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Famous Quotes By Vinnie Tesla

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I work hard to stay cynical enough! I keep my expectations of our culture and our leaders low, low, low, and I do it so I don't have to be let down. And yet again I am lowballed by the brokenness of the American cultural machine. — Vinnie Tesla

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Celibacy is the Tesla family secret, passed down through the
"Celibacy, passed down through the generations?"Victor asked dryly.
I flushed. "Its efficacy is not disproved by its imperfect application,"
I muttered. — Vinnie Tesla

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Perhaps if you were to refrain from deploying the phrase 'ignorant
buffoon' with a liberality most writers reserve for 'it' and 'the,'
you would find a readier audience. — Vinnie Tesla

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Fiction inhabits the zone between the real and the impossible. The tug of those two poles is what gives it motion, vitality. Tethering fiction too tightly to the real produces plodding, lifeless stories. Letting it float too far from that anchor produces stories that are arbitrary and unpersuasive. — Vinnie Tesla

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I am certain
you are not one of those dreary fellows one reads of who demands that
their lady friends be in possession of a maidenhead. Mine was taken
by a marrow two years ago."
"A marrow, Miss Pertwee? The vegetable that the Italians call il
"The very same.A most particularly bold and impetuous hot-house
marrow. It was quite the ravishment, I can assure you."
"I consider it no dishonor at all to be preceded by so noble a vegetable. — Vinnie Tesla

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A lesser man might have begrudged
him that, but remembering the old adage, "The finder's goods shall
he retain / Nor mind the loser's dreadful pain," I rejoiced, rather, in his good
fortune. — Vinnie Tesla

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Our culture teaches that sex is for the sexy, and the only way to be sexy is to be pretty.
No wait
that's still too weak. Sex should properly arise from sexiness. For unsexy people
fat people, old people, funny-looking people, disabled people
to even feel sexual desire is inappropriate, perverse, disgusting. For them to engage in sexual display is offensive. For them to have sex ... well, there oughta be a law. — Vinnie Tesla

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Tesla," the vicar mused. "That's a foreign name, is it not? Hungarian,
is it?"
"Serbian," I corrected him. "I'm afraid the - shire Teslas are a
scant three centuries in these parts, having constructed Tesla Hall in
the reign of Queen Elizabeth.We are a restless people, and no doubt
will be moving on again any century now. — Vinnie Tesla