in the hushed voice he reserved for promises and secrets. — Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Booksellers Quotes By Cecelia Ahern

Books choose their readers, not the other way around. I believe that booksellers are the matchmakers. Thank you. — Cecelia Ahern

Booksellers Quotes By F. Paul Wilson

My genre-hopping has caused problems with marketing and sales departments over the years, because they need to know where to position a book with the booksellers. — F. Paul Wilson

Booksellers Quotes By Alberto Manguel

Old or new, the only sign I always try to rid my books of (usually with little success) is the price-sticker that malignant booksellers attach to the backs. These evil white scabs rip off with difficulty, leaving leprous wounds and traces of slime to which adhere the dust and fluff of ages, making me wish for a special gummy hell to which the inventor of these stickers would be condemned. — Alberto Manguel

Booksellers Quotes By Elizabeth Hand

I never think about genre when I work. I've written fantasy, science fiction, supernatural fiction, and am now working on a suspense novel. Genres are mostly useful as a marketing tool, and to help booksellers known where to shelve a book. — Elizabeth Hand

Booksellers Quotes By Horace

Not gods, nor men, nor even booksellers have put up with poets' being second-rate. — Horace

Booksellers Quotes By Louis Agassiz

There is no part of the country where in the summer you cannot get a sufficient supply of the best specimens. Teach your children to bring them in for themselves. Take your text from the brooks, not from the booksellers. — Louis Agassiz

Booksellers Quotes By M.J. Rose

We need to write books that publicists and marketers and booksellers and book club leaders and librarians and readers can get excited about. That have something about them that makes them stand out. That makes them shine. — M.J. Rose

Booksellers Quotes By Christopher Morley

I wish there could be an international peace
conference of booksellers, for (you will smile at this) my own
conviction is that the future happiness of the world depends in no
small measure on them and on the librarians. — Christopher Morley

Booksellers Quotes By Ray Bradbury

The women in my life have all been librarians, English teachers, or booksellers. If they couldn't speak pidgin Tolstoy, articulate Henry James, or give me directions to Usher and Ox, it was no go. I have always longed for education, and pillow talk's the best. — Ray Bradbury

Booksellers Quotes By John Corey Whaley

I love meeting readers and booksellers and am beyond overwhelmed and gratified at the reception. Each day feels like an adventure. — John Corey Whaley

Booksellers Quotes By A. Edward Newton

There may be little room for the display of this supreme qualification in the retail book business, but there is room for some. Be enterprising. Get good people about you. Make your shop windows and your shops attractive. The fact that so many young men and women enter the teaching profession shows that there are still some people willing to scrape along on comparatively little money for the pleasure of following an occupation in which they delight. It is as true to-day as it was in Chaucer's time that there is a class of men who "gladly learn and gladly teach," and our college trustees and overseers and rich alumni take advantage of this and expect them to live on wages which an expert chauffeur would regard as insufficient. Any bookshop worthy of survival can offer inducements at least as great as the average school or college. Under pleasant conditions you will meet pleasant people, for the most part, whom you can teach and form whom you may learn something. — A. Edward Newton

Booksellers Quotes By Pierce Brown

I've always looked at independent booksellers in a romantic light. — Pierce Brown

Booksellers Quotes By Henry Hitchings

He got Strahan to print fifty advertisements to be run in 'country papers', along with 250 showcards for booksellers' windows. Although none of this was expensive, the final account that Strahan presented was for more than £800, a sum that was not fully paid off until almost four years later. The — Henry Hitchings

Booksellers Quotes By Alberto Manguel

Instead, I practiced different forms of reading. The possibilities offered by books are legion. The solitary relationship of a reader with his or her books breaks into dozens of further relationships: with friends upon whom we urge the books we like, with booksellers (the few who have survived in the Age of Supermarkets) who suggest new titles, with strangers for whom we might compile an anthology. As we read and reread over the years, these activities multiply and echo one another. A book we loved in our youth is suddenly recalled by someone to whom it was long ago recommended, the reissue of a book we thought forgotten makes it again new to our eyes, a story read in one context becomes a different story under a different cover. Books enjoy this modest kind of immortality. — Alberto Manguel

