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Whatever you do, don't ever use a crutch, and don't ever think of having an excuse for not having said, 'Yeah, I did my best.' — Isadore Sharp

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Living up to your commitments is part of business ethics. My word is my bond. — Isadore Sharp

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Great companies first build a culture of discipline . . . and create a business model that fits squarely in the intersection of three circles: what they can be best in the world at, a deep understanding of their economic engine, and the core values they hold with deep passion. — Isadore Sharp

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Long-term success is never achieved on our own. The phrase 'a self-made man' is a myth all along the way we need support. — Isadore Sharp

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Luxury, by definition, means something that appears to be the best of whatever it represents. It's a word that raises people's expectations, whether talking about clothing for women or locations for people to live You pay for recognition, but probably the most important thing it represents is delivery on the promise of the brand's name. — Isadore Sharp

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People derive the most satisfaction from doing the best they can. — Isadore Sharp

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We are only what we do, not what we say we are. — Isadore Sharp