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Best Eye Opener Quotes By David Toop

We [with David Cunningham] did do Top Of The Pops. It was an eye-opener. I mean, one of the things that was so interesting - I've talked about this a few times recently, and people can't believe it - they used to do this thing called tape switch with the Musicians Union. — David Toop

Best Eye Opener Quotes By David Rakoff

Sheila taught me a survival technique for getting through seemingly intolerable situations-boring lunches, stern lectures on attitude or time management, those necessary breakup conversations, and the like: maintaining eye contact, keep your face inscrutable and masklike, with your faintest hint at a Gioconda smile. Keep this up as long as you possibly can, and just as you feel you are about to crack and take a letter opener and plunge it into someone's neck, fold your hands in your lap, one nestled inside the other, like those of a supplicant in a priory. Now, with the index finger of your inner hand, write on the palm of the other, very discreetly and undetectably, "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you ... " over and over again as you pretend to listen. You will find that this brings a spontaneous look of interest and pleased engagement to your countenance. Continue and repeat as necessary. — David Rakoff

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Leonard Ravenhill

Love is blind. Marriage is an eye-opener. — Leonard Ravenhill

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Darren Boyd

For me, Glasgow is all about the people and the spirit of the place. You have enough Gregg's bakers, though, I'll say that. The opening of the 1977 'Star Wars' movie was possibly the only time I've seen a longer queue round the block than in Glasgow for sausage rolls. That was quite an eye-opener. — Darren Boyd

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Frances O'Grady

My first hero, as a teenager, was James Connolly. I remember discovering that he was a feminist, and that was an eye-opener, coming from a man of such poverty. — Frances O'Grady

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Travis Barker

I've been vegan since I got out of the hospital ... It's another eye opener. It changed my life in a number of ways. — Travis Barker

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Bill Goldberg

Georgia Dome was a pretty big eye opener that I had something kind of going in the right direction. It seemed like a movement, and I was greatly appreciative for the chants and the signs. — Bill Goldberg

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Roy Halladay

Going home and just seeing what a mess youth baseball was was an eye-opener. I just want to make it a better game. — Roy Halladay

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Ronda Rousey

We were in the middle of a sandbar in the middle of the ocean with no one around, and still someone was following me from New York, and was hiding in some bushes like a mile away with a long lens, so he still got pictures. It was really an eye opener to how you really have to be careful about being followed everywhere. I was trying to go to the most remote place in the world, I was out on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, and they still found me. It was definitely a very new experience. — Ronda Rousey

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Anthony Liccione

When a blind man says, 'God is good,' this should be an eye-opener to those who can see. — Anthony Liccione

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Deborah Ann Woll

It's interesting to take a look at people who deal with prejudice on a daily basis - it's been a real eye opener for me. — Deborah Ann Woll

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Jeanne Marie Laskas

This is one of the take-home messages for me: we just walk around with this narrative in America that everybody wants to be rich and famous. That that's why people do what they do. And you know, all through these pages you learn over and over again no, actually not even NFL cheerleaders are doing it for fame and fortune. There's another motivation going on that is so pure and human. That to me was an eye-opener in a really wonderful way. — Jeanne Marie Laskas

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Dan Rather

Covering the civil-rights movement was a mind- and eye-opener for me. Houston was a segregated society, as was Texas as a whole - some of it by law, a lot of it by fear and tradition. But there was no violence where I lived, and if there was hate, it was either concealed from me or I just didn't recognize it. — Dan Rather

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Cal Newport

If you service low-impact activities, therefore, you're taking away time you could be spending on higher-impact activities. It's a zero-sum game. — Cal Newport

Best Eye Opener Quotes By K.C. Barnard

My new private flying job was a real eye opener. — K.C. Barnard

Best Eye Opener Quotes By John Grogan

Dogs are a really amazing eye opener for us humans because their lives are compressed into such a short period, so we can see them go from puppyhood to adolescence to strong adulthood and then into their sunset years in 10 to 12 years. It really drives home the point of how finite all our lives are. — John Grogan

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Karen Armstrong

I never intended to be a historian of religion. My aim was to become a professor of English Literature in a university, but I had a series of absolute career disasters and found myself making television programs about the nature of religion and about Christian history and started to discover about other religious traditions, and that was an absolute eye-opener for me. — Karen Armstrong

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Not everything that is seen is visible. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Lakhdar Brahimi

But I knew that what had happened was an eye-opener not only to the United States but also to Pakistan, who realized that after what has happened on the 11th of September, it was simply impossible to continue to play those games in Afghanistan. — Lakhdar Brahimi

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Garrison Keillor

A boy wrote me once to say that he loved it when the news from Lake Wobegon came on the radio because it meant that his parents stopped arguing. That was an eye-opener for me. You work hard to polish your act and then you find out that it does people good in ways you couldn't predict. — Garrison Keillor

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Nalini Singh

The things we hold inside, the nightmares we stifle, have far more power than the things we expose to the light of day. — Nalini Singh

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Mario Batali

Working at the Food Bank with my kids is an eye-opener. The face of hunger isn't the bum on the street drinking Sterno; it's the working poor. They don't look any different, they don't behave any differently, they're not really any less educated. They are incredibly less privileged, and that's it. — Mario Batali

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Lisa Rinna

Kids are a lesson every day, and being married is a lesson every day, but I think having a boutique and running it with my husband and having our careers and raising children was something that was really an eye-opener all the time. — Lisa Rinna

Best Eye Opener Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

What did I tell you, Mr. Pippin?' said Sam, sheathing his sword. 'Wolves won't get him. That was an eye-opener, and no mistake! Nearly singed the hair off my head! — J.R.R. Tolkien

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Paula Deen

Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener. — Paula Deen

Best Eye Opener Quotes By April Mae Monterrosa

Tonight was definitely an eye opener, but a reminder of how I use to be & why. Self discovery happens at such random times. — April Mae Monterrosa

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Michael Phelps

I'm satisfied in a way because this is an eye opener for me, ... I didn't have the success I've always been able to have. I learned a lot. — Michael Phelps

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Sanjay Dutt

I think the best thing about my short-lived political career was that I saw the interiors of Bihar and UP. That is the real India, and, being an Indian, it was really sad to see our own people living in such dismal conditions. It was a real eye-opener. — Sanjay Dutt

Best Eye Opener Quotes By W. Ian Thomas

Make sure it is God's trumpet you are blowing-
if it is only yours it won't wake the dead,
it will simply disturb the neighbours. — W. Ian Thomas

Best Eye Opener Quotes By A.R. Von

Beware the faces that bare the most smiles.
For they are the ones who hide the most sadness - . — A.R. Von

Best Eye Opener Quotes By Johann Sebastian Bach

Old concept: Love is blind. Marriage is an eye opener. New concept: Love is not blind - it simply enables one to see things others fail to see. — Johann Sebastian Bach

Best Eye Opener Quotes By G.M. Ford

These guys had names for every conceivable drinking situation. They liked to have a little eye-opener to get themselves going in the morning, a midmorning bracer before attempting anything serious, a few modest cocktails at lunch, followed by the obligatory afternoon pick-me-up, which segued neatly right into happy hour and ended with a little one just to help them sleep. For purely medicinal purposes, of course. — G.M. Ford