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Beau Quotes By Beau Jason McGlynn

Life is scary, I admit, but we do not have anything to fear. Christ is ultimately in control and will take us on the ultimate adventure if we allow Him to guide our footsteps. — Beau Jason McGlynn

Beau Quotes By Beau Taplin

Some people are magic, and others are just the illusion of it. — Beau Taplin

Beau Quotes By Beau Taplin

What a sad thought it is, that some of us will surrender and settle down long before we have met the person we are supposed to love. — Beau Taplin

Beau Quotes By Beau Bokan

The fact that our message and my lyrics can have a positive impact on someone's life is really astounding. It definitely makes me appreciate what I do even more because I'm not just doing it for self-gain, I'm doing it to help others. — Beau Bokan

Beau Quotes By Beau Taplin

you are, always were, worth coming apart for — Beau Taplin

Beau Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

And now, said Ada, Van is going to stop being vulgar - I
mean, stop forever! Because I had and have and shall always
have only one beau, only one beast, only one sorrow, only one joy. — Vladimir Nabokov

Beau Quotes By Lee Friedlander

I only wanted Uncle Vernon standing by his own car (a Hudson) on a clear day, I got him and the car. Ialso got a bit of Aunt Mary's laundry and Beau Jack, the dog, peeing on the fence, and a row of potted tuberous begonias on the porch and 78 trees and a million pebbles in the driveway and more. It's a generous medium, photography. — Lee Friedlander

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

Real leaders have to live a paradoxical life, where they must break the rules in order to maintain them. If your expectations are high, you're setting yourself up for disillusionment. The land of governance is paved with gray streets, not black or white ones. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Beau Biden

No music can fill the gaping void ... at least in my experience only faith. Only faith. — Beau Biden

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

A lot of people have asked me whether I am a cynic or take a cynical view of politics and are often surprised when I say that I consider myself an optimist, but an optimist dressed in the robes of a realist. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Beau Mirchoff

A healthy relationship is built on unwavering trust. — Beau Mirchoff

Beau Quotes By Beau Taplin

In the night, I am kept awake by the endless chatter of my inner self. I hear it speak softly of old hurts and fondly of past loves, while its demands and anxieties resound throughout me in multitudes.
I could be calm and composed all day long, but the moment it is dark, my mind riots. — Beau Taplin

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

Yeah, I'm very impressed with Lifetime, this is the first time I've worked with them. I really like the kind of programming that they're into, so I'm hoping that I will. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Rachel Gibson

You're beautiful," he said.
"I'm as big as cow."
"A beautiful cow."
She chuckled. "I'm fat."
"You're not fat."
(Stella & Beau) — Rachel Gibson

Beau Quotes By Beau Taplin

I cannot stand the words Get over it. All of us are under such pressure to put our problems in the past tense. Slow down. Don't allow others to hurry your healing. It is a process, one that may take years, occasionally, even a lifetime - and that's OK. — Beau Taplin

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

Second, this epic tale allows the audience to actually listen to the Native Americans and receive their wisdom. Spielberg conveys the respect for Native Americans that is normally lacking in Western films. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Abbi Glines

I was very aware that you were a girl, Ash. I was just scared because the one person in the world who knew every secret I'd ever had also happened to be the most beautiful girl I'd ever known. My feelings for you were scary as Hell. — Abbi Glines

Beau Quotes By Rachael Leigh Cook

I have two cats at home in Minnesota with my family. Beau and Skippy. — Rachael Leigh Cook

Beau Quotes By Beau North

Your pain is your own until you put it to music, then it belongs to everyone. You'll find it lightens the load. — Beau North

Beau Quotes By Beau Taplin

Some night i wonder if the stars watch us the same way we watch them.other nights i think of you and im sure of it — Beau Taplin

Beau Quotes By Lynsay Sands

She nodded, but Tiny was still holding her arm, and he asked uncertainly, "Are you sure you want to do this, Beau? It sounds painful."
"Not as painful as the turn," she said solemnly.
"And I'd go through this and a lot more to keep you as my life mate. — Lynsay Sands

Beau Quotes By Kristen Proby

You're so fucking stubborn," Beau says. "Gee," Kate adds with a roll of the eyes. "I have no idea where she might have come by that. It's not like it's a family trait or anything." "Watch yourself," Eli says and kisses Kate's hand. "Punishments happen." "Excuse — Kristen Proby

