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Top Behavior Management Quotes

Behavior Management Quotes By Charlie Munger

'Crowd folly', the tendency of humans, under some circumstances, to resemble lemmings, explains much foolish thinking of brilliant men and much foolish behavior - like investment management practices of many foundations represented here today. It is sad that today each institutional investor apparently fears most of all that its investment practices will be different from practices of the rest of the crowd. — Charlie Munger

Behavior Management Quotes By Peter M. Senge

Chris Argyris criticized "good communication that blocks learning," arguing that formal communication mechanisms like focus groups and organizational surveys in effect give employees mechanisms for letting management know what they think without taking any responsibility for problems and their role in doing something about them. These mechanisms fail because "they do not get people to reflect on their own work and behavior. They do not encourage individual accountability. — Peter M. Senge

Behavior Management Quotes By Russell L. Ackoff

Most corporate mission statements are worthless. They consist largely of pious platitudes such as: "We will hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behavior." They often formulate necessities as objectives; for example, "to achieve sufficient profit." This is like a person saying his mission is to breathe sufficiently. — Russell L. Ackoff

Behavior Management Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Selecting the right measure and measuring things right are both art and science. And KPIs influence management behavior as well as business culture. — Pearl Zhu

Behavior Management Quotes By Travis Bradberry

When companies create ridiculous and demoralizing rules to halt the outlandish behavior of a few individuals, it's a management problem. There's no sense in alienating your entire workforce because you don't know how to manage performance. It makes a bad situation that much worse. — Travis Bradberry

Behavior Management Quotes By Richard Guare

Two Dimensions of Executive Skills: Thinking and Doing Executive skills involving thinking (cognition) Working memory Planning/prioritization Organization Time management Metacognition Executive skills involving doing (behavior) Response inhibition Emotional control Sustained attention Task initiation Goal-directed persistence Flexibility — Richard Guare

Behavior Management Quotes By Brene Brown

In an organizational culture where respect and the dignity of individuals are held as the highest values, shame and blame don't work as management styles. There is no leading by fear. Empathy is a valued asset, accountability is an expectation rather than an exception, and the primal human need for belonging is not used as leverage and social control. We can't control the behavior of individuals; however, we can cultivate organizational cultures where behaviors are not tolerated and people are held accountable for protecting what matters most: human beings. We — Brene Brown

Behavior Management Quotes By Francis Collins

Successful weight management really means a permanent change in lifestyle - and success in this arena provides that person with a great opportunity to model that behavior for friends and family. — Francis Collins

Behavior Management Quotes By T.B. Markinson

Typical Type A behavior. I was obsessed with time management. I didn't like people waiting for me. Worse, I hated waiting for others, but since I always arrived ridiculously early, I spent a lot of time waiting; hence, I always carried a book with me. — T.B. Markinson

Behavior Management Quotes By Venkatesh G. Rao

Your most stable beliefs, the ones that actually modulate your behavior, aren't about life purposes; they are about momentum management. You are more likely to switch religions than to switch from an impatient to a patient temperament. — Venkatesh G. Rao

Behavior Management Quotes By Heather Simmons

Those who disrupt their industries change consumer behavior, alter economics, and transform lives. — Heather Simmons

Behavior Management Quotes By Susan Cottrell

God is not grieved because of "all the homosexuals." Not in the very least. That's religious people you're thinking of. If God is grieved it's because the beautiful, incomparable message of redemption and grace, the sweet peace of a loving relationship, has been truncated, rerouted into a message of behavior-modification and sin-management. For — Susan Cottrell

Behavior Management Quotes By John Seddon

I have learned that as soon as you introduce controls on human behavior, you lose the game, particularly when those controls are at odds with the work. — John Seddon

Behavior Management Quotes By Paul Roetzer

Forward-thinking organizations seek hybrid professionals who are highly proficient writers, analytical, creative, and tech savvy, with strong competencies in business management, information technology (IT), and human behavior. — Paul Roetzer

Behavior Management Quotes By Michael Ray

Executives run organizations. In business, we need executives who have clarity, people who are in touch with themselves. Then, in leadership and management positions, they can be good role models and leaders. The people I know who have really moved their organizations are scrupulous role models. They are so clear about honesty, integrity, openness, mutual self-respect, dignity for the individual, and creativity, that they don't deviate from these principles at all in their behavior. — Michael Ray

Behavior Management Quotes By Marshall Goldsmith

To help others develop, start with yourself! When the boss acts like a little god and tells everyone else they need to improve, that behavior can be copied at every level of management. Every level then points out how the level below it needs to change. The end result: No one gets much better. — Marshall Goldsmith

Behavior Management Quotes By Robert Conquest

The behavior of any bureaucratic organization can best be understood by assuming that it is controlled by a secret cabal of its enemies. — Robert Conquest

