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Top Bath Salts Quotes

Bath Salts Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

Californians are people who insist on growing their own vegetables, but they won't dig up the pretty lawn, won't plant anything for fear of getting dirty, and they use fragrant bath salts from The Body Shop instead of smelly compost. — P. J. O'Rourke

Bath Salts Quotes By Kim Alexis

I daily disconnect and read a good book or listen to a good sermon or call a friend or my mom and talk on the phone with my feet up. I also take baths with bath salts that I make myself. — Kim Alexis

Bath Salts Quotes By Terry Pratchett

They always gives me bath salts," complained Nobby. "And bath soap and bubble bath and herbal bath lumps and tons of bath stuff and I can't think why, 'cos it's not as if I hardly ever has a bath. You'd think they'd take the hint, wouldn't you? — Terry Pratchett

Bath Salts Quotes By Andrew Crevier

Bath salts, plant food, crystal meth? Get you some Purple Crack and let the madness begin. — Andrew Crevier

Bath Salts Quotes By Anais Nin

She makes use of the soft of the bread for a napkin. She falls asleep at times with shoes on, on unmade beds. When a little money comes in, June buys delicacies, strawberries in the winter, caviar and bath salts. — Anais Nin

Bath Salts Quotes By Kimberly Jones

For Bath: Combine one part baking soda, two parts Epsom salts and three parts sea salt. Then set aside this mixture, which is known as a bath base. When you take your next bath, add 5-6 drops of true lavender essential oil to two tablespoons of bath base. — Kimberly Jones

Bath Salts Quotes By Teresa Bloomingdale

If you have older children who avoid you like the plague, buy yourself some expensive bath salts, run a hot tub, and settle in for a long soak. Teenagers who haven't talked to you since their tenth birthday will bang on the door, demanding your immediate attention. — Teresa Bloomingdale

Bath Salts Quotes By Sloane Crosley

Names I am most commonly called by telemarketers: Simone, Slain, Siobhan, Flo, Stacey, Susan, Slater, Leanne, and Slow (Yes, my parents named me "Slow". That's because they hate me and made me sleep in the linen closet subsisting only on bath salts and Scope). — Sloane Crosley

Bath Salts Quotes By Arianna Huffington

And Cindi came up with a new trick to use if she was having trouble falling asleep: "Counting backward from 300 by threes - it works like magic and you never get below 250." On the few occasions when I feel too wired to sleep, my panacea is a hot bath with my favorite bath salts. — Arianna Huffington

Bath Salts Quotes By Shirley Jackson

Say Morg
you mind if I use the rest of your bath salts? There's only a little left. — Shirley Jackson

Bath Salts Quotes By Agatha Christie

Poirot closed his eyes. What he perceived mentally was a kaleidoscope, no more, no less. Pieces of cut-up scarves and rucksacks, cookery books, lipsticks, bath salts; names and thumbnail sketches of odd students. Nowhere was there cohesion or form. Unrelated incidents and people whirled round in space. But Poirot knew quite well that somehow and somewhere there must be a pattern ... The question was where to start ... — Agatha Christie