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The leading principle of the goal is distinguished by first-hand experience, beyond speech, imagination, and words, reaching the realm where there is no impulse, the inherent characteristic of arrival at the stage of first-hand realization, excluding all the destructive forces of speculation and dogmatism." "The — Thomas Cleary

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The Buddha is like space, with no inherent nature; appearing in the world to benefit the living, his features and refinements are like reflections. — Thomas Cleary

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The excitable observer will pass judgement first and then make knowledge conform to judgement; the prudent observer will first learn to know and then judge according to knowledge. — Thomas Cleary

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Because of barriers of knowledge, barriers of state, and barriers of action, seeing your own buddha nature is like seeing color at night. — Thomas Cleary

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When flowing water ... meets with obstacles on its path, a blockage in its journey, it pauses. It increases in volume and strength, filling up in front of the obstacle and eventually spilling past it ...
Do not turn and run, for there is nowhere worthwhile for you to go. Do not attempt to push ahead into the danger ... emulate the example of the water: Pause and build up your strength until the obstacle no longer represents a blockage. — Thomas Cleary

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What worlds are there herein? I'll tell you. In these seas of fragrant waters, numerous as atoms in unspeakably many buddha-fields, rest an equal number of world systems. Each world system also contains an equal number of worlds. Those world systems in the ocean of worlds have various resting places, various shapes and forms, various substances and essences, various locations, various entryways, various adornments, various boundaries, various alignments, various similarities, and various powers of maintenance. — Thomas Cleary

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The Buddhas speak the wondrous sound throughout the world; the Teachings spoken over countless ages can all be expounded in a single word. — Thomas Cleary

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Look for loyal ministers in homes with filial sons — Thomas Cleary