Behavior Management Quotes By Chris Argyris

In fact, people themselves are responsible for making the status quo so resistant to change. We are trapped by our own behavior. — Chris Argyris

Behavior Management Quotes By Heather Simmons

Nobody thought the direct business model would work. But work it did, and spectacularly. Until it didn't. And therein lies the tale. — Heather Simmons

Behavior Management Quotes By Warren Bennis

Most regular, two-year MBA programs provide both experience and the capacity to link together the essential elements of management such as finance, marketing, organizational behavior, and operations. — Warren Bennis

Behavior Management Quotes By Heather Simmons

Knowing that an asteroid is going to hit the earth is not really useful if you are not planning to launch missiles to knock it out of the sky. You have to work massively overtime on the belief that innovation or massive change is going to happen.' - Tom Martin, former VP of marketing — Heather Simmons

Behavior Management Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

She was already moving down the hall in the opposite direction from Deke, and so once again any protest I might have made was largely irrelevant. I sighed and followed, wondering if Deborah had learned this kind of behavior, perhaps from a book called The Management Style of Bulldozers. I — Jeff Lindsay

Behavior Management Quotes By Barry Ritholtz

Active management leads to lots of poor investor behavior. It sends people chasing after whoever has the hot hand at the moment. — Barry Ritholtz

Behavior Management Quotes By Heather Simmons

Truth be told, nobody thought Dell's direct business model would work, at least back in the early 90s. As Bill Sharpe, head of the advertising agency that held the Dell Canada account from 1996 to 2006, told me, "I had a business partner in California who said, we have a client, Dell. It sells computers over the phone, and ships them to you. I said, 'There's no way, who's gonna buy a computer over the phone? They're complicated. — Heather Simmons

Behavior Management Quotes By Aubrey Daniels

The trendy management fads concentrate on antecedents, .. but the only thing that makes what you do (before a behavior) effective is its consistent pairing with a consequence. Antecedents get us going. Consequences keep us going. — Aubrey Daniels

Behavior Management Quotes By Peter Drucker

It has been said, and only half in jest, that a tough, professionally led union is a great force for improving management performance. It forces the manager to think about what he is doing and to be able to explain his actions and behavior. — Peter Drucker

Behavior Management Quotes By Eliot Spitzer

Shareholders have the right and obligation to set the parameters of corporate behavior within which management pursues profit. — Eliot Spitzer

Behavior Management Quotes By Tommy Lee

If you show up late [for anger management], you don't get credit for the class, which made that car ride even more of a test of your temper. Being late was great-you could leave if you wanted to, but that wasn't going to help you at all. I was late a few times and I always stayed, hoping to get credit for good behavior. I never did, and that made me really fucking angry. Thank God I was learning how to deal with that. — Tommy Lee

Behavior Management Quotes By John Taylor Gatto

Schools were designed by Horace Mann and Barnard Sears and Harper of the University of Chicago and Thorndyke of Columbia Teachers College and some other men to be instruments of the scientific management of a mass population. Schools are intended to produce through the application of formulae, formulaic human beings whose behavior can be predicted and controlled. — John Taylor Gatto

Behavior Management Quotes By Daniel H. Pink

Our "default setting" is to be autonomous and self-directed. Unfortunately, circumstances - including outdated notions of "management" - often conspire to change that default setting and turn us from Type I to Type X. To encourage Type I behavior, and the high performance it enables, the first requirement is autonomy. People need autonomy over task (what they do), time (when they do it), team (who they do it with), and technique (how they do it). Organizations that have found inventive, sometimes radical, ways to boost autonomy are outperforming their competitors. — Daniel H. Pink

Behavior Management Quotes By David F. Swensen

Active management strategies demand uninstitutional behavior from institutions, creating a paradox that few can unravel. Establishing and maintaining an unconventional investment profile requires acceptance of uncomfortably idiosyncratic portfolios, which frequently appear downright imprudent in the eyes of conventional wisdom. — David F. Swensen

Behavior Management Quotes By Anna Hamilton

the media, at least in the U.S., tends to focus on pain pill use, abuse, and addiction by people who do not have chronic pain.
Even if these stories offhandedly mention that these pills are used to treat pain in people whose physical pain does not go away, however, the stories of those who use pain medicine responsibly -- or, worse, accused of drug-seeking behavior because they need certain types of pills for chronic pain -- are usually overshadowed by the "How can we prevent pain pill addiction?" concern, instead of asking, "How can we treat chronic pain more effectively? — Anna Hamilton

Behavior Management Quotes By Heather Simmons

A $10,000 investment in Dell at its 1988 initial public offering would have yielded a fortune of ~$6 million at the stock's peak. — Heather Simmons

Behavior Management Quotes By Dave Burgess

Ultimately, we don't want to develop techniques to win behavior management battles, we want to develop techniques that allow us to avoid the battles altogether. — Dave Burgess