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Power Powerless Quotes By Camryn Manheim

4/16/85: If I were thin, I'd never say "I am powerless over fudge."
a) I can't believe I actually ever said that. b) Which, of course, isn't to say that I do have any power over fudge. Particularly if it has nuts. — Camryn Manheim

Power Powerless Quotes By Michael Eric Dyson

I think public intellectuals have a responsibility - to be self-critical on the one hand, to do serious, nuanced work rigorously executed; but to also be able to get off those perches and out of those ivory towers and speak to the real people who make decisions; to speak truth to power and the powerless with lucidity and eloquence. — Michael Eric Dyson

Power Powerless Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

A minority is powerless while it conforms to the majority; it is not even a minority then; but it is irresistible when it clogs by its whole weight. — Henry David Thoreau

Power Powerless Quotes By Lewis Nkosi

Liberals want to set up social welfare committees to help whites and West Indians love each other in Birmingham. But all such efforts are doomed to failure. For the strong the weak are just too much of a temptation; and in all fairness it seems to me quite wicked for black people to have tempted the powerful with so much powerless-ness for so long. The obvious answer is to redress this imbalance in power. — Lewis Nkosi

Power Powerless Quotes By Murray Bookchin

Power to the people' can only
be put into practice when the power exercised by social elites is
dissolved into the people. Each individual can then take control of
his daily life. If 'Power to the people' means nothing more than
power to the 'leaders' of the people, then the people remain an
undifferentiated, manipulatable mass, as powerless after the revolution as they were before. In the last analysis, the people can never
have power until they disappear as a 'people. — Murray Bookchin

Power Powerless Quotes By Gregg Braden

When we feel we are powerless our ego most wants to change the things in our world. As we realize we have the power to change our reality the maturity that comes with that understanding changes us, and we find ourselves in acceptance of what is with less desire of feeling our need to change the world around us. — Gregg Braden

Power Powerless Quotes By Mark T. Barclay

I truly believe that a dirty church is a powerless church. Sin absolutely steals our confidence and our boldness in Christ. Absolutely, without a doubt, living a sinful life quenches the great Holy Spirit, who is the power of this gospel. — Mark T. Barclay

Power Powerless Quotes By Susan L. Taylor

The paralyzing effect of fear makes us as helpless as babies and blinds us to the truth that God didn't send us here to be powerless spectators, but to become powerful initiators. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience, and we have the power to break the cycle of negativity that is fueling a very dangerous world. It's not only possible, it's why we are here. — Susan L. Taylor

Power Powerless Quotes By Tariq Ramadan

No one must ever let power or social, economic, or political interest turn him or her away from other human beings, from the attention they deserve and the respect they are entitled to. nothing must ever lead to a person to compromise this principle or faith in favor of a political strategy aimed at saving or protecting a community from some peril. The freely offered, sincere heart of a poor, powerless individual is worth a thousand times more in the sight of God than the assiduously courted, self-interested heart of a rich one. — Tariq Ramadan

Power Powerless Quotes By Peter Maass

I am a lawyer, and for me it is very sad to say that there is now law here. There are weapons rather than law. What did Mao say? Power comes out of the barrel of a gun. It's very true. The situation is decadent. A lot of Serbs think this is leading us nowhere but they feel powerless. How many disagree? I don't know. Perhaps thirty percent disagree, but most of them are frightened and quiet. Perhaps sixty percent agree or are confused enough to go along. They are led by the ten percent who have the guns and who have control of the television towers. That's all they need.'

p. 107 — Peter Maass

Power Powerless Quotes By Roseanne Barr

My dad taught me swears when I was a toddler, and I saw, at a really early age, that if I shocked people, I would get approval, and it made my arms itch with glee. I got addicted to it. It became this source of power in a totally powerless life. — Roseanne Barr

Power Powerless Quotes By Markus Zusak

The best word shakers were the ones who understood the true power of words. They were the ones who could climb the highest. One such word shaker was a small, skinny girl. She was renowned as the best word shaker of her region because she knew how powerless a person could be WITHOUT words. — Markus Zusak

