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Barbarity Quotes By David Bowie

Since early middle ages when people generally taking away the barbarity of their like, were pretty content. Although it was all an illicit contentment, what with the slave systems all over the world, in England especially, the peasants and the master, etc. People were incredibly content. — David Bowie

Barbarity Quotes By William Tecumseh Sherman

If the people raise a great howl against my barbarity and cruelty, I will answer that war is war, and not popularity seeking. — William Tecumseh Sherman

Barbarity Quotes By Audre Lorde

I have found that battling despair does not mean closing my eyes to the enormity of the tasks of effecting change, nor ignoring the strength and the barbarity of the forces aligned against us. It means teaching, surviving and fighting with the most important resource I have, myself, and taking joy in that battle. It means, for me, recognizing the enemy outside, and the enemy within, and knowing that my work is part of a continuum of women's work, of reclaiming this earth and our power, and knowing that this work did not begin with my birth nor will it end with my death. And it means knowing that within this continuum, my life and my love and my work has particular power and meaning relative to others. — Audre Lorde

Barbarity Quotes By Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Europe had fallen back into the barbarity of the first ages. People from this part of world, so enlightened today, lived a few centuries ago in a state worse than ignorance. Some sort of learned jargon much more despicable than ignorance had usurped the name of knowledge and set up an almost invincible obstacle in the way of its return. A revolution was necessary to bring men back to common sense, and it finally came from a quarter where one would least expect it. It was the stupid Muslim, the eternal blight on learning, who brought about its rebirth among us. — Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Barbarity Quotes By R. Scott Bakker

And 'barbarity,' I fear, is simply a word for unfamiliarity that threatens. — R. Scott Bakker

Barbarity Quotes By Josephine Hart

And if I was bewildered through those decades, totally bewildered, so was the country I came from. The majority, what was the phrase? 'Condemn utterly what is happening, this barbarity.' But that's all we did. Condemn. And march. But not often enough. — Josephine Hart

Barbarity Quotes By Charles Caleb Colton

A semi-civilized state of society, equally removed from the extremes of barbarity and of refinement, seems to be that particular meridian under which all the reciprocities and gratuities of hospitality do most readily flourish and abound. For it so happens that the ease, the luxury, and the abundance of the highest state of civilization, are as productive of selfishness, as the difficulties, the privations, and the sterilities of he lowest. — Charles Caleb Colton

Barbarity Quotes By Arthur Schopenhauer

The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality. — Arthur Schopenhauer

Barbarity Quotes By Jakub Bozydar Wisniewski

Unorganized morality is called sociability. Organized morality is called civilization. Unorganized immorality is called barbarity. Organized immorality is called statism. — Jakub Bozydar Wisniewski

Barbarity Quotes By Ernest Howard Crosby

A strange lot this, to be dropped down in a world of barbarians - men who see clearly enough the barbarity of all ages except their own. — Ernest Howard Crosby

Barbarity Quotes By Frederick Douglass

I assert most unhesitatingly, that the religion of the south is a mere covering for the most horrid crimes, - a justifier of the most appalling barbarity, - a sanctifier of the most hateful frauds, - and a dark shelter under, which the darkest, foulest, grossest, and most infernal deeds of the slaveholders find the strongest protection. Were I to be again reduced to the chains of slavery, next to enslavement, I should regard being the slave of a religious master the greatest calamity that could befall me. For of all slaveholders with whom I have ever met, religious slaveholders are the worst. I have ever found them the meanest and basest, the most cruel and cowardly, of all others. — Frederick Douglass

Barbarity Quotes By David Hume

Barbarity, caprice; these qualities, however nominally disguised, we may universally observe from the ruling character of the deity in all regular religions. — David Hume

Barbarity Quotes By Slavoj Zizek

What if culture itself is nothing but a halt, a break, a respite, in the pursuit of barbarity? — Slavoj Zizek

Barbarity Quotes By Rose Macaulay

You point out that war is only a symptom of the whole horrid business of human behavior, and cannot be isolated. And that, even if we abolish war, we shall not abolish hate and greed. So might it have been argued about slave emancipation, that slavery was but one aspect of human disgustingness, and that to abolish it would not end the barbarity that causes it. But did the abolitionists therefore waste their breath? And do we waste ours now in protesting against war? — Rose Macaulay

Barbarity Quotes By Dee Hock

Education that gives priority to measurement rather than values, to efficiency rather than conscience, to information rather than ethics, provides no barrier to barbarity and violence. The Holocaust was perpetrated by a society of the most disciplined, highly educated people on earth. — Dee Hock

Barbarity Quotes By John Ruskin

Of all the things that oppress me, this sense of the evil working of nature herself -my disgust at her barbarity -clumsiness -darkness -bitter mockery of herself -is the most desolating. — John Ruskin

