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Top Unfinished Art Quotes

Unfinished Art Quotes By Joshua Reynolds

Those who are not conversant in works of art are often surprised at the high value set by connoisseurs on drawings which appear careless, and in every respect unfinished; but they are truly valuable ... they give the idea of a whole. — Joshua Reynolds

Unfinished Art Quotes By Shonali Dey

They were both poles apart
One a ready masterpiece
Another an unfinished art... — Shonali Dey

Unfinished Art Quotes By Glenn Gould

The final, unfinished fugue from The Art of Fugue is the greatest piece of music ever composed. — Glenn Gould

Unfinished Art Quotes By Kevin Ashton

Creation is not a moment of inspiration but a lifetime of endurance. The drawers of the world are full of things begun. Unfinished sketches, pieces of invention, incomplete product ideas, notebooks with half-formulated hypotheses, abandoned patents, partial manuscripts. Creating is more monotony than adventure. It is early mornings and late nights: long hours doing work that will likely fail or be deleted or erased - a process without progress that must be repeated daily for years. Beginning is hard, but continuing is harder. Those who seek a glamorous life should not pursue art, science, innovation, invention, or anything else that needs new. Creation is a long journey where most turns are wrong and most ends are dead. The most important thing creators do is work. The most important thing they don't do is quit. The — Kevin Ashton

Unfinished Art Quotes By Abel Korzeniowski

I don't like the word 'experiment' in the context of art in general. It implies something immature, unfinished, something entertaining for a moment before it becomes irrelevant. — Abel Korzeniowski

Unfinished Art Quotes By Angeles Mastretta

In reality," he told Paulina, after knowing her a short time, "endings are unworthy of art. Works of art are always unfinished. Whoever creates them is never sure of having finished them. The same is true of all the best things in life. Goethe, even though he was a German, was right about this: 'Every beginning is beautiful, but one must stop on the threshold. — Angeles Mastretta

Unfinished Art Quotes By Eliot Porter

But before all else a work of art is the creation of love. Love for the subject first and for the medium second. Love is the fundamental necessity underlying the need to create, underlying the emotion that gives it form, and from which grows the unfinished product that is presented to the world. Love is the general criterion by which the rare photograph is judged. It must contain it to be not less than the best of which the photographer is capable. — Eliot Porter

Unfinished Art Quotes By Gerhard Richter

But my motivation was more a matter of wanting to create order - to keep track of things. All those boxes full of photographs and sketches weigh you down, because they have something unfinished, incomplete, about them. So it's better to present the usable material in an orderly fashion and throw the other stuff away. That's how the Atlas came to be, and I exhibited it a few times. — Gerhard Richter

Unfinished Art Quotes By Oscar Wilde

The more we study Art, the less we care for Nature. What Art really reveals to us is Nature's lack of design, her curious crudities, her extraordinary monotony, her absolutely unfinished condition. — Oscar Wilde

Unfinished Art Quotes By Sophia Loren

At the dressing table, every woman has a chance to be an artist, and art, as Aristotle said, completes what nature left unfinished. — Sophia Loren

Unfinished Art Quotes By Olivo Barbieri

I wanted to represent the world as a temporary art installation continuously changing. I wanted to consider it unreal and unfinished, judge and transform it, a possibility that only art gives us. — Olivo Barbieri