Power Powerless Quotes By Herman Melville

With no power to annul the elemental evil in him, though readily enough he could hide it; apprehending the good, but powerless to be it; a nature like Claggart's, surcharged with energy as such natures almost invariably are, what recourse is left to it but to recoil upon itself and, like the scorpion for which the Creator alone is responsible, act out to the end the part allotted it. — Herman Melville

Power Powerless Quotes By Marion Zimmer Bradley

What you see is from outside yourself, and may come, or not, but is beyond your control. But your fear is yours, and yours alone, like your voice, or your fingers, or your memory, and therefore yours to control. If you feel powerless over your fear, you have not yet admitted that it is yours, to do with as you will. — Marion Zimmer Bradley

Power Powerless Quotes By Craig Murray

If you achieve a voice that will be heard, you should use it to speak up for the voiceless and oppressed. If you possess any power or authority, you must strive to use it to help and empower the powerless. — Craig Murray

Power Powerless Quotes By Dr. John

Powerful people never educate powerless people in what they need that they can use to take the power away from powerful people; it's too much to expect. If I was in power, I would not educate people in how to take my powers away. — Dr. John

Power Powerless Quotes By Heather W. Petty

Sherlock shrugged. "I don't understand the need for power, really. There are more important pursuits."
"Only those who have never felt powerless can afford to think like you. — Heather W. Petty

Power Powerless Quotes By Josiah Warren

The circulating medium being issued only by those who labor, they would suddenly become invested with all the wealth and all the power; and those who did not labor, be they ever so rich now, would as suddenly become poor and powerless. — Josiah Warren

Power Powerless Quotes By T.F. Hodge

Feeling powerless is the result of yielding to fearful thinking. — T.F. Hodge

Power Powerless Quotes By Lech Walesa

Power is only important as an instrument for service to the powerless. — Lech Walesa

Power Powerless Quotes By Gregory David Roberts

Let me explain something to you. Look around here. How many people do you count? Sixty, eighty, eighty people? Greeks, Germans, Italians, French, Americans. Tourists from everywhere. Eating, drinking, talking, laughing. And from Bombay - Indians and Iranians and Afghans and Arabs and Africans. But how many of these people have real power, real destiny, real dynamic for their place, and their time, and the lives of thousand of people? I will tell you - four. Four people in this room with power, and the rest are like the rest of the people everywhere: powerless, sleepers in the dream. — Gregory David Roberts

Power Powerless Quotes By Friedrich Engels

The state, then, is by no means a power forced on society from outside; neither is it the "realization of the ethical idea," "the image and the realization of reason," as Hegel maintains. It is simply a product of society at a certain stage of evolution. It is the confession that this society has become hopelessly divided against itself, has entangled itself in irreconcilable contradictions which it is powerless to banish. In — Friedrich Engels

Power Powerless Quotes By Jane Jacobs

It is immoral for powerless people to accept this powerlessness. They may not succeed in getting power but they can fight for it, and if enough fight for it, it makes it very difficult for the people with the big sticks. — Jane Jacobs

Power Powerless Quotes By Stephen A. Diamond

Therefore, it is we who are responsible for much of the evil in the world; and we are each morally required to accept rather than project that ponderous responsibility-lest we prefer instead to wallow in a perennial state of powerless, frustrated, furious, victimhood. For what one possesses the power to bring about, one has also the power to limit, mitigate, counteract, or transmute. — Stephen A. Diamond

Power Powerless Quotes By Hannah Arendt

Persecution of powerless or power-losing groups may not be a very pleasant spectacle, but it does not spring from human meanness alone. What makes men obey or tolerate real power and, on the other hand, hate people who have wealth without power, is the rational instinct that power has a certain function and is of some general use. Even — Hannah Arendt

