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I'd update my resume so you're ready for any outcome. — Bob Weinstein

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Harvey and I grew up in Queens, N.Y. My brother and I shared a room for 18 years until we went away to college. When we were kids, after our father said, 'Lights out,' he also exclaimed, 'No more talking. Time for sleep.' But we'd stay up late, arguing over statistics, who the best center fielder was - Willie Mays or Mickey Mantle. — Bob Weinstein

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The vision, determination, stamina, hope, relentlessness, and sheer work that are involved in staying afloat, much less succeeding, are the same whether you are running a window on 47th Street or Miramax Films or Microsoft. — Bob Weinstein

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People intrinsically know there are secrets being held from us. Look at WikiLeaks: There are secrets that are really true to the world. — Bob Weinstein

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I don't have an image. Don't give me one. I want no image to have to uphold. — Bob Weinstein

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For my brother and me, there would be no 'Field of Dreams'-like playing catch, no nature lessons with our old man. Instead, it would be a darkened theater, the projector light coming on, and a new adventure unfolding. — Bob Weinstein

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Many people have vied to become the third Weinstein brother, and I'm not sure why, but that distinction only goes to one person - Quentin Tarantino. — Bob Weinstein

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If you don't know something, admit it. But, try to impress them with what you do know. — Bob Weinstein

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The characters are great, and this is the first adventure of the brothers Grimm, so there's plenty of potential to make a franchise. We've been quite successful in the past, so anything like that, if it does pay off with hopefully the good movie that I think it will be, it pays off also down the road. — Bob Weinstein

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Don't let your fear paralyze you. Prepare yourself not only technically, but also emotionally. — Bob Weinstein