Booksellers Quotes By Alain De Botton

Booksellers are the most valuable destination for the lonely, given the numbers of books written because authors couldn't find anyone to talk to. — Alain De Botton

Booksellers Quotes By Victor LaValle

Booksellers are the bartenders of the reading world. People share thoughts and interests they keep private from others in their lives. — Victor LaValle

Booksellers Quotes By Tessa Dare

Dedication: For librarians and booksellers everywhere, who gather books and build shelters for tender souls. — Tessa Dare

Booksellers Quotes By Sara Paretsky

In 1986 we were trying to help women get in print, stay in print, and come to the attention of booksellers and libraries. At that time, books by men mystery writers were reviewed seven times as often as books by women. — Sara Paretsky

Booksellers Quotes By Helene Hanff

All my scripts have artistic backgrounds
ballet, concert hall, opera
and all the suspects and corpses are cultured, maybe I'll do one about the rare book business in your honor, do you want to be the murderer or the corpse? — Helene Hanff

Booksellers Quotes By Edgar Allan Poe

The want of an international Copy-Right Law, by rendering it nearly impossible to obtain anything from the booksellers in the wayof remuneration for literary labor, has had the effect of forcing many of our very best writers into the service of the Magazines and Reviews. — Edgar Allan Poe

Booksellers Quotes By Piers Anthony

I maintain an ongoing survey of Internet Publishing and self publishing, so that it is now possible for any writer with a book to get it published at nominal cost or free, and to have it on sale at booksellers like Amazon. — Piers Anthony

Booksellers Quotes By Jen Campbell

We've always used stories as a way to pass on our history, as a way to explain things in life that we don't understand. We use them to make us feel connected to everything around us, and to help us escape to another time or place.
Bookshops across the world are full of these stories.
From travelling booksellers and undercover bookshops, to pop-up stalls and community hubs, walking into a good bookshop is like walking into another zone.These places are time machines, spaceships, story-makers, secret-keepers. They are dragon-tamers, dream-catchers, fact-finders and safe places. They are full of infinite possibilities, and tales worth taking home.
Because whether we're in the middle of the desert or in the heart of a city, on the top of a mountain or on an underground train: having good stories to keep us company can mean the whole world. — Jen Campbell

Booksellers Quotes By Jason Epstein

The marketplace for books when I entered the business shortly after World War II consisted of a thousand or so well stocked independent booksellers in major towns and cities supplemented by thousands of smaller shops that carried limited stocks of mostly current titles along with greeting cards, toys and so on. — Jason Epstein

Booksellers Quotes By Patrick DeWitt

I've stopped reading about the death of books because it's wasteful and morbid and insulting to the authors, agents, publishers, booksellers, critics, and readers that keep the world community of fiction interesting. — Patrick DeWitt

Booksellers Quotes By Horace

Mediocrity in poets has never been tolerated by either men, or gods, or booksellers. — Horace

Booksellers Quotes By Raniero Cantalamessa

There is a lot of talk about the betrayal of Judas, and people are not aware that it is happening again. Christ is being sold again, not to the leaders of the Sanhedrin for thirty pieces of silver but to editors and booksellers for millions of dollars ... — Raniero Cantalamessa

Booksellers Quotes By Karl Marlantes

I was given the ability to create stories and characters. That's my part of the long chain of writers, publishers, agents, booksellers, librarians, and a host of others who eventually deliver literature to the world. I want to do for others what Eudora Welty did for me. — Karl Marlantes

Booksellers Quotes By Charlie Hill

Despite the promise of four days of sun and overly sweet wine, Richard was sporting a sour puss. But then that was to be expected - he sold books for a living, after all. — Charlie Hill

Booksellers Quotes By J.A. Konrath

I love bookstores and booksellers. In my novel 'Dirty Martini,' I thanked over 3,000 booksellers by name in the back matter. — J.A. Konrath