Power Powerless Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

Before child labor laws, there were businesses that treated their ten-year-old employees well. society didn't ban child labor because it's impossible to imagine children working in a good environment, but because when you give that much power to businesses over powerless individuals, it's corrupting. When we walk around thinking we have a greater right to eat an animal than the animal has a right to live without suffering, it's corrupting. — Jonathan Safran Foer

Power Powerless Quotes By Eckhart Tolle

Forgiveness" is a term that has been in use for two thousand years, but most people have a very limited view of what it means. You cannot truly forgive yourself or others as long as you derive your sense of self from the past. Only through accessing the power of the Now, which is your own power, can there be true forgiveness. This renders the past powerless, and you realize deeply that nothing you ever did or that was ever done to you could touch even in the slightest the radiant essence of who you are. The whole concept of forgiveness then becomes unnecessary. — Eckhart Tolle

Power Powerless Quotes By Robert Jackson Bennett

We are - or were - Divinities, Shara Komayd: we drew power from the hearts and minds and beliefs of a people. But that which you draw power from, you are also powerless before ... A people believe in a god ... and the god tells them what to believe. — Robert Jackson Bennett

Power Powerless Quotes By Alan Keyes

Our founders understood that divine authority was necessary in order to establish a ground on which the weak, the defenseless, the powerless, the poor and the wretched would be able to stand, in the face of every human power whatsoever, and demand respect for their human rights and dignity. — Alan Keyes

Power Powerless Quotes By Friedrich Engels

We find two great gangs of political speculators, who alternately take possession of the state power and exploit it by the most corrupt ends
the nation is powerless against these two great cartels of politicians who are ostensibly its servants, but in reality dominate and plunder it. — Friedrich Engels

Power Powerless Quotes By Max Stirner

Before the sacred, people lost all sense of power and all confidence; they occupy a powerless and humble attitude toward it. And yet no thing is sacred of itself, but by declaring it sacred, by my declaration, my judgment, my bending the knee; in short, by my - conscience. — Max Stirner

Power Powerless Quotes By Sanjo Jendayi

We have all heard the phrase "information is power" and in the world of social media, information is abundant. I started thinking...we are some well informed peopled on a myriad of topics but is it the information that is power or is the true power in what we do with the information? I think information is a tool and sometimes that tool falls into hands that have no clue how to use it; rendering it powerless. — Sanjo Jendayi

Power Powerless Quotes By Santideva

May the blind see the forms,
May the deaf hear sounds.

May the naked find clothing,
The hungry find food;
May the thirsty find water
And delicious drinks.

May the poor find wealth,
Those weak with sorrow find joy;
May the forlorn find new hope,
Constant happiness and prosperity.

May the frightened cease to be afraid
And those bound be freed;
May the powerless find power,
And may the people think of benefiting one another — Santideva

Power Powerless Quotes By Chanakya

If people of one's own side have good conduct, it adds power to oneself. The misconduct on the contrary render one powerless. The enemy taks advantage of it. A skilled statesman never allows enemy to win over. — Chanakya

Power Powerless Quotes By Brian Michael Bendis

I have a very strong color theory, for instance, where in Powers, green means powerless, and red means power.The story was all there, but I was desperate to make sure that extra level was the case. — Brian Michael Bendis

Power Powerless Quotes By Carrie Vaughn

Writers can feel pretty powerless in the big corporate world of publishing, but sometimes our greatest power is the ability to say 'no.' — Carrie Vaughn

Power Powerless Quotes By Phyllis Chesler

Mary, mother of Jesus, pays for her maternity by giving up her body, almost entirely: she foregoes both (hetero) sexual pleasure (Christ's birth is a virgin and "spiritual" birth) and physical prowess. She has no direct worldly power but, like her crucified son, is easily identified with by many people, especially women, as a powerless figure. Mary symbolizes power achieved through receptivity, compassion, and a uterus. (There's nothing intrinsically wrong with a consciously willed "receptivity" to the universe; on the contrary, it is highly desirable, and should certainly include "receptivity" to many things other than holy sperm and suffering.) — Phyllis Chesler

Power Powerless Quotes By Martin Luther King Jr.

