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Top Best Dancehall Quotes

Best Dancehall Quotes By Diplo

Dancehall has always had a homophobic problem, but you go to dance parties in Jamaica, and some of the biggest dancers are kinda gay, just not outspoken about it. Dancehall was the first kind of music I was DJing, and it was always more about the rhythm. — Diplo

Best Dancehall Quotes By Damian Marley

I can remember the first time I ever recorded my vocals on to a beat. Cat Coore from Third World - a legendary Jamaican band - had a little demo set up at his house. I'm very good friends with his eldest son, Shiah, who plays with me now. So we were rhyming over a track by the dancehall artist Peter Metro. I've still got it somewhere. — Damian Marley

Best Dancehall Quotes By Damian Marley

I used to buy records in high school. Mainly dancehall: Super Cat, Buju Banton. — Damian Marley

Best Dancehall Quotes By Sean Paul

Dancehall music is perceived as party music, which it is because of the rhythm, but there are messages that do come through or a purpose of an artist saying something to the world. People usually don't get the messages because of the partying. — Sean Paul

Best Dancehall Quotes By Sean Paul

Dancehall is just like hip-hop in that it doesn't always talk about bling; it talks about conscious issues. — Sean Paul

Best Dancehall Quotes By Mya

For performances I have my favorite go to's like Prince, Donna Summer, Vanity 6, Sheila E, but it also depends on the type of show I am giving. I could pull references from Broadway musicals, Rock Steady Crew, a Jamaican dancehall or gentlemen's club, etc. all within one show. It truly is a playground with no restrictions for me. — Mya

Best Dancehall Quotes By Daddy Yankee

We took dancehall and hip-hop and mixed it in the middle. I knew we had something. I thought, 'This sound is Puerto Rican sound.' — Daddy Yankee

Best Dancehall Quotes By Sean Paul

I see dancehall reggae and hip-hop as fused together, When I was a kid, they were the two kinds of music that spoke to me and said 'Move!' — Sean Paul

Best Dancehall Quotes By Melika Dannese Lux

I used to ask myself, 'Sergei, would you rather spend your money on drink or women?' and thanks to the club, I spend it on both and am called a patron of the arts. — Melika Dannese Lux

Best Dancehall Quotes By DJ Khaled

I started DJing soundclashes. I used to go to Jamaica a lot. I was like a hip-hop sound boy, where I took the dancehall culture and mixed it up with the hip-hop as well. I kept going, going, and I got real hot in the streets of Miami - you know, doing pirate radio - then ended up doing 99 Jamz, the big station out there. — DJ Khaled

Best Dancehall Quotes By OMI

I am not a dancehall artist, and I am not a reggae artist. — OMI

Best Dancehall Quotes By Stephen Richards

In a dancehall in Kendal, I chased the bouncers out of the fucking dancehall, they were wearing white coats and they took these coats off, put them on the floor and jacked; Ginger Harris and me, we put the white coats on and took over for the night! — Stephen Richards

Best Dancehall Quotes By Ari Up

Music didn't really hit me again until the '90s, when the dancehall scene got going. The '90s were perfect for me. I would have really liked to have had The Slits out in the '90s again, to do tours and albums, because I think the '90s was a brilliant decade for music. — Ari Up