Booksellers Quotes By Victor Hugo

The next day, the day after, every day, he had to begin again. M. Mabeuf went out with a book and came back with a little money. As the secondhand bookstall keepers saw that he was forced to sell, they bought from him for twenty sous what he had paid twenty francs for. Sometimes to the same booksellers. Volume by volume, the whole library disappeared. At times he would say, "But I am eighty years old," as if he had some lingering hope of reaching the end of his days before reaching the end of his books. — Victor Hugo

Booksellers Quotes By Nina George

Perdu reflected that is was a common misconception that booksellers looked after books. They look after people. — Nina George

Booksellers Quotes By Annia Ciezadlo

The problem is that so many of them are not getting told. This is a massive problem, not just in the Middle East but for places from Africa to Afghanistan. There are millions of stories out there, millions of potential Booksellers of Kabul or Valentino Achak Dengs. — Annia Ciezadlo

Booksellers Quotes By Leona Rostenberg

To librarians, booksellers, and collectors there is nothing limited in the subject of books about books. — Leona Rostenberg

Booksellers Quotes By Terry Pratchett

"Out of Print" is bookseller speak for "We can't be hedgehogged". — Terry Pratchett

Booksellers Quotes By Alana Muir

Like everywhere else in the world, the book stores of Britain are struggling with being pushed out of the market by online booksellers. The most popular book store chain in the UK is Waterstones. They are closing locations and cutting back as they lost business, but they aren't losing business as fast and as hard as the book stores in the US. There is one reason for this: sales. If you go into a book store in the UK, you will be greeted by tables covered with bestsellers and crime novels and other popular books, stacked high with signs saying "3 for £10". Take heed, American booksellers: people buy more things when you lower the price sometimes. People love a special offer. — Alana Muir

Booksellers Quotes By G.R. Reader

At your next book club meeting, picture me sitting quietly in the corner, taking notes on your preferences. Imagine the next day you get an email from me trying to sell you a new grill - or a book - or accessories for your Glock. That's the Amazon/Goodreads deal. It's appalling. But everywhere in the press, you'll read about the genius of Amazon.
(Michael Herrmann and the booksellers of Gibson's) — G.R. Reader

Booksellers Quotes By Pat Brown

Serial killers are everywhere! Well, perhaps not in our neighborhood, but on our television screens, at the movie theatres, and in rows and rows of books at our local Borders or Barnes and Noble Booksellers. — Pat Brown

Booksellers Quotes By Seth Godin

Kickstarter eliminates the risk that publishers and booksellers face. They have limited resources and limited shelf space, and Kickstarter is proof to them that something is going to work. — Seth Godin

Booksellers Quotes By Nick Harkaway

Booksellers are tied to publishing - they need conventional publishing models to continue - but for those companies, that's not the case. Amazon is an infrastructure company; Apple sells hardware; Google is really an advertising company. You can't afford as a publisher to have those companies control your route to market. — Nick Harkaway

Booksellers Quotes By James Rollins

I've mis-signed many a book Rollins or Clemens. My readers quickly become aware. Booksellers will often promote me under both names, and I do plug both at signings. Generally, the fantasy reader has no problem going into the suspense genre. It's harder for the typical suspense reader to go the other direction. — James Rollins

Booksellers Quotes By Samuel Johnson

The booksellers are generous liberal-minded men. — Samuel Johnson

Booksellers Quotes By Peter Ackroyd

For when I trace back the years I have liv'd, gathering them up in my Memory, I see what a chequer'd Work Of Nature my life has been. If I were now to inscribe my own History with its unparalleled Sufferings and surprizing Adventures (as the Booksellers might indite it), I know that the great Part of the World would not believe the Passages there related, by reason of the Strangeness of them, but I cannot help their Unbelief; and if the Reader considers them to be but dark Conceits, then let him bethink himself that Humane life is quite out of the Light and that we are all Creatures of Darknesse. — Peter Ackroyd

Booksellers Quotes By William Boyd

I know many older writers who were very successful and whose books are now out of print, so you have to go to antiquarian booksellers to buy their fifth or eighth novel or whatever it is. — William Boyd