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Quotes & Sayings About Attaining Your Dreams

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Attaining Your Dreams Quotes By Gary Hopkins

Attaining bliss can take lifetimes, or one can simply choose to experience it in their deepest dreams. Sleep well my friend, as dreams are vehicles that can quickly take you to the awareness that you call Nirvana — Gary Hopkins

Attaining Your Dreams Quotes By S. N. Goenka

We cannot live in the past; it is gone. Nor can we live in the future; it is forever beyond our grasp. We can live only in the present. If we are unaware of our present actions, we are condemned to repeating the mistakes of the past and can never succeed in attaining our dreams for the future. — S. N. Goenka

Attaining Your Dreams Quotes By Stasi Eldredge

Awakening and owning the dreams that God has placed in our hearts isn't about getting stuff or attaining something. It's about embracing who we are and who he has created us to be. In him. He is our dream come true, and the one true love of our life. But we can't love him with our whole hearts when our hearts are asleep. To love Jesus means to risk coming awake, to risk wanting and desiring. — Stasi Eldredge

Attaining Your Dreams Quotes By Farshad Asl

Love is the force behind success in all aspects of life. Fear is what holds everyone back from achieving their dreams and attaining success. — Farshad Asl

Attaining Your Dreams Quotes By Nikita Koloff

Have the courage to follow your dreams. It's the first step towards attaining your destiny. — Nikita Koloff

Attaining Your Dreams Quotes By Michael A. Stackpole

What we must do now is create ourselves - not re-create, but create. This is why it is cruel. When we first did this, we had all the energy of youth. We did not know that attaining our dreams would be impossible - we just went out and got them. Innocence shielded us. Enthusiasm and unflagging confidence got us through. But now we have none of that. Now we are old, wiser, tired. — Michael A. Stackpole

Attaining Your Dreams Quotes By J. C. Hutchins

Declare war on passivity. Hush the inner voice that insists you're over the hill, past your prime, unworthy of attaining those dreams. Disbelief is now the enemy, as is the notion of settling. Get hungry- hyena hungry. Get fired up. Find your backbone, and your wings. Flap 'em. It's the only way you'll be able to fly. — J. C. Hutchins