It is precisely this collision of immoral power with powerless morality which constitutes the major crisis of our times. — Martin Luther King Jr.

Power Powerless Quotes By David Levithan

It was so screwed up, because the thing that made us the most powerless also gave us such power. We could make them turn away. We could bother them and challenge them and mess them up. You think people are afraid of two boys in love? To hell with that. What people are really afraid of is two boys screwing. — David Levithan

Power Powerless Quotes By Ted Rall

We can wait for the system to collapse of its own accord, for the rage of the downtrodden and dispossessed to build, for chaos of some sort to expose and destroy it. But implosion might take a long time. And when it happens, we may find ourselves even more powerless than we are now. They - the hardcore, racist, undereducated, fundamentalist Christian, anit-civil liberties Right - are preparing to step into the breach, to seize power. They can't wait to unleash their venomous hatred on the city-dwelling commie hipster fags they despise. They are armed. They recognize that the system is doomed. They've seen this coming. They're organized and willing to merge their disparate brands of conservatism under a common leadership. Most importantly, they get it. They don't need to be convinced that everything is in play. They're putting it in play. — Ted Rall

Power Powerless Quotes By Esther Hicks

Your natural instinct, from your broadest Nonphysical perspective, is to know your power. Fear is a vibration when you feel powerless. Your natural instinctual Nonphysical vibration is to know your worthiness, know your rightness, know your value. And the feeling of fear is always when you are contradicting that thought. — Esther Hicks

Power Powerless Quotes By Nenia Campbell

I was supposed to be powerless, and as a result they failed to see that I possessed claws. — Nenia Campbell

Power Powerless Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

However much we obfuscate or ignore it, we know that the factory farm is inhumane in the deepest sense of the word. And we know that there is something that matters in a deep way about the lives we create for the living beings most within our power. Our response to the factory farm is ultimately a test of how we respond to the powerless, to the most distant, to the voiceless
it is a test of how we act when no one is forcing us to act one way or another. — Jonathan Safran Foer

Power Powerless Quotes By Rick Warren

The more you care about the powerless, the more power you have. The more you serve those with no influence, the more influence God gives you. The more you humble yourself, the more you're honored by others. — Rick Warren

Power Powerless Quotes By Cnut The Great

Let all men know how empty and powerless is the power of kings. For there is none worthy of the name but God, whom heaven, earth and sea obey — Cnut The Great

Power Powerless Quotes By Leymah Gbowee

You can tell people of the need to struggle, but when the powerless start to see that they really can make a difference, nothing can quench the fire. — Leymah Gbowee

Power Powerless Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

What is a woman's power then?" she asked.
"I don't think we know."
"When has a woman power because she's a woman? With her children, I suppose. For a while ... "
"In her house, maybe."
She looked around the kitchen. "But the doors are shut," she said, "the doors are locked."
"Because you're valuable."
"Oh yes. We're precious. So long as we're powerless. — Ursula K. Le Guin

Power Powerless Quotes By David Farrier

I was tied down in that chair for 10 minutes and experienced what it was like to be completely powerless while someone else has complete dominance. It's sadistic, even though I find Richard to be a really lovely human being. That's what the whole film [Tickled] is about. It's not a film about tickling, but I think tickling offers a really good visual metaphor for the much bigger ideas that we were trying to get at about power and control - by people who have a lot of money - over people without money and who have no power in the relationship. — David Farrier

Power Powerless Quotes By T.F. Hodge

That sassy low classy, but dress real cheap-fly-n-fancy, with a chip on her shoulder
she's just a bitterly wounded dove, wanting to be sieged by love. — T.F. Hodge

Power Powerless Quotes By Mildred Lewis Rutherford

THOMAS JEFFERSON said: "When all government, domestic and foreign, in little things as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided by our government on another, and will become venal and oppressive as the government from which we have just separated. — Mildred Lewis Rutherford

