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Best Short Athlete Quotes By LaVell Edwards

We tend to look at successful athletes and make them almost bigger than life. I have seen many young men who have achieved greatness. I have also seen those who have come up a little short of their potential. I do know that those who succeed have been able to recognize within themselves the potential to do something well and then work hard to prepare themselves for that eventual opportunity. Others wait for the opportunity to come and then start to work, thus coming up a little short. — LaVell Edwards

Best Short Athlete Quotes By Alan Webb

It's been a wild ride. I hope people can appreciate how special it is to see the people that ran well today; how special and sometimes fleeting greatness can be even from yourself. I gave it everything I had and for a short period of time I did very very well and I'm very proud of that and I'm leaving it at that. I did the best I could. — Alan Webb

Best Short Athlete Quotes By H. G. Bissinger

Athletics lasts for such a short period of time. It ends for people. But while it lasts, it creates this make-believe world where normal rules don't apply. We build this false atmosphere. When it's over and the harsh reality sets in, that's the real joke we play on people ... Everybody wants to experience that superlative moment, and being an athlete can give you that. It's Camelot for them. But there's even life after it. — H. G. Bissinger

Best Short Athlete Quotes By Elgin Baylor

Every time you compete, try harder to improve on your last performance. Give nothing short of your very best effort. — Elgin Baylor

Best Short Athlete Quotes By David Nalbandian

I think one has to understand that there are stages in life, and that the life of an athlete has its limits. It's short, and then it stops, and sooner or later you have to accept that. — David Nalbandian

Best Short Athlete Quotes By Daniel Gillies

The romance of circumvention is one of the most destructive forces at work in our society. The American Idol freeway to greatness, Instagramming one's way into popular consciousness with selfies of our ass folds beneath short shorts, human growth hormone and performance-enhancing drugs for athletes, Adderall for the idle mind, reality television that sacrifices our dignity for fifteen lousy minutes ... — Daniel Gillies

Best Short Athlete Quotes By Lindsey Vonn

Life's short, you know? Especially as an athlete. Your career is very short, and you use the opportunities that you have because you're not going to have them again. — Lindsey Vonn

Best Short Athlete Quotes By Nash Grier

You can play professional lacrosse, but they make less than a teacher's salary now. I always thought about that. And it's a very difficult career, a short career, as a pro athlete. — Nash Grier