Beau Quotes By Guy De Maupassant

We are all very much alike in France in this respect; we still remain knights, knights of love and fortune, since God has been abolished whose bodyguard we really were. But nobody can ever get woman out of our hearts; there she is, and there she will remain, and we love her, and shall continue to love her, and go on committing all kinds of follies on her account as long as there is a France on the map of Europe; and even if France were to be wiped off the map, there would always be Frenchmen left. — Guy De Maupassant

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

Money is finite; it's limited by a number and what you can buy with it. Power has no limits if you're willing to go far enough in order to get as much of it as you can. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

When you have both parties who will not find ways to compromise, who won't meet in the middle, you have paralysis. It's the perversion of idealism. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Mindy Kaling

The idealism and adorability of Rob Lowe and Bradley Whitford had made me long for a civic-minded beau who is constantly making long, important speeches and taking principled stands. — Mindy Kaling

Beau Quotes By Beau Brummell

Starch makes the gentleman, etiquette the lady. — Beau Brummell

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

Is self-interest a bad thing? We want our leaders to be pure and good, but at the same time we want them to be effective, and to be effective you often have to be ruthless and not bound by ideology or the same morals that we pretend to hold ourselves to. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

Every director is different. One of the great things about getting to work with so many directors in one TV series is collaborating with different artistic visions and voices. And they all have something to offer and making the story better and bringing their vision to what you see in the frame. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

Some of my oldest friends are actors. But that's not the only place my friends come from. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Beau Taplin

and i've learned to love loneliness because unlike you it never leaves — Beau Taplin

Beau Quotes By Beau Ryan

I have more critics than Hitler. — Beau Ryan

Beau Quotes By Beau Taplin

I want to fall to sleep with you,
and I could care less
whether it is in
layers upon layers
of clothing
or only our skin -
all I really want is to wake up
not knowing
where I end and you begin. — Beau Taplin

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

In the best possible scenario, whenever you get notes from people, they're good notes, and they see things that you wouldn't have seen otherwise, and they make you a better writer. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Abbi Glines

I ain't the only old woman looking. I'm just the only one honest enough to admit it. The others just hire the boy to cut their grass so they can sit at the window and drool. — Abbi Glines

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

The checks and balances is a way to prevent government from either devolving into an autocratic tyranny or an autocratic mob mentality. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Abbi Glines

She started walking toward me and perfect white teeth caught her full bottom lip between them. I'd fantasized about those lips way too many times. She'd barely covered up her long tanned legs with a pair of shorts that made me want to go to church this Sunday just to thank God for creating her. — Abbi Glines

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

And then I got into sports and gave my guitar to my brother Jeff who was just a little kid at that time. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Terence Stamp

The very first film I ever saw was during the war. My mother took me, I must have been about 4, and that was Beau Geste, with Gary Cooper. — Terence Stamp

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

None of the people are what you think when you first meet them, who you think they are, and they turn out to be maybe something a little different. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Penny Reid

I made a list of what needed to be picked up from the grocery store for dinner. Making lists helped. Cletus had taught me to do that. Not many people knew, but Cletus had a terrible temper. As a kid his tantrums were legendary, and as a teenager his rage made him blind.
He kept it all locked up now by making mental lists whenever he felt the urge to pummel someone.
Of course, he also hatched maniacal plans of revenge against anyone who crossed him. Beau and I often considered giving Cletus a hairless cat as a present, so his James Bond supervillain image would be complete. — Penny Reid

Beau Quotes By Mark Twain

When you are invited to drink, and this does occur now and then in New Orleans - and you say, 'What, again? - no, I've had enough;' the other party says, 'But just this one time more - this is for lagniappe.' When the beau perceives that he is stacking his compliments a trifle too high, and sees by the young lady's countenance that the edifice would have been better with the top compliment left off, he puts his 'I beg pardon - no harm intended,' into the briefer form of 'Oh, that's for lagniappe.' If the waiter in the restaurant stumbles and spills a gill of coffee down the back of your neck, he says 'For lagniappe, sah,' and gets you another cup without extra charge. — Mark Twain

Beau Quotes By Denise Hunter

I can't do this." She opened her eyes. "I can't do this, Beau." "Why not?" "This can't . . . go anywhere. I'll be leaving soon and - " "So don't. Don't go." She pushed away, and his arms fell. "I have to. It won't be safe here forever. — Denise Hunter