Barbarity Quotes By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The timid civilized world has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of a sudden revival of barefaced barbarity, other than concessions and smiles. — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Barbarity Quotes By Cornel West

The blues is relevant today because when we look down through the corridors of time, the black American interpretation of tragicomic hope in the face of dehumanizing hate and oppression will be seen as the only kind of hope that has any kind of maturity in a world of overwhelming barbarity and bestiality. That barbarity is found not just in the form of terrorism but in the form of the emptiness of our lives - in terms of the wasted human potential that we see around the world. In this sense, the blues is a great democratic contribution of black people to world history. — Cornel West

Barbarity Quotes By Bangambiki Habyarimana

As man becomes more technologically advanced, his barbarity becomes even more lethal — Bangambiki Habyarimana

Barbarity Quotes By Wes Craven

There was a generation of kids who were just kind of emulating distant heroes and wearing peace symbols, and parents who were thinking of themselves as liberal and removed from barbarity, but it also was the era of Vietnam. I very much was influenced - and I think the whole country was kind of in a state of shock - for the first time seeing the horror and cruelty of war. — Wes Craven

Barbarity Quotes By Jim Lacey

I remain confident that if faced with such a threat, the West will remember its twenty-five hundred years of tradition, much to the detriment of any possible foe. Having said that, we must all hope our leaders are wise enough to forestall any threat of this magnitude before it manifests itself. Because the Western way of war is brutal. If it is ever again unleashed in all its decisive barbarity, it will be many generations before our enemies recover. — Jim Lacey

Barbarity Quotes By Michael Gove

Hanging may seem barbarous, but the greater barbarity lies in the slow abandonment of our common law traditions. — Michael Gove

Barbarity Quotes By Peter Wessel Zapffe

When a human being takes his life in depression, this is a natural death of spiritual causes. The modern barbarity of 'saving' the suicidal is based on a hair-raising misapprehension of the nature of existence. — Peter Wessel Zapffe

Barbarity Quotes By Alfred-Maurice De Zayas

The United Nations is the best hope to spare humanity from the barbarity of war, from the senseless death, destruction and dislocation it brings about. — Alfred-Maurice De Zayas

Barbarity Quotes By Richard Hughes

Do your bit to save humanity from lapsing back into barbarity by reading all the novels you can. — Richard Hughes

Barbarity Quotes By Ernest Howard Crosby

We are humans who see clearly the barbarity of all ages except our own. — Ernest Howard Crosby

Barbarity Quotes By Shane Porteous

he constantly came up with more and more ways to publicly execute his detractors in the most gruesome of ways. There was a purpose to such barbarity; Granzool wanted to ensure that his people feared him more than they could ever fear the western monsters. — Shane Porteous

Barbarity Quotes By Theophile Gautier

Sooner barbarity than boredom. — Theophile Gautier

Barbarity Quotes By Joseph Addison

It is odd to consider the connection between despotism and barbarity, and how the making one person more than man makes the rest less. — Joseph Addison

Barbarity Quotes By George VI

Like so many of our people, we have now had a personal experience of German barbarity which only strengthens the resolution of all of us to fight through to final victory. — George VI

Barbarity Quotes By Jules Michelet

Animal life, sombre mystery. All nature protests against the barbarity of man, who misapprehends, who humiliates, who tortures his inferior brethren. — Jules Michelet

Barbarity Quotes By Cesare Beccaria

By 'justice', I understand nothing more than that bond which is necessary to keep the interest of individuals united, without which men would return to their original state of barbarity. All punishments which exceed the necessity of preserving this bond are, in their nature, unjust. — Cesare Beccaria

Barbarity Quotes By Pierre Schaeffer

The only hope is that our civilization will collapse at a certain point, as always happens in history. Then, out of barbarity, a renaissance. — Pierre Schaeffer

Barbarity Quotes By Harry Emerson Fosdick

It is going to be a long, hard haul; it will require patience, courage, faith that hangs on when hope fails, if we are to tame the rude barbarity of man, so that the atomic age becomes a blessing, not a curse. There never was such a day for the Christian gospel. God help us all in these years ahead to make that gospel live in men and nations! — Harry Emerson Fosdick

Barbarity Quotes By W. Somerset Maugham

The artist, painter, poet, or musician, by his decoration, sublime or beautiful, satisfies the aesthetic sense; but that is akin to the sexual instinct, and shares its barbarity: he lays before you also the greater gift of himself. — W. Somerset Maugham

Barbarity Quotes By Brigitte Gabriel

I think the biggest disservice to the American people was the denial by the networks to air video of the beheading of Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, or the many other hostages that were beheaded in Iraq. We as a society need to see the type of enemy we are fighting. People have been so sheltered in this country that they have not paid attention to what has been going on for the last twenty-some years. And today, even after the attack of September 11, people still cannot fathom that this type of barbarity could happen here. — Brigitte Gabriel

