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To be able to do one thing at a time is the whole art of life. — Sangharakshita

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Receptivity is the first requisite of the disciple, and of anyone who wants to learn anything. We can be anything else we like: we can be wicked, we can be stupid, we can be full of faults, we can backslide. In a sense, it doesn't matter. But we must be spiritually receptive; we have to be willing and ready to learn. When we know that we do not know, everything is possible. — Sangharakshita

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Outer achievements should be expressions of inner abundance, not compensation for inner poverty. — Sangharakshita

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Love where there is no reason to love — Sangharakshita

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Very few people know the real meaning of friendship. More often than not, there is too much emphasis on sentiment, and too little on action. Metta is something that must be lived. — Sangharakshita

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A thought no less than a thing, an idea equally with an empire, is resolved into a complex of infinitely extensive relations between infinitesimally small parts. — Sangharakshita