Beau Quotes By T. S. Eliot

Bustopher Jones is not skin and bones
In fact, he's remarkably fat.
He doesn't haunt pubs - he has eight or nine clubs,
For he's the St. James's Street Cat!
He's the Cat we all greet as he walks down the street
In his coat of fastidious black:
No commonplace mousers have such well-cut trousers
Or such an impeccable back.
In the whole of St. James's the smartest of names is
The name of this Brummell of Cats;
And we're all of us proud to be nodded or bowed to
By Bustopher Jones in white spats! — T. S. Eliot

Beau Quotes By Joseph J. Ellis

It was no accident that the beau ideal of his (John Adams') political philosophy was balance, since he projected onto the world the conflicting passions he felt inside himself and regarded government as the balancing mechanism that prevented those factions and furies from spending out of control. — Joseph J. Ellis

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

I also like to garden. I grow things, vegetables, flowers ... I particularly like orchids. I raise orchids. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

I got five kids, and my oldest is a documentary film maker and camera man, and still photographer. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

I like to try to make the characters I play be as human as possible. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Beau Biden

In the 17 years since I graduated from this great College of Law, I have seen that, for many of us, it becomes increasingly easy to rationalize our actions in the name of expediency when facing difficult decisions-to choose a path where the ends justify the means. I want to ask you to challenge Machiavelli's philosophy. I want to humbly suggest that you be the guardians of a more complicated truth: that the means are as important-and sometimes even more important-than the ends. — Beau Biden

Beau Quotes By Beau Bokan

Fans these days seem to almost expect a response from band-members any time they tweet or leave a comment etc. — Beau Bokan

Beau Quotes By Alan Joshua

Paranormal phenomena are only a
collection of abilities that challenge known science.Physical laws
don't explained them. You have to go beyond the limits of traditional
categories to make any sense of them.
Beau Walker--The SHIVA Syndrome — Alan Joshua

Beau Quotes By Kristen Proby

Being touched by Beau is like being touched for the first time in my life, and I never want him to stop. — Kristen Proby

Beau Quotes By Beau Bokan

I think it's important to have a consistent communication with the fans but I don't think it should be expected. — Beau Bokan

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

The reality is that politicians, in terms of the amount of power they wield and the amount that they work, don't actually make that much money. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

I don't think that Washington is a fundamentally bad or corrupt place. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Abbi Glines

If I'd ever taken the time to wonder about my soul being as black as this town seemed to believe, I knew the moment Ashton stepped out of her little white Jetta looking like an angel from Heaven that my soul was damned to Hell. — Abbi Glines

Beau Quotes By Emil Cioran

Even as we ransack our own diseases, those of other people regard us no less. In an age of biographies, no one bandages his wounds without our attempting to lay them bare, to expose them to broad daylight; if we fail, we turn away, disappointed. And even he who endured on the cross - it is not because he suffered for us that he still counts for something in our eyes, but because he suffered and uttered several lamentations as profound as they were gratuitous. For what we venerate in our gods are our own defeats en beau. — Emil Cioran

Beau Quotes By David Cassidy

As a father, I do everything my dad didn't do. My son Beau's birth changed my life. — David Cassidy

Beau Quotes By Charles De Leusse

Above the sky, everything is beautiful, but alone. (Au-dessus du ciel, - Tout est beau, mais seul) — Charles De Leusse

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

I think that by now, in the very beginning when I first joined the show, General Landry was like a new kid in school. I was coming into a situation I didn't really know much about, and now, after a couple of years, the character's kind of mellowed and gotten comfortable working at the command center and very comfortable with his troops. What they always do with these shows is they always leave them open-ended. The SG-1 franchise has been so successful for the network, that they always want to keep it open, an option to do it again in some way, whether that's a movie or a series, or whatever. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Edmund White

They're drunk now," Guy said, "and optimistic, but they will soon be squabbling over household expenses and hoping they'll find love later in the Meat Rack. They'll be arguing. 'Why did you buy that expensive leg of lamb?' And they become especially cross at the beginning of September when they realise the season is over and they've danced their tushes off and fucked a lot in the bushes, but, hey, they haven't bagged a beau for the winter and they've maxed out their credit cards. — Edmund White

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

First of all my real full name is Lloyd Vernet Bridges III. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Beau Taplin

Hearts aren't handcuffs and people aren't prisons. When you feel it's time for you to leave, you leave. You neither need to wait to be released, nor ask for permission. — Beau Taplin

Beau Quotes By Pierre Lemaitre

An aging beau. He has probably tried to screw half his staff and doubtless attributes to his charm the few successes that are simply statistical anomalies. — Pierre Lemaitre

