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Top Wolf Hall Quotes

Wolf Hall Quotes By Colin Callender

I find it very invigorating having Ken Lonergan, who's an established, Pulitzer-nominated playwright doing Howards End, or Chris Hampton who's won an Oscar writing a TV series, or having an actor like Mark Rylance, who is probably England's leading theater actor, in the lead in Wolf Hall. — Colin Callender

Wolf Hall Quotes By Daniel Menaker

Really good 'hard' novels - say, Wolf Hall - yield, if you read them carefully, the information you need when you need it, in order to follow their paths. But there is a point at which subtle storytelling maneuvers outmaneuver their own intelligibility. — Daniel Menaker

Wolf Hall Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Nothing in the last few years has dazzled me more than Hilary Mantel's 'Wolf Hall,' which blew the top of my head straight off. I've read it three times, and I'm still trying to figure out how she put that magnificent thing together. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Wolf Hall Quotes By Sarah Hall

For about two years, while researching 'The Wolf Border,' I was a complete wolf bore. I would regurgitate everything I was researching, whether people were interested or not. — Sarah Hall

Wolf Hall Quotes By Hilary Mantel

'Show up at the desk' is one of the first rules of writing, but for 'Wolf Hall' I was about 30 years late. — Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall Quotes By Hilary Mantel

In the forest you may find yourself lost, without companions. You may come to a river which is not on a map. You may lose sight of your quarry, and forget why you are there. You may meet a dwarf, or the living Christ, or an old enemy of yours; or a new enemy, one you do not know until you see his face appear between the rustling leaves, and see the glint of his dagger. You may find a woman asleep in a bower of leaves. For a moment, before you don't recognise her, you will think she is someone you know. — Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall Quotes By John Darnielle

To the left, just past the painting, on the other side of the hall, is the bathroom, the sort of open door that if cameras found it as they passed through the house in a horror movie would trigger a blast of synthesizers. — John Darnielle

Wolf Hall Quotes By Eric R. Wolf

By turning names into things we create false models of reality. By endowing nations, societies or cultures, with the qualities of internally homogeneous and externally distinctive bounded objects, we create a model of the world as a global pool hall in which the entities spin off each other line so many hard and round billiard balls — Eric R. Wolf

Wolf Hall Quotes By Jan Neruda

The two men were greedily hunched over the table, like two wolves disputing a carcass, but their muttered speech in the echoing hall resembled more the grunting of pigs. One was less than a wolf: he was a public prosecutor. The other was more than a pig, he was a chief commissioner of police. — Jan Neruda

Wolf Hall Quotes By Hilary Mantel

By the tits of Holy Agnes — Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall Quotes By Damian Lewis

We are not telling Tudor history; we are creating ' Wolf Hall ' from novels, which are already a rereading of Tudor history. — Damian Lewis

Wolf Hall Quotes By Chauncey Brewster Tinker

I have heard the people dwelling in my land, hall-rulers, say that they had often seen two such mighty stalkers of the marches, spirits of otherwhere, haunting the moors. One of them, as they could know full well, was like unto a woman; the other miscreated being, in the image of man wandered in exile (save that he was larger than any man), whom in the olden time the people named Grendel. They knew not if he ever had a father among the spirits of darkness. They dwell in a hidden land amid wolf-haunted slopes and savage fen-paths, teh wind-swept cliffs where the mountain-stream falleth, shrouded in the mists of the headlands, its flood flowing underground. — Chauncey Brewster Tinker

Wolf Hall Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

If Feyre can't be bothered to listen to orders, then I can't be held accountable for the consequences."
"Accountable?" I sputtered, placing my hands flat on the table. "You cornered me in the hall like a wolf with a rabbit!"
Lucien propped an arm on the table and covered his mouth with has hand, his russet eye bright.
"While I might have been not myself, Lucien and I both told you to stay in your room," Tamlin said, so calmly that I wanted to rip out my hair.
I couldn't help it. Didn't even try to fight the red-hot temper that razed my senses. "Faerie pig!" I yelled, and Lucien howled, almost tipping back in his chair. At the sight of Tamlin's growing smile, I left. — Sarah J. Maas

Wolf Hall Quotes By Hilary Mantel

I think it took me half a page of 'Wolf Hall' to think: 'This is the novel I should have been writing all along.' — Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall Quotes By Hilary Mantel

By the hairy balls of Jesus — Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall Quotes By Hilary Mantel

Henry stirs into life. 'Do I retain you for what is easy? Do you think it is for your personal beauty? The charm of your presence? I keep you, Master Cromwell, because you are as cunning as a bag of serpents. But do not be a viper in my bosom. You know my decision. Execute it.'
pg. 585 — Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall Quotes By Hilary Mantel

You know he will take the credit for your good ideas, and you the blame for his bad ones? When fortune turns against you, you will feel her lash: you always, he never.
One day, when you are still adjusting your harness, you will look up and see him thundering downhill.
pg. 495 — Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall Quotes By Hilary Mantel

A grey wrinkled vastness, like the residue of a dream — Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall Quotes By Hilary Mantel

He would rather know what's outside, see the summer in its sad blowing wreckage, than cower behind the blind and wonder what the damage is. - Thomas Cromwell - Wolf Hall — Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall Quotes By Sarah Hall

We all have our preferences - some people go for birds - but for me, there's just something about the wolf; the design of it is really aesthetically pleasing. — Sarah Hall

Wolf Hall Quotes By Marie Hall

So the Wolf had killed a time or two. Big deal. He was a wolf! What did they expect? That he'd lick his balls all day and howl at the moon? — Marie Hall

Wolf Hall Quotes By Sarah Hall

When you are a kid, a wolf is an amazing sight, so sumptuous. I sort of knew these were splendid creatures, that I was not going to find them outside roaming around. It was like a dog, but not a dog. It was incredible, a god! — Sarah Hall

Wolf Hall Quotes By Sarah Hall

I've always been interested in wolves, since I was a child. There was a wolf enclosure in a wildlife park very close to where I was brought up; they were the main attraction. — Sarah Hall

Wolf Hall Quotes By Hilary Mantel

Be reasonable, my lord. Once you.ve done it, you'll want to do it all the time. For about three years. That's the way it goes. And your father has other work in mind for you.
pg.480 — Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall Quotes By Hilary Mantel

'Wolf Hall' attempts to duplicate not the historian's chronology but the way memory works: in leaps, loops, flashes. — Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall Quotes By Sue Monk Kidd

I have a fondness for historical fiction, something wondrous like 'Wolf Hall,' but I'll read most anything as long as the story grabs my mind or my heart, and preferably both. You would be hard pressed, however, to find science fiction on my shelves. — Sue Monk Kidd