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Love is a monster. — Nikki Rae

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Some monsters disguise themselves so well you don't realize that they're monsters until it's too late. You check all of the usual places: under the bed, in the closet, behind the shower curtain, around that suspicious, dark corner of your room. No, some monsters don't look like monsters at all. But they are, have been, and always will be there. — Nikki Rae

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No matter how much you really think you know and love a person, you can never, ever, really know what's going on in their head? That they can hurt you worse than anything in the world because of the fact that you love them? — Nikki Rae

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Lies are like poison. If you get a little but in your system, it spreads until it destroys you. — Nikki Rae

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Monsters never truly go away. They claw their way to the surface again eventually. — Nikki Rae

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Monsters can live inside a person. Sometimes they know about it. More often they don't. — Nikki Rae

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Evolve? Like a Pokemon?' I have no idea why I say this. I think I'm kind of going into shock, and the first thing that pops into my head when he says evolve is Charmander evolving into Charizard. — Nikki Rae

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Somewhere, rational Sophie is thinking that it's not such a good idea to let my guard down so much, the not so rational one just wants to act normal, have fun, and punch the rational Sophie in the face. — Nikki Rae

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So, you don't think I'm strange?' he asks after a while.
Suddenly, remembering why we're in this situation, I snort to show him that I'm in no mood for a serious conversation. 'No. I'm the strange one.'
'No. You're not.' He's serious and looking straight at me. 'I think you're unhappy and don't know how to handle it. — Nikki Rae

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Sometimes, thinking can be a bad thing. — Nikki Rae

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Tim Curry is God. He will distract me. — Nikki Rae

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I tried to tell him to stop, knowing full well that he would not. I tried to tell him it hurt, when I knew he simply did not care. — Nikki Rae

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I want to tell him I love him; I try to say the words I feel in my gut and my heart and every inch of me. But nothing comes out. — Nikki Rae

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I tell myself that this is okay, but I realize that I don't have to. This is what I want. Him. Me. Closer — Nikki Rae

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Myles kisses me back, almost hesitating before he does.
But I don't give him the chance to stop me. It's like it's not me doing these things, but some piece of myself that's been hidden away until now and has taken advantage of my current mental state to emerge. A part of my brain, or heart, or soul that needs to keep my lips moving against his, that's running my hands through his smooth, soft hair, that's pressing my body against his.
And it wants more.
For a second, I'm sure Myles is going to pull away, but I push my body harder into him, circling my arms around his waist as his hands stroke my hair gently, like he's not sure what else he's supposed to do with them. He's close. So close I can feel every muscle in his chest, every whisper of a breath he lets in or out.
I don't know how we end up on the bed ... — Nikki Rae

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Love doesn't exist, you see. It's just another shadowy figure that goes bump in the night. — Nikki Rae