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

The media doesn't create narratives, really. They're not that powerful. What they do is they tap into narratives that are already bubbling amongst their viewership or readership. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Beau Mirchoff

When people are nervous, some people move around. Some people scratch their leg. — Beau Mirchoff

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

And when I've been away from my family and friends, I have felt good hearing some of those old songs. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Elle Kennedy

I'm nervous about Beau Maxwell's reaction to me and Dean showing up together, but it turns out to be unnecessary. Beau doesn't even blink when Dean introduces me as "G's GF's BFF". Maybe all the letters Dean threw out confused him? Either way, he just seems thrilled that we came out to the club at all. — Elle Kennedy

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

I don't desire happiness. I think it's a myth, and I don't think it's ... and it makes you complacent. I feel very satisfyingly uncomfortable. I have the freedom to feel uncomfortable in the way I want to, is maybe a way to put it. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

The one we keep pitching and there are no takers is The Fabulous Baker Boys Go To Hawaii. There don't seem to be any takers on that one! — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Mary Doria Russell

Every one of them has a story, and every story begins with a man who failed her. A husband who came home from the war, good for nothin' but drink. A father who didn't come home at all, or a stepfather who did. A brother who should have protected her. A beau who promised marriage and left when he got what he wanted, because he wouldn't marry a slut. If a girl like that has lost her way, it's-because some worthless no-account-sonofabitch left her in the wilderness alone! — Mary Doria Russell

Beau Quotes By Beau Mirchoff

I'm not classically trained or anything, but I'll rip up a dance floor. — Beau Mirchoff

Beau Quotes By Beau Willimon

This is the way I think about politics: We want two diametrically opposed things from a politician. On one hand we want them to be bastions of moral integrity, perfect people, saints. And on the other hand, we want them to be effective leaders. — Beau Willimon

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

My favorite roles usually have to do with the story, if it's a good story I usually enjoy doing the character. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

You know I don't understand what you mean, right?" I asked.
"I'm counting on it," she said, and then her eyes focused behind me. "I think your friends are upset that I've stolen you."
Suddenly I could feel all their eyes boring into my back. For once, it didn't bother me at all.
"They'll survive."
She grinned. "I may not give you back, though."
I swallowed too loud and she laughed. — Stephenie Meyer

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

But when I'm done with the job I can take it off pretty easy, it's like a suit of clothes, put on something else. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Abbi Glines

Beau had come to my rescue when I needed it the most. He might not be the perfect citizen but Grana always said perfect was boring. — Abbi Glines

Beau Quotes By Florence King

The Southern man has a certain swagger about him that every woman craves in a man, whether she is willing to admit it or not. in this depressingly utilitarian age, when young lovers remove identical faded jeans and pea jackets before getting into bed together, the thought of a beau sabreur lover is not unappealing, Neither the overbearing male chauvinist nor the supportive gelding are capalbe of stirring the female blood, but a dashing cavalier is. — Florence King

Beau Quotes By Claire Denis

When I was doing 'Beau Travail,' I listened a lot to Benjamin Britten. — Claire Denis

Beau Quotes By Rebecca Paula

Beau never stays within the lines. He's not just my roommate, he moves through Portland as if it's his city, as though all the people at this party are his best friends, as if he invented beer pong, even. He's that drop of water that runs and seeps into the paper, smearing the other watercolors until they've run wild as well. — Rebecca Paula

Beau Quotes By Loretta Chase

I have a plan," he said.
"Yes," she said.
"Let's get married," he said.
"Yes," she said.
"Let's conquer the world," he said.
"Yes," she said. No one in her family had ever been accused of dreaming small.
"Let's bring the beau monde to its knees."
"Let's make them beg for your creations."
"Yes," she said. "Yes, yes, yes."
"Is tomorrow too soon?" he said.
"No." she said. "We've a great deal to do, you and I, conquering the world. We must start at once. We've not a minute to lose."
"I love hearing you say that," he said.
He kissed her. It lasted a long time.
And they would last, she was sure, a lifetime. On that she'd wager anything. — Loretta Chase

Beau Quotes By Beau Taplin

I had learned even loneliness could leave an absence if it had lived in you long enough. — Beau Taplin

Beau Quotes By Beau Biden

Just because you think the path that's right for you might be lonelier, longer or less destined for traditional success than paths taken by others, don't be afraid to take it. If you choose your means well you will end up in the right place. — Beau Biden