Power Powerless Quotes By Randy Alcorn

We don't believe 'in the power of prayer,' but in our all-powerful God who empowers our inherently powerless prayers." - Burk Parsons — Randy Alcorn

Power Powerless Quotes By Dante Alighieri

For where the instrument of intelligence is added to brute power and evil will, mankind is powerless in its own defense. — Dante Alighieri

Power Powerless Quotes By John Kenneth Galbraith

The myth that holds that the great corporation is the puppet of the market, the powerless servant of the consumer, is, in fact one of the devices by which its power is perpetuated. — John Kenneth Galbraith

Power Powerless Quotes By Andy Crouch

Stewardship means to consciously take up our cultural power, investing it intentionally among the seemingly powerless, putting our power at their disposal to enable them to cultivate and create. — Andy Crouch

Power Powerless Quotes By Kate Northrup

our power in any moment lies in our ability to get into agreement with what's happening - to fall in love with your story. The more we push up against something, the more we find it wrong, and the more we wish it were different, the more powerless we are to create the reality that we desire. Conversely, — Kate Northrup

Power Powerless Quotes By Louise M. Rosenblatt

We are frequently being reminded that no criticism or teaching is ever completely politically "innocent." True, but should we accept the swing to the indoctrination of an unqualifiedly negative attitude, which fosters a sense of alienation, of being a powerless victim? And should we permit a simplistic view of "power" to trigger simplistic notions of alternatives and processes of social change? — Louise M. Rosenblatt

Power Powerless Quotes By Kathy Reichs

Americans have become a nation afraid." "Of?" "A shooter on a rampage in a school cafeteria. A hijacked plane toppling a high-rise building. A bomb in a train or rental van. A postal delivery carrying anthrax. The power to kill is out there for anyone willing to use it. All it takes is access to the Internet or a friendly gun shop." Ryan let me go on. "We fear terrorists, snipers, hurricanes, epidemics. And the worst part is we've lost faith in the government's ability to protect us. We feel powerless and that causes constant anxiety, makes us fear things we don't understand. — Kathy Reichs

Power Powerless Quotes By Karl R. Popper

in the field of ethics, of moral knowledge, it was approached by Kant with his principle of autonomy. This principle expresses his realization that we must not accept the command of an authority, however exalted, as the basis of ethics. For whenever we are faced with a command by an authority, it is for us to judge, critically, whether it is moral or immoral to obey. The authority may have power to enforce its commands, and we may be powerless to resist. But if we have the physical power of choice, then the ultimate responsibility remains with us. It is our own critical decision whether to obey a command; whether to submit to an authority. — Karl R. Popper

Power Powerless Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

When all government ... in little as in great things ... shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power; it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated. — Thomas Jefferson

Power Powerless Quotes By Christopher Hayes

We cannot have a just society that applies the principle of accountability to the powerless in the principle of forgiveness to the powerful. — Christopher Hayes

Power Powerless Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

The power of ignorance can make a powerful man look powerless — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Power Powerless Quotes By Matthew Scully

Animals are more than ever a test of our character, of mankind's capacity for empathy and for decent, honorable conduct and faithful stewardship. We are called to treat them with kindness, not because they have rights or power or some claim to equality, but in a sense because they don't; because they all stand unequal and powerless before us. — Matthew Scully

Power Powerless Quotes By Melody Beattie

Today I will realize that I'm powerless over other people's expectations of me. I'll think about what I want and consider that how I respond to others' needs will affect the course of my life. I will own my own power and choose the course that's right for me. — Melody Beattie

Power Powerless Quotes By Henry Clay

How is it with the President? Is he powerless? He is felt from one extremity to the other of this vast Republic. By means of principles which he has introduced, and innovations which he has made in our institutions, alas! but too much countenanced by Congress and a confiding people, he exercises, uncontrolled, the power of the State. In — Henry Clay

Power Powerless Quotes By Monica Ali

If you think you are powerless, then you are — Monica Ali

Power Powerless Quotes By John Williams

Horace once told me that laws were powerless against the private passions of the human heart, and only he who has no power over it, such as the poet or the philosopher, may persuade the human spirit to virtue. — John Williams

