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Top Being Trapped In Your Own Head Quotes

Being Trapped In Your Own Head Quotes By Jessica-Lynn Barbour

I'm sick of the images trapped in my head
I'm sick of being preoccupied with the dead — Jessica-Lynn Barbour

Being Trapped In Your Own Head Quotes By Karen Maitland

Maybe that is what Hell is, being trapped for ever in your own nightmares and never being able to wake. [Gisa] — Karen Maitland

Being Trapped In Your Own Head Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Harry could not stand this, he could not stand being Harry anymore. . . . He had never felt more trapped inside his own head and body, never wished so intensely that he could be somebody - anybody - else. . . — J.K. Rowling

Being Trapped In Your Own Head Quotes By Mark Haddon

No one could see her out here, no one could judge her. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw the animal that she was trapped inside, that grew and fed and wanted. She wished above all else to look ordinary so that people's eyes just slid over her. Because Mum was wrong. It wasn't about believing this or that, it wasn't about good and evil and right and wrong, it was about finding the strength to bear the discomfort that came with being in the world. Clouds scrolled high up. She couldn't get Melissa out of her head. Something magnetic about her, the possibility of a softness inside, the challenge of peeling back those layers. — Mark Haddon

Being Trapped In Your Own Head Quotes By Richelle Mead

I shook my head, smiling in spite of myself, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Adrian. My husband. If anyone had told me a year ago that I'd be married, I would've said they were joking. If they'd told me I'd be married to a vampire, I would've said they were delusional. Looking at Adrian now, I felt a surge of love well up within me, despite our earlier tension. I could no longer imagine a life without him in it. It was impossible. Could I imagine a life with him that didn't involve us being trapped in a suite of rooms with his mother while both our people reviled us and made plans against us? Definitely. There were any number of futures I'd love to have for us, but his was our current path until something spectacular happened. Outside, the Court's gates, my people wanted to imprison me. Inside them, his people wanted to assault him. At least in this suite, we were safe. Most importantly, we were together. — Richelle Mead

Being Trapped In Your Own Head Quotes By Richard Drew

The one image that's been causing a lot of discussion is one image that I shot of a man falling head-first from the building, before the buildings fell down. He was trapped in the fire, and decided to jump and take his own life, rather than being burned. — Richard Drew

Being Trapped In Your Own Head Quotes By Jaeda DeWalt

When i spend too much time in my head, focused on things in the past or things in the future ... when i lose sight of the present, i fold in on myself, mentally, my thoughts become toxic and distorted, my emotions, darken. — Jaeda DeWalt