Beau Quotes By Thomas Love Peacock

Surely not without reason, when pirates, highwaymen, and other varieties of the extensive genus Marauder, are the only beau ideal of the active, as splenetic and railing misanthropy is of the speculative energy. — Thomas Love Peacock

Beau Quotes By Jeff Bridges

Well, Thanksgiving we'll all gather at my house for dinner and we usually do Christmas at Beau's house. My mom is still feisty and kicking. She's 92. I saw her last night and she published a book at 90. It's a wonderful book called "You Caught Me Kissing" and it's basically love-poems that she wrote for my dad. It's more than that, it's a wonderful book. — Jeff Bridges

Beau Quotes By Beau Taplin

I learned much too late
that what you called love
was nothing but a
desperate and irrational
fear of a life lived alone. — Beau Taplin

Beau Quotes By Beau Brummell

Fashions come and go; bad taste is timeless. — Beau Brummell

Beau Quotes By Beau Taplin

Beautiful. Crushingly so. You
look like the rest of my life. — Beau Taplin

Beau Quotes By Ann Voskamp

The wrinkled man in the wheelchair with the legs wrapped, the girl with her face punctured deep with the teeth marks of a dog, the mess of the world, and I see - this, all this, is what the French call d'un beau affreux, what the Germans call hubsch-hasslich - the ugly-beautiful. That which is perceived as ugly transfigures into beautiful. What the postimpressionist painter Paul Gauguin expressed as 'Le laid peut etre beau' - The ugly can be beautiful. The dark can give birth to life; suffering can deliver grace. — Ann Voskamp

Beau Quotes By Beau Bridges

I've done a number of these My Name is Earl shows. I play Earl's father. It's a half-hour comedy. And I'll be doing some more of those. I have a movie coming out that I did with Misha Barton, called Don't Fade Away. — Beau Bridges

Beau Quotes By Abbi Glines

She'd barely covered up her long, tan legs in a pair of shorts that made me want to go to church on Sunday just to thank God for creating her.
- BeauAbbi Glines

Beau Quotes By Beau Sides

Happiness is a conscious choice we make for ourselves. It has to come from within. — Beau Sides

Beau Quotes By Emily Henry

I don't love Beau yet, I don't think. But being with him feels like a better version of being alone, and in that way, I think we are each other's. — Emily Henry

Beau Quotes By Bill Powell

In my humble opinion,
Be off to oblivion!
Their tears crocodilian
Will dry here below.

Your act is vaudevillian,
Your faults are octillion!
Your manners reptilian
Would shock a Brazilian!
Alas, but a Vrillian's a pitiful beau!
A despicable, fickle, unprintable foe!

LADY CADENCE: (still in the grip of VRIL) Mr. Cartwright, my most mannered acquaintances hail from Brazil.

WHITLOCK 2: My apologies, Your Ladyship. It's a difficult rhyme. — Bill Powell

Beau Quotes By Abbi Glines

Beau's arms slipped around my waist. I knew I should step away but I couldn't make myself. This was home. Being in his arms like this was where I found peace. — Abbi Glines

Beau Quotes By Beau Walker

If I'm more prepared, the success will fall on me; if not, it will fall on someone else, and I'm okay with that. — Beau Walker

Beau Quotes By Beau North

As soon as she stepped in the door, the wonderful smell of books hit her, easing the tension from her neck and shoulders. This was a place of magic to her, where one selection could make you weep with despair and another might make you laugh for days. It was a world of possibility, intelligence, and inspiration, and she'd always secretly considered herself to be queen of this particular kingdom. — Beau North

Beau Quotes By Santino Hassell

Sin looked over at Boyd through sleepy looking, heavy lidded eyes. "Callate la boca, blanquito."
Hearing Sin speak Spanish didn't help any; he sounded especially sexy when he was drawling those words fluidly in his low, velvety voice. "What does that mean?" he asked, half with an edge and half just curious.
Full lips turned up into a small smirk and Sin raised an eyebrow at him before turning back to the window. "It's a secret."
"Putain de beau gosse," Boyd muttered under his breath in mild annoyance, flipping forward several pages. — Santino Hassell

Beau Quotes By Lisa De Jong

Life's most beautiful moments come after the rain." -Beau Bennett — Lisa De Jong

Beau Quotes By Henry Fielding

He said "They were heartily welcome to his poor cottage", and turning to Mr. Didapper, cried out, 'Non mea renidet in domo lacunar.' The beau answered, "He did not understand Welsh"; at which the parson stared and made no reply. — Henry Fielding