Power Powerless Quotes By Christina Moss

A victim is someone who blames it all on someone else. Why give all the power to someone else and leave yourself powerless? — Christina Moss

Power Powerless Quotes By Chinua Achebe

There is a moral obligation, I think, not to ally oneself with power against the powerless. — Chinua Achebe

Power Powerless Quotes By Bill Vaughan

Who grasps with his fist one who has an arm of steel injures only his own powerless wrist. Wait till inconstant fortune ties his hand, then ... pick out his brains. — Bill Vaughan

Power Powerless Quotes By Pope Benedict XVI

What is truth? Pilate was not alone in dismissing this question as unanswerable and irrelevant for his purposes. Today too, in political argument and in discussion of the foundations of law, it is generally experienced as disturbing. Yet if man lives without truth, life passes him by; ultimately he surrenders the field to whoever is the stronger. "Redemption" in the fullest sense can only consist in the truth becoming recognizable. And it becomes recognizable when God becomes recognizable. He becomes recognizable in Jesus Christ. In Christ, God entered the world and set up the criterion of truth in the midst of history. Truth is outwardly powerless in the world, just as Christ is powerless by the world's standards: he has no legions; he is crucified. Yet in his very powerlessness, he is powerful: only thus, again and again, does truth become power. — Pope Benedict XVI

Power Powerless Quotes By Mason Cooley

The more powerless people are, the longer they are kept waiting. — Mason Cooley

Power Powerless Quotes By Kate Williams

People are not happy with women in actual power, yet we seem to be happy to take women on as figureheads, objects, like queens. It's a powerful yet politically powerless role. — Kate Williams

Power Powerless Quotes By Mike Norton

Risk is the factor of a stratagem measured by what man is powerless to control. — Mike Norton

Power Powerless Quotes By Frederick Buechner

And because God's love is uncoercive and treasures our freedom - if above all he wants us to love him, then we must be left free not to love him - we are free to resist it, deny it, crucify it finally, which we do again and again. This is our terrible freedom, which love refuses to overpower so that, in this, the greatest of all powers, God's power, is itself powerless. — Frederick Buechner

Power Powerless Quotes By Mary Blakely

In a culture that gives men irresponsible power and women powerless responsibility, the advancement of civilization cannot be a serious goal. — Mary Blakely

Power Powerless Quotes By David Ogilvy

Most agencies run scared, most of the time ... Frightened people are powerless to produce good advertising ... If I were aclient, I would do everything in my power to emancipate my agencies from fear, even to the extent of giving them long-term contracts. — David Ogilvy

Power Powerless Quotes By Bertrand Russell

How, in such an alien and inhuman world, can so powerless a creature as man preserve his aspirations untarnished? A strange mystery it is that nature, omnipotent but blind, in the revolutions of her secular hurryings through the abysses of space, has brought forth at last a child, subject still to her power, but gifted with sight, with knowledge of good and evil, with the capacity of judging all the works of his unthinking mother. In spite of death, the mark and seal of the parental control, man is yet free, during his brief years, to examine, to criticize, to know, and in imagination to create. To him alone, in the world with which he is aquainted, this freedom belongs; and in this lies his superiority to the resistless forces that control his outward life. — Bertrand Russell

Power Powerless Quotes By Susan Hunt

Submission has nothing to do with equality. Men and women are equal, but we have been assigned different roles. Neither role is superior. The Trinity models this concept. The Persons in the Godhead are equal in power and in substance, but each as a different function. Submission is a position we willingly assume in obedience to Jesus and after His pattern. Submission is an attitude of humilty. Submission is being concerned about the interests of another rather than looking after our own interests. The world tells women that submission is foolish and renders us powerless. Scripture tells us that submission gives access to the power and protection of God. — Susan Hunt

