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Her nose looked incredibly delicate, as if a strong wind might hurt it. Surely it was in danger of breaking, being made so thin as well as sticking out from her face? — V.C. Lancaster

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Before the (alien) attack, Gruth had been sitting with him, as she had done the day before, talking in her own language. He guessed she was talking about her home, or what rituals he would have to follow to become one of her males. He did not understand but wished he did. The more used to her voice he got, the more lovely it sounded to him. She must have thought he was intelligent to think he was worth talking to, that maybe eventually he would learn her language, but it was difficult. — V.C. Lancaster

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Perhaps they wanted him to mate with her. If he had value, maybe they wanted more of him. Little ones. He swallowed. That was forbidden. She was not his Queen. His captors might not understand his people's ways, but he would not break them, no matter how far away from his tribe they took him.
But if they kept them together in this space for long enough, wouldn't the Bond form? Wouldn't his allegiance be changed if he stayed this close to her, alone? Nature would take over. He would become hers. His body would not give him the choice.
He could not let that happen. — V.C. Lancaster

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But no, he'd touched her before. It was only when she tried to touch him that he had a problem.
The hell with it, she thought. She wasn't trying to get into his non-existent pants, and this was about survival. He might be misinterpreting her actions but he'd figure it out when nothing happened. At this point, she was ready to back him into a corner if she had to. Chasing him around the cell would keep her warm at least. — V.C. Lancaster

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because lying down and letting life walk over you was harder in the end. Getting through a bad day took less out of her than ignoring it until it built up into a crisis. — V.C. Lancaster