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Famous Quotes By Tiana Dalichov

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You attack to protect, not to avenge. You strike to end suffering, not cause it. — Tiana Dalichov

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I'd breathe for her. I'd see for her, hear for her, and feel for her. I'd even die for her. Thousands of times. If I could see her smile at me one more time, it would all be worth it. Just one more time. Before I completely fell apart. — Tiana Dalichov

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So fragile - the human body. Just one prick and it will draw blood. Just one bullet and the bleeding will never stop. — Tiana Dalichov

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Fear is a natural emotion in life, but you cannot let it dictate your actions. When you act out of fear, you will only meet failure. But act out of determination to conquer that fear, and you will succeed at anything. Maybe not the first time, or the second or third, but eventually - as long as you keep trying - you can conquer your fears and succeed. — Tiana Dalichov

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Loyalty is the key to our survival. Without it, we are just like them. — Tiana Dalichov

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For many people, life is full of pain, suffering. It doesn't consist of clear blue skies or fresh green grass that's always greener on the other side. It's filled with hardships, grief, betrayal, and death.
These things define the human condition.
They define the sort of person an individual grows up to be, once those tribulations have, for the most part, ended.
But what truly defines you isn't the fact that you have seen death, known the feeling of betrayal by someone you trust, or watched as something you loved was ripped out of your hands.
What truly defines you is the way you reacted. — Tiana Dalichov

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Somehow, some way, she had to be alive. A world without her carefree laughter didn't seem worth living in. A world that couldn't see her lovely smile wasn't worth saving. — Tiana Dalichov