Power Powerless Quotes By Sigrid Undset

It seems to her [Saint Catherine of Siena] that the devil has this world in his power, not by his own will, for he is powerless, but through our help because we obey him. The evil aroma rising from the ... wars which are waged by Christians against Christians, are the same as war against God ... Peace, peace, for the sake of the love of the crucified Christ, and not war; that is the only solution. — Sigrid Undset

Power Powerless Quotes By Ghassan Andoni

Conflicts are fueled by the tendency of the powerful to exploit the power and the anger and frustration of the powerless, which turns into violence. International Solidarity Movement activists are attempting to confront the exploitation of power and to bring back hope to the powerless. — Ghassan Andoni

Power Powerless Quotes By Andy Crouch

So do you want to make culture? Find a community, a small group who can lovingly fuel your dreams and puncture your illusions. Find friends and form a family who are willing to see grace at work in one another's lives, who can discern together which gifts and which crosses each has been called to bear. Find people who have a holy respect for power and a holy willingness to spend their power alongside the powerless. Find some partners in the wild and wonderful world beyond church doors. And then, together, make something of the world. — Andy Crouch

Power Powerless Quotes By George R R Martin

Some say knowledge is power. Some tell us that all power comes from the gods. Others say it derives from law. Yet that day on the steps of Baelor's Sept, our godly High Septon and the lawful Queen Regent and your ever-so-knowledgeable servant were as powerless as any cobbler or cooper in the crowd. Who truly killed Eddard Stark, do you think? Joffrey, who gave the command? Ser Ilyn Payne, who swung the sword? Or ... another?"
Tyrion cocked his head sideways. "Did you mean to answer your damned riddle, or only to make my head ache worse?"
Varys smiled. "Here, then. Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less."
"So power is a mummer's trick?"
"A shadow on the wall," Varys murmured, "yet shadows can kill. And ofttimes a very small man can cast a very large shadow."
Tyrion smiled. "Lord Varyls, I am growing strangely fond of you. I may kill you yet, but I think I'd feel sad about it. — George R R Martin

Power Powerless Quotes By Henrik Ibsen

The right? Ah, what does it help to be in the right if you don't have any power? — Henrik Ibsen

Power Powerless Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Nature! We live in her midst and know her not. She is incessantly speaking to us, but betrays not her secret. We constantly act upon her, and yet have no power over her. Variant: NATURE! We are surrounded and embraced by her: powerless to separate ourselves from her, and powerless to penetrate beyond her. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Power Powerless Quotes By Marilyn French

What I don't understand is where women suddenly get power. Because they do. The kids, who almost always turn out to be a pile of shit, are, we all know, Mommy's fault. Well, how did she manage that, this powerless creature? Where was all her power during the years she was doing five loads of laundry a week and worrying about mixing the whites with the colors? How was she able to offset Daddy's positive influence? How come she never knows she has this power until afterward, when it gets called responsibility? — Marilyn French

Power Powerless Quotes By Chinua Achebe

Let me say that I do think decency and civilization would insist that the writer take sides with the powerless. Clearly, there's no moral obligation to write in any particular way. But there is a moral obligation, I think, not to ally oneself with power against the powerless. I think an artist, in my definition of that word, would not be someone who takes sides with the emperor against his powerless subjects. — Chinua Achebe

Power Powerless Quotes By Alexandra Cassavetes

People are fascinated with eternal life and physical power - the idea of having no vulnerability. We all feel small and powerless in the world at times, so the temptation to be a vampire is compelling. — Alexandra Cassavetes

Power Powerless Quotes By Vasily Grossman

He was telling her here, in this cellar, as he kissed her feet, he had understood love for the first time - not just from other people's words, but in his heart, in his blood. She was dearer to him than all his past, dearer to him than his mother, than Germany, than his future with Maria ... He had fallen in love with her. Great walls raised up by states, racist fury, the heavy artillery and its curtain of fire were all equally insignificant, equally powerless in the face of love.. He gave thanks to fate for allowing him to understand this before he died. — Vasily Grossman

