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Best Tv Friendship Quotes By David Shore

There are a lot of explorations on TV of romantic relationships, and some are good and some are bad. I think there are very few explorations of male friendship that' s not just a wingman type friendship and not just an opportunity for humor, but that really explores two friends and their relationship. — David Shore

Best Tv Friendship Quotes By Randy West

That was the day I began cutting classes and returning to TV tapings; it ultimately led to a friendship with Johnny O, and an increasing fascination and respect for what he did. — Randy West

Best Tv Friendship Quotes By Ray Davies

You got all your friends, I got a TV set. — Ray Davies

Best Tv Friendship Quotes By Tim Sandlin

Friendship is so much healthier than other crutches -alcohol or TV or religious fanaticism. One healthy crutch shouldn't be against the rules. — Tim Sandlin

Best Tv Friendship Quotes By Megan Jacobson

I'm sitting in front of the TV, watching Jerry Springer, and it makes me think of how many mad people there are in the world, and whether everyone is mad deep down, they just pretend they're not, and it's the people in asylums or on Jerry Springer who are the honest ones. I have a notebook and a chewed-up pen, and I'm trying to think of a topic for the Youth Issues speech. Mrs Thomas says she thinks I have a lot to say, but I don't. Nothing I can put words to anyway. I could talk about bullying, or alcoholism, but I don't think I could speak about that out loud, it's too real, and it'd be like I was standing up there naked. More than naked. It would be like my skin was all peeled off and I was just standing there with my heart all bloody and thumping in my rib cage for everyone to see. — Megan Jacobson

Best Tv Friendship Quotes By James Morrison

I'm in a squad where I'd rather shoot the C.O than the enemy.- Cooper Hawkes

Knock it off. -T,C. McQueen

You know what I'm saying, Sir. I mean I never felt like shooting you. -Cooper Hawkes

Stop it, Hawkes. You're making me all misty.-- T.C. McQueen — James Morrison

Best Tv Friendship Quotes By Steve Capus

Stretching back nearly three decades, Brian Williams and I have forged an enduring friendship. It all began in 1986 at WCAU-TV in Philadelphia and has resulted in a set of noteworthy experiences, amazing successes, and a bunch of trips to NASCAR speedways. — Steve Capus

Best Tv Friendship Quotes By Hunter S. Thompson

I had a truly horrible dream last night ... [Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Tyson and I] were on our way to a TV studio for a debate about his long-time working friendship with the powerful Bush family from Texas and how it might affect the next Bush presidency when The Terminator seizes power in Sacramento and tries to hand over the state's 54 electoral votes by election day in 2004. That is the basic plan behind Schwarzenegger running. He doesn't want to be Governor, he just wants the electoral votes to go to Bush this time. — Hunter S. Thompson

Best Tv Friendship Quotes By Jamie Campbell Bower

Of course, on a job, you have a shared common interest in the fact that you're there making a movie or making a TV show, and that creates unification within a group. There has to be something more than just the work for that to continue on, for that friendship to continue on. — Jamie Campbell Bower