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They say that if you're good at something, never do it for free. But who would pay me to make bad jokes? — Caleb Eversole

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Hunger Games and A New Hope: Hero rises up from the poorest place in the galaxy. Put through some challenges. Finds romance and a side-kick. Somebody dies. Check
Catching Fire and Empire Strikes Back: Totalitarian government strikes back, some other people die, and the rebellion starts gaining momentun.
Mockingjay/Return of the Jedi: Bunch of minor characters die, and then one major one. Rebellion wins, if in an unexpected way. Characters all get married.
I think Suzanne Collins has some explaining to do. — Caleb Eversole

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It doesn't matter what clothes you had or what shoes you had, or how cool you were, or how many Facebook friends you garnered, what will matter in the end is what weapons you had, how many zombies you killed, and how long you survived. — Caleb Eversole

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Just eat some chex mix and have a glass of milk and you'll be fine. — Caleb Eversole

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Two wrongs don't make a right, but two lefts do make a U-Turn — Caleb Eversole

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That's what you get when you're stupid. — Caleb Eversole