Barbarity Quotes By Brigitte Bardot

Unfortunately these are not isolated incidents, and the people of Reunion are the first to be horrified by this despicable barbarity which mars the image of their island. — Brigitte Bardot

Barbarity Quotes By Julius Streicher

I remember reports that the American and English newspapers were very happy about the fact that so many were killed in Dresden. There are many instances of barbarity and cruelty on the part of the Allies which I could tell you. — Julius Streicher

Barbarity Quotes By Mike Farrell

A life sentence without parole protects public safety while sparing us the barbarity of killing our own. It teaches our children that violence will be punished, but not by emulating the violent. This seems eminently more consistent with American ideals than continuing to share the killing stage with some of the world's worst human rights violators. — Mike Farrell

Barbarity Quotes By William Wells Brown

Though slavery is thought, by some, to be mild in Missouri, when compared with the cotton, sugar and rice growing states, yet no part of our slave-holding country is more noted for the barbarity of its inhabitants than St. Louis. — William Wells Brown

Barbarity Quotes By Michel De Montaigne

Each person calls barbarism whatever is not his or her own practice ... We may call Cannibals barbarians, in respect to the rulesof reason, but not in respect to ourselves, who surpass them in every kind of barbarity. — Michel De Montaigne

Barbarity Quotes By Steven Johnson

But Engels and Dickens suggested a new twist: that the advance of civilization produced barbarity as an unavoidable waste product, as essential to its metabolism as the gleaming spires and cultivated thought of polite society. The barbarians weren't storming the gates. — Steven Johnson

Barbarity Quotes By Harry J. Anslinger

In the year 1090, there was founded in Persia the religious and military order of the Assassins, whose history is one of cruelty, barbarity, and murder, and for good reason: the members were confirmed users of hashish, or marihuana, and it is from the Arabs' 'hashashin' that we have the English word 'assassin.' — Harry J. Anslinger

Barbarity Quotes By Saadat Hasan Manto

Hindustan had become free. Pakistan had become independent soon after its inception but man was still slave in both these countries
slave of prejudice ... slave of religious fanaticism ... slave of barbarity and inhumanity. — Saadat Hasan Manto

Barbarity Quotes By Linda Porter

The barbarity, duplicity and sheer effrontery of the English were often remarked upon. 'Pink, white and quarrelsome' was the splendid description of one group of disgusted Spanish visitors. — Linda Porter

Barbarity Quotes By Alan Clark

Krebs, who knew some Russian and at one stage in his career had been embraced by Stalin, was "a smooth, surviving type." And so, with almost incredible effrontery, he tried to talk to Chuikov as an equal, opening the conversation with the general comment:
"Today is the first of May, a great holiday for our two nations ... "
With seven million Russian dead, half his country devastated, and fresh evidence mounting daily of the unspeakable barbarity with which the Germans had treated Soviet captives and civilians, Chuikov's answer was a model of restraint, a standing testimony to the cool head and dry wit of that remarkable man. He said:
"We have a great holiday today. How things are with you over there it is less easy to say. — Alan Clark

Barbarity Quotes By James K. Morrow

This was not a just war after all - it was just a war: yet another exercise in consecrated barbarity and sanctified slaughter. — James K. Morrow

Barbarity Quotes By Ernst Junger

Now these [battles] too are over, and already we see once more in the dim light of the future the tumult of the fresh ones. We--by this I mean those youth of this land who are capable of enthusiasm for an ideal--will not shrink from them. We stand in the memory of the dead who are holy to us, and we believe ourselves entrusted with the true and spiritual welfare of our people. We stand for what will be and for what has been. Though force without and barbarity within conglomerate in sombre clouds, yet so long as the blade of a sword will strike a spark in the night may it be said: Germany lives and Germany shall never go under! — Ernst Junger

Barbarity Quotes By Michel De Montaigne

Everyone calls barbarity what he is not accustomed to. — Michel De Montaigne

Barbarity Quotes By Percy Bysshe Shelley

If the use of animal food be, in consequence, subversive to the peace of human society, how unwarrantable is the injustice and the barbarity which is exercised toward these miserable victims. They are called into existence by human artifice that they may drag out a short and miserable existence of slavery and disease, that their bodies may be mutilated, their social feelings outraged. It were much better that a sentient being should never have existed, than that it should have existed only to endure unmitigated misery. — Percy Bysshe Shelley

Barbarity Quotes By Henry Stephens Salt

Religion has never befriended the cause of humaneness. Its monstrous doctrine of eternal punishment and the torture of the damned underlies much of the barbarity with which man has treated man; and the deep division imagined by the Church between the human being, with his immortal soul, and the soulless "beasts", has been responsible for an incalculable sum of cruelty. — Henry Stephens Salt