Power Powerless Quotes By John Henrik Clarke

We will have taken one giant step forward when we face this reality: Powerful people never teach powerless people how to take their power away from them. — John Henrik Clarke

Power Powerless Quotes By Jason E. Shelton

You can't get reconciliation between the powerful and powerless unless you disempower the powerful. — Jason E. Shelton

Power Powerless Quotes By Emily Bronte

He possessed the power to depart, as much as a cat possesses the power to leave a mouse half killed, or a bird half eaten. — Emily Bronte

Power Powerless Quotes By George Orwell

[I]t struck me how easy it is to bamboozle an uneducated audience if you have prepared beforehand a set of repartees with which to evade awkward questions."
"You can go on and on telling lies, and the most palpable lies at that, and even if they are not actually believed, there is no strong revulsion either. We are all drowning in filth. When I talk to anyone or read the writings of anyone who has an axe to grind, I feel that intellectual honesty and balanced judgment have simply disappeared from the face of the earth. Everyone's thought is forensic, everyone is simply putting a 'case' with deliberate suppression of his opponent's point of view, and, what is more, with complete insensitiveness to any sufferings except those of himself and his friends ... . But is there no one who has both firm opinions and a balanced outlook? Actually there are plenty, but they are powerless. All power is in the hands of paranoiacs. — George Orwell

Power Powerless Quotes By Whoopi Goldberg

And for some reason, there seems to be no internal policeman for a bully that says maybe you're hurting somebody's feelings. Or worse, maybe you're going to push this perons too far and they'll do something terrible. Something's not processing correctly in a bully's head. It doesn't seem to occur to them that what they're doing is corssing a line that shouldn't be crossed. And it's really, in my mind, no different than taking on defenseless kids. You do it just because you can.
It's an exercise in power; but it's also meant to dinsintegrate someone's Self. It's meant to take away their sense of who they are. And why? Because they're not as strong, or as bit, or as witty.
Bullies are ball-less, soul-less creatures to me. And they're not just children, they're adults too.
It's a terrorist act.
It's meant to make you feel afraid. It's meant to make you feel powerless to take care of the situation you find yourself in. — Whoopi Goldberg

Power Powerless Quotes By Daphne Zuniga

People feel powerless and useless in the world. But they can buy something. It can give them a sense of value, of power. — Daphne Zuniga

Power Powerless Quotes By William Thomas Stead

It is in the power of every individual to do that which the community as a whole is powerless to effect. — William Thomas Stead

Power Powerless Quotes By Masha Gessen

It turned out that capitalism alone could make people not only rich and happy but also poor, hungry, miserable, and powerless. — Masha Gessen

Power Powerless Quotes By Andy Crouch

There is no more reprehensible god playing than the use of children for sexual gratification, the exploitation of widows and their children by distant relatives after the death of a father, the misuse of police powers to extort false confessions and protect the perpetrators of sexual violence, or the serial enslavement of generation after generation to extract payments on unpayable debts. All of these and more are abuses of power that IJM targets in countries around the world where the public justice system does not work on behalf of the poor and powerless. — Andy Crouch

Power Powerless Quotes By Dan Simmons

The powerful have received their share of the world's attention even when their power has been shown as sheer evil. The victim's remain the faceless masses. Numbers. Mass graves. These monsters have fertilized our century with the mass graves of their victims and it is time that the powerless had names and faces
and voices. — Dan Simmons

Power Powerless Quotes By David Ssembajjo

A vote transfers power from the electorate to a politician leaving a voter powerless. A vote deprives a voter to represent himself/herself in parliament and a voter is banned from participating in the proceedings of parliament. — David Ssembajjo

Power Powerless Quotes By Oliver Sacks

Visual illusions, too, fascinated me; they showed how intellectual understanding, insight, and even common sense were powerless against the force of perceptual distortions. Gibson's inverting glasses showed the power of the mind to rectify optical distortions, where visual illusions showed its inability to correct perceptual ones. — Oliver Sacks