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Oh Hell Nah Quotes & Sayings

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Oh Hell Nah Quotes By Lou Harper

Did you make plans."
"Nah. I tried once or twice, but they always went to hell. Eventually I just learned to let life take me where it wanted; it was easier that way. If you leave yourself open to possibilities, a lot might happen that you couldn't have planned for. — Lou Harper

Oh Hell Nah Quotes By J.M. Madden

Dude, you scared the hell out of us. We thought you were a goner." Harper rocked his head on the pillow. "Nah. Takes more than a couple bullets to take me out." Chad laughed. "I remember you saying you were an iron man when we hired you, but I didn't think you were telling the truth." Harper — J.M. Madden

Oh Hell Nah Quotes By Josh Howard

A lot of people think Utah is a bad place to play, but hell nah, — Josh Howard

Oh Hell Nah Quotes By J.R. Ward

Ah, hell.
His peripheral vision was working far too well tonight.
His slut of a cousin, his cocksucking, suit-wearing, Montblanc-up-the-ass cousin Saxton the Magnificent, was standing next to the queen, looking like a combination of Cary Grant and some model in a goddamn cologne ad.
Not that Qhuinn was bitter.
Because the guy was sharing Blay's bed.
Nope. Not at all.
The Cocksucker-
With a wince, he thought maybe he should switch that insult to something a little farther away from what the two of them ...
God, he couldn't even go there. Not if he wanted to breathe. — J.R. Ward

Oh Hell Nah Quotes By Michelle Rodriguez

I think there are three types of actors. There are the ones that do the ego thing, which is "I'm never going to look bad in a movie, ever." This is mostly the action film dudes, like, "Nah, hell no. He ain't punchin' me! I'd whoop his ass!" — Michelle Rodriguez

Oh Hell Nah Quotes By T.S. Joyce

LEXI: I feel like I belong here. Hell, maybe I always did belong, and I just needed to leave to see how good I had it. This place is home, and I love my job.......Maybe that means the big city defeated me.....

RYDER:Nah, you just figured out what you want. There's no defeat in that. — T.S. Joyce

Oh Hell Nah Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Ain't nothing going to eat you while Bubba's around." Caleb laughed. "They might toy with him for a bit but he won't let any past." Caleb to Nick.
"Is something wrong?" Nick to Bubba
"Nah ... I just ... " Bubba nervous.
"Please, God, Bubba, tell me you're not about to ask me out, are you?" Nick to Bubba.
Bubba made a rude sound at him. "Hell, nah. I'd date Mark first, provided he took a bath so I wouldn't have to fumigate my truck or store."
"But," Bubba continued, "now that you mention it ... that is what I wanted to ask you about."
"Dating Mark? Really?" Nick to Bubba.
'Cause the kid with a brand-new license was such an expert on going out with others. — Sherrilyn Kenyon