Barbarity Quotes By Frantz Fanon

Once their rage explodes, they recover their lost coherence, they experience self-knowledge through reconstruction of themselves; from afar we see their war as the triumph of barbarity; but it proceeds on its own to gradually emancipate the fighter and progressively eliminates the colonial darkness inside and out. As soon as it begins it is merciless. Either one must remain terrified or become terrifying - which means surrendering to the dissociations of a fabricated life or conquering the unity of one's native soil. When the peasants lay hands on a gun, the old myths fade, and one by one the taboos are overturned: a fighter's weapon is his humanity. For in the first phase of the revolt killing is a necessity: killing a European is killing two birds with one stone, eliminating in one go oppressor and oppressed: leaving one man dead and the other man free; — Frantz Fanon

Barbarity Quotes By Sarah Bakewell

He blushed to see other Frenchmen overcome with joy whenever they met a compatriot abroad. The would fall on each other, cluster in a raucous group, and pass whole evenings complaining about the barbarity of the locals. These were the few who actually noticed that locals did things differently. Others managed to travel so 'covered and wrapped in a taciturn and incommunicative prudence, defending themselves from the contagion of an unknown atmosphere' that they noticed nothing at all. — Sarah Bakewell

Barbarity Quotes By John Locke

The Indians , whom we call barbarous, observe much more decency and civility in their discourses and conversation, giving one another a fair silent hearing till they have quite done; and then answering them calmly, and without noise or passion. And if it be not so in this civiliz'd part of the world, we must impute it to a neglect in education, which has not yet reform'd this antient piece of barbarity amongst us. — John Locke

Barbarity Quotes By Mahmoud Darwish

Against barbarity, poetry can resist only by confirming its attachment to human fragility like a blade of grass growing on a wall while armies march by. — Mahmoud Darwish

Barbarity Quotes By Henry Johnson Jr

When you attack your fellow "Americans" out of "HATE" no matter what organization or race you belong too, you have attacked America. It's called Homegrown Terrorism. If you loved America, you would not attack your fellow Americans out of barbarity. Learning "PEACE" is a condition of the heart. Peace is not possible without forgiveness. Un-forgiveness destroys, forgiveness heals. — Henry Johnson Jr

Barbarity Quotes By Frederick Douglass

Was truly a great advantage. I assert most unhesitatingly, that the religion of the south is a mere covering for the most horrid crimes, - a justifier of the most appalling barbarity, - a sanctifier of the most hateful frauds, - and a dark shelter under, which the darkest, foulest, grossest, and most infernal deeds of slaveholders find the strongest protection. — Frederick Douglass

Barbarity Quotes By Ellen Key

Everything, everything in war is barbaric ... But the worst barbarity of war is that it forces men collectively to commit acts against which individually they would revolt with their whole being. — Ellen Key

Barbarity Quotes By Thomas Merton

We who claim to love peace and justice must always be careful that we do not use our righteousness to provoke the violent, and in this way bring about the conflict for which we, too, like other men, are hungering in secret, and with suppressed barbarity. — Thomas Merton

Barbarity Quotes By Ida B. Wells

Although lynchings have steadily increased in number and barbarity during the last twenty years, there has been no single effort put forth by the many moral and philanthropic forces of the country to put a stop to this wholesale slaughter. — Ida B. Wells

Barbarity Quotes By Eric Hobsbawm

Many years later, another Marxian rephrased this as the choice between socialism and barbarity. Which of these will prevail is a question which the twenty-first century must be left to answer.
Eric Hobsbawm

Barbarity Quotes By Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Here then I retreated, and lay down, happy to have found a shelter, however miserable, from the inclemency of the season, and still more from the barbarity of man. — Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Barbarity Quotes By Voltaire

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. — Voltaire

Barbarity Quotes By John Dryden

It is almost impossible to translate verbally and well at the same time; for the Latin (a most severe and compendious language) often expresses that in one word which either the barbarity or the narrowness of modern tongues cannot supply in more ... But since every language is so full of its own proprieties that what is beautiful in one is often barbarous, nay, sometimes nonsense, in another, it would be unreasonable to limit a translator to the narrow compass of his author's words; it is enough if he choose out some expression which does not vitiate the sense. — John Dryden

Barbarity Quotes By Adolf Hitler

Our strength lies in our intensive attacks and our barbarity ... After all, who today remembers the genocide of the Armenians? — Adolf Hitler

Barbarity Quotes By Bela Bartok

His pagan barbarity, his explosive and angrily defiant melancholy, his demoniacal instinct ... these are all echoes ... of the thousand-year-old Hungarian psyche. — Bela Bartok