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Top Best Electrical Engineering Quotes

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Robert Anton Wilson

I was born into a working class Irish Catholic family at the brutal bottom of the Great Depression. I suppose this early imprinting and conditioning made me a life-long radical. My education was mostly scientific, majoring in electrical engineering and applied math. Those imprints made me a life-long rationalist. I have become increasingly skeptical about, or detached from, the assumption that radicalism and rationalism are the only correct perspectives with which to view life, but they remain my favorite perspectives. — Robert Anton Wilson

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Vasily Rozanov

We mean to say that Symbolism and Decadence - the negative attitude to which is indisputable to everyone except the "participants" - are genetically connected with everything brilliant and sublime created by the "unbound personality" during this period of time, from the Renaissance up to the development of electrical engineering; contrariwise, the border which they cannot cross is laid down where man understood that he was always "bound." The great continent of history, the continent of real deeds, practical needs, and more than all that, of received religion and the established Church - that is whose shore this stinking monster can never crawl into, that is where we are fleeing to from it, that is where man can always save himself. Where the monastery wall rises this surge of the faithless waves of history - no matter how strong it may become and how far it may spread around - will stop and fall back.

("On Symbolists & Decadence") — Vasily Rozanov

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By John Holt

Not long after the book came out I found myself being driven to a meeting
by a professor of electrical engineering in the graduate school I of MIT. He said that after reading the book he realized that his graduate students were using on him, and had used for the ten years and more he had been teaching there, all the evasive strategies I described in the book - mumble, guess-and-look, take a wild guess and see what happens, get the teacher to answer his own questions, etc.
But as I later realized, these are the games that all humans play when others
are sitting in judgment on them. — John Holt

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Koichi Tanaka

I suppose the reason I chose electrical engineering was because I had always been interested in electricity, involving myself in such projects as building radios from the time I was a child. — Koichi Tanaka

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Dan Shechtman

Colleges will try to get the good students. That's the way to go. When I chaired my department of Materials Engineering at the Technion in 1990, we started a program for which we set the bar very high. It was the highest at the Technion, above electrical engineering and medicine. — Dan Shechtman

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Herbert A. Simon

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on June 15, 1916. My father, an electrical engineer, had come to the United States in 1903 after earning his engineering diploma at the Technische Hochschule of Darmstadt, Germany. — Herbert A. Simon

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Marc Garneau

I wanted to further my education, so I went on to get a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and came back and served about ten years in the Canadian Navy as what we call a combat systems engineer. — Marc Garneau

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Ramez Naam

There's a preponderance of scientists and engineers among China's rulers. New President Xi Jinping was trained as a chemical engineer. His predecessor, Hu Jintao, earned a degree in hydraulic engineering. His predecessor, Jiang Zemin, held a degree in electrical engineering. — Ramez Naam

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Ruchi Sanghvi

My dad owns a company that lends equipment to industrial projects. I've been obsessed with taking it over since I could talk. I'd follow him and repeat conversations about how many tons of cranes were arriving. He said it was a man's world, so I studied electrical engineering because it was related. — Ruchi Sanghvi

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Bertrand Meyer

Writing a class without its contract would be similar to producing an engineering component (electrical circuit, VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) chip, bridge, engine ... ) without a spec. No professional engineer would even consider the idea. — Bertrand Meyer

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Norbert Wiener

There are fields of scientific work ... which have been explored from the different sides of pure mathematics, statistics, electrical engineering, and neurophysiology ... in which every single notion receives a separate and different name from each group, and in which important work has been triplicated or quadruplicated, while still other important work is delayed by the unavailability in one field of results that may have already become classical in the next field. — Norbert Wiener

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Francois Englert

In 1955, I got my degree in electrical-mechanical engineering. I realised, however, that my interest was less in practical applications than in the understanding of the underlying theoretical structure, and I decided to learn physics. — Francois Englert

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By David M. Kelley

I went to Carnegie Mellon and was an electrical engineer, but electrical engineering wasn't right for me. — David M. Kelley

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By James Gleick

Information theory began as a bridge from mathematics to electrical engineering and from there to computing. — James Gleick

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Aaron Patzer

I've actually started a number of businesses in my career. So I'm 28 currently, but when I was about 16, I started building Websites, and that's how I put myself through school. I went to Duke with a degree in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, and then to Princeton. — Aaron Patzer

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Nikola Tesla

It is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering - only expensive - blind, faint-hearted, doubting world. — Nikola Tesla

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Emanuel Derman

Finance is concerned with the relations between the values of securities and their risk, and with the behavior of those values. It aspires to be a practical, like physics or chemistry or electrical engineering. As John Maynard Keynes once remarked about economics, "If economists could manage to get themselves thought of as humble, competent people on a level with dentists, that would be splendid." Dentists rely on science, engineering, empirical knowledge, and heuristics, and there are no theorems in dentistry. Similarly, one would hope that nance would be concerned with laws rather than theorems, with behavior rather than assumptions. One doesn't seriously describe the behavior of a market with theorems. — Emanuel Derman

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By John Green

Whether you're studying electrical engineering or poetry, college is not about maximizing income, it's about becoming a better and more informed observer of the universe. And for me, at least, that what's leads to a more fulfilling life. — John Green

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Min Kao

I am a native of Taiwan, and I earned my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from National Taiwan University. I received my master's and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. — Min Kao

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Koichi Tanaka

In 1978, I entered Tohoku University, into the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Technology. — Koichi Tanaka

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

We got half the doggone MIT college of engineering here, and nobody who can fix a doggone /television/?" Dr. Joseph Abernathy glared accusingly at the clusters of young people scattered around his living room.
That's /electrical/ engineering, Pop," his son told him loftily. "We're all mechanical engineers. Ask a mechanical engineer to fix your color TV, that's like asking an Ob-Gyn to look at the sore on your di-ow!"
Oh, sorry," said his father, peering blandly over gold-rimmed glasses. "That your foot, Lenny? — Diana Gabaldon

Best Electrical Engineering Quotes By Aaron Patzer

I always knew I wanted to be a technologist, so I went to Duke and got a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. Really, I thought my goal in life was to be an inventor, a problem solver, so I thought I needed a Ph.D. to be good at inventions, but it turns out that you don't. — Aaron Patzer